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Avalanche 2020 Postponement

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:04 pm by killcarrion

Due to various circumstances, including some board members becoming ill (whom we all wish a prompt and speedy recovery), magnified stress levels due to the holiday season, and the fact that our delay of SummerSplash may have inadvertently pushed some storylines further down the line...this year we've decided to postpone the beginning of Avalanche from Dec 1st to Dec 15th.

This is to give members more time to finish threads or further storylines in preparation for their Ava match, and hopefully …

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Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:17 pm by WrestleMind

Howdy everyone, 

I've recently had a bit of an appifiny that drives me to retire from this forum for the foreseeable future.

I'm sorry to everyone I have an active thread with. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing our threads. If you wish you have my blessing to finish the threads however you like. 

If anyone wants to take my face claims or my characters as a whole please feel free to reach out and ask. 

It's been a fun ride. Good luck and thanks for everything.  Razz

Edit: Sorry I didn't …

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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The Puppet with two strings (Silhouette, Zera and Cerbera)

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The Puppet with two strings (Silhouette, Zera and Cerbera) Empty The Puppet with two strings (Silhouette, Zera and Cerbera)

Post by Kelsea on Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:09 am

Following on from "In the shadow of the moon"

desperatemethods: Sindel, who was still residing in the medical facility, saw the match between Cerbera and Silhouette and confirmed it herself that Cerbera was captured by the Blood Moon Child. This was the perfect way to beat one of the leaders of the Era of Hell so she excused herself from Sharaiya and Seraphim and went to the bathroom to make a call. " Hey, it's me.. Cerbera has been kidnapped by someone named Slhouette, I believe you have her info already in the database.. Try to find her and capture her, we need her to find out where Cerbera is.. And Zera.. Be careful, she's not easy. Do what must be done to have her captured." From the other side, Zera nodded against her cellphone, dressed the same way Cerbera does. She trailed with her red eyes to the computer screen when she saw Silhouete's

desperatemethods: picture. " Yes, miss Sindel. " She hung up and and headed out to the AFW federation to start searching for the girl, having her visual appearances deep in her mind.

kelseakk: Later that night while Silhouette had rested with the sleeping Cerbera, Silhouette gently got up and carried Cerbera over to the bed... Although this place had looked like a cellar, it was more then just that.. It was Silhouette's room that looked so dark and dreary. Silhouette laid Cerbera down where she'd be more comfortable on all fours over her. She trailed the back of her hand across Cerbera's cheek and moved some of her hair back "everyone hurts you..." She said, repeating what Cerbera had said previously "everyone hurts us... Then I shall hurt everyone." She spoke, then slipped up off of Cerbera and walked out of her room. She needed to check on a couple of things quickly deep within the AFW complex and so headed along the corridors..

desperatemethods: Zera took rather quiet steps towards numerous area's within the AFW, still finding no one that matches Silhouette's appearance, her crimson glowing eyes scanning each part of the building and just when she thought the girl would not show up at all, she thought she saw Silhouette within a short moment she was looking around, heading wth a swift but silent pace towards the area she thought she saw the blood moon child, her eyes narrowing to focuss on each movement of her surroundings.

kelseakk: not showing that she was aware that she was being followed or not, Silhouette took a right turn out of the corridor and into the changing rooms full of benches, lockers and all sorts of stuff..

desperatemethods: Zera swiftly followed the girl who she was starting to confirm was Silhouette, following her into the changing room and looked around quietly, trying to spot the girl once more and if she could, immidiatly sneak behind her and execute a tight sleeperhold on her.

kelseakk: The changing rooms were quiet and empty, most of the lights were off so it was dark in there... She was able to spot Silhouette immediately, however it wasn't as she was expecting. Silhouette was standing on the otherside of the room, looking right at her with her red eyes.. Arms down by her side "...Its you... The puppet of a mime that echos a silent melody of not so long ago..." Silhouette said, faintly familar as it was the first things she had told Zera when she had met her in the night playground

desperatemethods: Zera turned her head slightly when their eyes came into eachother's views, glaring into her eyes for quite a while before starting to step towards her, a little fast as she spoke up." By orders of lady Sindel, You will be captured and tell her the location of Cerbera. Surrender peacefully and you will not be hurt. " Zera ignored pretty much what Silhouette was saying, staring at her with a cold taint in her eyes, waiting for Silhouette's reply.

kelseakk: Silhouette just stood there solemnly, not seeming that surprised by what she'd just said "After we had such fun in the playground togeather... You'd still hurt me on an order...?" She left a moment silence as if expecting an answer, but then continued "That is your feather Zera-san, now do you understand?"

desperatemethods: " ..... " Zera stopped infront of her for a second, a sudden smile forms on her ips and tilted her head to te side. " Silhouette, I believe..? Although I enjoyed that moment, orders are orders.. Will you please surrender so I do not have to use force? " Zera seemed different from Cerbera, instead of attacking and yelling at her, Zera was quite patient and even friendly to her.

kelseakk: "I understand Zera-san..." she said comfortingly standing right in front of Zera "It is the feather, it is the way you are... And you should do so. But I can not come with you at this moment... We will have to destroy ourselves Zera-san..."

desperatemethods: " That is a shame. " Zera said as if she actually meant it but immidiatly dashed towards her, quite fast aswell and extended her arm to try and clothesline Sillhouette hard onto the back where she could try and pin her down in a schoolgirl pin.

kelseakk: "Ugh!" Silhouette grunted out as Zera crashed into her firmly with the clothesline, taking her hard down onto the cold tiled floor. Silhouette immediately rolled over onto her front which would prevent the schoolgirl pin attempt, slowly rising on all fours to try and get back to her feet beside a close by bench

desperatemethods: Zera would watch her intently, getting onto her feet and after her. When she was closer to Silhouette she'll step up close infront of her to try and wraps around her body so she could pull her into a tight bearhug and hopefully off her feet aswell.

kelseakk: Silhouette was pulled up from the floor, feeling Zera's arms getting around her waist as she was pulled in close... Silhouette's small bust rubbed up Zera's bare belly and ended up pushing into Zera's breasts mutually as Silhouette moved her arms around the outsides of Zera's arms. A soft puff of air leaving Silhouette's lips and blowing against Zera's cheek as their face's came close

desperatemethods: Zera stared up at her, squeezing her repeatedly around the waist while she leant in to whisper into her ear. " Give in, Silhouette.. No need to be in pain, if you do not accept I will be forced to use... Less appropiate moves on you to make you think otherwise. " Zera would lean back to glare into Silhouette's eyes, keeping a tight squeeze on her.

kelseakk: Silhouette had been aroused after laying with Cerbera for a long period of time, still even had Cerbera's sweat on her from their match and then laying togeather afterwards... So now with the body closeness again, Silhouette's nipples were already raising up and poking into Zera a little. She slid her arms up around the back of Zera's shoulder blades "This.. is the way it has to be... Zera-san..." She breathed out against the corner of Zera's lip and cheek before grunting out with the tight squeeze of the hug, Silhouette forced up onto tip toes as Zera tried to lift her up.

desperatemethods: Zera could feel Silhouette's nipples press against her breasts and immidiatly decided to adept and take advantage of Silhouette's arousing state, smiling up at her as she leaned into lick the girl's cheek gently before kissing it, then bringing her tongue down lower to the side of her neck and gave it a gentle kiss. " Then.. We'll have some more fun, Silhouette.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette response was slightly weird.. She let out a soft "nh.." as Zera's tongue lapped her neck, her head tilting slightly to one side from the touch of the tongue. But she didn't show any sides of embarassment, on the other hand nor signs of enticiment to Zera in partical.. She turned her head slightly so that her face was against the side of Zera's cheek, her soft breath against Zera's cheek and rippling either way up to Zera's ear lobe and down to the corner of her lips... Kinda seductive without neccessarily intending to be, Silhouette's hair tangling a little in Zera's and her red eyes meeting Zera's eeriely so

desperatemethods: Zera watched her during her assault and thought to her. ' So it seems she can handle it.. ' She'll release Silhouette and try to act with haste once more, wantng to move up behind her and set her up for a abdominal stretch, however she'll wrap one arm around Silhouette's throat to pull her head back while her other hand went down to explore the girl's body, smiling coldly. " You're mine, Silhouette... "

kelseakk: Silhouette huffed out against Zera's neck as she was released from the bear hug and slumped down against Zera's body so that her feet rested properly on the mat. She felt Zera starting to move around behind her and struck quickly, shoving her elbow at close range right into Zera's ribs, trying to double her over

desperatemethods: Zera watched her during her assault and thought to her. ' So it seems she can handle it.. ' She'll release Silhouette and try to act with haste once more, wantng to move up behind her and set her up for a abdominal stretch, however she'll wrap one arm around Silhouette's throat to pull her head back while her other hand went down

kelseakk: Silhouette huffed out against Zera's neck as she was released from the bear hug and slumped down against Zera's body so that her feet rested properly on the mat. She felt Zera starting to move around behind her and struck quickly, shoving her elbow at close range right into Zera's ribs, trying to double her over

desperatemethods: Zera didn't expect Silhouette to retaliate,a fatal error on her part as she doubled over and coughed out softly, her hand clutching her side as her eyes came to a close, trying to pull back and away from the girl.

kelseakk: Panting a couple of times for breath, Silhouette reached over for Zera's head just as she tried to back away and would attempt to grasp her under her armpit close against the side of her body. Silhouette would take in a deep breath, one hand moving to Zera's waist to hold her black shorts and then she'd suddenly twist to the side, trying to turn around and fall back first to the cold floor with Zera in a swinging neck breaker...

desperatemethods: Zera was unable to stop Silhouette and was slammd into the floor with her, which was alot harder then the mat, quickly trying to roll away and onto her head while clutching her throat, panting harshly out as she tried to recover from the blow.

kelseakk: The fall was a bit hard for Silhouette too, she rolled onto one side and propped herself up on one arm as she looked over at Zera on the floor. After a few moments she climb to her feet and reach over for Zera, craddling one arm around the back of Zera's head and the other grasping for her wrist.. She try to pull Zera up to her feet up against her small body and immediately send her into an Irish whip for the nearest lockers.

desperatemethods: Zera was forced up but didn't allow herself to be whipped away from Silhouette, her other hand quickly grasped SIlhouette's hand and when she was whipped away she'll turn to face her and pull Silhouette back against her, glaring into her eyes. " ...That was not really friendly.. " - She'll lean down lower and then suddenly pressed her lips upon Silhouette's, which was basically to distract her to try and walk with her towards one of the lockers to push her against. -

kelseakk: Silhouette gets pulled against Zera, her small boobs pressing up to the dark haired girl as she put her lips to Silhouette. Like before, Silhouette's response didn't really show signs of distraction, but she also didn't force Zera off of her. Silhouette was pressed back against the lockers, her red eyes remaining open as she and Zera shared a kawaii open mouth kiss

desperatemethods: Zera grinned during the kiss, quickly trying to push Silhouette's arms behind her own back so she could pin her more perfectly against it, slowly parting from the kiss at the same time, staring with a deadly glare at Silhouette while she focussed on her mission, that was to capture this blood moon child and find out the location of Cerbera

kelseakk: Silhouette felt Zera pin her arms to the lockers, her breasts rubbing up against Zera as she panted softly against the dark haired girl's lips. Her red eyes locked with Zera's red... " 'Everything has at least two strings, it cannot operate with just one...' " Silhouette whispered close to Zera's lips "Your own melody was it not Zera-san? Which string whisper to you, for you to do this...?"

desperatemethods: Zera's eyes narrowed, she shouldn't be releasing Silhouette nor get pulled in with her riddles, though she did loosen her heard slightly on Silhouette, pressing closer against her as she replied aswell. " ..Silhouette, please surrender and do not make this harder for yourself. " Zera tried to ignore Silhouette's words but that was harder then she thoughts it would be.

kelseakk: Silhouette kept on speaking all the same, her lips still close to Zera's... "I saw only one... but now with a glimmer of moon light, I see both... one belongs to the wielder of the blade... The other belongs to fate Zera san.." the side of Silhouette's nose touched Zera's "Which will you listen too... do they both whisper the same song? ...If so, you must know that they will not whisper the same song forever..." Her forehead was touching Zera's now, she was still kinda sweaty from wrestling with and laying with Cerbera-san... Her white hair tangled with Zera's dark hair a bit "I will not surrender... you will have to destroy me first... What will you do, Zera-san?"

desperatemethods: For the first time n a great while, Zera was at a loss for words, not really knowing what to do. With Silhouette not surrendering she needed to use force but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to do so. " ...You... Must surrender. I do not wish to inflict force on you. " Maybe that was Zera's own words, glaring with a sudden saddened expression at Silhouette, leaning her forehead against hers to keep watching her, hoping she would submit.

kelseakk: "Force... Isn't that what the wielders string whispers to you?" Her soft breathing kept making her breasts slide up and down over Zera's as they remained intimately close "If you wish to listen to that string... that is what you'll have to use if you wish to take me Zera-san." Silhouette's face was somber as usual, she clenched her fists slightly as she continued to allow Zera to pin her up against the locker without struggling back yet..

desperatemethods: " I... See.. " Zera kept a quiet stare on Silhouette now, she figured she'd have t make it quick but still painfull, pulling her head slightly back so she could stare at Silhouette's entire face. " I'm sorry, Silhouette, I have to take you out, please forgive what I am about to do.. " Zera would then move her head back before slamming it straight towards Silhouette's face for a vicious headbutt attempt.

kelseakk: Silhouette's expression didn't change, but on the inside... She was pleased. She knew what Zera-san had choosen and it was what she expected from her, it therefore validated everything that she believed to be true. It didn't change the fact that this was going to have to be painful, for both of them. As Zera reared her head back and swung forward, Silhouette nodded her head forwards at the same time so that the back of her head was clear of the lockers... If all goes to plan, their foreheads would meet in a deep crash in a dual headbutt

desperatemethods: Zera widened her eyes when she noticed Silhouette also deciding to headbutt her, it was enough to make Zera cry out and release SIlhouette, falling onto her knees right infront of the blood moon child, clutching her forehead as she leant forward against Silhouette's crotch, trying to rest against something while she panted out loudly.

kelseakk: "Ugh!" Silhouette cried out also, it being very difficult to prepare yourself for a dual head butt no matter what. Zera slumped to the mat first, her face resting against Silhouette's crotch and after a moment or two Silhouette slumped down too... Zera's face rubbed up from Silhouette's crotch, over her belly and right in between her small bust as SIlhouette's arms came down over Zera's shoulders.. Silhouette rested against Zera as she breathed deeply, feeling really stunned from the blow

desperatemethods: Zera rested her cheek against Silhouette's breast, her face almost buried into her gentle cleavage while she panted hard between her breasts, her arms staying at her sides now, trying to get that dazed state from her so she could once again begin the attack but right now all she could do is rest against Silhouette.

kelseakk: Silhouette's white hair drapped down over Zera's dark a little and Silhouette shook her head a bit, she had to snap out of the daze. After a long moment of the two just resting against one another in an equally intimate position then the pin against the locker, Silhouette slowly slipped her arms down under Zera's armpits and started to clumsily get back to her feet, pulling Zera up with her.. The world was spinning as Zera's breasts slid up from Silhouette's belly to the press against the underside of her own

desperatemethods: Zera continued to pant a little loud and hard against SIlhouette's breasts, her eyes completly closed as she started to recover, though suddenly she was pulled on her feet with Silhouette, trying to protest but her face remained snuggled up against Silhouette's cleavage, whining softly against it as she was lifted up upon her trembling legs.

kelseakk: Pulling Zera's face up out of her own cleavage as she pulled her up, Silhouette would grip her arms around Zera's back... Panting a couple of times right against the side of Zera's cheek as she tried to prepare herself... She'd then pull Zera up and turn on her feet before dropping back down to the floor with her attacker, trying to slam and squash Zera back first down against the ground.

desperatemethods: Zera couldn't prepare herself properly and was dropped down hard upon the ground with Silhouette slamming onto of her, being sandwhiched between the girl and the ground, she tilted her head back to release a soft cry, panting afterwards as she remained on her back for now, trying to recover once more, the way this was going was worse ten she'd expect it would be. " Aaaah... "

kelseakk: Silhouette lay on top of Zera for a moment, panting into the side of her neck with her arms at Zera's sides. She finally got up on all fours over Zera and breathing down over her face. Her eyes half open as she looked down on Zera's face. She'd sweep her hand past Zera's cheek to swipe away some of Zera's dark hair from her face before grasp around the back of her head.. Starting again to climb to her feet and try to pull Zera up with her, but she was sluggish, giving Zera a chance to retaliate..

desperatemethods: Zera took the chance she was given, that smal moment where she could retaliate she used it, gathering the remaining strength she had she'd placed her hand upon Silhouette's cheek before trying to push it with all that bits of strength she had, forcefully against the lockers.

kelseakk: Silhouette was forced against the lockers again, this time she slammed back against the free standing locker with enough force for it to wobble and then topple backwards.. Silhouette went with it and as it landed she landed on her back on the hard steel, she let out a deep grunt into the air with the uncomfortable landing, her legs parted either side of the lock she had landed on and her breasts bobbing up and down as she breathed heavily

desperatemethods: Zera looked down at Silhouette, it seemed she might have done enough damage for now. She panted gently, starting to gather herself from all the punishment she was forced through ahd leant down to try and collect Silhouette's arm, trying to pull her onto her feet so she could look into her eyes. " Now.. You're coming with me. " Zera then tried to haul Silhouette over her shoulder to transport her.

kelseakk: Silhouette was grasped and pulled up off of the locker, the damage certainly seemed to have been done cause she didn't resist Zera and as she was pulled up face to face with her, she seemed to only be kept up on her feet by Zera's grip. Silhouette eyes were closed, but as Zera spoke they opened to slits... Then just as Zera was about to pull back and haul Silhouette over her shoulder, suddenly from out of no where the blood moon girl spat a spray of blood red mist into Zera's face

desperatemethods: Immidiatly Zera's eyes closed tightly and she released Silhouette, screaming out in dissaray as she stumbled backwards, clutching her face and quickly tried to wipe her eyes, dring the stumbling she fell backwards landed on her rear against the lockers, continueing to rub her eyes. " Aaahh! "

kelseakk: Silhouette body was dropped and she slumped heavily to the floor before propping herself up on her forearms... She looked sympathetically over her shoulder to Zera as she wiped her lips of the excess blood red liquid at the corners just like a vampire... "It is what we do... I understand. I am sorry Zera-san, I couldn't let you take me..." She climbed to her feet, limping slightly over to one of the still standing lockers to rest her arm against as she looked back at Zera... "But I do not have to lay you to rest this way.." She said as she hobbled off, the red mist blind effect hopefully enough for her to escape even in her sluggish condition. By the time Zera's sight would come back it would seem that Silhouette had dissappeared as stealthily as ever

desperatemethods: Zera remained seated on the floor, too much in a paniced state to listen to Silhouette, continueing to wipe the blood colored liquid off her face. When she was finally able tosee something, she'd look around quietly, not finding anyone in the same room as herself anymore and started to stand up slowly. " ... She escaped.. "

[size=150:24zy5rba]Meanwhile, back with Cerbera:

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was laying on her side upon Silhouette's bed, a slight twitch in er eyes and starting to move very slowly, a loud groan coming from her as she started to wake up, her hands pressing down upon the bed as she turned herself on her back and slowly sat up , rbbing her knuckles against her eyes as she started to wake up completely, slowly opening her eyes to take a look around.

kelseakk: It was a very dark room with little natural light, the previous night it seemed like Silhouette had just brought her to some cellar or something, but now it was apparent to be a room. above her head there seem to be some shelves with dolls on them, although she could see in this light... Beside the bed there was a lamp however...

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera took a quiet look around the room, she couldn't see much but luckily the lamp besides the bed made sure she could safely stand up off the bed, starting to look and walk around the room for a light switch somewhere, though most of her attention were at those dolls, wondering why they were there.

kelseakk: The lamp wasn't that good but it was still enough to see what was on the shelves.. They were AFW novalty dolls of girl Cerbera was sure to find familar. The arrangement of them seems slightly odd, perhaps there was some reason to it... On the top shelf just above the bed was a doll of Silhouette and Cerbera along with a doll of another girl that wore the same wrestling attire as Cerbera, but had her dark hair hanging loose and long (not in pig tails like Cerbera's), her eyes were red... There was also another girl she might not recognise, this doll was bigger then any of the other three and had more of a bust. A girl with dark brown hair and dark eyes wearing a grey vest and denim cut offs. on the wall next to this one was a shelf holding a doll of sindel and a blonde woman in a suit Cerbera may well recognise, both these dolls faced away from each other back to back unlike the four dolls including Cerbera and Silhouette that were side by side... Underneath that shelf was a new doll of Cerbera's sister Ort along with a doll of a girl with white hair and an eye patch although both dolls had been placed a fair distant away from each other unlike the dolls above them or the ones on the other wall... On a seperate corner shelf sat inbetween both sat Haruka alone, the doll seemed to have some marks around her neck and sat in such a way that her crotch was showing. Down on the floor was a group of various dolls that seemed to include members of the Era of Hell all jumbled up. A distance from them was another doll, it looked like Silhouette but was some how different. Perhaps if Cerbera moved the lamp over to it she'd be able to see it better

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera kept watching the dolls carefully, not quite sure what to make of it. She'd look around for a light switch again before she'd walk to the lamp that was on the side of the bed, gently picking it up and adjusting the head so she could inspect each doll carefully, wondering why each had their strange position but stopped at the dool that seemed to reflect Silhouette, tilting her head to the side as she gazed upon it.

kelseakk: Cerbera saw that the doll on the floor unlike the one that had been on the shelf next to the doll of herself, seemed to be an old doll.. It was silhouette but she had shorter and slightly bluish hair, her eyes were dark brown and she had slight smile on her face (which even on a doll looked weird and almost freakish on Silhouette's face). Whats more, someone had drawn tear drops on her cheek with a black felt marker... Also across the chest was written the words "Flock-less hope?". The doll seemed to have taken a few knocks over some time and might remind Cerbera of that ugly doll in every girl's room which was not loved and was always discarded aside.. On another note, when Cerbera had moved the light she noticed there was some kind of writing on the wall

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera kept a quiet look at the doll of Silhouette, not being able to help but shivver. She'd look around using te lamp, wondering if this was really a room or Silhouette's ' dungeon ' Stopping when she saw something on the wall and started to walk towards it with the light so she could get a better look at it, forgetting the strange dolls for now.

kelseakk: On the wall was writen rhymes and riddles that made even less sense then when Silhouette talked strangely enough. Such phrases as "Hello darkness my old friend... I've come to talk with you again", "Feelings are intense, words are trivial", "People talking without speaking... People hearing without listening...", "Can't you understand, oh my little girl?" as well as certain words repeatedly used on their own like "Voices" and "Flock" and "Silence" and "Feather"

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera read the words quietly, her finger tracing over every word on the wall, closing her eyes for a single moment as she tried to make sure she wouldn't forget each word, it seemed like Silhouette was pretty lonely, her room was dark.. The Dolls.. And even those strange words on the wall. Cerbera's eyes opened, showing a much more calmer and understanding look, continueing to read the words before she'd take a step back and whisper to herself.
" ..Silhouette.. You're alone.. Aren't you..? " Cerbera would moving one hand up to one of the ribbons in her pigtail, removing it to let her long hair once again free on one side, turning to head for the dool that presented Silhouette and placed the lamp on the ground, she'd then start to wrap the small ribbon around the doll's forehead, stepping back to examine it.

kelseakk: The doll sat on the floor, still roughened up and graffittied on but now with Cerbera's ribbon around its head. There didn't seem to be much else in the room

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera decided it was time to look for an exit before Silhouette would pop up, she did felt bad for some reason, like she needed to stay for her but she had a organization to lead, quickly heading for the door to open it without looking back.

kelseakk: Cerbera left and it was some time before Silhouette made it back to the room all bruised from her run in with Zera... Once she did get back however, she stood in the middle of the room looking solemnly at the ruffled bed covers where Cerbera had been laying and no longer was.. "Cerbera-san..." She said softly, eyes catching the doll of herself and the floor with the ribbon around its head. So she had seen it all now, and now that Cerbera had seen where her room lay, Silhouette could not stay there much longer. She would have to up and move all her stuff and then redecorate it as she had done this one...

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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