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Looking for... anything really.

Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:43 pm by Chaos

Hey. I'm just here to look for one more thread, just trying to be active.

Could be anything as I don't have anything in mind.

if interested, don't be afraid to PM through the forum or Discord (ChaosDeku#0180) or even here, so that we may discuss.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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Debut Match

Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:34 am by Rymiscuius

I might have time for a thread or two.

Got one character so far, she’s pretty snazzy.
PM if interested but discord will likely be easier


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Match Wanted

Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:51 pm by KillerV

Looking for female opponents against my Killer King or Nathan Ballwin.

Prefer my males win the match.

Can discuss via DM or Discord KillerV#5130 for more details.

Thank you.

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Maternal nightmare

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Maternal nightmare Empty Maternal nightmare

Post by shanecawf Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:59 pm

NAME: Alexus Melande
NICKNAME: Mama kitty
AGE: 40
GENDER: female
WEIGHT:260 ibs
ALLIGNMENT: sexual heel

NAME: Laura Grayson
AGE: 28
GENDER: female
WEIGHT:230 ibs
ALLIGNMENT: sexual heel

Combined weight: 490 ibs.

Stratagy: Utterly over power and humiliate their opponents until they are satisfied.

style: flash/wrestling/humiliation/hentai.

Favored moves: Smothers, face sit, leg drop, elbow drop, butt drop, splashes, power moves. Any move that will weaken their opponent and allow them to basically rag doll them.

When Double teaming: smothers, power moves, squashing.

signature moves:

hugs for the baby!: Both mamas will bear hug their opponent mercilessly as they walk around the ring calmly bouncing their toy as if it were an actual baby. They do this until they see eyes roll back.

Milk time!: Mama kitty will breast feed her opponent and than mama heel will do the same when mama kitty is done.


Naughty baby!: mama heel will put a weakened opponent over her knee and begin not only spanking but punching their butt and crotch. Meanwhile, Kitty will kneel down in front of the opponent and engulf their head into her enormous breasts. She They will continue this for as long as they want until they feel content. sometimes even keeping them in this move after they pass out.

Bouncy castle: Mama heel and mama kitty will take turns doing butt bombs on their opponent until they pass out, once their opponent passes out, one of the mamas will take a perminent seat on the victims face while the other one will get ontop of them and bounce.

baby pancake cuddle:Mama kitty and mama heel will put their opponent in between them to be sandwhiched. They will than roll around mercilessly taking turns crushing and squeezing the poor victim, eventually falling off the platform crushing the opponent in between them to preform their alternate version of a double splash

Mama's maternal squeeze:Mama heel will lock on a head scissors with her massive thighs while mama kitty will lock on a devistating body scissors. Mama kitty likes to add  her own thing to this rubbing her opponents back only to begin to claw at it and scratch them with her kitty nails. Mama kitty has also learned to squeeze extra hard in this move if she wants to hear a cute pop come from her baby's back. the baby's reaction adds a nice pleasure to mama heels thighs as the opponent usually screams sending sensitive vibrations through mama heels thighs.

is baby thirsty?: both Mama heel and mama kitty will lay down taking turns breast smothering their victim each time they almost pass out, they switch. They will usually end up shoving a ginormous breast into their mouth forcing them to gag and choke on a large tit not being able to breath with their nose pressed against smooth tit flesh.

Hentai moves:

Love mama's: The mamas will trap their opponent in between each of their breasts and begin to make out and hump each other squashing their poor victim. They do this until all three of them climax.

bouncy castle "hentai remastered": Mama kitty will preform butt bombs on her opponents face while mama heel will finger and eat out the opponent.

Mama kitty
Maternal nightmare Year_o15

Mama Heel
Maternal nightmare C1ed8216

Both mama's love to dominate and treat their opponents like babies. They met through their first handicap match against a poor girl named honoka. They fell in love with each other and promised to make many small kawaii their babies. During their match with Honoka, They made all their moves from scratch. Their main reason to be in the AFW is to dominate kawaii and smaller girls while at the same time, make love with each other as much as possible.

Ongoing match:

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