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Tension Title Belt matches

Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:16 am by SimplyMoon

As with Aphrodite being the new holder of Hentai championship belt for Tension((Spoilers))I hope to reinvigorate the belt with a few matches and am beginning to plan out what to do. If you are interested in storyline or just a plain match let me know with a pm or a comment down below.

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Looking for a Hentai Debut match!

Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:20 am by Diesel_Electric_Razor

Hello AFW! Asking again for anyone to take my dear lad Jasper Rhys on for a somewhat unusual hentai match, as I want him to face off against another male wrestler, preferably a masculine male for his Hentai debut match.

Essentially I'm asking for a gay hentai match, I.E. yaoi
Jasper's Page

If anyone is interested, hit me up on Discord so we can plan it out!
my Discord is

[ Full reading ]

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Bored, want some matches, the nomal

Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:03 am by Void Effect

Want some RP matches, Bored mostly, find me on Discord, I am free most of the time, don't really have any limit of which types, okay with anything, and just bored, DM me if interested

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Dlamp's Azure Squadron

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Dlamp's Azure Squadron Empty Dlamp's Azure Squadron

Post by dlamp on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:07 am

Things About Me

  • I currently work two jobs, so activity will be sparse
  • I'd prefer matches to have a planned winner, as it makes the thread go a little smoother and we can add more story stuff
  • Gym and backstage stuff I'm a lot more fluid with in terms of planning
  • Most of my characters are Kawaii, but I don't mind having them fight Friction characters and vice versa
  • I prioritize match threads over gym and backstage threads as those usually have more of a plot in the works
  • I'm slowly lightening my stance on hentai, but only for certain characters
  • Ideally, I'll be posting a few times a week or I'll send you a message if something's up, shoot me a message as well if it's been awhile
  • I'm often in the chatroom here, if you wanna' add me on discord just make sure you add your username in the request so I know
  • Also, I know I left a lot of people hanging when I left awhile back, but if you guys want to continue those older threads please feel free to let me know!

Profile Code:

[b]Name[/b] | Here
[b]Nickname[/b] | Here
[b]Alias[/b] | Here
[b]Sex[/b] | Female
[b]Age[/b] | Here
[b]Eyes[/b] | Here
[b]Hair[/b] | Here
[b]Height[/b] | ' " ( cm)
[b]Weight[/b] |  lbs. ( kg)
[b]Nationality[/b] | Here
[b]Alignment[/b] | Here
[b]Entrance Music[/b] | Here
[b]Strategy[/b] | Here
[b]Type[/b] | Here
[b]Preferred Matches[/b] | Here
[b]Overall Combat[/b]
[i]Endurance[/i] | RNK
[i]Strength[/i] | RNK
[i]Speed[/i] | RNK
[i]Defense[/i] | RNK
[i]Technique[/i] | RNK
[b]Wrestling Skill[/b]
[i]Strikes[/i] | RNK
[i]Submissions[/i] | RNK
[i]Powerhouse[/i] | RNK
[i]Aerial[/i] | RNK
[i]Counters[/i] | RNK
[b]Favored Moves[/b] | Here
[b]Signature Move(s)[/b]
[b]Finishing Move(s)[/b]
[b]Wrestling Attire[/b] | Here
[b]Personality[/b] | Here
[b]Short Bio[/b] | Here
[b]Long Bio[/b] |
[spoiler="Bio Here"]Here[/spoiler]
[b]Fun Facts[/b] |
[b]Likes[/b] | Here
[b]Dislikes[/b] | Here
[b]Losses [/b]

Kawaii Characters

Fuji Nagi

Info: A hyperactive girl that behaves like a wild cat. She comes from a line of fighters and warriors and joined the AFW to prove herself as a decent fighter.
Hentai?: Available
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • WAM or Humiliation Matches
  • Matches with other characters with an animal gimmick
  • Matches with some form of animal cosplay
  • Preference toward Kawaii opponents

Kena Arisato

Info: A reserved and polite martial artist with a hidden sadistic streak. She joined the AFW hoping to get more students and recognition for the dojo she inherited, as well as sate her sadistic lust for battle.
Hentai?: Unavailable
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • No-Hold-Barred/Hardcore and Standard Matches
  • Matches with Face-aligned/Hero-esque characters
  • Matches with a Japanese aesthetic (dojo, tatami ring, use of shinai, bokken, and the like as weapons, etc.)
  • Preference toward martial artists
  • Fine with Kawaii or Friction characters

Akiko Hoshi

Info: A quiet and sarcastic bookworm that moonlights as a vigilante. She uses the AFW as a cover for her activities.
Hentai?: Available, but picky
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • Standard or Kawaii-Type Matches
  • Matches against ninja-esque characters or martial artists
  • Matches with villainous characters or characters with a criminal record
  • Preference toward characters around Akiko's height (5' 1"/155 cm)

Rain Shower

Info: A Chinese Martial Artist with a heart for justice, joined the AFW as a part of her training to see where she stands in the world of fighters.
Hentai?: Unavailable
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • Standard or Kawaii-Type Matches
  • Preferring Kawaii opponents, but no real preference otherwise

Xiao Qiao

Info: A ruthless Chinese assassin that joined the AFW to test herself and improve her technique as a fighter.
Hentai?: Available
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • Humiliation or POW Matches
  • No real preferences otherwise.

Friction Characters

Mariko Haru
Info: An arrogant gamer and gifted fighter that joined the AFW under an alias to prove she could handle the league's well known and strong contenders.
Hentai?: Unavailable
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • Almost any match type (reluctant to Kawaii-style and Hentai-style matches)
  • Matches with Face-aligned characters
  • Matches with game-savvy/gamer characters
  • Preference toward Friction characters

Tension Characters

Info: A dancer-turned-wrestler hoping to make a name for himself on the wrestling scene
Hentai?: Available
Match/Plot Ideas and Preferences

  • Matches with a stipulation tied to them
  • Matches with face-aligned characters
  • Matches with other dancer-type characters
  • No preference toward gender

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