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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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And again

Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:38 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi, skip-stop is in touch
All posts debts have been paid. To be brief, I'm taking a short break again, will be back on Monday. There are a number of problems that require thought and solution attempt. Discord is always available in case someone suddenly needs something. Thank you for your attention. Stand by

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Alex vs Sion

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Alex vs Sion Empty Alex vs Sion

Post by Maxy on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:51 pm

Singles Match - Standard Rules
Alex vs Sion w/ Lina

(match dona via skype im.  Maxy in blue, Clobber Jobber in red.

The past few days were rough for Sion.  After getting a severe 'talking to' from Lina he was starting to second guess things.  Though after some motivational talk from Lita he began to feel better, as well as getting some new ring gear from her too.  He was looking forward to test it out when he received word that he had match coming up.  Daisuke and Lita had other things to do so they couldn't make it but they did with him well.  Lina was with him has he was getting ready and even though he has had some bad luck recently he is feeling pretty good.  Before he go outs out to the gorilla position Lina reminds him of the talk they had after his last match and that he better not disappoint her again.  Sion gulps at the thought of that but lucky for him thins today have been going good so far he's able to shrug it off and head out.

Alex shook herself out as she waited backstage for her chance to enter the ring. Although her track record was less than stellar, she was certainly getting more popularity than she expected, possibly even passing up her good friend Rachel (which she honestly felt guilty about). Now it had reached the point where she was fighting someone from another show or something, a guy, even. She decided to take the opportunity to try out a new look; not much different from her usual attire, but her top was nowhere to be found. After the kind of humiliation the she'd been through before, the league was clearly okay with a little obscenity, and if she was fighting a dude she wanted to look just as tough as he did.

A new theme would play Sion out to the and you wouldn't know by looking at him that he's had some problems lately.  He feels pretty pumped up as he heads down there with Lina following behind him.  Lina lets him do his things but keeps her eyes on him as he waits for his opponent to come down. He heard who he was against and he knew this was the chance he was looking for to get back on Lina's good side.

As Alex's theme played out across the stadium, she casually strut her way down the ramp towards the ring, feeling pretty good about herself this time. Her last match went wrong by only a hair, and she figured that meant she was getting better. As she climbed in through the ropes, she gave the guy across the ring a smile as she extended her hand in good sportsmanship. "Here's to a good match, eh?" she said warmly.

He was unintentionally blocking out what Lina was telling him as he was trying to remember what Lita told him earlier in the day, even though Lina wasn't being negative here he was trying to be positive and Lita's words were really positive ones.  He did hear parts of what Lina was saying though, but both of them stopped their respective way of thinking when they noticed his opponent was coming out topless and exposed.  Sion asked Lina if she in fact signed him up for a regular wrestling match and she said she did and that the last match of her she saw she was wearing a shirt so this is news to her. She does tell him "Don't pay attention, you got better at home."  Lina making reference to Sion's wife Daisuke, who was also an active wrestler. He shook his head with a grin "That was bad Lina but I get what you're saying."  He has a feeling this might be a bit difficult, not having someone who has that chose of attire, or lack thereof, but he still feels positive and ready to go.  Lina pats him on the back and then steps out of the ring as Alex approached.  Sion didn't have a problem shaking it back and nodding.  

As the bell rang, Alex got the opportunity to strike first for once, and took that chance to make a jab right at Sion's chest, more to get a measure of how strong he was than anything.

Sion wasn't expecting her to strike like that so soon and it moved him back a bit when it connected. He does grin at her, a bit impressed by it.  "Not bad, but let's keep it clean here." making reference that closed fist strikes are technically against the rules in pro wrestling even though almost nobody calls it as such anymore.  He does reach out to her, wanting to lock up.

Already Alex was tilting her head in confusion, giving her opponent a strange look as he reached his arms in. Keep it clean? She had no idea that she was fighting dirty. Did he mean something about her shirt? Despite how vulnerable it left her, she simply stood there with a dumbfounded look in her eyes as this match had already turned out way different than she was expecting.

Sion also looked unsure since Alex wasn't doing anything.  Lina yells at him to grab her since she was just standing there.  Sion would then quickly fire in a kick to Alex's ribs before lifting her up, wanting to start things off with a suplex.

Being only the third fight of her life, it was reasonably understandable that Alex wasn't too versed in how to defend herself, so when Sion's boot found it's way into her ribs it was a big shock for her. The blow forced her to bend over, grasping her rib with one arm, before she found herself being lifted off the ground and slammed into the mat.

Sion had a feeling that the scouting report Lina gave him earlier had some truth to it though when she lifted her up and down he didn't expect it to be like that.  Still, he knew he had to stay focused. Who knows if she was hiding something deep inside and could explode at any moment.  After landing for the suplex he would carefully lift her back up and would go to lock her in an abdominal stretch.  He would hold it in for seconds before encouraged him to bend her, though when she said that he would lift her up and then send her back down with an oklahoma slam.

As Alex was lifted off the ground, dazed from the initial assault, she found Sion wrapping himself around her and stretching her abdomen. More concerned that this was a pervy attempt to press up against her than anything, she thrust her free arm back in hopes of elbowing him in the ribs before being hoisted up again and slammed to the ground once more.

It looked like he was going to drop her again, which he did, but not the way he intended as he did drop her on the lift as the elbow connected in a good spot.  "Oh come on, stay on her!" Lina yelled at him "Don't let that mother canucker one up you!" which was an interesting choice of words given Sion was Canadian too.  "What the hell you babbling about?" as he had a hand on where he Alex hit him and looked at Lina, giving Alex a couple of seconds to react freely before he would turn back to her.

Still a bit groggy, Alex climbed to her feet and took a moment to regain her balance before realizing her opponent was facing the other way. Not wanting to let her opportunity pass by, but not sure how to seize it, she leaped onto his back, wrapping both arms around his neck and pulling as tight as she could.

Sion gave her a blank stare before turning back to his opponent, but before he could do that he felt someone, assuming it was her, jump on his back.  Sion wasn't sure what to expect when he felt her wrapping his arms around his neck.  It didn't feel to good and he couldn't tell if she had him in an illegal choke hold or wanted to go for a sleeper or what but he knew he had to get out of it fast.  He heard Lina yelled out "Run straight backwards!" and he trusted his manager's judgment on that occasion and ran back to the corner, slamming Alex against the turnbuckles.

The impact against the corner was hard enough to loosen Alex's grip, causing her to sag tiredly back with her arms hanging on the top ropes. She groaned for a moment as she tried to regain her focus, already somewhat worn down by the quick procession of attacks.

Sion was lucky that Lina was right as he coughed to get some wind back.  He turned back and looked at her, feeling like he was embarrassing her. He would lift her up in the corner and gave her the stiffest knife edge chop that he could.  'Come on Sion, focus.' he said to himself.

The slashing motion of Sion's hand against her upper chest caused Alex to jerk back in pain, reaching up with a hand to massage the spot that was hit. Alex's earlier confidence was diminished, though not gone, as she realized that this guy was much more professional than her last few opponents.

Lina gave a small cheer of approval as the chop sounded pretty loud.  He would then grab hold of Alex's head and place it under one of his arms, setting her up for a running bulldog.

Still pinned in the corner, Alex gasped as her head was wrapped in Sion's grasp, before he pulled her out of the corner, slamming her face-first into the mat.

Sion had something in mind for where he wants this to go so he put a plan into action. He lift her back up again, but this time would give her a backbreaker, slamming her back down across his thy.  Lina would then tell him to go back to working on the girl's head but instead he would grab one of Alex's legs and twist it before dropping an elbow to the back part of the knee.

Alex realized things were starting to heat up as she was lifted from the mat high into the air, coming back down with her spine crashing against Sion's leg. The pain this time was enough to make her cry out loudly, but she had little time to express herself properly as he twisted her leg and drove an elbow hard into the inside of her knee.

Sion ignored what Lina was telling him, for he knew he'd be already if he stayed with the plan he came up with.  He would grab hold of her leg and quickly snap it back.

Alex let out another painful yelp as her leg was snapped back, causing her to cringe and writhe where she lie. Intent on getting out of this hold somehow, she desperately threw a wild arm at Sion's head, not sure if it'd connect.

It wasn't a hold he would hold onto after the snap back. He did get part of the swing, but on his shoulder, but by that time he was already down and completed the move.  He would left her up again, this time grabbing hold of her from behind and goes for a german suplex.

Alex was really starting to feel the punishment as she felt Sion's hands wrap around her waist, lifting her high over him and slamming her neck-first into the mat again. For a moment, she just lie on the mat panting, clearly not prepared for the match she had gotten herself into, before climbing to her hands and knees.

When she got back up, Sion would be waiting for her and picked up again, this time having a belly to back suplex in mind for the new comer.  If it would connect Lina would tell him to stay on that part of the body but yelled out "What did I just say?!" as he would drop a elbow to one of Alex's legs again and when he landed it he would remain on top of it, pulling back on it.

By the time she could stand again, Alex was being tossed overhead once more and back against her spine. She had to give this guy credit, he had a lot of energy to be tossing her around like that. Though she really didn't have the strength or the inclination to vocalize that credit as his elbow went slamming into her knee, causing her to yelp out loud again.

He would apply some more pressure on it, wanting to slowly wear it down, just like he was with the other parts of her body.  Lina said something to him that would cause him to let go and just like in the last match Sion and her began to exchange words on who was calling the shots here but it didn't last as long as he decided just to do what she said for a little bit just to get her to shut up.  He was getting a bit annoyed now as Lina was directing traffic and he was letting her. He would lift Alex up and send her to the ropes and at Lina's command when Alex got close enough on the bounce back he would jump up and deliver a dropkick.

As Sion removed his elbow, Alex was just happy to be free for a bit as she caught her breath, climbing to her knees and finally being helped to her feet. Her rest didn't last too long, however, as she was sent into the ropes, still having enough stamina to turn around and bounce off but being met with a pair of hard boots to the sternum. The impact sent her reeling backwards as she rested on the ropes behind her, her head hung back in exhaustion.

Sion quickly got back on her as Lina told him to give her a few good ones, giving her a few forearm shots to the side of her head before sending her off the ropes again. Lina said nothing as Sion went off the ropes as well and when he got close to her he would jump in her direction, aiming a spinning heel kick up high.

As Alex leaned her head forwards again, it was met with a few swift blows, dazing her as she was sent off the ropes. Her vision was starting to get fuzzy, and she had little ability to dodge the kick heading towards her as it sent her toppling to the ground.

Sion felt like he could maybe end this now, but Lina told him to keep the offence going.  He sent Alex to the corner and Sion came running in with a shoulder tackle aimed for Alex's stomach.

Crashing into the turnbuckle, Alex rested her arms on the top ropes, only to leave her belly exposed for a hard shoulder. Her eyes widened and she bent over as the force of the attack caused her to start coughing, about ready to keel over where she stood.

Sion looked back at Lina then back at Alex would would quickly fire in a few more quick shoulder thrusts to her stomach. He had to be careful of the ref's warning count for attacking the corner and backed off after getting the shots in.  Lina was approving of what she saw.  Lina was vocal in a positive way as Sion picked Alex up and out of the corner, only to give her a pumphandle gutbuster.

Each shot to her stomach wore Alex down more, and by the time Sion backed off she was on her knees, one hand gripping the rope and the other around her stomach. She didn't have time to recover, however, as her hand was yanked between her legs and she was lifted up into the air, before being spun around and slammed belly-first right onto Sion's knee. She writhed on the mat for a moment, her arms around her belly, barely able to breathe.

Sion figured it would be best to end things now while Lina was in a good mood as he drags Alex closer to the corner and he then goes to the top rope.  He would take notice of where she is before coming off the top with a shooting star press.
Alex was in no position as she was dragged to the corner, lied out on her back as Sion climbed to the top of the turnbuckle. Barely able to see, all she knew was that whatever was coming next wouldn't be good...

Sion crashed down across her body with the shooting star press.  After it connected he would be on his knees for a moment, figuring he'd be safe once the bell rings but he hears Lina telling him to keep the offense going. He just connected with one of his key moves and she wants him to keep going.  He stands up and goes closer to where she is and asks her "What more do you want?"  he was trying to keep calm but his patience was running thin.  He picks up alex against and gives her another gutbuster, but this time froma  fireman's carry before going back up top again, shaking his head as he goes upstairs.

Alex's body nearly bounced off the ground as Sion's abs connected with hers, causing her to lie limply on the mat as she felt him going in for the pin. However, before she heard the bell ring, he had let go of her, and was instead resting her over his shoulders, before slamming her belly hard into his knee again. The punishment to her belly had her clawing at the mat in pain, eyes and teeth clenched hard before she came to rest on her back once again.

Sion sizes her up and comes off with a doublefoot stomp.  If he connected with it he would look over at Lina who clapped on with approval. Sion is wondering if Lina wants him to nail her there until she pukes.  He looks he is running out of patience with Lina.  

As Alex lie on her back, her foggy senses were startled by a pair of boots pounding into her stomach, Sion's full weight behind them. She curled on the ground, the look of sheer pain in her eyes, as she coughed a mouthful of blood up onto the mat.

Lina gave Sion a thumbs up when he asks Lina if this is what she wanted, seeing blood come out of Alex's mouth, having to quickly step out of the way to avoid some of the blood landing on him.  "Yep, keep it up you're doing good."  Sion shook his head when he picked up Alex and whispers to her "Please forgive me." He didn't want to hurt her but if he didn't do as Lina said he would more than lightly feel her wrath again, but when Lina told him to do what he just did again he turned to look at Lina, still holding on to Alex, looked dead into Lina's eyes, gave her a big "Fuck you." and some sign language to go with it and gave her the Canadian Destroyer. It looked like an impressive move as the crowd chanted approvingly to it. Sion wanted to end this and he wanted to end it his way as he would then grab hold of Alex's legs.  If she did not resist he would proceed to lock her in the sharpshooter.

Despite her grogginess, Alex was surprised when her opponent offered his condolences. Partially because it didn't seem like someone who was pounding the shit out of her would feel bad about it, and partially because she knew it was all for the show, and didn't imagine it was personal to begin with. Still, she wasn't ready to give up, but as she was once again slammed into the mat and locked into a hold it didn't seem like she had an option.

Lina wanted to Sion to show more dominance and was not pleased with him wanting to end things here.  Still, Sion applied as much pressure as he could to get Alex to give in.

As Sion pressed down on her, Alex felt like she was going to split in half. If Sion was really sorry, she thought, this was one hell of a way to show it. The harder he pressed, the more it tore at her, until tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, but still she refused to give in of her own free will.

If he would have done what he wanted instead of listening to Lina he would have worked on more of the body parts that this hold mostly targets to make it have more of an effect.  But he still held on, knowing he could end it here.

Alex ran her fingers furiously through her hair as the pain intensified, not sure how much longer she could go. Her mind told her that he wouldn't actually split her in half, but every one of her senses were screaming otherwise. "Please, stop!" she cried out as the tears in her eyes started to leak down, until finally she gave in, tapping the mat to express her submission.

Sion released the hold after hearing the sound of the bell.  Admittingly, it did feel good to have his arm raised again, though after that was over Sion bent down and asked Alex if she was ok.  Some of that offense he would not have done if Lina wasn't barking out orders at him.   Surprisingly, Lina appeared to be ok with the end result.  As she got in the ring and raised his arm up too as he was checking on Alex's well being.  She then told him it was time to go and Sion looked back down at Alex before leaving with his manager.

Despite being worn and exhausted, Alex couldn't help but crack a smile as the bell rang. This guy was clearly a professional, and she felt like she had done pretty well, all things considered. She wasn't sure that giving up so quickly would earn her the same pay she was getting up to this point, but maybe this cross-roster thing would work differently. As Sion walked out of the ring with his manager, Alex slowly pulled herself to her feet, her friend Rachel running up to the ring to meet her. She grabbed her shirt and slipped it on before hobbling out of the ring with a smile on her face.

Winner: Sion

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Alex vs Sion Empty Re: Alex vs Sion

Post by Maxy on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:54 pm

When Sion returned to the locker room was feeling alright with how things were going.  He had a feeling Alex would be fine and while it wasn’t pretty a win’s a win.  While there was a time where Lina would agree with that type of thinking this was not one of those times.   She didn’t say anything for a few minutes as Sion was unwinding, letting him do that.  Eventually she would tell him when he facing away from her “While you did end strong can I make one suggestion?”

“Sure, what is” before he can finish his sentence a bag that Lina tossed at him hit him just below the back of the neck.  When he turns around to face Lina wondering what happened Lina brought up her knee and slammed it into his stomach.  He let out a groan when Lina struck him and she tells him “Never disobey me…Ever.”  She then throws him into one of the locker stalls and it didn’t look nor sound pretty.  She tells him that is the worst match she’s ever seen him in as she picks up a chair and waits for him to crawl back up before ramming it into his stomach.

After falling back down, Lina rests her boot against his neck and adds “And another thing.” She then presses down on it and tells him “I don’t appreciate your attitude towards the end there.   Sion has a lot of trouble breathing here as he’s gagging for air until Lina removes her boot from his neck and drags him into a sitting position, but not before slamming his face against the wall part of the stall a few times.  

Sion wants to asks her to stop but can’t spit the words out but does cough up some blood and some lands on Lina’s shirt.  “I’m willing to overlook that, but...” She tells him, not liking the fact that he bled on her.  She then grabs him by the hair, pulling his head back and slowly, but not too deeply raking his face and tells him “If you ever cross me again...” she then drops him on the ground. She looks like she wants to tip the entire locker stall on top of him, but it’s connected to the wall pretty tightly, but one of the boards for the top shelf came loose so she grabbed that instead and spiked it like a football on top of him and warns him “I will end you.”

She looks down at him one more time before leaving the room, flipping a nearby table on her way out.  While still conscious, he was not in good shape.  Sure he’s taken beatings before, but not to this extent in this sort of manner.   As he laid there part of him agreed with some of his manager’s grievance, but he didn’t deserve this.

Thread end/TBC in backstage(link to said thread coming soon)

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