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Possibly Searching

Thu May 19, 2022 12:58 pm by Rymiscuius

possssssssssssibly looking for a match soon
win / loss is dependant
mixed is fine
come get ur tiny super heel

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Back in the saddle, eyy! Looking for match with any of my three.

Fri May 13, 2022 2:45 pm by SiennaAFW

Short and to the point, looking for a match with any of my three wrasslers. Open to discuss ideas of how you'd like the match to go, what sort've rating the match might get (PG - R), et cetera!

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Looking for a debut

Fri May 13, 2022 10:34 am by Bare

Heyo everyone! New member here and this is my main oc Alizeh! More to come but for now I’m just looking for a match to grt her started. Im ok with (mostly) any match and as for win/loss id like to discuss that based on what character she would go against. So feel free to hmu ^^

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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite Empty Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

Post by Tatyina Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:08 pm

Match Type: Standard Tag
Winning Conditions: Pinfall, Submission or Knockout

I will do all the other set up stuff later. I just want people to be able to start posting ~.~

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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite Empty Re: Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

Post by Maxy Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:06 pm

(match done via yahoo im. Maxy in green, Deus in red)

While it was something she was hoping to take part in, Lita was still supportive of Daisuke and Sion chosen to represent their group in the upcoming tag title tournament and stands along side them as they get ready ready for their first round match up. When it comes time head out to the ring for the match she joins them along with Lina, who manages the three of them. Daisuke seems to be the more enthusiastic one, really looking forward for this chance. Not to say Sion isn't, but for him this a must win match, in more ways than one, though both Daisuke and Lita do not know it. Still, he is ready to team up with his girl. Both of them remember the small confrontation they had with their opponents last year and both are eager to prove to them that they're not the only three person group around here. After getting in the ring and giving a motivational highfive to each other, Lita leaves the ring and joins the commentators at ringside while Lina helps keep the duo focused as they wait for their opponents to come out.

The lights in the arena would switch off, as Blazblue's imperial code began to play. With a union jack light focused on the entrance ramp, as the music continued to play a dark black limo would drive itself onto the ramp ala JBL. And emerging out the driver door was John Carnaby, the master of creation. Silently he'd walk to the back of the limo and open the door as the song played it's rock guitars, and out the limo emerged Ryan Knight. The paragon of Britain, the young aristocrat was in his usual wrestling outfit. With John in his usual jeans, shirt and blue trench coat.  The pair walked towards the ring, John having his hands in his pockets. Whereas Ryan was carrying a rapier blade, Mr Knight climbed the turnbuckle and placed the sword in front of his face. Before pointing it at Daisuke and Sion, while John got into the ring via sliding under the bottom rope. The paragon of Britain got off the turnbuckle, handing his blade to the ref girl who placed it somewhere safe. John meanwhile hung his trench coat on the turnbuckle post, and began light stretching. "It has been a while since you called us out, but the match will occur at last. Whoever wins will advance in this tournament, to become tension tag champions. May fortune favour the brave and strong." Ryan said as he folded his arms while looking at Daisuke and Sion.

They group wasn't really surprised by the limo style entrance, though Daisuke smirked and quietly joked to Sion that "It must be electric," teasing the fact that they didn't come all the way down the runway with it. Sion grinned at that and Sion told them to stay focused, reminding them what's at stake. When Ryan pointed his sword in the direction of her friends and teammates she commented from the announcers' table "There's no need for that. Not even the Russians, as cocky as they were, brought weaponry to their gold medal hockey game the other day." She stood up, keeping her eyes locked on Ryan in case if he had any other intentions with that sword, only sitting back down and taking her eye contact away from him when it was in the possession of the referee. Sion and Daisuke were a bit taken back by it, no knowing what he was intending on doing with it. Lina took it as a direct threat and looked like she wanted to give him a piece of her mind. She might have gotten close but both Daisuke and Sion pulled her back. Sion looked over at Ryan when she spoke and nodded, while Daisuke grinned and replied "Likewise." Lita began to wonder if Lucy Brange was lurking around anywhere. She not only wanted to support her group but wanted to keep the numbers even just in case if Lucy showed up. She didn't question it verbally though as Lina finished giving some last minute talk to both Daisuke and Sion before exiting the ring and taking spot in one of the corners.

Lucy was present, but she was watching from a VIP booth in the arena. A glass of red wine in her hands and her legs crossed, she was watching and was already excited to see what would happen. She was friction based and thus not allowed into this tournament, a good thing they had a capable right hand man in the form of John Carnaby. He had been a diamond in the rough, which Ryan polished with a bit of good old spartan training.  Speaking of which John had removed his shirt, placing it atop the turnbuckle post over his shirt. Ryan meanwhile had also removed the top part of his outfit, in a manner that seemed as if he was lowering himself just to compete. The paragon of Britain then folded his regal top outfit and placed it under the bottom turnbuckle. "Mr Carnaby you may start, let's see if that training has paid off." Ryan would then give a short bow to Daisuke and Sion, standing on the ring apron soon after.  "Right you are sir." John said, giving a short stretch before getting ready to see who he'd be facing. When the master of creation first started he had only a few months of training, a part time job while he went to an art college. But after meeting Ryan Mr Carnaby became a true wrestler, at the same time Ryan was his trainer and art patron. Now John was ready to prove himself. "The boss says you need to lose, who wants to go first?" the artist said once the bell rung, he'd stretch his arms out for a lockup with his opponent.

It looked like Lina was wanting Daisuke to start things off for them as Dai and Sion were in the corner of the ring, looking to see who would go first for their opposition, encouraging her to give them a strong start. Though as it looked like Sion was going to step out he stopped. He and Daisuke had a quick and quiet exchange and it was Daisuke who would step to the outside. Lina gave a small shrug, not really caring much which one of them kicked it off, but she did make note that their appeared to be some sort of pecking order between Ryan and John. Daisuke knew Sion would be alright. After all he was the son of someone who has been in the ring for almost three generations and has competed all over the world. Even if Sion had some bad luck as of late she knew that he break away from his mother's metaphorical shadow, not that he ever considered himself to be in it anyway, and if there was any match where that would be loud and clear and end the doubt that he was nothing like his mother then Daisuke knew that this would be the one. Lita also looked on with approval. While Lita was the strongest out of the three of them she knew that Sion had a lot of heart and was someone never to be taken lightly. Sion reached out to accept the lockup invite, though as it looked like they were about to lock up he would instead dive down for his opponent's legs, going for a takedown.

Mr Carnaby was keeping himself as calm as possible, but inside his heart was pounding like a war drum. He knew this was a big match, and in the future he could even be a tag champ with his boss. The crowd was loud, and John was bracing himself for the ensuing battle. "Just gotta be calm, and remember the training." the master of creation thought to himself.
Although he was taken aback by Sion's sudden tackle to the legs, John was prepping his arms for a test of strenght lockup and was thus unprepared. With a loud yelp of surpirse the artist was sent down to the mat, but John had something going for him. Ever since he became a wrestler Mr Carnaby had a knack for the ground game, submissions was something he had trained in since day 1. So with that in mind as soon as his back hit the mat John would try to spring up and wrap his arm around Sion's neck for a headlock. It wasn't grand, but it was a simple move to use of course.

Sion quickly found himself in a ground battle with John as his takedown was good enough to take him down but John's getting a hold of Sion's neck kept Sion from advancing from it. Daisuke watched on and had a feeling they might be down there awhile and continued to look on as Sion kept his grip on. He began to move his legs as well, wanting to see if he can get into a position to try something, anything.

John was successful in his headlock attempt, it wasn't going to win him the match. But it was a start at least to this madrigal of battle, now he needed to try and do something else. Ryan once compared this sport to chess, wasn't all about fighting but tactics too.  With that in mind John decided that it might be best to get Sion away and get back up to his feet, try something else. And the artist had an idea to go about that, John would release his headlock grip on Sion's neck. And attempt to move his arms so he could shove Sion off of him, if he succeeded the master of creation would try to get to his feet as quick as he could and attempt an Irish whip to send Sion off to the ropes.

Good thing that John let go when he did, Sion wasn't able to come up with anything the move he moved. Before he coult react to John letting him go he found John attempting to break free of what he had on him. Sion felt John break free and get back up and instead of going for him again Sion would put his arms up in guard position.

John had noticed Sion's defensive posture, how could he not when the guy was sticking his arms up right in front of him. If Sion thought that John was going to try and wail on him with strikes the man was mistaken, sure John could throw punches. But his forte was submissions with a bit of grappling, and so with that in mind he went to grab Sion by the left side. "Bounce off!" John would yell as he tried to toss Sion to the ropes with an Irish whip, anything could happen once Sion reeled off the ropes. And either him or John would be given the advantage.

When Sion came off the ropes he would duck and move on a slight angle to avoid any possible incoming attack from John that might come his way and continued moving forward towards the ropes that were infront of him. He would bounce of those ones and as he was heading back towards John's direction he would jump towards him with a cross body block. Daisuke had a feeling Sion would attempt something like that and looked ready to tag in, just in case, even though she knew he'd be alright either way.

John was able to toss Sion to the ropes, just like he was taught by his boss Ryan. Grab the arms, ground the legs and follow through. Although Mr Carnaby was not sure what he was going to pull out once Sion rebounded, he was thinking of just as they say "Wing it."  Which also came back to bite him in the arse, for Sion's cross body block hit dead on. Earning a loud grunt of pain from John's lips as he was momentum carried the master of creation to his doomed landing, it knocked the wind out of him to be sure. But he was far from done, albeit he was stunned for the moment. But he was still able to say "Damm! Fine I'll give you that one."

After connecting with that manuver sion would quickly roll off him, figuring it be too soon to follow up with a pin attempt this early on in the bout. He did though follow up with a standing drop up high when John would be vertical again as well. He did barely here John say something but he wasn't concerened with it since he knew they were there to fight and not to sit around and talk while having tea.

John was expecting Sion to follow up right after with a submission, he was knocked down and would have been open for attack. But the master of creation was quick to get back onto his feet, ingrained in him by Ryan. When you fall get back up as soon as you can.  And John did so. He was caught off guard as he got back up however, as trained as he was John still lacked ring experiance. He'd only had a few matches whereas Mr Knight had spent a year in Asia's indie circuit, so as soon as rose up John was slammed down again. The artist gritted his teeth as he felt the pain surge into him. "Nghhh! J-Just biding my time!" John shouted as he rolled onto his side. Meanwhile Ryan shook his head, surprised to see the master of creation downed twice so quickly. But John had been personally trained by the paragon of Britain, and knew he could take a beating and then some.

Daisuke encouraged Sion to keep at it after the dropkick connected. No words were said but when she saw Sion lift John up she knew it was time to step things up a little bit. When Sion had John vertical again he took a couple stes up make it look like he wanted to use the ropes again, though as he whipped John off he would go off them as well, albeit across from him. When Sion hit the ropes Daisuke made a blind tag to Sion's back, which was spotted by the referee. Sion would come off the ropes and into John's path, to which is he would jump, but this time down so he would land flat on the group infront of him. If the timing was right Daisuke would then catapult herself over the upper rope and come flying at John with a clothesline.

John was getting annoyed, he lightly pounded the ring mat. He needed to get going, to build up some momentum and get the tide in the favour of Britain's best. And with that he stopped talking and went silent, focusing now. And as Sion bounced him off the ropes he heard the sound of skin being slapped, which John had learned meant a tag.
And John's momentum carried him off the ropes, and towards Sion. But the master of creation lept over Sion, and has Daisuke lept out towards him John ducked his head. Just enough to let Daisuke's arm move harmlessly over his brown hair, John then grabbed the ropes in front of him and turned around. Mr Carnaby had a feeling this might not work, but he needed to try something at least. So with that in mind as soon as Sion and Daisuke both got up John would rush towards them in the hopes of bowling them both down with a double clothesline!

Sion noticed Daisuke fly past him, and it didn't look too pleasing. Sion would continue on though and get back up only to take a clothesline from John. After that it looked like she was going to do the same but Lina instructed her to powder out and for Sion to do the same. With how Daisuke landed she wasn't far from Lina anyway and rolled out without much issue. It took Sion a few seconds longer but he was able to do the same. On the ouside of the ring lina was giving them a small pep talk to keep them positive given what just happened, and hopefully kill some momentum John may have gotten there. For some reason she was yelling at Sion to "Slow the fuck down" and something else that couldn't be picked up by many.  Though when their exchanged ended Daisuke they highfived each other and Daisuke would climb back upto the ring and step back inside while Sion would go to the corner part where Daisuke was not even a minute ago.

John was on his knees following his double clothesline attack, still a bit surprised that he had managed to do something like that. He gluped lightly as he saw Sion and Daisuke rolling away, and Mr Carnaby knew he needed to tag too. "You want in boss?" the artist said Mr Knight nodded and extended his hand, John stood up and got himself over to Ryan with no troubles. The crowd cheered loudly as the paragon of Britain entered the ring, flexing his toned arms as he did so. A look of business on his face. He paced from side to side in the centre of the ring, before trying to edge towards Daisuke. Offering his hands up slowly to offer a lock up.

Neither Daisuke nor Sion were considered with Ryan's popularity but they weren't one to heel on another's pop anyway. Daisuke got back in the ring and asked the referee if there was in fact a tag since she didn't see one her self but believes the referee's confirmation of the switch. She had no problem with watching to lock up with him, given that Kei, who has multiple decades of in ring experience herself, not to mention also her mother-in-law, having trained her. He may have had more in height than her but she wasn't short on talent and determination.

Mr Knight kept himself silent as he began to lock up with Daisuke, he was actually a bit surprised by this. Quite often his opponent just attacked him with a kick to the gut or something like that, nothing he couldn't handle though. Ryan was liking his chances here, he was pretty much in peak shape. The paragon of Britain made no exceptions when it came to his training, has John had learned when doing squats up a hill with a truck tire on his back. Mr Knight grounded his legs and pushed his arms forth with immense strength, his face stoic as he muttered "You sure you can handle this?"

Daisuke grins at him in the lock up after he said what he did to her. "You both talk too much." she tells him while keeping up with the collar and elbow tieup. After being in it for some time she would move her feet to one side and after a couple steps or so she would jerk downward, grabbing hold of Ryan's arm, wanting to pull him over her and down with an armdrag takedown as Sion watched on from the corner. He didn't hear the verbal exchange that Daisuke and Ryan had but even if he did he wouldn't have thought much of it, while Lina encouraged her on from the outside.

Ryan's vision was a little blurry, he was keeping his left eye closed to try and numb the pain. And the little stinging in his head, Mr Knight was no stranger to being punched of course. His real Father made sure of that, said he was teaching Ryan how to be a man but all he taught him was how to take a beating.  As Sion and Daisuke went for the double suplex though Ryan's instincts kicked in, he knew the situation he was in could be dire. It wasn't in his favour though, as the two had combined their strength to lift the paragon of Britain. Over 200 pounds of pure muscle in a 6 foot frame, Ryan braced himself for impact as best he could. And when he hit the mat Mr Knight only let out a grunt of pain, while sitting up holding his back with one hand.

Even though both of them could have lifted up Ryan for the same move on their own, doing it together gave them some positive momentum as Daisuke exited the ring. Sion would keep up the pressure as after the landing and Daisuke leaving he would lift him up from behind and go for a bridging german suplex.

Ryan's head was reeling, but he was still able to know what was going on. You think the ring could be chaotic? Try politics, that was a nightmare. After all that stuff Ryan was quite tough, he was named the paragon of Britain after all.  When Sion snuck behind him for a German suplex though Ryan realised what was going on, after all this was a trademark move of his! He knew it inside and out, trained on it since day 1. Without a word Mr Knight would ground his feet and then work on the hold Sion had on him, hoping to spring around and deliver one of his own.

Lita watched on as Ryan attempted to turn this on Sion. Even though he didn't expect it Sion would be able to ground himself from Ryan's lift attempt, though of Ryan tried a second time then Ryan would be more successful that time around. As she watched two thoughts entered her mind. Even though she was out there doing commentary she went quiet and watched to see if she was right.

Ryan gave Sion credit, he was grounding himself pretty well. The paragon of Britain was a solid grappler though, and knew this move inside and out. So he had nothing to fear at this point, just had to remember his training. And with that Mr Knight got his knees ready at just the right angle, his grip around Sion's waist tight. And with that the paragon of Britain would move back, using his immense upper body strength to hoist Sion up and slam him down with the German suplex. The resounding thud would ring in Ryan's ears and have him know he had done a job well done, he'd try to keep the hold bridged to go for a pin attempt.

Even though it was a well executed maneuver, Sion had no difficultly kickng out after a one count. Even though some time has passed in the bought not much has gone done so he did have a lot left. Daisuke clapped on from the corner, knowing her teammate and husband could do it.

Ryan had a strong feeling that Sion would kick out from that, in fact if he hadn't Mr Knight would have felt quite let down. The paragon of Britain thought that in the ring you either bring your all or you don't bother showing up, and that had passed onto John Carnaby when he became Ryan's right hand man.  Mr Knight released Sion following the pin escape, but made sure to stay close to him. Once Ryan had a bead on his foe he'd try his damm best to keep it that way, that was his game plan. With that in mind as Sion made his way back up Mr Knight would make him face the paragon of Britain, whereupon Ryan would fire out a knife chop to Sion's chest.

Daisuke cringed while in the corner as the sound the chop echoed with good volumn. It did feel as bad as it sounded as Sion moved back a couple of steps after the impact and he groaned out from it.

Meanwhile Lita would hear one of the commentators saying "And here we have Ryan Knight's Sister Lucy, what do you reckon so far Ms Grange?" And Ms Grange would be appearing on the screen near it, with the young Brit girl saying "Well he's giving it good, Ryan is all about the wrestling ring. That Sion chump better start praying!" with Lucy giving a snicker as she said that.

Lita takes a look on one of the monitors at the table as the action is going on inside the ring. She hears Lucy say what she thinks of things so far, but comments back when Lucy talks about Sion "Easy for someone to say for someone who's hiding up in the sky rather than down here where the action is. Personally I wanted to be in there but hey you can only have two on a team. I heard that you had no interest in competing in the tournament Lucy, affraid you'd break a nail?" she asks her in somewhat of a joking manner.

Lucy figured that Lita chick would try and talk to her, was only a matter of time. Neither one were in the ring after all, so sure enough might as well have the verbal fighting. Ms Grange smirked and leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs to let out a small panty shot for the fans. She lightly sipped her drink and said "Right who are you again? Doesn't matter. The sky is where I roll babe, the British airforce wouldn't be able to catch me. And I'm based in friction, so I ain't allowed to be in that ring. Although I reckon it's time for our artist to step up and ride alongside the Knight!"  Speaking of which if Mr Knight had managed to harass Sion into the corner with his chop attacks, then Britain's paragon would aim to grab him by the arm. And fling him across the ring to the other corner, and run after him in the hopes of crushing him with a body splash. The guy took about 3 chops, and Ryan felt he needed to try and mix things up. But if Sion could turn this around in his favour, such as stepping out the way of Ryan's charge. Then Britain's paragon would be stunned and ready for a counter.

"No need to discriminate girl, I go both ways." Lita told her, referencing that she is willing to take on anyone from either 'roster'. As for Sion it looked like he was going to move when the splash came his way but wasn't able to get his feet moving in time and took it. He would then stumble out of the corner and flop down infront of Ryan.

"It's a shame, any other time I'd be happy to throw down and show what my old man taught me. But I've already had a couple of these glasses, and I'm nicely settled. Not to mention you shouldn't wrestle while having at least a pint in you, but hey if you want to come up and take a seat here I got a spare one." Lucy said, leaning forward in her seat.  Meanwhile Ryan had just plowed right into Sion, and was thankful he did. Several times during training Mr Knight had sparred against Lucy, and when she got out the way of those body splashes. It stung, like heck to be sure. The paragon of Britain looked to his corner and saw that John was looking eager to get in. With that Mr Knight would attempt to hoist Sion up by the arm and get him over to the U.K.E's corner, and tag John in. They did no tag move, although the artist John would try to keep hold of the arm and twist it to put pressure on Sion as he moved to the centre of the ring with him.

Lita grinned at Lucy's comment and invitation. "One of these days I guess, but in mean time kids, don't drink and drive." She figured she might as well make this some what educational. Back in the ring, after all that would make some living legends proud and/or jealous, Sion couldn't stop the tag from being made and moved with John after he was tagged in. Daisuke knew that Sion could hold his own but was ready to get back in there if she had the chance to as Sion was held on to.

John had some brutal training, stuff that most normal people wouldn't dream of attempting. And it had given the artist a body that could be called the ideal male image, but all the training didn't compenstate for in ring matches. Mr Carnaby was still green around the ears to be sure.  But Mr Knight had seen a diamond in the rough, and polished it. In the ring John was using his submission training, the master of creation kept that arm of Sion's twisted good. But knew that he wasn't going to get anywhere by just using this move, he needed to try something else. And with that in mind Mr Carnaby would attempt to Irish whip Sion towards the ropes, and as the man bounced off John would bend down and hope to spring up and flip Sion over him. But John made the mistake of taking his eyes off his opponent, and could be easily countered at this point.

Sion would go off the ropes after having his arm worked on for a moment. When he came off he would barely come to a stop at the last possible moment, very slightly bumping into John. He was able to keep his balance after the contact, just barely though. Lucky for him he's been in the ring since he was a fetus inside his mother and instinctively did not hesistate once he was able to keep his balance and went for a double arm ddt.

Ryan could swear he just felt time slow down as Sion bounced off the ropes, and his face was twisted into a look of shock. He had a feeling this might happen, John hadn't worked him over enough to let a move like that work. Mr Knight knew the artist needed to get more in ring exprience, now was a good a time as any it seemed.  John's eyes went wide with shock as he suddenly felt his arms being grabbed, and then he began moving not of his own accord. The master of creation didn't even have time to shout a curse word of surpirse, for he was then promptly brought down hard to the mat. The artist groaned and breifly lifted his head up before flopping on the mat, he was reeling for the time being and open for attack.

Sion wanted to follow up, as he would set his laying oppent up for a follow up hold on the mat his manager had other ideas and told him to tag out. At first he would ignore her as he would grab hold of one of John's legs. Even though Sion prefered more of a faster pace, the technical style flowed through his blood as he twist part of John's leg and drop an elbow to the back part of the knee. Lina would then tell him again to make the tag, but this time was louder and sounded a bit angry. Daisuke knew Sion would be alright but gave Sion a look to tell him that things will be ok and she can take over. He would reluctantly tag her in, but would drag John over to the corner with the leg he was working on and make the tag. Daisuke would enter quickly and take over on the same leg where Sion left off. When he got out Lina would remind him who is calling the shots and he didn't look to thrilled being put on the spot like that but he didn't argue with her.

John had the wind taken right out of his sails, the momentum that Mr Knight had helped build up was wiped in a few seconds. With Ryan shaking his head in dismay, but he knew that John would learn. Even if it hurt like hell, speaking of which John let out a few yelps of pain as the artist's leg was twisted slightly. Followed by a jolt of pain on his knee, wasn't majorly bad but John didn't fancy his chances of walking right in a wee bit.  The artist kept silent, trying to catch his breath. As Sion dragged him over to Daisuke's corner, the bickering allowed John to try and get his bearings. He knew it wasn't good whatever was in store for the master of creation, before he could make any sort of escape attempt though Daisuke was on him like gum on a cola can. Although John would at least try to lift himself up and move forward with his hands, but he was open for attack. Mr Carnaby would have to try and grin and bear it.

Daisuke wanted to continue on the same leg as it was but saw John attempting to lift himself up. Something popped into her head just then and she allowed him to get up somewhat before latching on to him and lifting him up for a fisherman suplex, which if she connected with it, she would hold onto it after the impact, going for a pin.

John thought something was fishy, considering that Daisuke had just let him go there. The artist didn't like it one bit, but he knew he needed to get back up and keep going. John limped slightly on getting up, his leg took a bit of a hit. But it wasn't too bad, and he made to turn around to Daisuke....  And the master of creation was promptly grabbed hard by Daisuke, with her latching onto his injured leg in a fisherman suplex. John let out a yell of surpirse, before being promptly cut off by a hard slam down onto the canvas. It was then followed by the artist groaning out in pain, he could hear the ref getting into postition. The ref had gotten to the 2 count before the master of creation lifted his shoulder, much to the relief of the paragon of Britain. "N-not done yet..." John muttered out as he tried to roll to the side after breaking the pin.

Daisuke wasn't surprised by John kicking out, but was slightly hoping it would be enough, she wasn't bothered by it though. After John rolled away Daisuke would look and see the direction John was going and try to grab him, hoping he wouldn't get far.

Mr Carnaby knew it wasn't looking good, although he knew that one thing was all it took. Ryan was muttering "Come on John, like I trained you." John meanwhile had managed to get himself back up, trying his best not to put pressure on that leg. The less he did that the quicker it would heal.

Daisuke took a tiny glance back at her corner. She knew Sion wanted to get back in there and prove himself. As John got back up Daisuke would get behind John, and if he was facing a different side of the ring she would spin him around until his face was facing his partner and grab hold of his waste and go to execute an overhead belly to back suplex.

John was trying his best to shake off the cobwebs, his back stung somewhat from that fisherman suplex. Granted though Daisuke wasn't no Ryan when it came to pure powerhouse, that guy could have become the next James Bond. Speaking of which John was trying to get himself over to Ryan's corner, and hopefully get some breathing space. Only for Daisuke to grab him from behind, and promptly tossing him once again. John groaned out in pain once again, lying on the floor and clutching his chest. Ryan was shaking his head, but he knew that John could take it. After all Mr Knight trained and sparred against him on a regular basis. Mr Carnaby needed one chance to turn it around, but he wasn't doing good right now.

If it wasn't for the exchange that Lina and Sion had earlier Daisuke would have done a bit differently. Instead she would tag Sion back in and motions for him to go upstairs. Daisuke would picks up John once against, but this time hold him so part of him would be slightly elevated off the ground. Sion would then come of the top with rope with a guillotine leg drop.


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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite Empty Re: Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

Post by Maxy Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:48 pm

One thing was for sure, John sure wouldn't be making a paintain out of this match. As Sion came down on Mr Carnaby he closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to come. And sure enough it did, John was brought down hard with that leg drop. Groaning out while holding his neck in pain. Mr Knight meanwhile was getting worried here, John might end up losing. And with that Ryan began pounding the turnbuckle shouting "Get in this John, your paycheck is on the line here!" The master of creation groaned louder upon hearing that, John wasn't having it good right now. He needed to find a way to counter whatever Sion planned next, John balled his hands into fists and started gritting his teeth.

After Sion connected with the legdrop Daisuke would vacate the ring and he would then go for a cover on John, hooking one of the legs in the process.

The ref went for another pin count, as she reached two though John was able to kick out. The master of creation didn't want his big fat paycheck to go away, he was not only Mr Knight's right hand man. Ryan was also his art patron, and the man paid very well. In exchange for that Ryan had personally overseen John's training, and Mr Carnaby knew that was what kept him in this. A mixture of the two things, if John had gone through that when he was just starting out then that'd have most likely been it for the master of creation. John knew it was time to try and get back in this, come up with something. Dig down deep, and stay focused. It was either that or listen to Ryan rant for an hour, which wasn't very preferable at all.  So with that in mind as Sion let go of the pin attempt John would try to get back up as quick as he could, his brown hair shaking wildly as he moved back to a vertical base. Mr Knight watched with bated breath as he watched John carefully, waiting to see what he'd do. And he wouldn't have to wait long, for as John got up he'd attempt to grab Sion by the left shoulder with his left arm, and attempt to deliver a forearm blow to the side of Sion's head with his right arm.

Lina could not help overhear Ryan's financial threat to John. She felt like saying something about that but decided against it, but she was a bit amused by it. Sion had to check the referee on the count but didn't argue what the decision was. "It's alright, stay on 'em you're doing good." Daisuke tells him from the corner. Even though it was Ryan who did it earlier in the bout Sion thought it was time to return the favour and when he lifted John back to his feet he would size him up and give him a good knifeedge chop to his chest.

It was an exchange of blows it seemed, the sort of thing that John would compare to warriors. Blade upon shield or armor, only neither of the two actually had that. Idealism had clashed with realism, and Sion's chop had clashed against the chest of the master of creation. A loud slap noise was heard, with John's face wincing in clear pain. It was worse than that of Lucy's bitchslap, which thankfully the artist had only had recieved once during sparring.  But John endured it, relying on the training that Ryan had given him. Granted strikes weren't his forte, but he used it of course. Any proper wrestler worth their salt did, and one needed to be able to take the hit as well as dish it out. Though the gauntlet of pain that the artist had gone through certainly chipped away at his endurance, John was still in this. He wasn't going to let his boss down this early on in the tag tournament, this was John's chance to shine. To prove he was more than just a Knight's squire, and so with that John would attempt to keep the attack on Sion. Moving in to try and deliver another forearm shot to Sion's head, this time with the other arm.

Lita watched on as Sion chopped John, only to hit with a forearm in responce. Sion took the hit and looked like he was going to chop him again. She had a slight feeling they might be trading a few shots there, though while that remains to be seen she is interested in what will happen.

John was feeling something, and no it wasn't the stinging in his front and back. He was feeling the fire, his body running with adrenaline. The master of creation was taught by the paragon of Britain to use this when he felt it, it helped to try and block out pain. To keep going in the face of the enemy.

John would attempt to shoot out another forearm attack, followed by a small number of hard left and right palm strikes. To try and force Sion towards the ropes due to the bombardment of the artist's offense.  John would be uninterupted with his offense which made Sion stagger back a bit. Sion would go to give him a shot of his own but it was pretty much caught and he was sent towards the ropes. He was able to remember when he came off the last time his opposition ducked down, and this time he would prepare himself for the same thing with the intent of a leapfrog over him, that is if that was John's way of thinking, which he wasn't sure on that.

John was weighing in on Sion, which was something that the master of creation didn't normally do. He was more of a grappler and submission man, so to see him on the offense like this in such a way was rather rare. But the artist was doing good, as Sion was sent off to the ropes when he attempted to counterattack. With the man coming back off the ropes like that John wasn't going to try the same thing twice, he had learned not to do that in the ring unless it was something like a German suplex. The artist took a few steps back and got himself ready as Sion lept into the air, with John making to grab him in an attempt to slam him down onto the mat with a powerbomb.

Daisuke cringed slightly when she saw John give Sion a slight modified powerbomb when Sion came running at him. It didn't look too pleasent, nor did it feel good as Sion was now laying on the mat.

The ring shook with the impact of John's powerbomb, it made both Ryan and the ref girl jump up to avoid the shock of it. The move even surprised John himself, for as soon as Sion was brought down with authority the master of creation flopped down onto his back. The move had brought both wrestlers to a halt, John was now lying on the mat panting for breath. The impact had made the artist's adrenaline subside, and then came the stinging hangover. Ryan was pounding the turnbuckle to try and rally the artist, John could hear it. And he knew it was time to try and tag in Britain's paragon, with that he turned on his belly and began a slow crawl towards Ryan's corner.

Daisuke would call out to Sion and get a clap going to both get him motivated to make the tag and for the crowd to get into it. It took him a moment to get moving and she encouraged him to keep moving as Sion slowly moved towards the corner as well. Sion did reach out a couple of times as he moved, no where close to making a tag, but eventually he would get close enough where he could in fact make a tag to her. If Ryan wasn't tagged in officially and this time on him he would be able to make a tag and Daisuke would then leap into battle.

John was struggling to get a move on, but he knew this was vital. His body screamed with the stinging on both sides of it, the artist's chest now rather resembled raw hamburger waiting to be cooked. And he knew it. Whereas Mr Knight was fresh and eager to get in, John was crawling at the same rate as Sion.  But soon enough the artist managed to lift his body up and slap the waiting hand of Britain's paragon, Ryan practically rushed out from the ropes. He knew it was vital to now mount his attack, and Mr Knight was planning to do just that. Ryan noticed that Sion had tagged Daisuke in as well, two fresh fighters in the ring now. And Mr Knight would march forth and attempt to dash in for a belly to belly suplex, using his powerful upper body strength to throw Daisuke across the ring.

Daisuke knew Ryan would be coming in fast, just as fast as she was if not a little bit more. She looked like she was going to run at him with a clothesline, though the way he was coming at her she didn't like and she would move to the side to dodge his grab attempt. She would slam on the breaks as he would pass him, turn around and fire in a quick jab. As Sion was pulling himself up to get back into the corner, Lina was giving him an ear full, but of what he could not process.

"Dammit!" Ryan shouted as he caught nothing but air in his suplex attempt, his power moves only really worked if he could actually grab his opponent and proceed to slam them into paste. But Daisuke was a slippery foe indeed, it reminded Mr Knight of the times when he trained with his Sister. And she'd use her agility to nip past him and counter.  Which was what Daisuke was doing here, and boy the memories weren't good. Ryan winced out loud as the woman jabbed him good in the side, it did hurt to be sure. But this was close proxmity, but the paragon of Britain wasn't facing Daisuke. If he tried to turn around and then go for a punch Daisuke could end up countering it. So Ryan tried something else, while still having his side to Daisuke he'd try to move his body to face her. While at the same time going for a backhanded fist to the side of the head.

Daisuke would fire off a small series of jabs to go with the fire one, though she she would soon be on the receving end of a backhanded fist from him. Lina took exceptiong to that, arguing with the referee that closed fists are illegal, even though Daisuke used some of her on not even a moment ago. Lita didn't comment on what Lina was greiving upon, though she did think she had a point, and as well most refs haven't called that for years.

Ryan wasn't really paying attention to the ref or the people outside, he was too busy bringing the fight to Daisuke. The woman was persistent, although Mr Knight considered himself an even tempered man who it would take a lot to get under his skin.  Now with regards to the paragon of Britain now, he had just delivered a swift strike of his own towards Daisuke. And was hoping to capitalize on this chance, with that in mind Mr Knight hoped to grab hold of Daisuke and fling her to the ropes. With Britain's paragon bouncing off the ropes on the other side, hoping to charge towards her for a leaping cross body block.

Daisuke wanted to do more but she soon found herself going off the ropes again. Before she could have something come to mind of what to do she saw him flying towards him. She didn't have enough time to brace herself for impact and she was taken down by him. Lina shouts out to Daisuke to hang in there and that she has this.

Ryan plowed square into Daisuke, most people didn't expect a big British bloke like Mr Knight to do much in the way of jumping into the air. And for the most part they were right, following an indy match in China where he dislocated a shoulder following a botched suicide dive. Ryan had sworn off the stuff.  But that didn't mean he couldn't bust out the odd one here and there, it's just he believed the risk far outweighed the rewards. Better that he play to what he was good at, and let his Sister Lucy soar through the air. But after slamming into Daisuke John was now standing up on the apron shouting "Nice one boss!" with Mr Knight attempted to hook one of Daisuke's legs for a pin attempt after landing.

Daisuke was shaken up from the unexceptedness of John's dive-like move on her, but she was able to get a shoulder up for a two count. Sion watched on from the corner, happening slowly but he was recovering from John's recent offence before the tags were made.

Ryan was hoping that move could have secured a pin, after all you don't normally run right into a 6 foot tall and 200+ pound wall everyday. But it seemed that Daisuke was maintaining this presistance, and reminding Ryan more and more of his Sister Lucy.

Daisuke was still pretty fresh from the tag so it would have taken a bit more than that, but it was a close call and even she knew it as she attempted to get her footing back.

Ryan was keeping close to Daisuke, like gum on a cola can or ugly on an orc. Every chance he got could lead to victory to the paragon of Britain, Mr Knight was feeling it. His eyes narrowed to slits.  As Daisuke got up the paragon of Britain kept a focus on her, sizing her up as it were. And then once she got to a standing posistion Ryan would leap up, bringing both his legs up into the air and fire them out at Daisuke for a standing dropkick.

Even though dropkicks are one of the most simpler moves if done right they can be very effective. Both Sion and Daisuke knew this so it was no surprised that when it connected it took Daisuke down and back slightly. Lina wasn't liking where this was going and told Daisuke to get back up and in there, while Sion mumbled under his breath while glancing slightly at their manager before focusing back on the match.

Ryan had successfully managed to connect with his dropkick, again showing that just because he was a big guy didn't mean he was slow. But Lucy still beat him in the speed department, as whenever she trolled Mr Knight she was usually able to evade him.  John meanwhile had one hand on his head, one eye shut as he tried to get his bearings. He sure didn't like how he was feeling right now, but the master of creation knew that his boss was giving it is all in that ring. Speaking of which Ryan recovered as fast as he could, and made to try and drop an elbow onto Daisuke while she was reeling.

She attempted to get back up as quick as she could, but Ryan got to her just a split second before she could make much progess and was taken back down again. She was in kind of an awkward position when he dropped the elbow so it felt a little different than what it would have if she was just flat on the ground as she let out a groan.  As for Sion he seemed to be ok for the most part as he watched on. She was in trouble now but he knew that Daisuke would be alright.

The groan of Daisuke told Ryan that his attack had been more effective than he thought, which was always something good in the ring when it helped the Knight. John remained silent and watched to see what would happen in case Britain's paragon needed the aid of the master of creation.  Ryan would make to grab Daisuke, by the back of the neck and shoulder of her outfit to get her to stand up quicker. And Britain's paragon would try to continue the pressure, by adjusting the hold so that he began twisting Daisuke's right arm with the pair of them standing.

Even though Ryan was in control Daisuke wasn't done as she was pulled back up held. She gritted her teeth a bit and while she didn't say anything veribally her facial expression was almost saying "Is that the best you can do?" She slapped her shoulder of the arm that he was holding on to with her under one for support.

Ryan knew that Daisuke still had fight in her, the manner in which she was going about it was reminding him of Lucy. Sure the British girl acted like a bit of a brat, but under that was a passion for the sport just as much as Britain's paragon. Not to mention she had the words to match Lucy too.  "One cannot forget the basics my dear." Ryan said in a polite tone, that was true. Having the foundations always in mind was valuable knowledge, a simple move like this locked down one of the limbs in which an opponent could attack with. If Daisuke could make her way to the ropes though Mr Knight would be forced to relent the hold, he'd keep it as best he could till she did though and then release it quickly. He abided by the rules of the squared circle after all.

It was one of those moves where Daisuke could either do some fancy footwork and attempt to escape and count the hold, but something like that felt more like a thing that would be saved for earlier in a match, so she decided to move in the direction of where the closest set of ropes were.

As soon as Daisuke did so the ref ordered Knight to release the hold, and he did it with no hesistation. After all Ryan was a gentleman, both in ring and out. This had gotten him some critics who proclaimed he was a holier than thou git, but others said his polite personality really helped set him apart from others.  In truth Mr Knight cared little for the naysayers, for none of them knew him personally. Why bother getting wrapped up in the media's web? After letting go of Daisuke Ryan would await her in the centre of the ring, hopping from side to side a little to keep the blood pumping as he waited to see what she'd do next.

"It's alright Dai, you got 'em you got 'em." Sion told her from the corner. She would meet him in the middle again and go for a lock up, though she would go in with a lot of determination, making the intial lockup part to be a little rougher than normal.

Ryan was calmly waiting for Daisuke to approach him once again, and had gotten himself ready for the lockup with her. Mr Knight admired her guts for doing this, even more so considering he was quite a few inches taller than her and had the weight advantage.  The paragon of Britain winced as he noticed right off the bat that Daisuke was puttng her all into this hold, he was surpirsed as he did not expect this considering he had just worked on her arm before this. It called for a drastic measure, Mr Knight tried to tilt his body around. In an attempt to turn Daisuke towards a corner and shove her there, only in Ryan's actions he didn't realise the corner he was sending her to was that of her own and Sion.

Daisuke battled with Ryan to get the upperhand, even thouh there was some arm work on her before she was still determand. He was able to get the better of her on this exchange and she was heading to the corner with a bit more athority than your typical irish whip and she wasn't able to take the corner cleanly. She caught it a bit high and actually landed against Sion. Not hard enough to make him fall or anything like that but enough that there was contact and when it looked like Sion was bracing her impact so she wouldn't hit the upper rop part of the ring and fall over the referee ruled it a tag when he asked her if she was alright. Neither of them liked that questionable call and he was trying to tell the referee that he wasn't tagging her but after a few seconds drops his protest and simply enters. Lina tells him to just re-tag back out but he turned over for a quick second and told her that he's got this and prepares to go at it with Ryan. This doesn't set well with her as she tells him again, which he ignore until she yells at him to look at her when she's talking. Sion turns around and tells her to shut it, which causes her to jump up on the apron and the two begin to exchange words. Daisuke attempts to keep the peace between them, and at the table Lita shakes her head, commenting that she had feeling something like this was bound to happen eventually.

Ryan was about to move forth and try to weigh in on Daisuke and maybe Sion as well, it wasn't without risk though as he was heading into enemy territory. But Mr Knight stopped dead in his tracks as he witnessed the unfolding events, and was left standing there. A look on the face of the paragon of Britain revealed he wasn't too impressed by the fact that Sion had neglected the Knight to address the people he was with.  But this was a match, and Ryan intended to use this chance to fire out one of his signature moves. The moment Sion fully turned around to face the paragon of Britain he would pounce. Mr Knight would stand at the side of Sion, overhooking his near arm around his opponent and proceeding to bend over. Using his free arm to hook Sion's nearest leg over the back of his neck, then lifting him up by his standing leg and proceeding to stand up and fall backwards onto his back while at the same time Sion would be flipped overhead down hard onto his front.  "Acta est fabula!" Mr Knight would yell out. Latin for performance is over.

Daisuke would eventually get them to settle down to the point where Lina said "Fine, do whatever you want" as she hopped down. Sion wasn't to thrilled and wondered what was crawling up Lina's ass. If she wasn't bickering the way that she was then things would be going better for them. He did try to shake the thought off as he turned his attention back to Ryan. Daisuke gave a sigh of releif seeings things settling, for now. Though that sigh of relief soon turned to something somewhat explisive as she saw Sion being floored what felt like not even a second later after he turned away from Lina and turn attention back to Ryan.

John jumped in the air as Ryan performed his move, it was always exciting seeing the acta est fabula in action. It was such an unusual move, yet one that proved to be effective time and time again.  After slamming Sion down Ryan lay on his back, breathing in and out. Although Mr Knight knew that move most likely rendered Sion pinnable, and so Ryan rolled onto his belly. And began to crawl on his hands and knees, moving towards Sion. Whereupon the paragon of Britain would go for a pin attempt, with the ref starting at one!

If it wasn't for that his focus wasn't 100% on Ryan when the move came his way there might have been a chance of him getting a shoulder up in the nick of time, but since it was something he couldn't see coming it affected him more. Daisuke reconized this would re-enter the ring and went to dive at the pin with the intent of breaking it up to stop the count, and while she did make contact with Ryan back it wasn't in time as the referee reached the three count just a split second sooner.

John had eyeballed Daisuke and saw what she was thinking, and as soon as she left the ropes the artist was in the ring as well. But it mattered not for Ryan had just gotten the victory with the bell ringing.  Mr Carnaby stood there, perplexed. Ryan let out a grunt of pain as Daisuke attacked his back, but it was a moot point. As Blazblue's imperial code played in the arena. Ryan would move so that he was standing up, letting the ref raise his hand in victory. John then had his hand raised also. "Ah! Excellent bout! Do you need a hand up?" Mr Knight said as he went over to Sion and offered the good sport a helping hand up.

Daisuke didn't look happy as she looked down after finding out her timing didn't work out, though she remained where since was since Sion was. All Lita could say at the announce table was "Next time." before she took the head set off and left. Daisuke was back up herself before Ryan came up to Sion, and before he could say or do anything to Ryan's offer Lina barked at him that it was time for time to go. Before giving him a chance to react she would reach in and since his braided hair was long enough for her to reach she gave it a tug and while she did not say anything else he knew he was already in enough trouble and didn't want to add to it so he slid out of the ring on his own. Lita did not Lina 'suggesting' Sion leaving without saying a word to Ryan she saw them pass by and Lina didn't look to thrilled with what just went down, while part of Sion appeared to be 'not there.' Lita then looked back at the ring. Daisuke saw them leave to but then looked back at Ryan and gave a tiny shrug, unable to explain what just happened.

Ryan raised an eyebrow at the actions of his opponents, but then merely shrugged. It had been a good match and it had felt right to at least show sportsmanship. But at least he gave the offer of it.  Mr Knight turned to John, who was standing there with a curious look on his face. Ryan then slapped the master of creation on the shoulder and said "You have improved Mr Carnaby, very much so. Keep up the good work." John gave a smile and said "You bet boss, let's get out of here." with that the two British wrestlers left the ring and made their way backstage. It was going to be ice cold red wine and English shortbread tonight!

Finally she was able to say something. "I don't think he was blowling you off, he's not like it." trying to convince Ryan that Sion wasn't trying to be a jerk and ignore Ryan's gesture. "Lina's kind of...well, I don't know what she's thinking this time." Though she has no problems with wanting to shake Ryan's hand before leaving since she was still there. Lita waited on the outside to see what would happen.

Just as Ryan was about to gather his blade and outfit John tapped him on the shoulder, the master of creation motioned for Ryan to look at their opponents once again. And Mr Knight saw that Daisuke was wanting something. With that the paragon of Britain handed his stuff to John and said "Mr Carnaby prepare the limo, I will be with you shortly." to which the artist gave a nod and went up the ramp.  Ryan would then move to Daisuke and smile, it was rather surprising considering the prim and proper demeanor the British aristocrat usually had in the ring. But the match was over of course. "Don't have hard feelings, you and Sion did good." Ryan said offering a handshake, if Daisuke accepted it the crowd would cheer in approval. Mr Knight would then bow to her and then Sion and Lita before leaving to join John in the limo to drive it off the entrance ramp and out the arena.

Daisuke had no problem accepting since she was the one that offered. Lita nodded at the sight and waited for Daisuke to leave. As they left Lita would look up for a moment at where Lucy reportedly was sitting. She says nothing but she grins a tiny bit, having a feeling their paths may cross some day and is looking forward to getting the chance to face her, other either the other two that fought today. When they get behind the curtain Daisuke sits down and takes a moment to reflect on what just went down.

Winners:  John Carnaby and Ryan Knight.

Post match tbc

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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite Empty Re: Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

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When the girls went back to the group’s locker room they noticed Sion sitting and holding a towel against his nose that had a fair amount of blood on it. Daisuke asked him what happened, since from what she can remember he wasn’t bleeding after the match ended so it was concerning. “I tripped and fell into a door.” He tells her. Lita kept quiet but to her something was not adding up. It wasn’t first time she heard that exact line come from him, but she decided not to question his statement, at least not now.


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Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite Empty Re: Tension Tag Tourney Round 1: Daisuke Kamiya and Sion Vs. The United Kingdom Elite

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