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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

This is my Gym. (For Lunchador) Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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This is my Gym. (For Lunchador)

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This is my Gym. (For Lunchador) Empty This is my Gym. (For Lunchador)

Post by Teenwrestler Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:01 am

(Promo plus actual wrestling match, done over IM)

el_lunchador: She'd only been in Japan for a couple of weeks, but Vida Fenix felt like she should be more comfortable in her new country, by now. She'd come here to compete, given up her friends, trainers and surrogate family in Mexico for a chance to show the world how amazing she could be, on a global stage. Ever since she got here, however, Vida kept finding herself wishing that people would actually stop looking at her. Even here, training in the AFW gym, Vida felt incredibly uncomfortable as she worked out. Currently, Vida was working the heavy bag, delivering a rapid succession of punches, and she could feel so many sets of eyes upon her. Squaring her shoulders and hips, making sure her form pristine, Vida continued her work, and tried to remind herself how badly she wanted this.

bluedragon_sacred: By now, Daisuke had gotten use to the co-gym that the AFW had offered. He preferred his Private gym, which was centrally air-conditioned btw, than the AFW gym. It was always a bother to train with others in the gym but sometime's he had no other choice. Daisuke came out of the men's locker room, all showered up, applied expensive deodorant and ready to use the heavy bag to practice some punches and kicks. He was wearing a pair of black Addidas soccer shorts and a black sports vest. As he entered the main gym hall, he had an annoyed expression on his face. "*sniff*sniff* Urghh...the disgusting smell of the commoners sweat" he frowned. He moved forward to see the heavy bag a....petite girl, no older than 19? perhaps? His frown quickly turned into a smirk....

He walked towards the young girl, he was already annoyed at the fact that she was using the heavy bag, but even if she wasn't he wouldnt have hesisated to take a swipe at her. He stood behind her, and bumped his shoulder into her back " Oh sorry there shrimp, didnt see ya there" he chuckled, as he tried to push her out of the way of the heavy bag. " Go take a shower Kid, I could smell you from a mile. You stink of sweat- thats unlady like"

el_lunchador: Vida was completely focused on her work on the heavy bag. While she was still painfully aware of every eye that was on her in the gym, at the moment, she was unfortunately oblivious to the newcomer, to the gym. Delivering punch after punch to the bag, trying to keep her footwork loose and light as she did so, Vida was completely devoted to getting the best workout that she could. Vida's body was glowing, slightly, with a thin sheen of sweat beneath her yellow athletic top and black shorts. The young latina's eyes narrowed, as she delivered punch after punch to the bag, stopping only when she heard rude words cutting through her concentration, bringing her to a complete stop. "Wh-what?" she asked, self-consciousness evident in her voice.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke raised an eyebrow, unimpressed by the young luchador's stature and overall fitness. He sighed and shook his head and in a low voice talked to himself " Huuuhhhh, they'll let anyone join the AFW these days, heh, she's probably in for the jobber material" he said to himself before raising his head, turning his attention to Vida. "What do you mean what? Hit the showers barbie" he taunted, not knowing her name. He grabbed her arm and pushed her aside to bully her, then started to take her place in the punching bag.

el_lunchador: Upon hearing the newcomer's words, Vida couldn't help but let her eyes widen in shock. Who was this man, and who did he think he was? Back home, Vida had never experienced this kind of disrespect, and she didn't really know what to do, about it. Despite that, however, Vida was keenly aware of the eyes that were upon the two of the, now. And when this rude newcomer actually dared to lay hands on Vida, even pushing her away from her heavy bag, the girl knew it was upon her to defend herself. "Actually, chico," she said, trying to grab the disrespectful man's arm and spin him around, to face her, "I think I will 'hit the showers' when I am good and ready. And not a minute before."

bluedragon_sacred: After shoving the girls arm away, Daisuke was busy punching and doing some side kicks to the heavy bag. He thought for sure the girl would have been intimidated and left the scene. Oh, how wrong he was!. He felt his arm being firmly grabbed as he was spun around, to face the same girl who he had shoved just a few moments ago. "W-what the? Did you just touch me?" he said as he jerked his arm free, before giving her a hard shove. "Dont ever touch the wrestling prince, you common filthy,poor,mexican.....bitch" he hissed at her as tempers began to flare. He glared at the young girls eyes, she wanted a fight....., a few other girls and guys looked around the two with curiosity, they wondered what was up?.

el_lunchador: Staring up at this disrespectful, entitled young newcomer set Vida's blood boiling. What did he just call her? Filthy? Poor? Because she was Mexican? Who did this disgusting jerk think he was?!? Feeling her cheeks flush with rage, Vida forgot all about all of the people settling in around the gym, watching them, and only paid mind to the jerk standing in front of her. "I was using that," Vida said, a bit of a growl creeping into her voice. "And I don't remember being told that some 'prince' of wrestling had any right to take it from me."

bluedragon_sacred: Who is this girl? she should be getting out of the gym ASAP, but no, she stayed right infront of Daisuke and confronted him head on. Daisuke never expected this new girl to be so bold, either way they had engaged in a spat and whoever backs down infront of the whole gym, would seem like the lesser person. Daisuke smirked and shook his head. "Well, now your not using it AND now I am telling you that the prince of wrestling Daisuke, me, has that right. Now scram you little Chihuahua" he said, giving her another hard shove.

el_lunchador: Vida couldn't help but stumble backwards, struggling to keep on top of her feet, after this Daisuke pushed her. However, the young latina didn't break her gaze from his, her face fixed in anger at him as he tried to bully her out of the gym, in front of all of these people. Vida was seething, now, at all of this. Since she was a little girl, she'd been taught that lucha libre, that professional wrestling, was a world in which hard work, honor and discipline would determine how far one could go. That anyone could train hard, and rise to the top. That orphans and runaways could challenge would-be princes, and win. She wasn't about to let this pig spit in the face of all of that. "Do you think I'm going to leave, 'little prince?'" Vida asked ...

"Do you think calling me names is going to scare me off? I've faced challenges you can't imagine, 'little prince,' and I'm not about to be pushed around by some spoiled brat like you!"

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was getting a bit nervous, truth be told. He expected this girl to be high-tailing it out of here from the start but her persistant replies, and not backing off an inch seemed a bit too....suspicious. Could this girl really wrestle? could this 5 ft 3 inch 113 pound girl really take on a 5ft 9 inch 150 pound wrestling prince? There was only one way to find out. Daisuke moved closer to the fiery latina, standing right infront of her as he passed his hand through her hair, messing it up to insult her. "Challenge eh? that sounds about right, how about I challenge you to a wrestling match...right here, right now. As you should know, the wrestling prince doesnt wrestle for free- I doub you have any money so how about a bet? If I cant show your face in this gym for 1 month?"

He smirked as he looked Veda right in the eye, he had made down the big challenge. He knew if Veda rejected the match, or the stakes, her image would be tarnished infront of the others watching them.

el_lunchador: A lump caught in Vida's throat, at Daisuke's challenge. Staring up at him, standing chest to chest with this arrogant jerk, Vida couldn't help but feel more than a little small. His size advantage was obvious, and to top it off he toussled her hair like she was a child. That, however, only served to make the luchadora even angrier. "You're on!" Vida growled, without even thinking. She pressed forward, after that, closing any distance between the two, glaring up with a fiery hate at Daisuke. "And if I win, you get to come out here, and cheer me on in my matches! So that you can see what a real wrestler is able to accomplish!"

bluedragon_sacred: Any second he expected the luchador to deny his- wait what? She actually accepted it!?!. As the mexican girl accepted the challenge, there was a bit of a shocked reaction around the gym but Daisuke seemed calmed, until Vida pressed forward, bumping into him and closing the distance. Daisuke was forced to take a step backwards as he didnt expect that, he felt embarassed and pissed off as he had let his guard down. He immediately tried to press forward, their foreheads pressing and bumping into each other- chest to chest, belly to belly. "Fine, I agree to those terms. Pfft, like you'll ever win grrrrrr" he said, still pushing into Veda. "Fine then, meet me in that very ring *points to the gym room ring*. In 15 minutes, I'll give you time to shower and freshen up, I dont want to be wrestling up-close against a sweaty mexican teenager?- you'll get your filth on me" he said with a smirk, as he too had to change into his wrestling gear.

He never started his workout so he seems pretty freshened up. The crowd around the gym became excited, they were getting treated to a wresling match! they left their own training regime and sat around the ring.

el_lunchador: Vida's anger was constantly mounting, every word this impetuous jerk uttered putting her further and further into a rage. Still, the youthful latina held her ground as cooly as she could manage. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the shock in the eyes of the other men and women in the gym, seeing how shocked they were that she wasn't giving an inch, here. What did they know, that she didn't? Still, Vida couldn't back down. Daisuke's forehead pressed against hers, his body pressed hard, bearing down on her own slender figure, she tried her best to hold her ground. "Fine, then. I will go put on my ring gear, and you go fix your hair and powder your nose. And then, we'll meet in the ring, and I will show you how a professional wrestler settles things."

Vida turned on her heel, and nearly bolted towards the locker room. Part of her couldn't believe that she'd only been in the AFW for so long, and she'd already gotten herself into a match. A match with very real consequences, even. Her dignity on the line, Vida knew that she had no choice but to come back out of that locker room, and bring her A game. She had a chance to prove herself, and there was no room to back down, now.

bluedragon_sacred: So the challenge was set- none of the wrestler's would want to back out of it now. Daisuke was back in the men's locker room, not too concerned about his opponent but was still busy in his pre-match preparation. He put some hairgel on and prepped up his hair, making sure he looked good before stripping off from his gym clohes. He digged into his gym bag and slipped into his black CK wrestling boxers- made of latex and perfect fit around his waist. He then proceeded to put on his black leather wrestling boots,lacing them up and finally putting on elbow and knee pads as he finally got ready. He looked himself in the mirror and did some stretches. He jumped up on his heels as he warmed up, he put on some more deodorant before finally heading out to the main gym hall.

He had a grin on his face as he walked towards the gym room ring, loosening up his shoulders and cracking his neck to both sides. He jumped up on the ring apron and got inside the ring, through the middle rope. He immediately got to his corner of the ring, finishing off his stretches as he looked around the gym " Hah, guess the barbie doll isnt showing up, how surprising" he mocked, as he passed his fingers through the waistband of his latex boxers- SNAPPING them back into place.

el_lunchador: Steam poured out from behind the shower door, as Vida stepped back into the women's locker room. With purpose and focus, the young latina reached into her gym back, pulled out her ring gear, and began to prepare for her match. As she did so, Vida tried to control her breathing, to focus all of her energy on being prepared for the task that sat in front of her. Sliding snugly into her orange-and-gold wrestling singlet, putting on her boots, her knee and elbow pads, every moment focused on preparing herself to put this smug jerk down and proving to the AFW locker room that Vida Fenix was here to compete.

Rustling her hair with her fingertips, Vida stepped out from the locker room, and started making her way to the ring. Offering a confident smile to the audience, a verve in her every step, Vida made her way to the ring, Vida fixed a glare onto Daisuke before she grabbed the bottom rope and used it to pull herself into the ring. "Here I am, chico. You think you're ready for this?"

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke looked quite annoyed at the fact that Veda actually showed up. Even though she was small, her physique was that of a pro wrestlers. She was fairly toned and atheltic, her muscled were overly buff but were toned and fit from what the naked eye could see. Daisuke grit his teeth in anger as he quickly moved towards Veda and pointed at her before barking "You should stayed in that locker room, or better yet you should have gone home. Now, your going to get the worst beating of your life" He said before darting back to the middle of the ring, taking up a wrestlers crouch with his hands upinfront of him. Meanwhile, one of the gym members grabbed the ring bell and *DING*DING*DING, the match was on.

el_lunchador: Vida watched her opponent pace around the ring, his anger evident in every step he took, every gesture he made. It actually emboldened the luchadora, to see her opponent worked up into such a state. "I'm not heading back to that locker room until you've learned your lesson," Vida said, lowering her stance. Squatting down on her haunches, hands taking hold of her knees, Vida's entire body was tense, taut. She was more than eager to start this match, and show this impetuous young punk what was up.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was the one who was fuming now, he couldnt seem to get under her skin. Everything he tried to do failed to intimidate her, guess it was now upto wrestling to save his image. As soon as that bell rang Daisuke started to circle around his opponent, still in that wrestlers crouch position. He slowly started to close in the gap between them as he crept in closer, then finally lunged in at her with his arms out infront, looking to enter in a collar and elbow lock up with her. "Urgh- Your going down...bitch" he hised.

el_lunchador: The initial ring of the bell drew a bit of a shocked yelp from the base of Vida's throat. A yelp the youthful luchadora prayed no one noticed. With her opponent circling her, and a crowd of her fellow wrestlers gathered around them, Vida knew her every movement was going to be scrutinized heavily, from here on out. Vida took a low position, closely guarded, trying to protect herself for when the larger Daisuke would come bearing down on her. When he finally did make his move, Vida was ready. Or, at least, mostly ready. She locked up with Daisuke, feeling his arms lock over her, taking control even as she tried to push him aside. With him hissing in her ear, however, Vida struggled harder to put some distance between them. "You ..." she grunted, pushing against Daisuke's chest , with all the strength she could muster, "you watch your language, chico. I won't put up with that kind of disrespect!"

bluedragon_sacred: The two young wreslers circled each other for a few moments before Daisuke finally decided to break the ice by lunging in and entering into a collar and elbow lock up with the luchadora. His arms around her collar as their elbows grind against each other, chest against chest as they both pushed into each others body for superiority. Daisuke's boot planted hard onto the ring canvas as he tried to use his strength to push his opponent back into the corner, he was surprised though- that she decided to take up on the lock up given her size. Although to be fair to her, she did put some decent amount of resistance- it was hard for Daisuke to push her back easily, but he still tried to push her back in the corner if he could.

"Urghh gah! Stop calling me that, chico or common third class wrestler, Im the wrestling prince "Daisuke" he said , trying even harder now to push her back in the corner.

el_lunchador: Trying with every ounce of energy she could muster, Vida didn't want to give up an inch of ground to Daisuke. She planted her feet as best she could, tried to balance her body forward, hoping she could slow the burlier young man down, even as he pushed her towards the corner. Try as she might, however, Vida was helpless against him, the larger man pushing her straight against the turnbuckle. Vida's face contorted in anger and frustration, her face reddening with frustration as Daisuke was able to put her exactly where he wanted her, his taunts burrowing under her skin. "Well, Chico," she said putting extra emphasis on the insult, "let me show you what 'common' wrestling can do!" With that, already backed into the corner, Vida released her hold on Daisuke's arm and committed her arm to striking out at the young "wrestling prince's" jawline, hoping for a hard strike.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke could feel the young latina try as hard as she could, her muscles strainning against his as she tried to keep her ground and not back up but Daisuke was having none of that. He managed to eventually back his opponent into the corner, then drove his body into Vida to knock some of the wind out of his opponent. He then had a more angered expression as she deliberately emphasised on that word "Chico" again, "I told you, you mexican rat. Dont call me tha-Oooowwwwwfffff" his taunt was cut short by a quick strike to his jawline, spittle flew from his mouth as he took a few steps back, massaging his jaw. Enraged by this, he quickly tried to close in the distance once more, by bending his body at the waist and trying to ram his shoulder into her gut.

el_lunchador: As much as she didn't want to, Vida couldn't help but let a little whine of effort escape through her throat as Daisuke forced her into the corner. Every time this jerk called her a "Mexican rat," her blood boiled. How dare he? Did he even know what he was talking about, with this? No, Vida had worked far too hard, to be disrespected in the ring, this way. Vida took great satisfaction in her fist connecting with Daisuke's jaw, the way it did. "Did you learn your- aaaaooooww!" she stated to pick on Dai, again, but he recovered far more quickly than the latina was prepared for. Feeling his muscular shoulder drive into her slender tummy, driving the air from her lungs, Vida whimpered as she was doubled over. Helpless, for the moment, Vida was vulnerable to whatever Daisuke had planned for her, next.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke took much pride in his wrestling skills in the ring, even more he took even greater pride in getting his opponents to make mistakes, which the real reason he tends to get under the skin of his opponents. Get them angry and frustrated and they'll eventually judge to rash moves rather than thinking it through. This style does backfire though, in certain cases. He managed to land his shoulder into her gut, causing the young latina to double over infront of him. He smirked as he posed around for the crowd, " Time to end this" he smirked as he grabbed a fistfull of the young girls short hair and yanked it up, to straighten his opponent back up. He then proceeded to wrap his arms around her body as tightly as he could, before lifting her up off her feet as he began to squeeeeeeeez her slender yet athletic body in a tight bearhug.

Their bodies grinding against each other as Daisuke works up the bearhug, his knuckles pressed against her back as he continued to squeez and shake up the latina's body. "Now........Give.....UP" he hissed, gritting his teeth.

el_lunchador: Vida doubled over Daisuke helplessly, her body pressing hard into his back after he'd driven the air from her torso. Frustrated, helpless, the young Vida tried to focus on her breathing. If she could keep her wits about her, she could keep competitive in this match. Even worse, she could feel his arms clenching down on her slender waist, constricting her as she was helpless to do anything about it.

Vida could feel every toned muscle of his body compressing down on her softer figure, driving the air from her body. Daisuke's fingers in her hair, his arms constricting her slender figure, Vida squirmed helplessly for some sort of edge against her foe. With only the slightest hope of getting some leverage, Vida drove her elbow hard into Daisuke's spine, again and again, hoping that she could deliver enough pain to earn her freedom.

As Daisuke tightened his Grip around Vida's slender waistline, she struggled to figure out what she could do. Instinctively, she lifted her legs, her thighs rubbing hard against Daisuke's chest as she tried to alleviate the pressure he was bringing to bear with his subsmission attempt. The aspiring luchadora's elbow strikes, however, delivered repeatedly with dedicated effort, eventually earned the young woman her freedom. You, do not," Vida grunted, as she brought her elbow down full-force on Daisuke's spine, "Get to call me that! 'Little Prince!'" Feeling Daisuke's arms alleviate the pressure on Vida's waist, she took a girm grip on his hair. From there, the luchadora tried to swing for the fences, to try and deliver a European uppercut to Daisuke's face.

bluedragon_sacred: Perhaps he was into a real match tonight? perhaps this little mexican girl can.....can actually wrestle.Vida showed great courage and technique as she alleviated the pressue on the bearhug before finally powering out of the submission hold after a couple of repeated hard elbow shots to Daisuke's spine, causing him to let the Latina slip from his grip. His arms instinctively reached back, massaging his back, but it wasnt long until Vida followed up on the offence. Daisuke felt a sharp pain in his scalp as she grabbed his hair to keep his head inplace before delivering a sharp uppercut that caused him to stagger back and straighten up his body. He shook his head and blinked fast, staggering back towards the rope. Where he began to rubb his throat. Vida meant business- she was here to wrestle

el_lunchador: Vida kept her eyes firmly fixed on Daisuke, knowing full well that losing any focus on him would run the risk of losing any and all chance of winning her match. But, it seemed that Vida had Daisuke reeling, and there was no way the luchadora could let that kind of advantage go. Gripping the top rope tightly, in her hand, Vida ran up the ring ropes, and kicked off of it to wing her legs wide, attempting use the dimensions of the ring to deliver a stiff kick straight to Daisuke's skull. Vida felt like she had already been shown what her opponent was capable of, tonight. Now, it was her job to try and keep her foe from reaching those heights, yet again.

bluedragon_sacred: It was the first time Daisuke was wrestling a lucha libre style wrestler, he didnt quite expect what Vida would do next after gainning momenum. Which was obviously bad for the wrestling prince. His back was pressed agaisnt the ring ropes as he leaned against it, he saw Vida moving towards him and he braced for impact. He had planned to raise his knee or strike a forearm once she got close enough but she stepped to the side and flung up using the ropes as leverage and then.....*THAWK* delievered a swift kick to the side of his skull causing Daisuke to go down on his side and roll out of the ring. He fell on the gym room floor, on his back. Clutching his head while wondering who he has gotten in the ring with!

el_lunchador: Vida watched this burly, arrogant wrestler stumble around the ring, and began to grow more confident with herself. After her kick had sent Daisuke stumbling outside of the ring, she looked around at the spectators, realizing that she was actually managing to garner support from some of them. Still, the luchadora knew she couldn't let herself rest on her laurels for too terribly long. Without letting herself stay in one spot, the luchadora ran to the ring ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Bouncing off of the ropes, Vida came back towards Daisuke with impeccable momentum, lept over the top rope, and tried to bring her lean body crashing down on her opponent with a tightly controlled senton.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke couldnt quite believe what was going on. Here, he thought this would be an easy win and now he was finding it hard to get back up on his feet. He stumbled outside on the gym room floor, laying flat on his back with his arms and legs spreaded. He shook his head and tried to get rid of the cob-webs in his mind as he sat back up on his butt. He saw Vida make a dash to the opposite side of the ring ropes, bounced off them and came sprinting back to the ropes near his side. He knew what was coming next, some sort of aerial manuever. He quickly got back upto his feet, knowing what he had to do. Daisuke braced for impact and as Vida came flying off the top rope, he tried to catch her in mid air. If he managed to do so, Daisuke would attempt to slam his opponents back down hard onto the gym floor.

el_lunchador: With as much momentum as she could muster behind her, Vida came crashing down hard on her opponent. When Daisuke didn't collapse beneath her, however, the luchadora was caught helpless and off-guard. "Wh-what? What are you- No!" She shouted, as Daisuke hefted the luchadora upward, unable to muster a defense as he brought the young latina warrior crashing down hard against he gym floor. "Aaaagghhhnnn!" Vida shouted, as her shoulders crashed against the floor. Helpless, the aspiring luchadora could only try to gather her strength, hoping to be ready when her opponent tried to deliver more punishment, to her.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke slammed his opponent hard on the gym floor, after the impact he stood next to her, still down on his knees. He gritted his teeth, massaged his head and shook his head as well. Still feeling that sore pain in his skull, he wasnt going to let that slide. He got back up on his feet and stomped his boot down on Vida's shoulders and abs to soften her up. Before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back upto her feet, he once again wrapped his arms around her waist,hoisted her up in his grip....but instead of a bearhug, he began to charge towards the steel post of the ring, ramming Vidas back into the steel post while carrying her in his grip. " Urgh, Your wrestling the Prince now you little wannabe. Get ready to be taught a lesson" he said, as he backed up from the post and then went to ram her back against it once more.

el_lunchador: "Aaow!" Vida cried out, as she felt Daisuke's boot come crashing down on her slender body. As Vida scrambled to try and get back to her feet, to try and find some sort of reasonable footing, it seemd like others were more than eager to get a firm hold of her and keep her on her knees. Try as she might, Vida couldn't help but let out a loud schriek of pain, as her slender body was thrust hard against the ringpost, drawing a cry of pain from the young luchadora's lips. Still, this young upstart was mocking her, trying to intimidate Vida with false platitudes. "The lesson is," Vida said through gritted teeth, trying to muster the strength to compete, tonight.

She brought her fingers across Dai's face in a firm backhand, hoping that she could deliver a blow that would deliver her to some degree of freedom. "That anyone can wrestle. Even some entitles little prick bendejo like you!" When Dai thrust forward again, however, he drove Vida's spine hard into the ringpost. Leaving the girl without breath, without any method of counterattack, the luchadora was completely vulnerable to whatever her foe had planned for her.

bluedragon_sacred: The match was getting more intense now and the small crowd could sense it, Daisuke was happy to use power moves even against a smaller opponen....and of the opposite gender as well. He stomped down on his opponent, before grabbing her in his arms and slamming her against the steel post. She did offer some resistance, like any good wrestler would, by bringing her hand across his face. Her fingers mashed agains his mouth and nose as she tried to deliver a blow "Gah- get your dirty,disgusing, mexican fingers off my royal face" he shook his head, temped to bite her fingers but didnt. After he rammed his opponents back into the steel post for the second time, he felt that he actually did some real damage there, as his opponent stopped resisting and felt out of breath in his grip.

He smirked once more " Heh time to end this...." he said as he shoved her body inside the ring, and followed in as well. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the middle of the ring. He began to move towards her and grabbed her legs as he hauled them upwards, he trapped his leg inbetween hers and dropped down on his back, locking in a figure 4 leg lock. " WILL submit" he hissed.

el_lunchador: Vida couldn't believe how quickly this match had turned against her. Sure, her opponent was a larger, more muscular man, but she was supposed to prove herself against any and all challengers, wasn't she? Otherwise, why did she even come to AFW? Only able to offer up the most meager, whimpering resistance as Daisuke locked her into the figure-four, Vida flailed her arms helplessly as he locked in the hold, unable to prevent him from trapping her in the submission hold. His taunts cut her to the core, their threat evident as Vida lay back, helpless to stop the pain that he was racking her entire lower body with, now.

Still, Vida held strong, clenching her fists. She yowled and moaned in pain, but refused to tap the mat. Refused to submit. She was here to prove herself, no matter what.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke had his opponent right where he wanted her, in the middle of the ring, squirming on her back, pounding he mat and moaning out in pain. The tide has turned in this match again for sure, with Daisuke firmly in control as he locked that figure 4 leglock in the middle. The rope's seemed OH so far away for Vida from where she was. Daisuke grited his teeth and really jerked his legs in, tightening the hold even more. Applying pressure to Vida's legs and lower body. Trickles of sweat dropped down from his body onto the ring canvas as he smirked, "Hey hey LOOK AT ME....Just give up- no point injuring your legs in an un-official match. Just submit- face it, you've been out-wrestled. Contiuning on will be a fools decision" he smirked, applying more pressure to the submission hold.

el_lunchador: Shocked and ashamed, Vida found herself failing to suppress a sob. Here she was, right in front of the assembled locker room, trapped in a situation where she'd have to tap out, like any other jobber. The luchadora looked desperately towards the ring ropes, hoping to find salvation, but realized almost immediately that there was no hope of reaching them. That knowledge drew another sob from deep within the young luchadora's throat, as she tried to deal with the sheer agony that was overwhelming her every sense. Hand extended, Vida's palm hovered over the mat for what seemed like an eternity, as she weighed her option.

Choking back her fear, however, Vida tried to remind herself what was at stake. This was what she'd been quietly training for, for most of her admittedly short life. There was no way she could let herself just give up, now, when she had a chance to make a name for herself in the sport she loved. Remembering her training, Vida began to try to roll over, on her shoulders. If she could turn herself completely, her opponent would be forced to follow her, and then the pressure of the leglock would be reversed. Vida gave everything she had, to the attempt, and prayed that it would earn her salvation.

bluedragon_sacred: The Luchadora was in trouble, and the crowd had realized that. Some of them thought this was over and a few turned their backs and were about to return to their daily trainning regime. Daisuke saw his opponent's hands raise up to her sides, that look on her face....that painful and desperate look on Vida's face was signalling that the luchadora was about to submit. Well, looks like another jobber taught her....wait- It seems the mexican girl wonder stopper her urge to submit and began to think with her head, she began to turn herself over completely, trying to roll over her shoulders to reverse the leglock. "Just TAP you little brat- im sending you back to Mexico after thi-Wait, w-what are you doi-Urghhh stop N-NO!" his taunts soon turned into alarm bells as he was forced to roll over onto his belly, with the hold succesfully reverse.

The table's had turned now as it was Daisuke who was feeling the pressure, "Gaaahhhhh- My legs, Urghhhh Fucccckkkkkk NOO" he moaned out loudly, shaking his head. He used his forearms to crawl forward on his belly, trying to reach the nearest bottom rope

el_lunchador: "Yeeeaaahhh!" Vida cried out, as the managed to roll over onto her forearms, successfully reversing the figure-four. A smile beamed off of the young luchadora's face, as she arched her back to try and apply even further pressure to the submission hold. Hearing Daisuke's taunting completely change tone was even more gratifying than the shift in momentum, however. Vida looked out to the gym, watched the wrestlers who seemed ready a moment ago to write her off begin to turn around, to take notice of the young newcomer. Sweat dripped from her hair down to the mat below, she was already beginning to feel exhausted, but the sense of accomplishment she was feeling made up for all of that in an instant.

Vida could feel Daisuke pulling the both of them, however, trying to crawl towards the rope. Vida struggled against this, sinking her weight into the mat, but she knew there was only so much she could do, to slow the muscular man down. So, trying to slow him down, she focused on settling her weight, and indulging in some taunting. "What is this?" she asked, over her shoulder. "Is the Prince of Wrestling crawling? That doesn't seem very royal, does it?"

bluedragon_sacred: A few gym members in the crowd started to hoot and cheer for the young Latina, they took out their camera's and started to take photo's and record video's to upload on social media, on how a hot new talent was emerging on the AFW, standing up against the prince of wresling Daisuke. Daisuke's body was getting warm and exhausted from the tussle, he was pissed at himself as he wasn't able to finish this little girl off, on paper this match should have been over 20 minutes ago but here we are still wrestling and the latina in control. He squirmed on his belly, using his forearm to edge close to the ropes before making one final lunge and grabbing the bottom rope. Oh, that taunt really hurt his ego as Vida started to talk smack back to him, he probably deserves it!.

Grabbing the bottom rope with both hands, he moaned out and wiggled his legs. "Gaaah Lemme go you Mexican cheat, ropebreak" he groaned out loud, "Typical cheating and lying mexican wrestlers" he spat out of the ring.

el_lunchador: Watching the flare of the camera phones, and hearing the buzz passing around amongst those watching, was enough to wash away the last of the humiliation that Vida had been dwelling on. This, she told herself, this is why I do this. Daisuke's protests, however, the moment he reached the ropes, snapped the latina grappler back to reality. "Oh, of course," she said, smirking as she released the hold. "I must be sure to take it easy on his royalty, yes? You racist bastardo." Vida rolled onto her bum, sitting upright and facing Daisuke, completely focused on his body, waiting to try and discern his next move. The newcomer wanted to catch her breath, for a moment, but she knew she couldn't let herself get too comfortable

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was down on his belly, grabbing the ropes with both hands. His eyes shut tight as he shook his head to try and get back his focus, try and ge back into the driving seat in this match. He didn't know his opponent was sitting up on her butt right behind him, if he did he would have probably send a wild kick back. He really was starting to hate her sarcastic remarks, " should. You should know your place you peasan, you should be praying to the lord that you have the chance to even get inside the ring against royalty like me" he grunted as he pulled on the ropes, getting back up on his feet. Then turning around to face his opponent once more.

el_lunchador: Vida couldn't believe the gall of this young man, trying to belittle her, trying to talk to her about the lord. "I should be thanking God, chico" Vida said, as she used the ring ropes to pull herself upright while Daisuke was still trying to collect himself. "For giving me a chance to teach a prideful sinner like you a lesson, like when the people of Babylon paid the price for their arrogance by losing that ladder match ..." Rambling, now, Vida's main focus was on squaring her feet, waiting for Daisuke to be in position, before she would launch herself upwards, thrust her toned legs forward and try to deliver a powerful dropkick square to the center of the young man's muscular chest.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was just trying to piss off his opponent with whatever came to his mind, he had no idea that Vida was rather religious and her faith in the Lord was strong, he seemed to have ticked her off with that remark but the young latina came back strong with action rather than words. He ignored her little speech about Babylon and what not- he wasn't the religious type so to him all that talk was nonsense. He pulled himself up, slightly before Vida got back up. He turned around only to be *THAWKED* on his chest, Vida gracefully leaped up high and delivered a perfect drop kick to his pecs, causing him to stagger back. Luckily, his fall was broken by the corner turnbuckle as he slumped into the turnbuckle, his back resting against the turnbuckle and arms drapped over the ring ropes to the side his chest reddened as that dropkick left a mark!

el_lunchador: Vida felt massively gratified by the impact of her boots against Daisuke's pecs, and the responding pop from those watching only helped to reinforce that. Her body was still aching from the punishment he'd put her through, but this shift in momentum was more than enough to make it worthwhile. After landing the kick, Vida scrambled back to her feet, and saw the mouthy young man laid out against the corner turnbuckle. As quickly as she could, Vida tried to pounce on that opening. Running into Dai's corner, the luchadora thrust her leg upwards, hoping to deliver a powerful kick with her muscular thigh, straight at Daisuke's face. As she went for that strike, Vida settled there, in the corner of the ring, taking a firm hold of her oppoenent's hair as she did so.

"Where is all of your taunting now?" she asked, letting her fingers get firmly coiled into Daisuke's hair. "Nothing more to say, 'wrestling prince?'"

bluedragon_sacred: Where is all this coming from? a moment ago the latina was down and out, ready to submit and go back home. Now, she's all over the place and taking it to Daisuke- driving him to the limit....perhaps even more his limit.His back settled in the corner, his chest heaved up and down as he took in deep heavy breathes to recover and catch his breath from the action. Vida, wouldnt let that happen, she was back on him like a bad itch. She grabbed a fistfull of Daisukes, now, wet hair and held him in place. Daisuke's hands went up towards Vida's wrists trying to get her hand out of his hair, until suddenly *THAWK* another hard kick to his head sent him stumbling forward. He looked dazed and dizzy, leaning in towards Vida as he huffed and puffed, unable to reply to Vida's quesiton he instead said

"*huff*cough*huff* Fuc....king bitch, you dont know who you are messing with. I'll destroy you!" he said, pushing on her shoulders to try to shove her away.

el_lunchador: As Daisuke pushed forward, Vida obviously had no leverage or strength to resist him. Really, she was simply content to have gotten in as many strikes as she could, to show both Daisuke and everyone assembled at ringside that the newcomer wasn't simply messing around. She listened to Daisuke's taunts with a smirk. While Vida's legs and spin were still stinging from the punishment Dai had put them through, earlier, Vida was beginnign to feel more than a little smug about her chances, in this match. Falling away from Daisuke as he pushed her, Vida settled firmly on her heels, raising her arms in challenge towards the rude young man. "You'll do what, now, 'Wrestling Prince?' Because it looks like all you're ready to do is pass out!"

bluedragon_sacred: This match truly turned into a competitive bout, both wrestler's have some pride in it and no one wants to lose when there are stakes involved and people are there to witness it. Daisuke's chest and head were throbbing in pain, her kicks were really something! She really has done her trainning well in the art of technical leg strikes. What got Daisuke fuming was that arrogant pose and that taunt from the young girl, was she waaayyy in over her head? has the confidence gotten into over-confidence?. "THIS" he hissed at her, as he suddenly lunged in and raises his leg up to her face. Looking to deliver a big boot to her face

el_lunchador: With every passing moment, Vida was getting more and more excited abotu this match. The pain, the agony that this ruthless young man had subjected her to was pushed aside, as she tried to keep pushing her advantage. When she saw Daisuke getting his footing yet again, Vida rushed forward, ready to try and squash him yet again. What she wasn't prepared for, however, was the big boot, waiting for her to run straight into it. "Aaaow!" Vida cried out, as Daisuke's kick forced her staight down to the mat, leaving the young latina rolling around on the mat, trying to nurse her aching skull.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke managed to down all that momentum that Vida had gained, she should have probably kept on going and not given him a chance. She was still young, a new comer and was still in the learning phase and this was probably a lesson that she had to learn. She gave her opponent a slight window of oppourtunity and he grasped it. He lunged forward and drove his boot right up into her pretty face, causing her to go back down hard on the ring canvas. Daisuke wasnt going to let up, he quickly moved towards his opponents injured leg and got down onto his knees beside her legs.

He grabbed a hold of her right leg and began to place it around the back of his neck. "Time to end this...." he said as he got back up to his feet, pressing down on her foot wit his arm so that her calf muscle grinds against his neck while her body hangs upside down, torturing her leg against his body in this cruel submission hold.

el_lunchador: Vida was thoroughly punch-drunk, after Daisuke's boot drove her hard against the mat. She tried to massage the pain out of her delicate features, completely forgetting about her opponent, their audience, and everything else as she simply tried her best to get her bearings. The latina was so caught up in this, that she completely lost track of what her opponent was actually doing, until he got a good grip on her leg and stretched it over his neck.

"Wh-what? No," Vida pleaded, as Daisuke took control. "No, please, don't!" Her pleading didn't seem to do her any good, however, as Daisuke twisted her into the sadistic hold, leaving the helpless young latina screaming in his grip, as sharp pains ran up her body, from her tortured leg stright on through her spine.

bluedragon_sacred: It was all Daisuke from here on now, after planting his boot into her face and sending her down on the mat. The wrestling prince showed no mercy to the young girl as he hoisted her leg over his neck and tortured her already injured leg. He had locked one of his signature moves on her "The princly torture" as he cruely bending her leg behind his neck, he even jumped up high and landed back down on his feet causing more pressure on her calf muscles. "Thats right...BEG! SUBMIT! QUIT. Im going to break what you prize the most in wrestling, your fucking legs. So, if you want to have a career in the AFW, you better submit and avoid an injury" he grinned evily as he worked that leg up against his neck, her body hanging upside down, all the blood must be rushing through her brain right about now.

el_lunchador: Vida was completely helpless, in Daisuke's grip. His every word needled into her ears, as Vida scrambled to try and find some relief, from the tortuous hold. "Aghn," she shouted, "No! I'll never submit to someone like you!" Vida's boast was a bit toothless, however, because deep down she knew that Daisuke had a point. As much as tonight meant to her, she was gambling her entire career, now, against tonight.

Running her fingers through her hair, Vida tried to rally herself, tried to shift her weight backwards. If she could flip her torso over, it would mean that she could take the weight off her torso and survive this hold. But, as tired and desperate as she was, Vida knew her attempts to reverse that hold were mosre than a little desperate, no matter how badly she needed it.

bluedragon_sacred: Deep down Daisuke was sort of impressed by her heart,endurance and stamina. He thought she would have been giving up from his first submission move but the fact that he was using on of his signature move's meant something about her. The young girl was good, and in the future she might really turn into a tough competitior but for now Daisuke was having fun torturing her opponents legs. He would foil her attempts at fliping her torso, by bringing his knee up into her spine as she was hanging upside down right infront of him, he continued to jerk her legs around his neck. Jumping up and down, up and down as he really poured in the pressure in this submission hold.

el_lunchador: For just a moment, Vida felt like there was a strong possibility that she could turn this thing around, somehow. She could still feel the crowd's eyes on her, still judging her. In an instant, however, Daisuke lifted Vida's entire body and began swinging the poor girl around like some kind of toy. "Aaaagh," Vida moaned, in protest. "Stop iiiit!" Vida could feel Daisuke's knee crawl into her spine, then, leaving her even more helpless, punishing the girl's battered body even further. Gasping for air, trying desperately to keep her wits and her strength about her, Vida was fighting hard to stay in this match. But as Daisuke jumped up and down, bouncing the poor girl like a rag doll, Vida could only scream in pain.

Tears pouring from the girl's eyes, arms flailing helplessly, Vida tried to keep conscious, as her opponent brutalized her, but she knew that she was at the end. "Augh, augh," the amateur groaned, as she tried to wave the ref girl over, to her.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was still busy torturing the poor Latina's legs, jumping up and down, kneeing her back, circling around the ring for all the crowd to see her beaten,sweaty, exhausted body hanging over from Daisukes shoulders, as he continued to work her right leg over. He didnt care that she moaned out, cried,sobbed or shouted in pain. He just kept focused to injure her leg if he had to, the ref girl quickly rushed over to the Mexican girl. " Vida....w-what do you say?" she wanted to advise her to give up, but she had to stay neutral and asked her, what her choice would be.

el_lunchador: Her entire body racked with pain, Vida could barely contain herself as the ref girl finally approached her. Sweat running down every inch of her soft brown skin, her every lithe muscle strained to the breaking point in Daisuke's brutalizing hold, Vida was at the point that she couldn't hold it together, anymore. Daisuke kept bouncing her vulnerable figure in that hold, and try as she might to survive it, he clearly wasn't going to let up, and Vida could feel her leg threatening to give up, at any moment. "I surrender!" she shouted, to the referee. "Please, please, I surrender! Tell him to let me go! Please!"

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke heard the young girl surrender, but he wasn't letting her off that easy. He kept the submission hold on even after Vida gave her submission. Really pushing her calf muscles down against his upperback/neck as he gave her a taste of what real pro wrestling pain tastes like. The ref girl yelled at Daisuke to let her go, tugging on his shoulders and trying to unhook that leg from around his neck. Eventually Daisuke let his opponent go, watching her drop down on the ring canvas. He grabbed her hair and grabbed her one piece's fabric from around the waist, pulling on it to get her back upto her feet, before throwing her out of the ring from over the top rope.

Dusting his hands off, " Well, looks like we wont be seeing her face in this gym for about a month hahaha, what a waste of my time."Thats why peasants should stick to wrestling peasants and not wrestling royalties". He said , while shrugging his shoulders. He saw the referee and a few other girls tending towards Vida. He just gave a arrogant "HMPH" before moving towards the ring ropes, " Im outta here, my workout is done" he said grabbing his towel and hanging it around his shoulders as he proceeded to the mens locker room to shower and change. His body was warm, sweating and bruised in red patches in some areas of his light brown skin, but in the end he did what was neccessary....and won the match!

el_lunchador: Vida was hardly aware of what was happening, until finally Daisuke dropped her back to the mat. The referee was on top of her immediately, along with a handful of other concerned young women, trying to make certain that Vida was still healthy enough to make her way out of the ring. However, the gimped young woman refused to leave the ring. Instead of retreating to ringside, however, Vida didn't want to let this go. She'd lost, she'd been humbled, but Vida would be damned it she was going to let it leave at that. "Wait," she said, still trying to gather her strength. "Just- just wait. Do you really feel good, about this?"

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was half way across the ring ropes, he was about to leave the ring when he was stopped by his opponents voice. "Hmm?" he wondered with his eyebrows raised, as he took a step back and re-entered the ring. " Wait? We're done you Mexican reject, I beat you....I embarassed you. Yeah, I do feel good about this, now get out of MY gym" he smirked, as he made his way near to where Vida was.

el_lunchador: Vida was completely beaten. She'd given up in the ring, had nothing to brag about, and now Daisuke was threatening to leave her lying back in the ring like she was nothing. When he did turn to face her, she wanted to say something, but struggled to find the word. "I- I will come back from this," she said, trying to sound intimidating. But the lack of commitment in her voice was evident, from the first word. "I'm far from done here, in AFW, and, and, you're not going to get away with this ... And I might leave the gym, tonight, but I will be back, and I will show entitled little gringoes like you, what it means to have a competitors spirit!" Vida was starting to get into it, now, as she rose from the mat, to her knees.

The poor girl still looked rather pathetic, beaten and humbled as she was, but she was starting to get so invested in what she had to say, that it didn't matter. "You expect to have everything handed to you, but not have to compete for it! And that's not what wrestling means, chico! Beating a girl half your size doesn't make you look like more of a man, especially when that girl makes you look like a little punk until you can finally do it!" Vida squared her shoulders, her posture suddenly far more confident, almost daring Daisuke to make a rebuttal.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke couldnt believe what he was hearing! Even after her loss, this girl came back strong. With a heavy heart she began to talk back to him, about her future plans, she wanted to continue wrestling, she wanted to wrestle in the AFW, she wanted another shot at the wrestling prince! Why? what drives this little girl to wrestle so badly even after being embarrassed in the ring like that. She had talent, no doubt. She had heart, no doubt but could she keep going on. Daisuke initially had a grin on his face, but as her speech grew more and more daring, that grin faded and turned into a frustrated frown. back up, got into Daisuke's face and squarred her shoulders as she.....would not stay down. Suddenly Dai grabbed the back of her head and puller her in, his lips against her left ear as he whispered " Listen carefully you Mexican rat, come and join the AFW for all I care. You'll just end up being destroyed until you lose so many time's you have to cry all the way back to Mexico. Oh, as for getting away with this...I already have. You can call me up for a rematch, anytime,anywhere. I'll still beat your ass" he said, suddenly bringing his knee up into her belly, then wrapping his arm around her neck and tried to impale her head down onto the ring canvas by attempting a DDT.

el_lunchador: Trying to struggle against Daisuke's firm grappling, Vida was taken completely off-guard when he got a hold of her, and began trying to intimidate the young woman. As he taunted her, as he bullied the younger woman into submission, she had no idea what to do. His threats were so forceful ... was this all the young luchadora had to look forward to? Had she already completely sold out her future gambling against this self-proclaimed prince? Despite giving what she'd thought was a good showing for herself, perhaps she hadn't actually accomplished anything. Perhaps Daisuke was rigth, and she needed to leave this industry. Leave the sport and business behind, to make room for those like him, who had the tools to be real stars

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh Pathetic" he spat down near her direction, before turning his gaze to the people who were around ringside. "What? get her out of here....Im done playing with this bitch, she's in way over her head and got what she wanted" He said as he grabbed his towel once again, flung it over his shoulder and began to exit the ring, once more heading towards the showers.

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