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  1. Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:40 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled as she pulled more on the arms of Alice as well as pushing with her leg griping tight with her foot on her neck as there sexs kept rubbing until the young girl had cum hard
  2. Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:22 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled knowing this she let the girl go rolling then over  and pulling Alice bottoms off she had also locked there sexs together rubbing them together but also grab Alice arms pulling on them as lex's foot was on Alice throat still chokeing her"relax love and enjoy it"
  3. Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:54 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled letting the girl breath a bit by loseing the choke keeping more drowsy as her feet work Alice sex lex smiled feeling that Alice was getting excited by her feet "so you like my feet? hehe" she kept going testing Alice endurance to the sexual hold
  4. Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:34 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled as her other foot also sliped in rubbing softly softly on alice sex also she let the girl arms go but place her arms around Alices neck in a sleeper hold chokeing her light as they rock side to side slowy "shhh sleep my love just let go and enjoy the feeling" said lex as her feet worked  on the new girl
  5. Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:14 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled at the girl as she used her toes to move her other foot guard then placeing her foot inside Alice bottoms slowy moveing it in "well love I'm haveing some fun with you also we need to train you to endure more pain girl will just keep going if they know you cry" lex pull on Alice arms working them lighty
  6. Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:50 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled slowy letting her back rest keeping the full Nelson hold on her the layed on her back rolling her over and rubbing her feet on Alice gut slowy moveing them up to her top and grabing it with her toes

    "hehe definitely be thankful I'm not shego hehe"

    lex pulled Alice top off with her feet and grind kissesing Alice neck holding her in place as her feet work on Alice getting lower to her swimsuit bottoms playing with them
  7. Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:02 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled seeing the girl trying to roll over which gave lex an idea she rolled the girl over grabing the girl into a full Nelson still sat on her back then lex planted her feet at both sides of Alice useing the Nelson hold to pull Alice top part of her body up placeing her in a full Nelson camlecrunch which work on the back and sholder joints and forced Alice to push her chest out

    "hehe look then puppy's I'm going to enjoy playing with them hehe"

    lex leand in a bit kissing alices neck softy befor licking her toung up Alice neck and softy biteing her ear as she slowy pull on Alice back bending it bit by bit
  8. Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:45 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex grined know Alice had enjoyed it then as she saw the girl had set in with a soild left hook lex retuned the hit to Alice low side of her gut

    "are you sure? you seem comfortable been so close to my croch with my legs around you chokeing you"

    tormented more as they was exchanged jabs at each other then lex right leg swing upwards her top side of her foot connecting to Alice's face takeing the girl off her feet in one go putting her to the mats lex jump on the opportunity to mount the girl jabbing her lightly as the girl was pinned under her
  9. Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:30 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex laughed out loud as Alice said about getting back into the original position and takes a step back getting ready for the young girl that seemed to be much more confident now

    "oh my did you enjoy been trapped in my hold so close to my body? Ha-ha"

    lex tease pulling off a sexy pose just for Alice once again then gets back into her fighting stand "ready when you are my lovey"
  10. Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:15 am
    Message by Haru45g - Re: Round one
    Lex smiled as Alice told her it was her dream job she pulled the girl close to her wraping her arms around her and one her legs around Alice hip pulling her into the deep kiss with her eyes closed makeing sure Alice was very formally trapped in lex grip as she continued to kiss for a moment longer then lets her go out the kids and hold

    "not a bad kisser love ha-ha oh here as well like I was saying your a striker right? So put thes on"

    Lex gave Alice a spear set of MMA Glove and foot guards "you can keep them but does mean you have to be bearfoot to use the foot guards hun now we can do a full mix style match"

    (So lex was pulling different kinds of sexy poses showing different parts of her body to Alice to try work out wich part Alice liked most about her and that she could use agenst Alice in the match)
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