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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for debut thread.

Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello All.

I am looking for a debut for my girl Trinity (

This doesn't have to be a match, it could be a gym battle, interview or anything else. I just want something to help get Trinity off the ground. If you wanna plot feel free to reply to this message or fire me a PM.

Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading my message,

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The contortionist seeks payback.. or does she?

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The contortionist seeks payback.. or does she?

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:35 pm

Asura had the entire shower room for herself and decided to make use of it, turning on all the showers to let the warm steam fill the area and off course, give a complete extend of the warm water all over her body. She closed her eyes, bringing her hands up to start washing her hair.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya had been following Asura the whole way. She smiled a little when the room got steamy, making it easier to conceal her form. She licked her lips slowly, starting to strip herself nude before going into the stall next to Asura's before quietly vaulting over the wall of the stall and landed on her feet without a sound, standing behind Asura. She would then slowly step up, and try her best to sound like Asteria while gently taking ahold of her shoulders.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asteria was busy washing her hair, though when she felt somebody's hands on her shoulders she immidiatly opened her eyes and narrowed them. She didn't know who it was but she immidiatly tried to move forward as fast as she could ,trying to escape from whoever was grabbing her shoulders.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya frowned as she didn't even have time to disguise her voice as Asura darted away from her. "What, afraid of getting a little friendly?"

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura quickly turned, facing Nadya and growled lowly. " You.. How did you find me. " Asura wasn't really sure what was going on but she had to be careful now.

Patrick OConnor: "hehe, call it women's intuition." She smiled, standing fully nude, and looked rather busty for her small size. She slowly started to take steps towards Asura.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was also completely naked, taking a few steps back when Nadya stepped closer and after a few steps her back hit the wall, making her look backwards before back at Nadya, she needed a way to get past the girl and escape.

Patrick OConnor: "Hehe, what's the matter? Only wanna fight when someone's back is turned? Ok then." She said pirouetting on one foot before exposing her back to Asura. "Go ahead, try it."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura narrowed her eyes, noticing Nadya turning her back towards her. It was clear to her that it was a simply trap for her to come closer though that was the only option she had at the moment, without waiting long she suddenly dashed towards Nadya and tried to fit a sleeperhold on her.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya felt her running at her and would kick her leg high up so that it... went behind her and tried to kick Asura right in the head!

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was really close and looked at the sudden movement of Nadya's foot, soon the unexpected came for even her and was kicked right in the face, making her immidiatly stumble backwards, almost falling onto her back but managed to stand, though quickly brought her hands to her face and covering it. " Ngh! "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya grins and turns to face Asura again before slowly stepping towards her to pin her shoulders against the stall. "I should be mad at you... but I'm not. All you've really done is garnered my attention." She whispered before smooching her neck.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura quickly removed her hands from her face when she was pinned against the wall by her shoulders, staring down at Nadya and tried to push her away by her own shoulders, a quivering sigh coming out of her when her neck was caressed. " Mmhh.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya willingly stepped back, finding it fun to play with her prey. She raised her arms high up over her head, making her breasts dance a little for Asura.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura watched her quietly, then getting an idea when Nadya was showing off her breasts, rushing in towards her again, if she managed to get very close she'll try to wrap her arms around Nadya's head and pull it in her cleavage.

Patrick OConnor: "Ah? Ooomf!" She gasps as she's pulled into Asura's cleavage, surprised by the bold move.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura smirked, thinking she had distracted Nadya with the hold. She quickly tried to switch her hands down to Nadya's lower back, trying to fit a tight bearhug on her.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled when Asura let go of her, and slowly started to slide her own body down Asura's, inadvertedly avoiding the bearhug and stood back up again. "Seems there's more to you than meets the eye. You think you can beat me in a game of lust?"

SintSuke The Yamato: " You honestly think I'd be easy? Give me a break. " Asura smirked, watching her quietly while she started to take a few steps back. " Game of lust..? Explain."

Patrick OConnor: "Simple honey... whoever gives in to temptation first loses."

SintSuke The Yamato: " .. Fine with me. " Asura wasn't really trusting the girl but to beat the girl twice in a row might be enough to make her withdraw.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya licks her lips slowly, knowing this would be fun and motioned Asura towards her. "Come get me then, hottie."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura watched her before she'd immidaitly move in, trying to get in close once more and tried to push her against the wall and put her in a reverse sleeper hold.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya allowed her to get close, then blinked as she's put a reverse sleeper hold. "Uhh??"

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura pressed her forearm against Nadya's throat, smirking as she whispered. " You honestly think I'd play by the rules..? I'll just force you unconsious and escape. "

Patrick OConnor: "Hughh..." She gasped, suddenly trying to free herself, struggling to pull her arm off her throat. She seemed almost defenseless... kind of sad, honestly.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura narrowed her eyes, waiting till Nadya was mostly weakened to lean in and kiss her square on the lips, immidiatly releasing her reverse sleeper hold and instead tried to fit a bearhug on her.

Patrick OConnor: "Nnhh... Mm?" She blinked as she was kissed, then started to moan as she was put in the bearhug. "Unnghh... now... now that's more like it.." She smiled.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura started a rhytmatic squeezing on Nadya's lower back, smirking up at her. " Just give in.. You can't win. " Asura actually didn't think of escaping at the moment, squeezing harder.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya didn't seem to be in pain from the bearhug. Instead, she seemed to be rather turned on by it. "Ooohhnn... harder..." She whispered.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura blinked a few times but soon shaked her head, smirking as she then tried to lift her completely up and execute a suplex.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya let out a gasp as she's lifted over, and tried to plant her hands down on the floor to keep her face from smashing into the tile flooring.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura had released Nadya completely, rolling forwarda nd away from her and got back up to stare at her. - " Hnn. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya stayed on her hands before slowly leaning her feet down, and righted herself back up, standing on her feet and looking at Asura with a small grin.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura narrowed her eyes, growling at her before running in towards, extending her arm and trying to clothesline the girl back down upon the ground.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled at her, ducking underneath the clothesline, and tried to grope her from behind, leaning down to lick her neck. "Come on, honey... I know you got some moves... I want to see them.."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura widened her eyes, releasng a surprising gasp as she felt the tongue over her neck, making her blush very faintly while her legs were trembling, struggling fiercely to try and get away.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya giggled, holding her tight, continuing to squeeze her breasts and suck on her neck. "Come on honey... play nice with me.." She cooed.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura released a much longer gasp, her hands coming down to Nadya's to try and pry them from her large breasts, closing one eye tightly as she still tried to shake the girl loose.
Patrick OConnor: "I'll let go if you promise to play my game." She purred, suckling harder on her neck afterwards.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura released a soft yelp, her hands still trying to pull Nadya's away while her legs were starting to tremble, trying to force herself loose by wild struggling.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya refused to let go, giggling playfully. "Nope, not letting go. Give it up."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura finally nodded and let her arms fall to her sides. " F..Fine. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya squealed in delight before letting go and stepping back slowly.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura released a gentle sigh, then turning to look at her and crossed her arms against her chest. " ... "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles a little. "Well come on then, I'm waiting."

SintSuke The Yamato: " For what.. I don't know how to exactly attack you now. " Asura merely stared at her, not even believing she was accepting this.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya chuckles a little. "Just go with what you going before, but just a little more gentle. I was actually enjoying some of those moves.. until the suplex."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura stared at her before slowly started to approach her, wandering how she would attack the girl before finally deciding what to do, quickly trying to tackle Nadya on the ground.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya braced herself, grunting softly as she's tackled to the back, waiting to see what she had in mind.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura quickly went into action, pinning the girl's wrists above her head while her legs hooked underneath Nadya's to spread them wide, wanting to trap her in a grapevine.

Patrick OConnor: "Ahhnn... mmmmn... good so far..." She purred as she's locked into the grapevine.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura brought both of Nadya's wrists together, trapping them in one hand while the other was free to do whatever it wanted. She rolled her eyes some, deciding to finish it quickly and moved her arm down inbetween them, stroking between the girl's legs.

Patrick OConnor: "Mnnn... right towards it honey? Hehehe... I guess I was wrong about you." She said, suddenly trying to force her arms out from under her one arm to grab her head and try to smother her with her large breasts.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was too busy trying to pleasure Nadya to put up a rouger pin on the girl's wrists, blinking when the arms were freed and released a muffled gasp when she was smothered by her breasts, immidiatly struggling to pull her head out.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya giggled as she started to struggle, and tried to free her own legs to get her in a bodyscissors, and if that worked, she would try to lean down with her free hand to smack her rear good and hard over and over.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was kicked with her legs once they were unhooked, feeling her body trapped in the scissors, making her release muffled groans into Nadya's cleavage, clearly having underestimated the younger girl while her rear was smacked over and over.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya giggled girlishly as she subdued Asura, and then tried to roll her over and tried to pin her arms down instead. "Hehe.. I'll show you how it's done, honey." She said, trying to grapevine Asura while pinning her arms above her head.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura whimpered as her entire face felt warm while being trapped in Nadya's breasts, suddenly being rolled over and her arms pinned down though did not want to fall prey to Nadya, trying to kick with her feet and struggle her body from side to side to try and escape.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya moaned softly as she started to struggle, just to give her something to pleasure her ears, and would slowly lean down to her neck and slide her tongue along her neck. "Mmmm... you like attention to your neck, don't you?" She cooed as she felt the warm water hitting her on her back.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura widened her eyes and let out small whimpers when the tongue was once again caressing her neck, try to free her hands from the solid grip of Nadya. " Nnmmm! "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya giggled playfully. "Hehehe.. it's really cute when you whimper like that.. it's a rather nice turn on for me..." She admitted. "Hmmm... what else do you enjoy, hmm? Tell me" She whispered lustfully.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was panting softly against Nadya's cheek, a blush was on her cheek that was only darkening when she heard Nadya talk, though she was not going to let Nadya do stuff like she did to her sister ,struggling once more. " Nnnngh.. None of your business. '

Patrick OConnor: Nadya grinned down at her.. "Hehe.. then I suppose I'll just have to experiment." She decided, sliding down to her breasts, sucking on her left one gently.

SintSuke The Yamato: N..Ngh.. I can't.. L..let you..! " Asura started to struggle wildly, hissing out when her left breast was being sucked upon, her legs trying to kick the ground while she tried to twist her body to one side.

Patrick OConnor: "Mmh!" She grunts when she starts struggling. She tries to stay on, but she ended up falling off her to her side and quickly slid away from her with a grown.

SintSuke The Yamato: - Quickly rolled with Nadya, wrapping her arms around the girl's body and hugged her tightly against her. She leaned down to lick Nadya's cheek before dragging her tongue up to the girl's ear, whispering in it. " Since no one else is here.. Tell me what you like love.. I'll be sure to.. exploit it. "

Patrick OConnor: "Mmnhh!" She gasped as she's hugged close, letting out a soft moan as Asura licked her cheek all the way up to her ear. She bit her bottom lip a little, feeling her start to use her seductive tones as well. She shut her eyes slowly, but then shook her head. "Hmnn... you.. you won't tell me yours... why should I tell you mine?

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura gently bit the girl's earlobe, Hissing into it. " Mmm, I'll only tell you mine after I've thoroughly examined your hotspots.. " She purred into the girl's ear, wrapping her legs around the girl's rear and squeezed softly.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya gasped as her earlobe was bitten, arching her back and feeling herself starting to give into temptation. "Ahhnn.. no... no you won't...." She replied back in a whisper as Asura slowly worked her deeper under her spell. It had been a while since she had been taken like this. It felt... incredible.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura smirked, she could hear her actions bearing fruit, gently stroking her tongue over the girl's ear once more while she whispered once more. " Then how can I prove it huh...? You don't want my luscious tongue or my expert hands all over your body..? "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya whimpered softly, biting her bottom lip. "Uhhnn... mmnn... e.. expert? G...gimme a sample.." She requested from her.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura moved one hand down from the hug, gently stroking her fingers down along her back before resting it on her rear, giving it a gentle squeeze. She let her head move sideways and gently kisses her on the lips. - " where first.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya pants softly as her rear is squeezed, letting out a soft moan as she's kissed. "My thighs..." She suggested.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura moved both hands down towards Nadya's thighs, gently stroking them before moving her hands inbetween her legs, gently stroking her inner thighs. " Strong Thighs... Now why are you here.. Tried to make me submit to you? "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya let out a shuddering gasp as she felt her hands on her thighs, caressing them gently, nodding a little at the compliment. "N... not quite, honey... I just... wanted to know why.. y-you had ill will towards me.."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura smirked, gently dragging her fingers against the girl's thighs before lightly poking them, muttering out. " That.. Was for humiliating my sister.. And now I pretty much beated you here.. you can't win from me. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya chuckles at her. "Hmm.. I don't really care whether I win or lose, so long as I'm enjoying myself.. I'll get you another time though." She grinned, leaning up to smooch her lips before laying back down.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura nodded, blinking when she was kissed before gently squeezing the girl's thighs. " It all depends if you can find me. And I think I'll be planning to stay home for a while.. Tough luck. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles up at her, cooing as her thighs were squeezed again. "You know.. I honestly believe you and I could become friends..."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura gently worked her hands back up to hold Nadya's sides, staring down at her. " And what makes you say that? "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles a little. "You know... you're one of the very few that has been able to seduce me like that? I began to think it wasn't possible for a while, but here you proved me wrong."

SintSuke The Yamato: " In fatal situation you should use any tactic you have left, seducing would be one of them, Sweetie. " Asura smiled back at her, bringing one hand up to pat the top of her head. " But glad to see it worked. "

Patrick OConnor: "Hehehehee... fatal? Hahahaha! Honey... honey I wouldn't dream I've trying to kill anyone." She laughed.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Mmm, Fatal can mean all kind of things. " Asura slowly rolled off her to sit next to her, stretching her arms and releasing a gentle yawn. " One would be those holds of yours.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya nods a little. "Hehe... what can I say? It's fun to watch girls squirm around in my holds." She said to her.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Hmmm, it won't happen a second time hun, count on that.. Although.. " Asura smirked down at her. " You are the first girl to even touch me. "

Patrick OConnor: "Oh?" She sat up, smiling at her. "How was it for you?" She asked.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Hmm.. I've been dominating girls and practically beating them senseless, this was very new for me, but slightly enjoyable.. To be completely trapped and helpless.. Really not used to that.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya giggled a little. "I got plenty of holds to render you that way... would you like to see another? Come on, it's just you and me here. And I'll do it slow, in case you want to learn it yourself."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura sighed, staring at her. " I know alot of holds myself, don't need to learn more. And how can I be garanteed then once you got me in one, you'd let me go, huh? From what I hear I'm quite a prize. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles at her. "I may be playful, but I'm not a liar. You have my word that I'll let go once I finish the move."

SintSuke The Yamato: " ... Fine.. Knock yourself out. " Asura eased up, staring quietly at Nadya.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles and nods before taking ahold of her shoulders, and guided her onto her stomach. From there, she would trap her in a full nelson and reverse grapevine before rolling over onto her back and holding her up. "And from here, you can trap the arms in a different way to free up one arm.. like this.." She said, letting go of the full nelson to wrap one arm around both wrists, and then dragged her hand gently up her navel. "Then you can play with your opponent however you want.. it also..." She leans to give her a tender kiss to her neck, holding it for a few seconds before slowly parting her lips from the tender flesh. "Leaves their neck vulnerable."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura let herself be guided to the position Nadya was forcing her onto, soon releasing a sharp gasp as she was forced to look at the ceiling, her entire body shuddering when she felt the hand upon her navel, starting to make her blush. She couldn't move at all and when she felt the kiss upon her neck, she finally released a gentle moan, she started to figure out that Nadya knew her neck was one of her weakest spot. " Mmm.. N..Not bad.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya then smiled, letting go of her afterwards, moving out from under her. "Oh, and for the record, honey? You may be a nice prize, but the girls that I'm TRULY interested in? I prefer getting to know them outside of the arena. To me, it's just fun and games. Yes, there are some rather sexy women here, but at most, I'll be tag partners with them. You on the other hand... truly interest me.."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura slowly started to sit up after a while, watching her carefully while panting softly, nodding at her and muttered. " What would that mean, hmm? "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled softly. "I mean, if given the chance, I'd like to take you out sometime."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura started to blink, staring at her for a second before managing to say. " Take me out..? Uhm.. Wow.. Never been asked before. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled and stood up slowly. "You don't have to accept. It would be nice to see where this could lead though." She said, starting to unlock the stall.

SintSuke The Yamato: " hmm.. Fine. You are the first that amuses me, Might be.. Fun to keep track on someone interesting for a chance. " Asura slowly starting to stand up aswell.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya beamed at her. "Do you enjoy opera?"

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura started to nod, closing her eyes halfly. " Anything with a quiet yet historical thing I'd calmly enjoy. "

Patrick OConnor: "I hear they've got a show playing in a couple of days. That sound good?"

SintSuke The Yamato: " Hmmm.. Sure.. I'll see if I can find my most formal clothes. " She started to stretch once more, staring down at her. " By the way.. You certainly have a impressive pair for someone who seems younger then me.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles at her. "I've lead a rather interesting life." She replied before grabbing a towel to dry off.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Hmmm, well your holds aren't basic.. At all. " Asura watched her quiet before grabbing a towl of her own and drying herself off. " Had I stayed between those two longer I'd certainly pass out.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya chuckled softly. "Now what would be the fun in that?" She teased.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Hmm, well none for me but you'd have me. " Asura smirked, continueing to dry herself.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya chuckles softly. "It's no fun when you don't hear the sounds of the victim moaning and whimpering underneath you.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Mmm, that's something you'll never heard from me. " Asura smirked, throwing the towl over the stall again.

Patrick OConnor: "Are you so sure? I've already heard you moaning. Hehehe, all I have to do is.." She said, suddenly darting behind her to lick the side of her neck before hopping back

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura blinked when Nadya was suddenly behind her and shivvered when she felt the tongue over her neck again. " Nnn... "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled when she got the result she wanted. "And I get my moan."

SintSuke The Yamato: "' Tch.. We'll see when you try, won't we? " Asura then headed for the exit of the stall to get dressed again.

Patrick OConnor: "Is that a challenge I hear?" She cooed, following behind her.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Mmm, Maybe. " Asura leaned down to pick up her clothing and sort them out to dress.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiled and moved to her locker to start dress back in her tights and leotard.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura took it slow to dress herself, closing her eyes completely when she felt the warmth of her clothing around her body.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya was finished quicker, and stepped over to Asura with a smile

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura was still puting her jacket back up, staring at Nadya when she saw her infront of her. " Hmm? "

Patrick OConnor: "Nothing."

SintSuke The Yamato: " I see.. Well. I suppose I should go now. " Asura crossed her arms back against her chest.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya nods slowly. "See you in a couple of days?"

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura nods back at her. " I'm sure you know where to find me if you can find me here, heh.. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya grins a little. "How about a phone number?"

SintSuke The Yamato: " If you give me a pen I'll write down my adress if you want. " Asura watching her grin.

Patrick OConnor: "Sure" She smiles, walking to her locker, digging into her bag and pulling out a pen.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura looked around for something to write on, blinking a few times. " And perhaps something to write on. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya sighs a little. "Picky picky." She teased, digging out a little notepad she carried with her.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura shrugs, taking a seat on the bench and waited for Nadya to come over.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya walked over towards her and sat next to her, handing her the notepad.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura takes it, finding a page to write on and brought her hand up to accept the pen. " Need that pen, heh. "

Patrick OConnor: The pen somehow magically found its way between Nadya's cleavage as she handed Asura the notepad. "Well, strange thing... seem to have lost it." She grinned.

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura looked at her and released a smirk. " You think I'd be scared?

Patrick OConnor: "Not at all, honey.... By the way.. I don't believe I know your name."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura brought her hand out and gently wiggled it inbetween the girl's breasts, searching for the pen. " .. Asura. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles at her name. "Asura? That's a pretty name." She smiled. "I'm Nadya. Nadya Vintila."

SintSuke The Yamato: " Quite an unusual name. " Asura finally finds the pen, taking it out very slowly and then bringing it to the note to write her adress down.

Patrick OConnor: "As is yours." She replied. "Unusual isn't always bad though."

SintSuke The Yamato: Asura then hands back the note and the pen, smirking. " I know. "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smiles and flips her note pad closed and taking back her pen. "Thanks a lot, Asura. I'll pick you up in a couple of days.

SintSuke The Yamato: " Heh, drop by any time till then. " Asura then stood up, checking to see if she missed anything.


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