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Posting delays

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:14 pm by Harrier

Dear posting partners and people who are waiting for an reply from me by PM,

I am terribly sorry that you have to wait for my replies for so long.

Maybe the one or another from you knows the situation, you were flying high for some weeks posting wise and then you hit rock bottom again because of some RL BS and then you barely manage to churn out enough creative output for a meager 100 words post in a week and you ask yourself how you could have seriously overextend your supply lines so much. …

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Steven vs Daisuke

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Steven vs Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:07 pm

Tw is in his locker-room, nervously pacing around his locker room as the match time gets near. Letting out a huge sigh he finally begins to get read, he gets in the shower to take a quick shower before slipping into his wrestling gear, he puts on his UK wrestling boxers and then puts on his black wrestling boots lacing them up. He begins to do some last minute warm ups and stretches as he gets mentally and physically ready for the match. He hears his music cue as he quickly sprints his way from backstage towards the arena as he was late in his preparations!! He makes his way down on the ring ramp and quickly sprints towards the ring and as he gets close he baseball slid underneath the bottom ring ropes. He gets back up on his feet and bounces off the ring ropes while stretching
off his arms and neck, before moving towards his corner of the ring. "Mmmmm I have to win this time! I gotta" he talks to himself as he takes deep heavy breathes getting ready to face his 1st rival

As her opponent was heading out there, Daisuke was waiting for her turn to head out there. She wasn't sure about how come they're going at it again so soon, but she figured at least it's keeping her active, as well as indoors this time. Hope that with at least that last thing considered things would go a bit better this time around even though she came out on top last time. She was ready when it came time to go out there and when she got in the ring she looked over towards him 'At least we're inside this time' she said to herself, noticing his choice of hasn't changed.

"Mhm" Tw nods as he sees his opponent make her way inside the ring, they both look over towards each other with intensity perhaps with respect or determination to out-wrestle the other "Yeah were indoors, that’️s something different! Im going to win this time as well, that’️s something different as well" Tw smirks as he adjusts his boxers and begins to the middle of the ring, calling his rival out to the middle of the ring as well

Daisuke jokes with the referee for a brief moment if the arena's indoor temperature was ok and tugs at the side of what her opponent was wondering and jokes that he'll freeze if it gets any lower, but then gets serious
bluedragon_sacred: "Veerrryyyy funny -.-" Im ready this time" Tw snaps back her, as he jumps up in place "Hope you don’️t mind breaking a sweat though" He says as he brings his hands up in front *DING*DING*DING* the bell rings and tw takes up a wrestlers crouch stance with his hands up in front, starting to circle his opponent with his eyes locked at her position.

As he went to circle her she backed up and put her hands up "woah hold up a minute, no need to run around in circles is there?" which she then moves in closer and goes for a quick lock up
bluedragon_sacred: Tw smirks as that comment as Dai backs up with her hands up in the air "Yeah your right, lets get down to business" he says as both wrestlers lunged in and locked up collar and elbow "Ngh-Arghhh win...URGHHH" Tw moaned out as he planted his boot hard onto the ring canvas as he tried to push Dai back into the corner.

She had the same idea he did wanting to corner move him as well but she after a few seconds she instead dropped down and went to pull him over with a hiptoss

After a few moments of exchanging pushes and shoves, Tw was hauled over Dai as she went down on her back and flipped him over her in a hiptoss. Tw went down hard on his back on the ring canvas "Owwwwww" but immediately sat down on his butt, his hand reaching back to his back .

Daisuke keeps an eye on him after flipping him over as she got back up, not wanting to do anything big right out of the gate but wanted to let him know that she's just as eager to win this one as he is. She waits for him to get back up but remains ready in case he does something fast.

Steven goes down on his back as he was flipped over Dai, he quickly shifted up to sit on his back before scurrying back up on his feet and turning around to face Dai with a rather frustrated expression on his face, he brings his hands up in front again " Round 2? how about no fancy tricks?" Tw grinned as he lunged in to go for another lock u.

" Ngh-" Tw and dai lock up again, they lock up collar and elbow in the middle of the ring as they push and shove each other looking to gain control. Tw tries to be clever this time as he tries to break the hold and quickly shift behind Dai, where he would try to wrap his arms around her waist and look to pull her up off her feet and then slam her down face first on the mat for a takedown.

Dai was about to do something of her own and wasn't expecting him to let go when he did and almost leaned over towards him but didn't and felt him going behind her. Dai was able to bring herself back down after getting of the ground a couple of inches but if he went for it again he would have succeed on his second attempt.

Steven felt Dai resist for the first time but on his second attempt he managed to force Dai face first onto the ring canvas as he took his opponent down on her belly, he let go of his grip around her waist and then tried to smash his forearm against the small of her back, then back off her to let her recover just as she did so in the beginning of the match in the 1st lock up result

After feeling nothing for a couple seconds she sweep kicks one of her legs to see if he's close or something but after feeling nothing she does spot where he is and goes to get back up.

"come on girl! whatchya got huh?" He says jumping up on the balls of his toes letting her get back up on her feet. As soon as he sees her trying to get back, tw moves in looking to grab hold of her left arm and trying to lock in a wrist lock

Daisuke tried to minimize the control he had on her, while moving with him in the direction he had the wrist ock in, if she felt him trying to mix it up she's try t kick em in the shin

Tw tried to keep the pressure on as he tried to twist and turn Dai's wrists, he felt Dai shifting her movements in the direction he had the wristlock on forcing Tw to back up but still having the wrist lock locked in, " Urghh shit" tw hisses as the kick to his shin caught him off guard and loosened his grip

Dai kept going with the low kicks feeling his grip easing up. When she can feel her arm break free she winds up and delivers a hard kick to the rib area

TW felt the stinging kicks against his shin as he continued to back up, his submission hold loosening up. " Owwwwww" he moans out as her kick hits him hard against the ribs, causing him to double over and wrap his arms around his body, protecting that rib area
* Me:? Daisuke felt the vibration after the contact and gave him one more, not as hard as the last one as she just let that one go, but she used it as a set up for a vertical suplex.

Steven felt another kick to his ribs as he continued to stagger back while doubling over, he moaned out in pain as he was soon hauled up by Dai for a vertical supelex " WHooaaa nononononononono put me down" he yells as he wiggles and shakes his legs before being slammed down on his back hard onto the ring canvas, he clutches his back as he rolls onto his side, wincing in pain.

She grabs hold of him, lifting him up and brings him back down with an atomic drop. Dai then quickly goes off the ropes and goes to take him down with a jumping clothesline-like takedown
bluedragon_sacred: Tw felt Dai creep up behind him as he got hauled up and brought down in an atomic drop, her thigh hits against his tail bone as he hops around rubbing his tailbone, he forgot how energetic dai could be as she quickly followed up by a jumping clothesline, taking him down onto the ring canvas on his back

She is about to go off the ropes again, but stops, changing her mind and grabs hold off of him, pulling him back up from behind. But not for long though, going for a german suplex, holding on to him after contact going for a pin while keeping one of her shoulders up enough so she doesn't get pinned herself.

" Urghhh Arghhh mmm lemme go" TW moans out as he feels his shoulders being grabbed as he was forced up on his feet, with Dai behind him he feels his waist being grabbed as he was hauled up and backwards slammed down in a german suplex and a pin following up " 1.....2......" " URGH NO" I forcefully kick out and bring my shoulders up....again being dominated like in the first match with dais barrages of supelexes

She hoped it would be enough but him kicking out didn't throw her off for long and picks him back up and whips him to the corner, but coming in close behind wanting to crash into him.

Dai continued on the offence, as soon as Tw kicked out of the pin he was forced up and whipped towards the corner, his back hits against the corner turnbuckle as he sees Dai rushing towards him, he grips both side of the ropes on the side of the turnbuckle and tries to raise both boots up as Dai attempts to crash into him

Dai managed to get some good height when she went to launch herself into him, though it did make a slight difference as she connected with him alright, but it was with his foot into her stomach

He his head as he moved out of the corner, his boot connected against her belly as he went to follow up with a forearm smash to her upper back, if he managed to hit her with that strike he would wrap his arm around her neck and attempt to go down on his butt, trying to plant her head onto the ring canvas, going for a ddt.
After implaining her with a ddt, Tw got back up on his feet and started to stomp down on the small of his opponents back, he begin to slowly move towards Dai's lower back and began to straddle on her lower back, trying to catch her legs under his arms and trying to pull back.

Dai tries to fight out of it but is eventually put into the walls. Having been on both sides of that hold before she knows it's generally not a good idea to be in it for very long and she tries to reach and pull towards the ropes to try to get out of it.

Tw tries to hold his ground, trying to really pull his weight down on her body so that she can’️t squirm her way towards the ropes, his feet planted against the ring canvas as Dai tries to pull towards the ropes " TAP! TAP" Steven screams as he pulls her legs further backwards

She yells out that she doesn't want to give things up here even though her opponent is trying to keep her from getting to the ropes. After a little but longer she looks like she might give it up, but instead if tapping out she reaches back towards one of Tw’️s feet and tries to pull on it
" I’️m going to break your back Dai....just submittttt" Steven hisses out pulling her legs further back, arching her body like in a C position. He feels his legs being pulled and tugs as he tries to brace for it, not easing up on the hold for now

She pulls back on his leg some more trying to get him to break the hold forcefully, though it was affecting her the longer it went on.

Steven felt his leg being tugged and pulled, his grip on the ring canvas was slipping and he felt he had to let go before he lost his footing and stumbled over. He let go and got back up on his feet, spinning around he tried to stomp her lower back once more
Before she could react to the move finally being broken she groans after getting hit in the back

Steven is now determined to make Dai submit after her stubborn resistance to the walls, he began to grab her hair as he yanked her hair up. Forcing her up to her feat, arguing with the ref for a brief moment for that hair pull, he began to wrap his arm around her body as he looks to lock in a bear hug, lifting her up just above the ring canvas

Daisuke didn't like her hair being pulled and wanted to go for the eyes to get out of it but she stopped as she got close to them, but she knew she couldn't just stand there and let him have his way with her. She tried to grab hold of his head and water board his face against her boobs out desperation

Tw managed to lock in the bear hug tight, his biceps bulge as he squeezes and shakes her body up! " TAP.....SUBMIT" Tw hisses out while gritting his teeth as he tries to pour on the pressure before his head was grabbed and forced into his opponents Boobs!!" Offfmmmmm mmmmm" Tw let her go as he staggered back complaining to the ref " REF! what the hell? She can’️t do it! That’️s sexual distraction, what the fuck? "

While being a bit surprised that actually worked, Dai powered out to get some distance between them and the referee tells him that there technically is no rule about that, as far as they know anyway.

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Re: Steven vs Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:32 pm

Steven argues with the ref for a few moments about that breast smother he was put into by Dai when she was trying to escape his bear hug. After calming down he turned around to face his opponent, who had by that time exited the ring. Tw moved towards the ring rope near where Dai is and called her back into the ring, placing on leg on the middle rope and extending the top rope with his hand "Come on lady <img src=" title="Wink" />"

After she's able to collect her thoughts and adjust herself she notices what Steven's doing and backs up a bit not wanting to go for it thinking he might be up to something and asks the referee "Back em up."

Tw backs off to the middle of the ring with his arms raised onto his side, he looks towards the ref "what is this ref? Get her back in the ring! Geez" he says in an annoyed tone as he adjusts his wrestling trunks at the waist

She got back in after he was back for enough for her to feel like he wouldn't try to jump her while entering but she still re-entered with caution.

Tw waited for to get back in and didn’️t try to ambush her, as soon as Dai entered the ring he would try to raise his arms up and lunge in at her trying to lock up with her in a grapple battle again.

She looked up at him raise his arms and looked like she was going to do the same. At the last moment she dove for his legs with the intent of taking him down.

Steven lunged in as he was sure she would lock up this time but Dai again avoided the grapple battle and dove for his legs, taking him down on his back onto the ring canvas

Once on top of her she fired repeated forearm shots, wanting him to turn over or at least sideways

Tw tried to cover up as he was repeatedly hit by forearm shots to his body, he tried to roll away from her as he shifted towards his side

When he shifted to his side she gave him a shift shot to where she kicked him earlier in the match and locks her arms around him and goes to stand up, pulling him with her. She thrusts her grip into his stomach before quickly adjusting her grip and goes for a German suplex.

Tw moaned out loudly as Dai give him another hard forearm to his injured side, he felt her grip his waist "Urgh lemme....lemme go" Tw grunted out as he tried to prey her arm , to break her grip.Dai , with the help of her grip around Steven, pulls them both up. Tw felt her boobs mash against his back as he has hauled up and back over her in a German supple

She holds onto it upon impact, not wanting to go for a pinning bridge there but wanting to do more as she pulls him back up and goes to whip him to the corner, but at the last second pulls him back closer to her, locking him up and proceeds to throw him over her head with and overhead belly to belly suplex

Tw could still feel Dai's grip around her waist tighten as she followed up to her german supelex by faking in a whip to the corner and delivering a powerful belly to belly suplex, hauling him over her as he comes crashing down onto his back

After the contact by him Dai feels fired up as she then grabs hold of him and appears to be setting him up for a suplex but she holds him upside down for a couple of seconds before spiking him down with a screwdriver

Tw was getting exhausted at this point, his body drenched in sweat now as he was hauled up for another supelex but only to be impaled on his head onto the ring canvas *THUD*

Daisuke looked pretty sure of herself that that would be enough to end things as she covers for a cover.

Steven was hooked up for a pin, he felt her back pinning his shoulder with his leg hooked up "1......2........" Steven mustered up the strength to kick out somehow right before the ref could slap for the 3 count

She was shocked of how close it was and still not enough to end things and asked the ref a couple of times if s/he was sure of the count. It got to her a bit as it took her a few seconds longer than it would have to get back on him, pulling him back up and turning him around behind him, wanting to for an impaler.

Tw was hauled up onto his feet with Dai behind him, she tried to set him up for an impaler but tw twisted and turned around with her as he tried to counter the hold, so that he would face her in front instead, where he would try to raise his thigh into her belly and set her up for a tombstone

She didn't expect him to be able to escape the move she wanted to do him but she held on, not wanting him to lift her up, trying to fight him off in the process.

Damn! Grrrr stop fighting back already" tw says he's frustrated being held on as he can't set her up for a tombstone. He tried to send a few forearm smash to her back before attempting to lift her up for the piledriver

She continue to resist and fight him off despite him giving it to her just as much and eventually ends up headbutting him in the stomach

Uffffff" tw moaned out loudly as dais head crashed into his belly, causing him to double over and back off from her. Tw continued to stagger back till his back was pressed against the ring ropes.

Dai moves him to the corner and gives him a couple of knifeedge chops before sending him to the opposite corner before changing at him with a splash into the corner.
Tw screamed out as dai sends a few stinging chest slap across his pecs once he was cornered in the ring. His chest reddened from this chops, he was whipped across the ring to the opposite corner as his back slammed against the corner turnbuckle before he was sandwiched in the corner when dai followed up with a splash

Unlike earlier in the bout this time she connected with it and after the impact she lifted him up and put him on the top rope, having something in mind. She steps through the ropes and gives him a couple shots to try to get him to dazed long enough to get up there to take him backdown with a frankensteiner off the top.

Tw was exhausted at this point now, he got a bit winded out from that splash in the corner as he was easily hauled up onto the top turnbuckle. Tw tried to counter as he exchanged blows with dai as they slug it out in the corner, dai acrobatically flops and tries to catch him in a frankestiener, TW caught ahold of her legs and as they were coming down tw would counter by reversing the hold and locking in a walls of jericho as they come down onto then ring, impacting like it was almost like a stylesclash like move, with him holding on the best he could, losing his footing for a fraction of a second but still had it held on for the most part.

She didn't expect him to counter the way she had as already had some momentum going with the flip and came crashing down hard with him on top of her. If she had implants they most likely would have popped from the force of the contact with the mat, but since they were all natural it just hurt, a lot.

Tw himself couldn't believe how he pulled off that counter, the lessons with kei was surely bearing fruit. He grit his teeth as he began to pull back her legs, sitting on the small of her back as he continued to apply pressure in this submission hold now "Taaaappppppp"

She gives more a of a groan feeling more of the impact from coming off the top more than what's being done, though she does feel that too and it isn't very pleasing. She barely is able to motion to the referee that she has had enough, feeling like a truck ran into her.

Tw continued to arch her legs backwards, his body drenched in sweat as he pants, short of breath. Telling the ref to check or ask for a submission as he continues to try to strengthen his submission hold

The ref calls for the bell after confirming what Dai said and tells Steven to break it.

Steven continues to to keep the hold locked in for a few more moments even after the ref tells him to break it. He enjoys his dominance for a few good moments before finally letting go, he raises his arms up high celebrating his victory. Smirking a bit as he looks down on his opponent.

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Re: Steven vs Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:57 pm

After he got done with the match, TW proceeded backstage to his locker room. He quickly puts on his T shirt before heading out backstage again to find his teacher, to ask her of a review of his performance. Tw is all smiles

Kei is outside of a room where Daisuke and Lina are in, as if she was expecting something to happen, until she sees Steven come up.

Hey kei! What's up? Didju see me out there? Pretty Cool huh? And I even made a statement at the end to her" tw excitedly said as he approached kei. " what are you doing out here anyways? "

"Oh hey. Yeah I saw. Decent match both from you and her, though I was expecting a little bit more from you, was hoping it would have lasted a little bit longer but it was still good." She did sound pleased with his efforts. "About that at the end there." She shakes head at him.

"Mhm Ok I see , gotcha ill do better next time" he sees her shake her head looking disappointed a bit "oh? What's wrong? Too much at the end?"

"Don't get me wrong Steven, it was a good match, just expected a little more this time around, it happens, but feel proud of the effort you put in." As she was replying to what he said to her feedback of the match before she looked negative about after the bell happenings. "For one thing you ran the risk of getting disqualified. Just because the match ended doesn't mean it hasn't happened. In my career I have seen and personally experienced being on both sides of that. Of course I understand sometimes messages like that have to be spent but there are other ways. Answer me to questions though, you consider her to be a rival now don't you? What kind of rivalry do you consider it? A friendly one or is there some hatred between you two nobody knows about? Be honest, I want to better understand is. And secondly, I know you've had a handful of matches under your belt already, but where do you see your self down the road? What kind of image are you wanting to make for yourself?" She puts an ear next to the door thinking she heard something but then looks back at Steven.

"Oh? I didn't know that you could get dq'd after the match was over *phew* guess I avoided that!" Tw said before pausing a bit then continued on "well yeah she is my rival...I want to win against her all the time, I don't want to become friends with her because I think that makes matches less Competitive at least on my part, so I'd like to keep some tension between us and that extra 15 sec in the walls was for that very reason. Hmmm I'm not sure, I don't want to be the bad buy heel and I don't want to be a complete boy scout neither...mmm? Hey are you eaves dropping? "
I see. There are ways to accomplish that. Though (looks around) I shouldn't really be telling you this but one of my ring rivals I get along with just fine outside the ring but hey if you want to be like that towards her that's ok, just don't be surprised if she gives you a receipt for that later....or something like that. And not really, well, it might seem like I am but trust me on this." She then hears some yelling from the inside and sounds a bit concerned.

"Mmmmmm I see....hey? What's going on in there? " He says looking a bit concerned as he begins to move towards the door, opening to see what the commotion is all about.

"I don't think Lina liked the fact that you won, though it should be ok, but I want to see how this plays out." The door then opens and Sion walks out "Women -_-" and he leaves the girls to whatever they are doing for his own sanity. Kei looks at him walk off, looks back at Steven and shrugs.

"Huh? I wonder what he means by that?" He says looking towards Sion and then looking back towards Kei with a confused look on his face as he begins to proceeds inside the room " what's going on here? "

When he went in it looked like Daisuke and Lina were in a break between verbal exchanges but they then notice him. They kind of see Kei peeking in as well. Daisuke still feels sore from both how things ended and from Lina's 'motivational speech' but does manager to tell him "I guess this evens us up, good fight out there, didn't except you to counter like that." Lina nods in agreement but then pokes him in the stomach "But we're not happy with that shit you pulled at the end." Before she can say anything else Daisuke pulls her back and looks back at him. She looks at him for a few seconds then sits back down without saying anything else.

Tw looks around as he sees Dai and Lina talking. They talk with him a bit but tw just stayed silent as dai talked with him , he shook his head in acknowledgment before lina stepped in poking his stomach. He grinned a bit and was about to reply back but dai backed her managed up and the two wrestlers stared for a bit before tw began to step out...." Heh...I'll see you in the ring soon.." he finally replied before exiting.


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Re: Steven vs Daisuke

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