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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 2:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Mon May 21, 2018 8:31 pm by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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IM match Takeuchi vs Sion

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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IM match Takeuchi vs Sion

Post by Teenwrestler on Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:11 pm

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi just got done from trainning and working out in the gym, he walked out of the gym room door in his black addidas sweat pants with white striped running down onto the side and wearing a grey vest, as he was making his way back to his locker room he noticed Sion giving an interview backstage.Takeuchi looked from afar and thought about intrupting Sions interview, he was hesitant for a while but thought "What the heck, I'll do it". He went over to them, tapping on Sions shoulders "Well well well, look who it is! Im surprised your still here Sion, after that embarassing loss I gave you I thought youd quit or retire like your has-been mom did once" He says smirking arrogantly, getting into Sions face while shoving the interviewer away

maxy_maxwell: When Takeuchi came up he just finished talking about the last match he had and how next time would be different. He didn't like Takeuchi too close to him, wanting to avoid conflict, though he didn't seem too thrilled about his mother being brought into conversation since she had nothing to do with it and gives him a ¬_¬ look and went towards the shoved away interviewer, trying to ignore Takeuchi

bluedragon_sacred: "Hehe, awww whats the matter Suck-ion? your gonna walk away like a little bitch,even after I insulted your mother? Heh, guess it runs in the family....oh well" Takeuchi smirks as he waits for a reaction from Sion, if Sion would continue to walk away again,that would tick Takeuchi for being ingored and he would spring towards Sion, looking to tackle him from behind.

maxy_maxwell: After getting some distance between them he continued from where he left off. The interviewer did bring up Takeuchi's brother as during the last match he was part of the crowd that Sion took out when he came off the top rope with a high risk aerial move. Sion mentions while it was one of those moments that shouldn't have included outsiders to have been involved he does admit that sometimes things can wrong and that Takeuchi's brother while might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time is actually a smart guy and condone's how good his bother is and unlike Takeuchi won't let lightning strike twice

bluedragon_sacred: "What the fuck are you ignoring me you useless piece of trash?" Takeuchi snapped at Sion as he saw him turning back to the interviewer and continued on with his question/answer round with the interviewer. Takeuchi stormed towards them again, pissed at the interviewer " Whats wrong with you? Cant you see a superstart trying to intervene? get the hell out of he-" he cut his rant short at the interviewer as he turned around quickly to face Sion, his fists tightened as he looked to give a surprise cheap-shot fist aimed right at Sions jaw, looking to catch him off guard and from there onwards, looking to build up on the unscheudled assault

maxy_maxwell: Before Sion could ask him what he problem was he was taken back from Takeuchi swinging at him

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke swung a hard fist right at Sions jaw, hoping that caught him off guard and got him a bit groggy, he would follow up on his assault by driving his knee right up into his belly, then attempting to drive his forearm right into his upper back while he would be doubling over from that knee shot, if it hit him

maxy_maxwell: Sion didn't expect antyhing though he did try to jump back to avoid it but with what little reaction time he had most of it still connected. The interview screamed at Takeuchi to stop as Sion fell over

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi spat down at Sion, as he turned around and lunged at the interviewer as he clothesline him down. "Shut the fuck up, im a superstar you common interviewer" he said as he got up and moved towards Sion, grabbing him by the hair as he tried to pull him back up onto his feet.

maxy_maxwell: Having long braided hair Takeuchi didn't have to do much as Sion was forced up, trying to pull back which made things worse

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi attempted to fire some more forearms to his chest and lower neck, looking to weaken him a bit as he tried to drag him out towards the arena, after every 5-10 seconds Takeuchi would attempt to smash forearms and deliever knee shots to Sion as he looks to drag him to the arena

maxy_maxwell: Sion groans as he tries to get distance between them as the assault continues but finds himself unable to do so

maxy_maxwell: As he gets dragged along he fails for something to grab hold of and eventaully gets a hold of a a food tray of some kind and throws it in his direction

bluedragon_sacred: Sion gets some distance between Takeuchi as he storms back towards his direction "Where the fuck are you going pus-GACK- what the URGHH You bastard" The food tray hit takeuchi on the chest, spilling some of the food and staining his vest....which enraged him as he chased after Sion, towards the arena.

maxy_maxwell: As Takeuchi got closer to him again, Sion lured him in a bit and went down to trip him up.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi got suckered in as Sion lured him towards him, as soon as Takeuchi edged close to him he got tripped and down he went on the cold floor, face first

maxy_maxwell: Sion grabbed a pitcher of whoknowswhat and dumps whatever was in it onto Takeuchi's face when he had his face facing his. Sion followed up by knocking over a table on to him. At this point Lina and Lita were talking and were alarted by the noise and went to see what was going on

bluedragon_sacred: "Ow-Mmffffff *cough* *spit*" Takeuchi blinks his eyes quickly as he shakes his head, gagging on the liquid a bit as he tried to turn onto his side again "Gah-Arghhh" he felt the table being knocked over onto him as he was underneath it now, moaning

maxy_maxwell: Sion looks around and notices something. He picks up Takeuchi "You want me so bad? Becareful what you wish for." as he tosses him into the back of a non-occupied security golf cart and gets in and drives it towards the ring. Lita manages to see them drive off before Lina did, unsure of what just happened but doesn't like it

bluedragon_sacred: "OFFF OWWWW" Takeuchi was forced up and shoved into the backseat of the Golfcart, Takeuchi was spreaded out and laying on the backseat as Sion drove out backstage towards the arena.

maxy_maxwell: Sion stops it pretty close to the ring and grabs hold of Takeuchi not given him longer to recover and through him against the crowd control barrier a few times all the way around the perimeter of the ringside area until Lita comes out with the intent of getting her friend of out trouble not knowing that he was in control for the current. Though she yelled at him to hold him up, wanting herself some of time too, though at that time Lina came running down with a referee, hoping this would start an impromptu rematch between the two.

bluedragon_sacred: "No.....oww let go owwwwwuffffffffffffft urghhh" Takeuchi moaned out loud as the tables had been turned. He was forced into the wrestling arena via a ride in the golf cart before he was rammed into the control barrier all the way around the entire perimeter, Takeuchi was beaten up pretty badly at this point as he was groggy and couldn't even stand up properly as his knee's were shaking. Lita joined in at him, Takeuchi heard yelling going on but couldn't quite understand what, things would go worse as his gf came down with a ref for a rematch! And Takeuchi is already beaten up quite good "Urghh what the fuck is this owww....its a freak in conspiracy"

maxy_maxwell: He was about to send him into the ring when he heard Lita call out that she wanted some of him too. Lina was quick to get infront of Lita, telling her that he has him and it'll be alright. Without the referee even have to say anything Lina turns back to the ref snad mentions she's getting Lita backed up. Lita doesn't like the thought of Takeuchi picking a fight with Sion and not answering to it but eventually she stands down as Sion sends Takeuchi into the ring. He slingshots himself over the ropes, coming down with a hard legdrop with the intent of going for a pin after contact.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi is pretty much exhausted after being shoved into the barricade multiple times, Sion holds him up from behind as lita comes in front hoping to get a few shots of her own but luckily she was stopped by lina. Soon after Takeuchi was shoved into the ring, he took deep breaths and shook his head, trying to get the cobwebs out of his mind as he seemed out of it. "Uffffffffff owwwwwuffffffffffffft" sion acrobatically leaps over the top rope and hits him hard with the leg drop followed by a pin. Takeuchi felt his shoulders pinned by sions back while his leg hooked up in the air

maxy_maxwell: The bell sounded to official start the match as Sion started send Takeuchi inside and came down on him wanting to 'end it quickly' and Lina didn't notice it officially starting as she was getting Lita to settle down and head back, which she eventually did.

bluedragon_sacred: "1........2......." The ref counts as he starts the count. "URGH NO WAY" Takeuchi groans out as he thrusts his palms upwards into Sions back, and kicks out breaking the pain at the count of 2. Once Sion was shoved off of him, he would grab the bottom ropes and would pull him up back onto his feet.

maxy_maxwell: As he was pulling himself up Sion went off the ropes on the opposite side and went give 'em a running dropkick as Takeuchi fgot back up

bluedragon_sacred: "Gah, this bastar-UFFFFFF" Takeuchi cursed out to himself as he spun around to face Sion, hopefully to lunge in for a lock up or go for a clothesline etc but instead Sions boots are facing towards him as he shoots himself sideways, hitting his chest with a dropkick. Takeuchi went down on his back again *THUD* rolling outside the ring and then dropping down on his back on the outside mats as well, "Owww mmm"

maxy_maxwell: Sion looks like he's going to go after him but gets held back by the referee so a 10 count can start. Lina keeps some distance from Takeuchi but yells at him to get back in there, calling em a chicken and gets some of the crowd to chant that as well. Sion then runs towards the ropes like he's going for a suicide dive. As he gets towards the ropes to jump he stops, reaches through the ropes instead and just slaps him hard across the back.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi got up on all fours as he could hear Lina screaming towards his direction, which missed him off even more. "Urgh shut up, suddenly everyones after my back now..." he cursed as he got up to his feet and turned around to see Sion sprinting in the ring towards him, Takeuchis eyes wide open as he tried to brace for impact but instead Sion would stop and give him a hard slap arcoss the back " TSK! EEWWO" the stinging slap deos hurt him a bit, but hes still pissed off at being fooled like that, he tried to grab Sions ankles as he was close to the ropes, and tried to trip him down and pull him out

maxy_maxwell: Sion went to grab 'em to follow up but was grabbed by the ankles, which since he was between the ropes he grabbed hold of the middle one while trying to kick him off.

bluedragon_sacred: Sions grip of the middle rope is fortunate enough for him, as he hangs on and doesnt trip. His kicking leg causes his boot to THAWK hard against takeuchis face as he stumbled backwards again, rubbing his face now to ease the pain "Urghh damn this bastard" he hissed as he started to circle the ring "5.....6...7.." the ref counted, takeuchi realized he needed to get in..." Ref! keep him away for a sec" he shouted out as he tried to slide inside the ring

maxy_maxwell: Sion backed up without the referee having to suggest anything, wanting it to end in the ring if possible and allowed him to get back in, letting him get back up as well as the 'chicken' chant continued, though he was ready to continue the fight.

bluedragon_sacred: "Shaddap!!! Punks" Takeuchi shouted across, telling the "Chicken" hooters to shut up. He moved back towards Sion as he saw him ready to continue the fight, Takeuchi brought his hands up infront and started to circle his opponnet, he would get close enough then lunge in for a lock up, but then change at the last moment and would try to bring a knee up in his lower abs, if Sion fell for the lock up trick

maxy_maxwell: Sion went to go for the Takeuchi's lockup, though he had him scouted this time and when Takeuchi went for the knee shot while he didn't try to block or avoid it, which he should have done, he went for a knee shot of his own and it be a matter of who connected first. (or) Sion went to go for the Takeuchi's lockup, though he had him scouted
this time and when Takeuchi went for the knee shot he knew it was coming and attempted to grab it to counter it but got sent backwards a bit, which still gave Takeuchi an opening if he asked fat

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchis knee drive was blocked by Sion as his opponent half expected his cheap shot. Having blocked the knee shot, Sion still got send backwards a bit and soon as Sion lost his footing while being sent backwards, takeuchi would attempt to lunge forward with his arm extended, looking to strike his opponent with a clothesline

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchis knee drive was blocked by Sion as his opponent half expected his cheap shot. Having blocked the knee shot, Sion still got send backwards a bit and soon as Sion lost his footing while being sent backwards, takeuchi would attempt to lunge forward with his arm extended, looking to strike his opponent with a clothesline

maxy_maxwell: Sion gets taken down by the clothesline but feels like he can get back up without much trouble.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi helps sion back up on his feet by grabbing a fistfull of his hair and pulling him up "Ups-a-daisy" he smirks, once hes pulled him up takeuchi would attempt to lean back a bit then try to hit Sion across the chest with a stinging chest slap

maxy_maxwell: "Hey that's cheating! Let 'em go!" Lina barked out, not liking the completely obvious hairpull. Though Sion hard to tell which Sion was more vocial himself on, being hair yanked or getting slapped across the chest.

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh,not so tough are you now huh little bitch boy?" Takeuchi snapped at him as he followed up and grabbed Sion by the head, looking to pull his head down a bit and try to wrap it around his arm, looking to lock in a side headlock

maxy_maxwell: Sion took the hold, not having time to react to being pulled into it. As he's into it, not wanting to give his opponent time to move em where ever he wants, he decided to pull himself down lower, wrapping his arms around one of Takeuchi's legs, wanting to lift him up for something kind of like a bellytoback suplex. Since he was holding only one of his legs his first lift attempt went nowhere, but he did try again.

bluedragon_sacred: "Arghhhhh w-what the hell are you trying to do ? HAH! Not gonna work" Takeuchi smiles as he sees Sions failed attempt to lift him up and haul him backwards, takeuchi knows he cant hold in here for long so he releases the headlock, while Sions body is still momentarily bended down, takeuchi would try to smash his forearm against his lower back

maxy_maxwell: Sion managed to lift him off the ground a bit as the headlock got released, but he didn't expect the follow up and goes down to a knee after being struck agains the back

bluedragon_sacred: As Sion went down on his knee, Takeuchi would run across the ring ropes and sprint towards Sions front side, looking to hit a low dropkick at his knee

maxy_maxwell: Lina doesn't like what she sees as Takeuchi took Sion to both knees with the dropkick

bluedragon_sacred: Once Sion is down on both knees, Takeuchi went behind him. Takeuchi dropped down on his butt behind his opponent as he wrapped his legs around his waist and slapped his arm across Sions throat in a body scissor and sleeper combo, he would try to go down on his back, so that sion is on top of him now....looking to end his resistance with this deadly combo

maxy_maxwell: Lina is sweating a little bit as Sion's in the submission hold and doesn't look like there's an immediate way out. She doesn't catch this right away as the referee checks to see if Sion gives up as it looks like Sion can't get out of it nor reach any of the ropes, though the ref's attention chances and starts to give Sion a pin count in his favour as Takeuchi's shoulders are touching the mat.

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh oh come on ref? your not going to make it easy for me huh? " Takeuchi laughs as he shakes his head, Takeuchi forces his shoulders up by shifting his body to the side now, keeping Sion locked in both holds now, as he tightens his thighs and biceps, jerking him and shaking him up in his dual submission hold sideways

maxy_maxwell: Sion was able to move one of his legs around , even though not by much he still had some movement and attempted to move em in a way as if he was trying to be like part bicycle, inch by inch to try move near the ropes and even though he wasn't sure which way he was going he tried to reach out for them, though while not at first he did hear Lina yell out where he was.

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh you sure are stubborn" Takeuchi smirked as his body starts to sweat a bit, Takeuchi went back down on his back, keeping Sion on top of his body now again, squeezing in both holds as he pours on the pressure, a few seconds later the ref starts to count "......1......2....." where he would again shift sideways

maxy_maxwell: Sion couldn't tell how close he was to the ropes but knee he had to do something. While in the hold he tries to thrust his butt against him, hoping he can eventually let over after a few hits.

bluedragon_sacred: "Hah no way for you to squirm your way out of this one-URGH-Owww" Sions thrusts his butt back into Takeuchi's body causing him to loosen up his holds a bit, enough for his opponent to escape

maxy_maxwell: Sion kept at it until he could feel things loosing up and when he was able to get away from him he rolled out of the ring and Lina called him to her to give him a moment to recover/typical manager stuff and to kill off some of Takeuchi's momentum

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi got back up on his feet, passing his hand through his hair as he strokes his hair backwards. Smirking as he sees Sion go out of the ring he moves towards the ropes as he leans on them "Aw? that it....come on already, get back in the ring" he says before backing off to the middle, with his hands extended to their sides

maxy_maxwell: When he's ready Sion gets back in and circles Takeuchi before reaching to grab him for a very short lockup, wanting to then send him towards the ropes.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi lets him get inside the ring, they both circle each other and enter in a lock up, Takeuchi planted his boots hard onto the ring canvas ready to push him back but Sion broke the hold and whipped him across the ring, he bounced off the ring ropes and came sprinting back to his opponent

maxy_maxwell: When Takeuchi got close enough to him after coming off the ropes Sion lowered himself to launch Takeuchi up and over him with a back bodydrop

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchis eyes get wide open as Sion launched him up and over his back with a back body drop, Takeuchi went crashing down on his back *THUD* "Owwwwww fuck" he hisses out in pain, arching his back with his hand as he sits up on his butt following the crash

maxy_maxwell: When Takeuchi hit the mat since went off the ropes again, when Takeuchi got back up Sion leeped up a little bit, going for a spinning heel kick

bluedragon_sacred: *THAWK* "URGHHH DAMN" Takeuchi curses out, as soon as he gets back up on his feet and turned around to face sion as he was leaping up a bit and striked takeuchi with a spinning heel kick

maxy_maxwell: Sion picks him up, kicking him in the gut before going up the ropes again, this time going for what originally is a swinging neckbreaker, but instead flips over him, grabbing him quick and goes to plant him with a swinging ddt.

bluedragon_sacred: "UFFFFFF" takeuchi doubled over infront of sion from that kick to his gut, after a few seconds he was impaled head first onto the ring canvas from that swinging ddt after sion leaped a bit from the ropes, THUDDD "Owwwfffmmm urghhh" Takeuchi feeling a bit dizzy from that impact

maxy_maxwell: Usually this is where Sion would go for a cover but he has a feeling Takeuchi would just kick out anyway. He pulls Takeuchi up again, only to send him straight back down with a running bulldog. Sion then goes to the top rope and comes up the top with a leg drop, finding it's mark and goes over a cover here.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi was put through a chain of moves as Sion found his second wind, Takeuchis face was planted on the ring canvas with a running bulldog after which he followed up with a top-rope leg drop "UFFFFFFFFFFFFF" Takeuchis wind knocked outta him from that impact as his opponent pinned him ".....1......2....." Takeuchi kicked out just before the 3.

maxy_maxwell: Both Sion and Lina thought that would have been enough, though Lina was the first to drop it as Sion asked the ref if he was sure about it and Lina tells him to stay on him. He picks Takeuchi back up and grabs hold of him, running to the corner, going for a slicedbread#2

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi easily managed to grab Takeuchi and force him up, Takeuchi offered no resistance as he was really exhausted now. As Sion went running with takeuchi in his grip, as soon as he bounced off the ring ropes, takeuchi tried to push forward on his wait, hoping his head would slide free and would sent Sion flying forward, perhaps out of the ring

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi easily managed to grab Takeuchi and force him up, Takeuchi offered no resistance as he was really exhausted now. As Sion went running with takeuchi in his grip, as soon as he bounced off the ring ropes, Takeuchi would try to use his strength to shift him to the side so hed land on his shoulders then shift his body position trying to set him up for a tombstone, then trying to drive his head into the ring canvas as he goes for the tombstone piledriver

maxy_maxwell: Lina was looking pretty sure of how things were going but was silent when Sion got planted on his head.

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh thats right!!!! FUCK"Takeuchi getting pumped up after he nailed Sion with the tombstone, he quickly went for the pin "1.....2...."

maxy_maxwell: the referee's hand comes down for a third time but notices Sion's foot on the bottom at the same time and waves off the 3 count, saying Sion was on the rope in time but gravity of the hadn couldn't stop in time, the match continues. As that takes place Lina looks like she's about to have a heart attack on the outside given how close that was.

bluedragon_sacred: "FUUCCCK What do you mean foot on the rope??? URGH! Whatever" Takeuchi gets back on his feet and stomps down on sions thigh multiple times and one more one his abs, he grabs his arms and drags him half way towards the middle of the ring, he quickly went on the top rope and steadied himself, he would try to leap up and go for a shooting star press

maxy_maxwell: Sion wasn't able to react to him being moved to the middle of the ring, as well as being stomped on a few times. Takeuchi went upstairs Lina was able to get control of herself again and yelled at Sion to move out the way. Not sure if her message got through to him or not but as Takeuchi came flying down towards him Sion was about to barely get out of the way to avoid the contact, but he was still down, as Takeuchi was at this point.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi came crashing down hard onto the ring canvas, face first and down on his belly "UFFFFFFFFFFFFF" the ring shakes a bit as he lays down with his arms and legs spreaded, moaning out loud as he missed the high risk move just by an inch

maxy_maxwell: The referee began a doubledown count and Sion began to move around the time the ref hit 5, and was off the mat, not fully standing, but off the mat and on his feet enough to be considered not down around the 8 mark.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi was down and out till the 5 count, he started to squirm around towards the corner turnbuckle and grabbed the bottom turnbuckle, he used that as leverage to pull him self up on his feet then rest his back against it, to not go down again.

maxy_maxwell: When Takeuchi was back on his feet Sion waited until he turned back around and gave em a shot to the head

bluedragon_sacred: "Owwwwwww fuck" takeuchi hissed out as he slumped into the corner turnbuckle, feeling a bit dazed and groggy

maxy_maxwell: Sion looks like he's going to give him another shot in the corner but instead comes down with a hard knifeedge chop, then shoving him back into the corner if he were to move from how it felt in climbs the middle rope and give 'em the ol' ten punches in the corner deal.

bluedragon_sacred: "EEEWWWOOOO" Takeuchi shrieks out as his chests get a red hand print across his chest from that hard chop, he was forced back in the corner as Sion took footin on the ropes next to the corner and then started to hammer away on the old ten punches, Takeuchi was really tired and blow after blow made him more weak as Sion completed the 10 punches

maxy_maxwell: After the final one connected Sion jumped down, but grabbing hold of his opponent so he doesn't fall down after the shots, though he plans on sending him down anyway, but this time with a running bulldog.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi slumped forward only to be grabbed by Sion, Sion sprints forward towards the middle of the ring with takeuchi in his grip as he hits him with a running bulldog *Thud*

maxy_maxwell: Sion grabbed hold of Takeuchi's legs, remembering the hold Takeuchi put him in earlier and wanted to make him feel it in return, but instead wanted to give em a sample of what every Canadian wrestler should know as he locks up his legs, wanting to turn him over to put 'em in a sharpshooter submission.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi was squirming towards the ropes but he felt his legs being grabbed as he was pulled away then put in a excrutiating sharpshooter hold "URHHHH WAAHHH OHHHH FUCK AHHHHH NOOOO" He moans out, shaking his head, cursing out in pain

maxy_maxwell: Lina looks thrilled now as yells out "Yeah break 'em in half!" as Sion has him locked in.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi beared the pain, his teeth gritted as he shook his head in defiance. He crawled on his stomach and forearms as he edged close towards the ropes, trying to bite the rope to force a break

maxy_maxwell: Sion holds on, not knowing how close Takeuchi is to the rope, but continues to hold it in, hoping he can end it soon.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi bitting the ropes calls for a rope break, he extended his arms and grabbed the ropes with both hands as well "Get this bastard off me, rope break"

maxy_maxwell: Lina looks like she's a little bit impressed with Takeuchi's method, different but it worked as Sion let's go. He backs off a bit when instructed to do so, but he eventually goes back in there, not wanting to give Takeuchi time to get back into it and pulls him to the middle of the ring.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi is relieved to be out of the hold as he holds his lower back with his left arm, he is pulled to the middle of the ring and he plays possum for a bit. as soon as he was brought in the middle takeuchi would try to go down on his knees and roll up Sion, even pull his tights up for a dirty pin

maxy_maxwell: When he got him to the middle of the ring he was about to go for something when he found himself being suddenly rolled up. It caught him off guard and it almost got him but he was he able to barely kickout in time, which it scared Lina, not quite heartattack worthy but she didn't feel good with how close it was.

bluedragon_sacred: "Urghh fuck...almost had him" takeuchi cursed out, slapping the mat out in frustration as he got back up on his feet

maxy_maxwell: It took Sion a bit to get back to his feet, having to ask twice if that was all or not but after that he ran towards him, jumping up at him, wanting to go for a frankensteiner

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi was moving towards Sion to grapple up with Sion rushed at him and jumped towards him!!! Sions sat around on takeuchis shoulders going for a frankenstiener!!! Takeuchi tried to grip his thighs looking to counter with a powerbomb

maxy_maxwell: Sion felt Takeuchi wanting to take him down,but Sion was able to flip him over, though he came down himself a bit faster than expected with Takeuchi fighting for control and it took him a few extra seconds to get his balance back. When he did though he grabbed Takeuchi, put his heads between his legs and lifted him, setting him up for the canadian destroyer

bluedragon_sacred: *THUD* struggling for control, takeuchi was finally flipped down onto his back as sion hit him with the frankenstiner!!! "Owww fuck...this is not happening" he moans as his head was forced between sions thighs as he looked to set him up for a big move
maxy_maxwell: Sion gave him a forearm shot to the back incase if Takeuchi tried to resist before lifting him and flipping him around, planting him on his head with the destroyer.

bluedragon_sacred: "Ufff oww *cough*" Takeuchi grunted out in pain before he was planted hard onto the ring canvas, head first, as sion lifted and flipped him around before planting his head onto the ring canvas

maxy_maxwell: After the impact Sion, instead of going for the pin, drags Takeuchi towards one of the corner. After getting him into position Sion goes upstairs and leaps off the top with a shooting star press

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi seemed out of it at this point, he layed down on his back as he squirmed ligthly then all of a sudden "UFFFFFFFFFFF OWWWWWWWWWW" Sions body came crashing down onto takeuchi as sion hit him with a shooting star press

maxy_maxwell: Upon impact, Sion remains ontop of him and goes for the pin, looking to end it here.

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi laid flat on his back as Sion went for the pin "1.....2.....3..."

maxy_maxwell: After the bell Sion got stoo up, having his arm raised by the referee. Lina came in shortly after that and did the same. He felt glad to get his first singles win here,

bluedragon_sacred: Takeuchi laid down on his back as he doubled over, clutching his stomach as he moaned out in pain. he soon rolled out of the ring and dragged his body backstage.....humiliated at his loss

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