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Looking for a debut match

Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:29 pm by SimplyMoon

Hey all, new here. Just got my character approved so I am now looking for a debut match. It can really be anything and it doesn't matter to me if she wins or loses this first one. Just someone whom can be a bit forgiving as I am new to this.

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Summer Splash with Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:33 pm by daemongirl

Hey everyone, now that its April just thought I'd begin looking for plans for SS. Now that Natasha is no longer the champion I'm looking for where to go from here so anyone with a fun SS idea that could involve her let me know!

(edited thanks to Lobo pointing out I have WWE on thre brain lol))

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Some updates

Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:32 pm by Winner3

I wanted to make a notice board post to boost visibility on the subreddit I made for this forum. The discussion post where I introduced and explained the sub can be found here

And the subreddit itself can be found here:

I made various updates since first posting about it. I'm happy that it has a few subscribers, and that despite the fact that the comment count is low, people seem to be up voting and down voting matches and posts. And I hope to see activity …

[ Full reading ]

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Arabella Eichel vs. Ayame Suzuki

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Arabella Eichel vs. Ayame Suzuki

Post by ThunderFox on Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:17 am

Standard Match: Victory gained via Pinfall, Submission, or K.O.
Special Stipulation: Hentai moves are allowed

This was something completely new for Arabella. Even standing here, backstage awaiting her first match, she could hear the roar of the crowd as the eagerly awaited the start of the next match of the night. During her time in the indie league, she had never performed in front of such a crowd. And never in her life would she ever have thought she would. She felt her hands shaking as she waited for her queue to take the stage.

"Deep breaths... deep breaths... you can do zis..." she repeated to herself, over and over again, trying to calm her raging nerves. She honestly didn't know what to expect. The young German girl had seen matches from the AFW on TV before, but they were rarely normal. If ever. She was fortunate enough to know that this one was at least just a regular, standard match, even if it did allow for hentai moves. She would just have to hope that her oponent wasn't just some kind of perv... she REALLY hoped that was the case...

Before long, one of the workers signaled to her that is was time for her to take the stage. With one last deep breath, her [url=]theme song[/url:wy8wk463] began to play, and Arabella pushed passed the curtain and out into the bright lights, and the roaring welcome of the crowd.

There were more people than she would ahve ever imagined. It was basically an ocean of faces, staring at her, judging her, gauging if she was someone worth cheering for. She really, really hoped she was... She had a lot to prove, being new and all. And tonight, she was going to prove her worth.

With her music blaring, Arabella wandered down the large ramp to the ring below, taking the big metal stairs rather than trying to climb up and over the apron. This ring was quite a bit taller than the ring she was used to using in the indie league. Once in the ring, Arabella threw her arms into the air, smiling at the crowd that seemed to be giving her such a warm welcome. This was sure to be something majorly different, and super exciting! "Alright! Vere is my opponent?!" she shouted, looking back up toward the entrance ramp.


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Re: Arabella Eichel vs. Ayame Suzuki

Post by daemongirl on Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:55 am

If there was one thing Ayame thought she would never get used to it was the waiting that came before a match. It was always nerve wracking sitting in the back, listening to the dull roar of the crowd through the concrete walls, her mind imagining all the various ways the match could go and when it the match was with someone she had never seen before it was especially bad. What made it all the worse however was the added stipulation the match carried, hentai rules making Ayame uncomfortable given how her last match which allowed such moves had quickly devolved into her being fucked on national television. Thinking back on that night Ayame was surprised to find her body growing warm, a reaction she certainly hadn't expected, and the more she thought back to that match the greater her desire seemed to rise.

A knock on her door startled the Japanese woman, Ayame leaping up onto her feet before she realized it was just the signal that her time to go down to the ring was a minute away. She shook off the thoughts that had just been availing her and gave herself one last look in the mirror, ensuring her coat was zipped almost completely up before exiting the locker room and making her way to the entrance ramp. Her music began to play, a soft oriental theme often played at Blossom festivals, and with one last deep breath to calm herself Ayame stepped through the curtains and into the bright lights of the arena.

In her previous matches the crowd had unnerved her but now she felt secure simply knowing she was fully clothed, Ayame blushing as she thought about all these people seeing her naked before but she pushed through that and strolled down the ramp waving to the cheering masses. As she drew closer to the ring her eyes fell upon her opponent, gulping when she noticed how she was dressed even as her eyes were drawn to the woman's impressive chest. Forcing herself to look away Ayame slid underneath the bottom rope and jumped back up to her feet, coming face to face with her opponent for the first time.

"Seems you're my opponent for name is Ayame Suzuki, a pleasure to meet you." Ayame said trying to sound as confident as she could, extending her right arm out to shake the other woman's hand if she accepted.

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Re: Arabella Eichel vs. Ayame Suzuki

Post by ThunderFox on Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:03 pm

The waiting for her opponent to show up was awful. Arabella didn't know what to expect. Would she be some big, tough girl ho towered over her, or some small girl who barely came up to her chest. From what she had watched on TV of the AFW, there were a wide range of people who wrestled here, so she could be facing ANYONE. But she was ready. She knew she was. After all, this was er big chance. She had to show what she was made of.

When her opponent walked out onto the ramp, she was relieved to see that she wasn't some kind of amazon. In fact, she only looked to be a little taller than her, and she couldn't weight much more either, so that was a plus. She wasn't at a huge disadvantage. But still, the German girl had to keep her guard up. For all she knew, this girl was some kind of amazing pro. She doubted it... mostly...

Once she climbed up into the ring. Arabella noticed the girl stealing a glance at her chest. She reflexively puled her arms up a bit to hide them from sight. Even though she was wearing a tank top, she still felt pretty revealed. And knowing that she was being stared at was a little bit embarrassing. She didn't think she could ever wrestle in anything other than her pants and at least a tank top. Some of the outfits sh had seen some girls, or lack thereof, were pretty skimpy. How could they just... do that and not get thrown off by it? Weird.

Her opponent on the other hand, wore a pretty humble outfit, which hid most, if not all of her features. Arabella would be lying if she said she wasn't a little disappointed. As much as she tried to hide it, she wouldn't have minded stealing a glimpse of what was underneath her conservative layers...

"Oh! Yes! Vonderful to meet you. Arabella Eichel," The German replied, taking the hand gladly and giving it a friendly shake. At least her opponent wasn't mean. Now she could feel at ease that this wasn't going to be a dirty fight. A good, clean fight for her first match. What more could she ask for? "Let's make my first match a memorable vone."


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Re: Arabella Eichel vs. Ayame Suzuki

Post by Sponsored content

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