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Reduced Post Rate

Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:14 am by RadiantKarna332

For those who are currently roleplaying with me in threads, you guys may have noticed my reduced post rate. I'm sorry for being so late to inform you guys about this, but due to some real-life businesses, I have no choice but to post infrequently compared to usual. I'm so sorry about that.

So, I will return to my normal schedule next week, so please don't worry about me not posting. Have a nice day. Very Happy

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Catching up and stuff

Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:19 pm by LARIATO

Hey guys.

First, trying to finally get my ass in gear and get caught up with threads and everything. Pretty sure I've finally posted to all active threads I'm involved with now. But I can be very scatterbrained and forgetful at times. So if anyone's got an active thread still waiting for a post for me, it probably just means I've forgotten, so PLEASE let me know about it so I can get on that asap.

And second, I'm aware it took me a long ass time to get around to a lot of these posts, and some …

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Active Kawaiis

Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:25 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys. I'm hoping to get a sense from everyone of where the active kawaii girls are at. No guarantees or anything, but I am looking to figure out who is out there consistently making matches because we are looking to inject some new blood into the kawaii title scene, and I don't want to have tunnel vision on just the players and characters I know.

So, if you've got a kawaii girl who's had at least one match and is currently active, can you let me know either here or via PM or IM? This …

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Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

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Re: Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

Post by Daaharu on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:11 am

Fallon had held up admirably against the relentless assault against her belly that the two masked assailants had launched. By the time she started kicking, she knew she was running out of endurance. She did manage to land one kick, but it seemed to do little more than annoy the blonde thug. When the girl came at Fallon again, she didn’t resume throwing punches at Fallon’s belly; no, she kneed the Californian girl in her already-bloody face, not once, but multiple times. Fallon squeezed her eyes shut as the girl’s knee smacked into her jaw. She was getting really dizzy, now. Her consciousness seemed to fade in and out.

When the little masked girl released her, Fallon would drop to the ramp like a ragdoll. When she came to again, the group of mysterious masked thugs had disappeared. She opened her eyes just in time to see a group of four women rush into the arena, coming to help Fallon and Taylor. Lowering her gaze a little, Fallon saw Taylor laid out on the ramp a few feet away. The Californian felt bad that her former opponent had endured such a brutal beating for her sake. At least now it was all over. Two of the women, whom Fallon could recognize as Junko and Akashi, went over to tend to the veteran. The other two, whom Fallon couldn’t immediately recognize, rushed over to help her.

Janet and Nikolette had been hanging out backstage when they caught sight of what was going on in the arena on the monitors. They met up with Junko and Akashi and rushed out onto the ramp, too late to stop the beating. A chill went up the Lakota girl’s spine when she saw the state that the two wrestlers were in. Fallon, in particular, looked like she had been through a meat grinder. “Damn,” Janet said under her breath, using her own sleeve to try to wipe some of the blood off of Fallon’s face.

“Hhhh…” was all Fallon could say, as Janet tried to clean her up, and Nikolette swore to her that she was going to be alright.

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Re: Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

Post by Bluemouse on Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:53 am

Taylor lay spreadeagled on her back, eyes half closed and completely unconscious. She had glanced at the little green-haired one when she charged her, just before everything went black. The black-masked man's boot slammed into her face with such power that it threw her forcefully down at the floor, and bounced the back of her head off the ramp, where she lay completely motionless. She looked dead.

She was unaware of Akashi and Junko's presence, but while she might not have wanted her mother-in-law to see her in her present state, she would've been glad for Akashi. It was her turn to carry the other off to the infirmary, and possibly stay up with her while treating a concussion. She'd even have a black eye, just like last time.

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Re: Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

Post by Tatyina on Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:38 am

"Oh, Taylor-chan!" Akashi said as she scooped her arms underneath Taylor and cradled her close. Junko was right next to her, trying not to let any more salty tears escaped as she reached out and began to run her fingers through her daughter-in-law's hair.

"Maybe if I had done something instead of running off..." She muttered to herself distressed.

Akashi shook her head. "Don't say it. This place... If we didn't get here in time, there was nothing you could have done." She said, sighing as she looked down at Taylor. "Taylor-chan's really tough. She'll be alright." She said as she turned to carry out Taylor into the back.

Nikolette was still next to Fallon as she watched Akashi scoop up Taylor. "I don't think... that's a very good idea." She said, looking at Taylor. If the girl had a concussion or neck damage, moving her would be bad. Unfortunately Nikolette knew a little bit about concussions.

Nikolette looked up for the medic team and frowned at how late they seemed to be. What a nightmare. "Ok, I'm gonna lift her up. Just make sure..." Nikolette said to Janet. "I dunno. Just don't let her explode or something." She said, giving A shrug as she tried to cradle Fallon the way Akashi had cradled Taylor. She was just lucky she was pretty strong too, thought he Sumo was definitely making it look easily as the two girls were carried backstage.

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Re: Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

Post by Daaharu on Thu Feb 20, 2014 4:45 am

Janet did her best job of cleaning up Fallon’s face, but the girl was still an absolute mess. If Taylor hadn’t broken her nose during the match, then the brutal assault by those mysterious masked women had certainly done the trick. The scantily-clad wrestler was covered in blood, most of it from the aforementioned nose, with a little trickle dribbling down her chin from a split lip. Her cheeks, her nose, and her belly were all either a raw red or a sickly bruised purple. Her eyes were half-open, but she stared unfocusedly up at the tall ceiling of the arena, and when Janet looked down into Fallon’s eyes, there was no recognition of her presence.

Fallon was fading fast once more. She had already passed from consciousness to unconsciousness and back once, and now, though she tried with all her might to remain awake and alert, she was simply too worn out. She felt Nikolette pick her up, and tried to say something to the girl—but she didn’t even have the energy to open her mouth. She passed out again well before they could even make it backstage.


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Re: Taylor Parker vs. Fallon Terrazas

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