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Friction debut match.

Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:28 pm by no^capitals-

I'm looking for a match to get my first heels career in AFW started. Will be happy to discuss finer details with anybody that is interested. Get in contact however you see fit. :3

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Samantha Fox's Open challenge

Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:54 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for someone to accept Samantha's open challenge, but the catch is its more of a call out. Basically Samantha will dig up some dirt on whoever and threaten to tell the world later that night or next show.

Overall I expect this to span across a few matches just for a short rival segment and little story for both our characters. Here's an idea I currently have for the possible matches.

1: Promo
2: 1 on 1 Normal Match
3: 1 on 1 No DQ
4: Ladder Match(The briefcase above the ring would …

[ Full reading ]

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Tension Smother Match

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:44 am by TiefBlau

Definitely quite different than my usual..but..also..sort of similar?

Bottom line is, I'd love for a match or two for him in Tension to get him started out.

Specifically looking for him to compete in a smother match with a girl!

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Sairen Ichimi

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Sairen Ichimi

Post by Windstar on Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:51 pm

Name: Sairen Ichimi
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Height: 5’️6”
Weight: 138 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music: Don’️t Know How to Stop - Halestorm

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Overwhelm the Opponent with Constant Offense
Style: Acrobatic Brawler

Preferred Matches:
No preferences yet




Strikes: ★★★★★
Submissions: ★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★★
Aerial: ★★★★
Counters: ★★


Endurance: â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥
Defense: â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥
Arousment: â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥
Technique: â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥ â™️¥
Pacing: â™️¥ â™️¥

Favored moves:
Tiger feint kick
German Suplex

Finishing moves:

Weather the Storm:
Sairen bearhugs an opponent tightly and runs them into the turnbuckle, crashing their back against it. Then she will wrap her arm around them going for a painful Ura-Nage slam to bring them down to the mat. To finish off the move Sairen will then try to lock in a Sharpshooter on the dazed opponent.

Sairen takes a dazed opponent and sits them on the top rope. Standing herself on the middle rope she grabs onto their head and jumps backwards, she then performs a form of Code Breaker where instead of using her knees Sairen kicks the opponent in the face as they both fall sending the opponent crashing down onto the mat.



Sairen has a very straightforward and assertive personality. She is extremely addictive; often if she gets into something she cannot stop herself for repeating it. That trait has gotten her in trouble more than once, and is part of why she is at AFW. She is an easily amused and heavily loyal person, putting her friends’️ wellbeing before her own on many occasions. In a fight she is all-out aggression, because “Defense is just a slower Offense anyway!” she doesn’️t like to slow down or stop at all which can end cruelly for the opponent if she is winning already.

Sairen’️s early years of life were mostly normal; she lived with her loving family in a lower income area in the city. She didn’️t have much growing up, but she saw the people around them going through real hunger, and much worse so she learned to be appreciative quickly. So while most children indulged in video games and the like, Sairen played outside most of the time. In school, Sairen exceled in sports and was decent in the classroom. Her constant excersize kept her in great shape as she went through to high school. Her natural endowments and her fit body made her relatively popular and most of the school really did like her but she still kept with the best friend she had from grade school; Erin. Sairen and Erin were inseparable, they even became known as the “dynamic duo” around the area. Erin was a quiet girl that lived near Sairen while they were growing up, and whenever Sairen needed someone to play with Erin had been there. The two girls were as close as friends could be, but Sairen’️s only problem with Erin was that she was responsible to a fault. She never took any risks so Sairen took enough for the both of them.

Sairen started hanging around some “unfavorable” company and got into the drug that was sweeping the school: Verango. It was supposed to be an instant and powerful high that would “sweep you off your feet” with no consequences and Sairen loved it. It was her first addiction. She managed it well, getting an extra job to pay for it and still managing to keep her grades decent and get out of highschool. After graduating, Sairen realized she didn’️t really know what she wanted to do with her life. She decided to take a year off to “find herself”. This was the first year Sairen and Erin separated. They kept in touch of course, but there was no one to stop Sairen from being reckless. Most of her days ended in hanging out with her drug buddies or bruised at home. Erin had always told Sairen that eventually the drug would get her, and when it did the police found her lying passed out and beat up in an alley. Erin flew back home almost immediately after she got permission from her university to take care of her friend. She moved Sairen out to the city with her so that they could be together again and so she could keep an eye on her. However with Erin in school Sairen was still mostly free to go find new “friends”; it got to the point where one day Erin decided to follow Sairen so that she could catch her friend and stop her. When she found an extremely giggly and agreeable Sairen hanging underneath a bridge she began to pull her towards the car. Sairen’️s drug buddies didn’️t appreciate the buzzkill and started attacking the “party-pooper” Sairen tried to stop them, but she was still feeling the effects of the drug and they pushed her down into the river with ease while they dragged off Erin who was still kicking and screaming as they hit her.

Sairen pulled herself out of the river and began panicking; the high was gone, having been washed away with river water and fear. She called the police and immediately began searching all the old hangout places. Sure enough, Sairen found them at the first place she’️d met them. She walked in and saw Erin lying in a small pool of blood while her “friends” were just doing more Verango and ignoring her. Sairen lost it. In retrospect, though she is a very strong girl and a good fighter, with 4 of them there she would’️ve been screwed if they weren’️t high. She beat the men down in a violent frenzy until they were whimpering on the ground with cuts and bruises all over them. She huffed and panted as she tried to bring Erin over to the car. She knew she had to get her to a hospital in the next few minutes so she had no time to get the police to help. Sairen sat down at the wheel after situating Erin in the back only to find she was shaking too much to drive at all. Grudgingly she popped another pill of Verango, the high doing its job and “calming” her down. She drove at what must’️ve been record pace in the old car and made to the hospital in only 3 minutes. She saw her friend in, and then called the police to let them know she had found Erin. The cops came to the hospital then and unfortunately for Sairen she was still high when they arrived. One police officer took her to the station for questioning, and Sairen didn’️t bother lying. Upon hearing her story, the officer leaned in and gave Sairen a proposition: quit the drug and find something else to be addicted to, and her would drop the charges AND pay for the part of the treatment that Erin couldn’️t. Sairen took the deal instantly. It took Sairen awhile to figure out what she wanted to do, but she eventually decided to do what she liked. She knew she liked to fight, because as much as it had been a life and death situation Sairen had fun somewhere in the recesses of her mind. Sairen joined and underground fighting arena and quickly rose to the top of the roster before deciding to try a little bigger. She had fallen in love with the fighting, it was just as good if not better that the high from Verango, and she could make money from it; her was her second addiction. She found the AFW and decided to sign up; it was time she made something of her life, and so she walked in hoping the arena would be just the thing.

Wrestling Attire:
The mini-skirt and garter belt from the pic with a form-fitting blue t-shirt

Fun Facts:
-Likes to cosplay
-Likes crystals
-Enjoys dancing in the rain
-Eats grapes religiously

AFW Information




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Re: Sairen Ichimi

Post by Tatyina on Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:02 am

Approved! You may make matches and rp as you like ^ ^

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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