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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Bilal vs Daisuke w/ Lina

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Bilal vs Daisuke w/ Lina

Post by Maxy on Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:44 am

Bilal vs Daisuke Kamiya
Outdoors in winter weather
Traditional Rules

Teenwrestler was scheduled for his third ever professional wrestling match (Having won once and lost one).This match was a rather special type of pro wrestling match, even though it was supposed to be a regular pro wrestling match the only difference was it was held the winters!!. TW was in a tent nearby to the wrestling ring where he was getting ready to face his opponent.He quickly stripped down from his street clothes and slipped into his wrestling attire, black nike latex wrestling boxers with polished black wrestling boots laced up."Brrrrrr its c-cold! I better be getting paid extra for this" he says while he paces the tent room, a bit nervous about the match.He starts to do some warmups by doing some situps,pushups and squats before streching off his leg muscles,arms
neck.Finally getting ready to head out to the ring, an official enters his tent "Yer up kid" he says before leaving. "R-right, time to win this" Tw says as he moves out of the tent going outdoors.He takes a moment to take in the roar of the crowd while his body shivers a bit as his bare skin meets the chilly wind but he can take a cold weather knowing things will heat up in the ring.TW quickly sprints the way towards the ring as he baseball slides inside the ring and quickly gets back up on his feet, bouncing off the ring ropes he continues to sprint in the ring while loosening up his arms trying to warm up his body as much as he can, standing in at 5,9 145 pounds and only at 19 years of age!!

After being away for a couple of years, which her last match saw her face her cousin Tai and got literally butt screwed in defeat, Daisuke was about to make her return. Staying physically active though was how she prefered things, and something about being in the ring felt natural. She was a bit unsure of what to think about her first match back, but given she sees weather like this a lot where she is from she wasn't too bothered by it.
maxy_maxwell: Lina comes int to let her know that her opponent is heading to the ring first and that it'll be time to go out shortly. Dai takes off her jacket, but before heading out there she throws a hockey jersey ontop of her ring clothes. When Lina sees this she grins, thinking it is smart for Dai to have something long sleeved, even if thin, on as well, though Dai put it on just because it scenory made it seem right.

When her theme plays she comes out, feeling great to back, hoping things go better this time than how her first stint ended. Lina comes out with her but keeps more distance from her as Dai enters the ring than what she did with Sion's match. Daisuke jokes with the referee saying "It's not that cold out."

The ref smiles "Heh tell that to the poor guy whos down to alot of skin" he says pointing back at Bilal.Teenwrestler is a little warmed up and getting used to the cold wind so hopefully it wont bother him that much as well."A hockey jersey? Heh....interesting...." he says smiling innocently as he looked around to the sides to find another woman outside of the ring "Ummmm your manager? nice..." he says as he jumps on the balls of his toes while loosening up his shoulders.He slowly moves towards the middle of the ring "No hidden weapons ref" he says smiling as the ref takes his word for it.Eager to meet his opponent for the first time in the middle of the ring for a face to face

Daisuke was a bit surprised he didn't have at least a shirt on, it kinda took away from something she thought about but didn't seemed bothered by it. "Cold enough for ya?"

Bilal was indeed feeling a bit cold but didnt want to show that to his opponent, passing his hands through the waistband of his wrestling boxers he SNAPS them back into place "Heh Im good,besides things are about to get hotter anyways" he smirks

Daisuke grins and waits for the bell to sound and steps back a bit "We'll see."

"Mhm yeah we well" Teenwrestler smiles as he takes a step backwards as well, DING DING DING.The sound of the bell ringing causes Bilal to take up a crouching stance, with his hands upinfront.His eyes locked at Daisukes positions as he starts to circle her, the two wrestlers are not too far apart in terms of stats and thats why TW is eager for a collar and elbow test of strength

Daisuke sees what he wants to do and reaches for him but instead grabs him and clubs him on the back a couple of times before backing up again "For real this time?" she grins and looks like she's agree to lock up with him if he chooses to

"Ngh-Owww arghhh" TW grunts out loud as he is clobbered on the back a few times instead of a standard lock up, he backs away and looks up at his opponent with a rather annoyed expression "Hmph cheap shot....whatever" he says in a rather serious tone as he lunges in,attempting another lock up.

Lina smirked knowing what Dai would have done if he had a shirt of some kind on. Dai goes for the lock up seriously this time. "c'mon"
bluedragon_sacred: Tw and Dai lock up collar and elbow in the middle of the ring! "ARGH!" Tw locks up with a grunt as he plants his boots hard on the ring canvas, pressing his forehead against hers as he tries to push her back towards the corner turnbuckle "Ngghh!" his arms shaking

Dai tries to do to stop from going back and wants him to go back instead, though she does take a step or two back

"Heh not bad" Tw smirks as he feels his opponent take a step back or two,realizing she would be fully trying to push him back and not go further back she might be vulnerable to a quick change of tactic,Tw would try to break the hold and quickly nip the side while grabbing her right arm and taking it behind her, looking to lock a hammerlock from behind, pressing her arm high above her back
maxy_maxwell: Lina observed Dai being taken into the hammerlock and Dai trying to back elbow out of it, looking back to try and see him as she swings
bluedragon_sacred: Knowing this hold will not last for along,especially with Dai swinging her elbow back and trying to twist and turn at the waist to look back, Tw tries to kick his opponent HARD at the back of her knee, trying to get her down on her knees

Daisuke goes down to a knee, though she slips a little bit. She notices though she is in range of one of his legs and after trying to swing back with her free arm and hitting nothing but air she tugs on his leg to at least get him to let go of the hold.

As soon as she went down on her knee,TW would try to repay her the favour by trying to club her down on her upperback with a forearm smash with his free arm,he felt his leg being tugged so he quickly darted backwards, having done what he wanted to do.....for now

she groans after getting nailed on the back. When she gets back to her feet she goes for a lock up with the intent of whipping him to the corner.
bluedragon_sacred: "Round 3? fine by me"Bilal smiks as the two wrestlers quickly lock up yet again in the middle of the ring "Whoa! shit, Urgh"Tw's back hits against the corner turnbuckle as his opponent quickly overturned the grapple into a irish whip to the corner.

Dai goes to the corner after him and presses against his chest, when she pulls back she chops him hard across his bare chest.

"Ngh get off me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OWW OWWW IT STINGS! SHIT" TW tried to shove Dai off her as she pressed her body into his before sending a stinging chest slap across his exposed chest, leaving a red hand print on his chest.Tw quickly spun around with his front body leaning against the ropes,his arms wrapped around his chest as well

Dai felt like taunting him by saying something like didn't your mom ever tell you to dress appropriately, but decided to keep her mouth shut and wacks him across the back until he got back in the corner.

"Gaahhhhh!!! owww sshiiittt that hurts" Tw moans out, the winter weather not really helping him as he takes a couple of stinging hand chops across his body, causing him to slump back into the corner

Daisuke chops him again, but holds him back into place again, licking her palm before giving him another hard chop.

Tw really regrets not wearing a shirt now,as he gets punished by some cruel chops to his chest esp that last one with some spit added to the palm "AHHHHH OWWWW NOOOOO" THAWK SLAP noises being heard loud as Dai punishes her opponent in the corner, Tw's chest has red hand prints while his chest burns in a stinging sensation

Dai goes to take him down to the mat, wanting to lock on the crossface, wanting his chest to feel the coldness

THUD! Tw's chest planted against the cold mats, feeling as if another hard chest slap was slapped across to his chest, his opponents arms clutched around his face as she pulled back "ARHHHH NOOOOO WAAHH!! LEMME GO YOU BULLY ARGHH" TW moans out loud shaking his head, his free arm moving up towards her fingers trying to prey them apart, since she dropped him down from the turnbuckle he streches his legs backwards and to teh sides, looking to hook his leg around the bottom rope.

Daisuke pulls back on tw's head, yelling at him to give up and for the ref to ask him, not knowing how close he is to the ropes.

"Nggghh!! G-get this crazy girl off me!! Rope break Urghh arghhh" Tw moans out as his head is pulled backwards, "Leme go bully! my foots on the ropes" he moans out in pain

Dai doesn't break it right away, not being able to hear the referee right away over her own yelling at TW but when she is able to hear the ref she break the hold.

"Owww owww crap" Tw moans out as he rolls onto his back, rubbing his nose with one hand and his sore chest with his other.After a few seconds he firmly grasps the bottom rope with his hands as he pulls himself up, chest reddened but his body isnt sweating much perhaps because of the cold

Daisuke let him get back to his feet as she told the ref she couldn't legitimently hear the rope break call right away then slaps him on the back again to get his attention before grabbing his waist and going for a backsuplex

"Huh w-what? URGHHHHHHHHHHH" THUD! the ring shakes a bit as Daisukes on her opponent like a flash, as soon as she sees him up on his feet she delievers a hard backsuplex to her opponent, Tw's back crashing down hard on the ring canvas leaving him down on his back with his arms and leg spreaded, chest heaving up and down as he moans in pain "Huff this female wrestler owww shes so good...huff hufff"

Wanting to do a bit more, Dai lifts him up, from behind again, but this time tries to not only lift, but throw him back over her head.

Tw feels her pretty arms still wrapped around his waist as she pulls him up again to his feet "No nonononono" he shakes his head as he tries to dash towards the ropes,looking to drag her as well but was soon hauled up and over her head as he was brought down hard on his back again, this time the impact was so hard he flipped onto his belly after crashing down on his back.

Even though she was the one giving the move, it took a little bit out of her as she was surprised to actually get him up and over without any issue liftening him it caused her to slip a little bit after the release. She pulled on her arms a bit to make sure she didn't pull anything and when she feels that she's fine she notices him down and jumps on him, going for a cover.

Teenwrestler is glad Dai isnt quick on her pin, she takes her time to loosen up her arms a bit.Tw takes his window to shake his head and recover, gather his thoughts up again. "Uff" he feels her body jumping on him as she hooks him up for the cover, the ref sliding next to them ".....1........2....." Tw places his palms on her back as he kicks out his legs "NO", breaking the pain forcefully as he rolls away towards the corner, trying to pull himself up.

Daisuke picks him up, giving him a forearm shot to the back, before setting him up for a suplex, with the intent of trying to hold onto it after impact, wanting to follow up with another one.

"Gaahh" Tw grunts as he feels a forearm smash hit hard onto his back, he grabbed the ropes as he feels his waist being grappled by Dai again.Trying to resist the supelex by clinging onto the ropes but his resistance his finally broken as hes hauled backwards into a hard hitting supelex. THUD.

Dai goes to follow up with a second suplex, picking him up in time before the referee couple make a one count on what looked like a double pin.

"Owww my back, Urghh Nghh Lemme go WAAAAHHHHH UFFFFFFFFFF" Dai wasnt done yet, she was really going at it hard hitting supelex after supelex as she hits Tw hard again with another supelex, the ring shakes a bit as TW goes down on his back, arms and legs spreaded.

Daisuke manages to hold on to him and picks him up again for a third one as Lina tells her to hold em upside down. She gets him in position and instead of going for a regular suplex she goes to lift him up and tries to hold him there for at least few seconds before bringing him back down, though can barely keep him upside down for a whole three seconds as she tries to hold him up for longer as Lina is telling her to do and is unable to and starts to lose her grip and her balance and she bring him down, but the hard way as she falls against the rope and with TW facing the other side of the ropes.

Tw's body lightly sweating now as the sweat is quickly dried off the cold wind (hopefully he doesnt get ill later on ), really getting a rag-doll beating as hes suplexed for the third consecutive time, his back getting the worst of the beatings as the ring pounds and shakes each time Dai hits one of her signature supelex as Teenwrestler can only moan and groan getting thrown around, "WHOAA NOO NOO PUT ME DOWN, ALL THE BLOOD IS RUSHING THROUGH MY HEA-UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" TW crash landed outside HARD ontop of Lina as their bodies mangle on top of each other outside the ring.

Dai didn't like what happened, but knew that part of the cold wind was the blame for that mess up, but she still didn't like that she couldn't get the third suplex off, then she looked around wondering where her opponent went. She eventually looks where the referee is looking as Lina's trying to pull herself out from under him. Dai asks the ref to check on tw to see if he isn't dead, sounding a bit concerned.

Tw boxers rolled up to make them look like briefs as hes on top of Lina, who crawled out from underneath him. His arms and legs spreaded as he looks semi-out cold, twitching a bit not moving.The ref has to do his job to call the match down to the wire so he starts to count "1..2..3..4..5..6..7.." Tw slowly regains some of his senses as he grabs the ring apron "8..9" before pulling himself up and in the ring just before 10.

Daisuke gives a small sigh in relieve as he doesn't appear to be seriously hurt from that fall. She grabs him when he comes back in, getting back to business, and goes for the stalling suplex she couldn't do right last time.

Tw crawls inside the ring as he pulled himself up using the ropes, steading himself but soon he was hauled up in another stalling supelex, his body hanging upside down for a while.The blood rushing up in his brain as he was forced back down on his back, THUD. The ring shakes from that impact as Tw is hit with another supelex, he cant remember how many times he was supelexed so much in a match, his body red but sweating very lightly.

Lina pulled herself back up shortly after the impact. Daisuke felt that it was time to end things as she too was feeling the lack of temp get to her, though also wanted to get Tw out of there as well figuring he's freezing with what very little he has on as she signals to the crowd that she wants to plant him on his head as she lifts him off the mat.

Teenwrestler was hauled up on the mats, his back aching from all the supelexes he had to endure, his legs a bit wobbly but still had some fight left in him, he quickly went down on his knees as he hooked his arms around her right thigh,trying to trip her on her back so that he might roll her up in a surprise pin, her shoulders pinned on the mat.

Daisuke wasn't expecting to be caught in the pinning perdiciment. Luckly for her she managed to kick out of in time, Lina suffering a near heart attack as a result of it.

"Ngh-Shittt" he hisses out as Daisuke forcefully breaks out the matchbook pin.Tw was shoved backwards as he went down on his butt but tried to quickly get back up, expecting Dai to be on her feet as well he would try to charge at her, looking to drive his shoulder into her gut as he charged at her "Waaaahhh"

It took her a bit longer to get back up than she usually would, not expecting that out of him at this point and turns around in time to get his shoulder, sending her back to the corner a bit.

Tw managed to trap her in the corner, he would lean back and THAWK send a stinging chest slap right in the middle of her chest,hes not done yet! he licked his palm and SLAP tried to send another stinging hard chest slap right across her boobs.

Even thougsh she had something covering her chest, unlike him she felt it, even when his hand sprang off her boobs, causing her to groan.

He tries to follow up by trying to send a forearm smash right under her neck, if that connects he would try to follow up with a knee shot aimed right at her belly, (if it caused her to double over) he would again try to follow up by wrapping his arm around the back of her neck and pull her to the middle

She groans after getting kneed down there and fell to a knee, but could feel him moving her some more.
He managed to drag her towards the middle, his arm still wrapped around the back of her neck.Tw lifted a leg then droped his body down backwards,looking to drive Dais head first into the canvas in a DDT

Daisuke gets the shoulder up at two. She tries to pull herself together after the kickout, having in mind to give him a clothesline with his name on it

Tw got a nearfall as his opponent kicked out at 2.He pulled her up by her hair and whipped her towards the ropes, as he waits for her to bounce back hoping to ram his shoulder into her body when she gets back

Dai ducks the shoulder and goess of the ropes on the opposite side and winds up a clothesline for him.

"Huh-Whaaa UFFFFFFFFFF" Tw turned around to face Dai as she ducked under the shoulder only for him to be greeted by her extended arm against his throat. Tw goes down on his back

Daisuke followed through and went down to a knee herself as he went down. She didn't want him to get another second wind and before Lina could suggest to her anything she picked him up, lifting him between her lines, locking up one of his legs, planting him with a cradle piledriver.

"WAH NOOO UFFFFFFFFFF OWWWWWW Mmmmmowwwwfffff" Tw was hauled up and brought down hard as Dai hit him with a cradle piledriver, his head first crashing against ring canvas.His body spread like an eagle,arms and legs spreaded.

Waisting no time after the impact, Daisuke goes to pin him, looking to end things here.

Hes shoulders pinned down by her back, his legs hooked up "1......2....3..." DING DING DING.

Lina was glad he didn't have a burst of more last minute offenece. Dai looked a little ticked that she almost lost it as her facial expression showed it during the pin but she felt better upon hearing the bell. After getting her arm raised Lina gets in the ring and does the same to her before suggesting they've been outside for long enough and start to head back.

"Owww my head mmmm" Tw soon is helped up by the ref, the ref generously gave him a towel ( thats all he had) to which TW wrapped around his shoulders and body as he quickly rushed back to the tentrooms. A little sore about his loss, but hey this is pro wrestling.

Get getting changed into something warmer, Daisuke went to look for him.

Tw put on his street clothes as well, as he bumped into Dai "Huh?"

"You almost caught me at the end there. I admit I'm a bit surprised you head on for as long as you did out there. I thought you would have frozen your butt off after three minutes. You doing ok?"

"Ummm Y-Yeah I was, I only have one set of attire you know, there just different in colour hehe, but it was ok, your a great wrestler!! It was a good match, the arena and the type of match was interesting as well " he replied smiling

"I know it's after the fact but maybe next time you should wear at least a t-shirt or something. Don't they have this kind of weather where you are from? she asks him, also nodding in agreement to it was an interesting type of match.

Tw shakes his head "Not really, its usually warm in the middle east....most of the time and yeah your right, I should have have,Im glad I didnt catch a cold hehehe"

"I'm just glad I didn't break your kneck when you went over the ropes. I kinda lost my footing" she sighed a little bit but tries to smile about it.
"Ohhh yeah that Ouch" Tw tries out his neck, streching it sideways " I think I'll have to thank your friend Lina, she softened my landing hehe its ok" he continued on,patting her shoulder.

She holds her hand out "maybe sometime again?"
Tw nodds "Fer sure! in warmer conditions?i need to even the score " he says acceping her hand out firmly

Close by, a slow clapping can be heard and a female voice says "I'd like to see that." Daisuke looks around, wondering who said that and notices her month in-law.

"Huh w-whaa?? Ohhh hey its Miss Kei, what are you doing here" Teenwrestler looks around to find Kei "When I heard Daisuke was making a return to the ring I had to check it out. I know you have a few matches under your belt already and you're good, but I think you could benifit from some guidance." Kei suggests.

Tw standing upright as he turned towards Kei "Ummmm S-sure! Ill take any help I can get Miss Kei" Tw replying back, shocked and overwhelmed which shows by the stammer in his speech.

"While I got no intention of retuning to the ring, I got no problem of giving knowledge to any fight both experienced or new that wants it. Who knows, maybe you might learn a thing or two and beat the big names of the sport today, anything's possible, Just tossing it out there if you want to." She tells him as Daisuke looks on.

Tw eyes shines of hopes and dreams as Kei continues her speech "Woooowwww your totally right! I know I can do it and and and with your help Im sure I can!!! I need to take down my new rival Dai first!!!

Kei noticed the look on Dai's face. She grins and pats her on the shoulder "Didn't expect to have a rival so soon hmm?" as Daisuke was a bit taken back by it.

"Hehehe Yeah! Im psyched! Im going to give it my all to be a better wrestler than Dai now! You can count on it!!! She may have gotten the better of me today but just you wait! youll see" Tw said facing Dai with a bright young smile, his arms raised up in a fist for a fistbump.

Daisuke hesistates but sees no harm in it and gives em one too.

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