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Summer Splash interest in Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm by daemongirl

Well my girl hasn't missed a summer splash yet, would anyone be interested in a match with her? Open to just about anything match wise, just pm me!

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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Takeuchi vs Sion/w.Lina

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Takeuchi vs Sion/w.Lina

Post by Teenwrestler on Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:21 pm

This is a YIM match me and Maxy did! Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sion.

A limousine arrived in the parking lot, the chauffer got out of the car and rushed to the door and opened it and stood aside.A young man stepped outside of his limo and lowered his Rayban glasses and looked around "Heh....I accepted better" he smirked, dressed in an all CK attire, CK shirt,pants and belt with gucci shoes.Daisuke Takeuchi, the new face of this wrestling company. He was scheduled for an interview and he was soon strutting off backstage for the interview, he didnt want to be late for his adoring public.The wrestling prince, as he was dubbed, found the interviewer waiting patiently as she was fixing her hair." Hey...are you taking the interview?" Takeuchi snapped at her, the interviewer lady jolted a bit in shock as she turned around to see such a handsome young man,standing right infront of her, "So umm your the wrestling prince, Daisuke Takeuchi" she slowly started to speak in her mike." w-what are your goals m-" Takeuchi took the mic from her hands and was quick to respond " look, whatever your name is,Im here for one reason ! Im going to be the best pro wrestling talent the world has ever seen! In this company, be it male or female there is no one I wouldnt take on and win, im the best pro wrestler! Simple fact and anyone who dares thinks otherwise.....heh...well thats because he or she has yet to step in the ring with the wrestling prince" Takeuchi would continue to praise himself towards no end, enjoying his first day.

After him going on for what seemed like a while, Lina appeared behind him and mocked how he was talking then after a bit she seemed to get bored of it and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. "Are you done boring her and everyone else yet?"

"Huh? HMPH! Dont touch me with your dirty hands" he quickly spun around to face whoever touched him, " Oh? what do you want? cant you see Im busy?" Takeuchi snorted with his eyebrows raised, as he faced Lina.

"That's a pretty bold statement to make for someone who hasn't done anything yet." She looks him over a bit before continuing, taking not of what he is wearing compared to her semi-casual look. "Your ok, but to call yourself the best, well I wouldn't go that far. There's a lot guys n gals back here, plus some legends in attendence , who all of which could do laps around you. But if it's a fight you're looking for today is your lucky day. For I have a client who is the blood of a former champion known all over the globe. Is he destined to one day be the best? That remains to be seen, but I'm sure he could teach you a thinig or two."

Takeuchi was one of those guys that easily got ticked off, he started to grit his teeth and shake his fists in anger as Lina continued to talk, stealing the spotlight of his interview." Grrrrrrrr....w-why you little bitch! how dare you interrupt MY private interview session and then on top of that have the nerv to talk trash about me on my face" Takeuchi suddenly bursted out in frustration.Although,a smirk came around the corner of his lips as he thought about Lina's words on getting into a match ".....Heh...I suppose starting my new career with a win is just what I need, any wrestler you manage is probably a washed up has-been living on the name of his champion mother/father or whatever, I'll take that challenge up!!" Takeuchi smirked, licking his lips as he waits for Lina's reply to make it official and done.

"See you out there," Lina then whispers something to the interviewer and smirks before taking off.

"Hmm? I wonder what she said?" Takeuchi pondered before heading toward's the mens locker room to get changed for tonight's one on one wrestling action." Urgh? this is the locker room? Oh well,will have to do for now" he complained while shaking his head.He then proceeded to the showers as he took a quick shower before slipping into his wrestling attire.A pair of black latex CK wrestling briefs,perfect fit around his waist.He then puts on his polished black wrestling boots, upto his calves,lacing them up "There, that outta do it.".He then proceeded to move out of the locker room and made his way backstage and soon towards the arena,he heard his enterance music cue as he brushed past the curtains that led to the arena, making his way out.Standing on top of the ramp Takeuchi eyes down the path leading towards the ring, taking in the atmosphere as the crowd roars in exciting, he gets a mixed reaction with cheers and jeers but he doesn't seem to care either way.He slowly makes his way down towards the ramp and then picks up the pace and then slides inside the ring beneath the bottom rope.He quickly gets back up on his feet then bounces off the ring ropes, sprinting in the ring while loosening up his arms and neck doing some streches and light warm ups " Mmmmmm this should be easy! I wonder who that annoying manager has for me tonight!! Better be worth my time" he says to himself while moving towards his corner.

Takeuchi doesn't have to wait for along as his opponent's theme plays throught the arena as Sion makes his way out with Lina close behind. Nothing appears to be special about him as he comes out for his in-ring debut, but does look to be pretty fired up. What Lina did not know was that there actually was a famous set of eyes watching as Kei was in attedence and watching from the crowd, having retired from the ring a couple of years ago. She appears to be interested in what was about to come as Sion steps between the ropes. Sion takes his jacket off while Lina tells Takeuchi to becareful what he wishes for. Sion looked over for a moment what was going on between those two as he stretched against the ropes.

"Heh whatever miss carrot-head, let me just take of Mr.ponytail here first" Takeuchi snaps at Lina as he takes a swipe at both of them.Takeuchi finished up his streching as he was just about ready to start the match,he passed his fingers through the waistband of his wrestling-briefs and SNAPPED them back into place before moving towards the middle of the ring awaiting for a face to face face-off with his opponent, "Come on now you third-class pro-wrestler wannabe,Lets just finish this quick"Takeuchi continued to try to insult Sion as he streched in the corner,he was eagerly awaiting for the bell to ring to start this match off, the 5,10 155 pound 22yo wrestler was bouncing on the balls of his toes, the adrenaline pumping in his body.

Lina jumps back and looks like she is going to retaliate but instead turns her back to him and appears to givea a couple last minute to Sion, and at one pointing turning back to Takeuchi, barking at him to shut his hole before stepping to the outside and taking the place of where Sion was the last time he was here. Sion gives a the nod to the referee saying that he's ready to go. Even though his mother and god knows who else was watching, Lina did a good job before hand to mentally get him ready so he wouldn't be a nervous wreck right out of the starting block.

"Pfft,whatever! lets just start the damn match" Takeuchi points at the ref to start the match up,not sure about what the fuss is about this "Kei" person watching tonights main event, is she supposed to be some big-shot or something?.DING DING DING the bell rings as the match offiically starts up,Takeuchi brings his hands upinfront while taking a crouching position, his eyes fixed at Sion's position as he starts t o circle him and slowly edges near him."Come on then,lets do this like men" he tells Sion, inviting him for a collar and elbow grapple battle to start off the match.

Sion looks like he is going to go for it before sending in a fake kick to throw him off a bit, before locking up with him/

Takeuchi instinctively takes a step back to try to evade the kick, but it was only to throw him off as Sion was quick to lunge in and lock up with him collar and eblow. "Urgh...damn" Takeuchi grunted as they locked up,his boot planted hard on the ring canvas as he tried to push him back,knowing his already on the backfoot and Sion has weight on him he goes for the cheap shot, trying to bring his knee right up into his belly to break the lock up " HAH".

Sion lets go after the contact with the knee as Lina can be heard saying "C'mon, you got this."

As soon as Sion was forced to let go and double over from that knee shot,Takeuchi stepped to his side and smashed his forearm on his opponents back, he would follow up by wrapping his arm around the back of Sions neck, pulling his face against the side of his pecs locking in a side-headlock." Arggggghhhh" Takeuchi's biceps bulging as he looks to stiffen that neck in the headlock.

Not wanting to take what would be an easy, but dirty way out, Sion tried to fight for position, eveventually putting a hand on where Takeuchi's hair is, but not pulling it and tries to push against his head in the direction of the ropes

"Heh this is it? pathetic! ARGHHHH" Takeuchi continued to tighten his grip around Sions neck.His biceps rock hard and bulging as he keeps his opponents face pressed against the side of his chest,however he was dragged towards the ropes but he didnt seem to care, he was too much focused in trying to lock the hold as tightly as he could.

Sion keeps feeling it as he keeps pressing against Takeuchi's head and when he feels that the ropes are near he tries to shove him off

"Tsk! darn ropes" Takeuchi cursed out,Sion dragged them towards the ropes and then attempted to shove Takeuchi off him, "Urgh damn" Takeuchi backed off a bit after he was shoved as he staggered back towards the middle of the ring." heh? that it?" he arrogantly smiled.

Kei watched on and looked impressed with Takeuchi preventing himself from being forced into a going off the rope exchange as Lina was hoping for that and didn't look impressed, though Sion didn't seem to mind much. He went off the ropes anway and charges back at him.

Takeuchi half expected Sion to make a rash move like that, he was standing in the middle of the ring with alot of room between themselves, he sees Sion bounce off the ring ropes and charge into him,sprinting towards him.Takeuchi tried to counter that, as soon as Sion would get close enough,Takeuchi would attempt to bend down a bit and try to flip Sion over his body "Ngh!?!"

Sion went to leapfrog over Takeuchi's,barely avoiding a collision, back and went off the ropes on the other side, coming off those ropes and went for a spinning heel kick.

"Huh? wha-GAAHHH!!!" THAWK!, Takeuchi didnt feel Sions bodyweight on his back and he didnt even hear the pounding of the ring canvas, he turned around to see what happened and was greeted by a spinning heel kick!!! Takeuchi went down on his back on the ring canvas, moaning out loud " Urghhh sshiitttt"

"How you ya like that?!" Lina barks towards Takeuchi as Sion follows up by dropping an elbow to the back. Sion measures him and has a dropkick waiting for Takeuchi with his name on it when it gets vertical.

"Gaaahhhh my back owww sshiiittt" Takeuchi moans out as his hands reach back to his back, rubbing it to ease the pain,he hears Lina taunt him but cant be bothered to reply to her right now.He crawls towards the ropes as he grabs the bottom rope, he starts to think why isnt Sion following up his advantage? he slowly pulls himself up and spins around as he sees Sion leap up in the air with his legs extended, Takeuchi quickly lets go of the ropes and falls down to his side, hoping to avoid the kick

Sion manages to still conntect with a peice of the dropkick, but with not enough force to do much as he would have liked since Takeuchi tried to avoid it.

Sions boots still manage to catch Takeuchi's shoulder as he had attempted to evade the dropkick, he quickly went down on his side and rolled outside of the ring, shaking his head and loosening up his shoulder and thats where he heard some sort of commotion in the crowd "Urgh...this guy is go-huh what?" he said as he looked around to see what the heck was going on .

Sion wasn't sure at first how much of it he got, but did notice Takeuchi on the outside and wanted to go after him but the referee stops him from doing it, wanting Sion to let him get back in on his own. Lina was about to say something about Takeuichi getting out of doge when she heard something going on too.

It would seem that Kei wasnt the only special attendent in the crowd.Somewhere hidden in the crowd, there was Yamato Takeuchi, Daisukes older brother who had two reasons to attend this special wrestling arena in this night.He wanted to see how his younger brother carried out his family legacy and he knew for a fact that Kei, his bitterest rival, to whom he has met dozens of time in the ring, was also attending tonights main event.He couldnt let their rivalry just get pass so he planned an assault.Yamato was dressed in his black sweatpants and a grey vest, he lunged in behind Kei and just threw his body into her, hammering away fists on her shoulders and head "BITCH! ITS NOT OVER" he yell, as all those years of rivalry flashed in his mind,the crowd clearing up a bit of space as those 2 madly go at it, Takeuchi got concered at this point as he moved towards the barricade "B-brother!?! w-what are you? gah!" he said with his eyes wide opened.

Lina goes to get a closer look and glances over at Takeuchi and jokingly asks "How many have they had?" wondering if it's an alcohol fueled brawl as Kei attempted to fight back. Sion is still in the ring and noticed what is going on and facepalms

"Heh,Im not sure! Im sure Kei has something to do with starting this" he said before attempting to cross the barricade,trying to separate the 2 rivals who were going at each other like animals!. Yamatao tried to stay on top of her, attempting to smash his forearms wildly down on the legendary wrestlers body.

Before Lina could say anything else she sees him trying to break things up, and decides to join him at it. Sion notices fans that were around the area. Before the referee can decide whether to call the match off or not Sion goes through the ropes, looking like he might join in the action on the floor, which he does, but not by walking down there. He goes upstairs and launches himself into both Takeuchi, Lina, Kei, Yamato, and anyone else that may be in the way, thinking this may be a moment to start making a name for himself.

"Hey hey break it up bro, what are you doing? your ruinning my debut!" Takeuchi tries to talk to Yamatao as he tuggs on his shoulders, Yamato just tries to push his younger brother back while trying to keep the assault on Kei,Takeuchi was pushed back and out of sheer instinct, he turned his head backwards as he saw Sion in mid-air with his body streched as he was about to crash land on the 4 wrestlers huddled up "Whoaaa! What the hell! look ou-OWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Sions body crash landed on all the 4 wrestlers, it seemed like a bowling ball hit a strike, as everyone went down on the crownd floor, arms and legs spreaded moaning out.

Lina didn't see Sion coming at all nor heard Takeuchi's warning. Kei kind of did but nothing could have been done to prevent it. Sion takes a moment to get back to his feet, not caring for taking out three others that got in his way and he grabs Takeuchi and launches him back over the crowd barrier.

Sion leaped up from the top turnbuckle and crashed landed on Yamato,Kei,Daisuke and his own manager Lina. 5 bodies crashed down,moaning down on the outside mats as Sion was first to get up from the pile of bodies down on the floor, he was quick to grab his opponent,daisuke, as he hauled him over the barricade "Urghhh Gah! shit" takeuci hissed as his back crashed down on the outside mats.

Sion hopped back over himself, picking his opponent back up and sends him in the direction of one of the ring posts.

"Whoaaa nonononono Urghhhhhhhowww" Takeuchi was forced up again as he was shoved into the steep ring post,to protect his face from crashing against the post, he moved his body to the side so that the post hit him on his shoulder, he still went down on his side on the outside mat, rubbing his sore shoulder with his free hand.

After sending Takeuchi into the ring post Sion helps him back into the ring by picking him up and sending him back in under the bottom rope. Sion gets back in himself, but by slingshotting himself over the upper rope, going for a legdrop in the process.

Takeuchi was forced inside the ring, his body laying sideways near the ring apron as his chest heaves up and down, taking in deep heavy breathes.His body glistening in sweat as he sees Sion grabs the ropes and flips over them, as he comes crashing down on his takeuchis body sideways with is legs extended, landing in a hard legdrop.

After conntecting, Sion rolls Takeuchi over and goes for a pin.

Ufffffffff!!" the wind knocked outta takeuchis lungs as Sion's legs crash land down on his chest.He feels his shoulders being pinned by his back and his legs hooked up while the ref counts ".......1.........2......" takeuchi places his palms on Sions back and pushed forward, trying to bring his shoulders up and trying to kick out before the 3 count.

He only gets a near fall but doesn't question the ref's count even though he thought it could have been better. Sion starts to get back up, picking Takeuchi up with him, holding on tight, pulling him halfway between the middle of the ring and one of the corners and goes for a doublearm ddt

"Urghh-cough- owww" Takeuchi sweating, as hes forced upwards and dragged towards the middle of the ring and one of the corner and WHAM! Sion catches him in doublearm ddt as his body goes down on the ring mats, face first.THUD

After the impact Sion moves Takeuchi a little and goes to the top rope and goes for a shooting star press.

Takeuchi gets dazed and dizzy from that hard hitting ddt, he turns on to lay down on his back. Taking a few moments to rear up.Takeuchi is puzzled that Sion doesn't follow up with a pin or submission etc, takeuci raises his head up a bit to find his opponent, only to see him leap up from the turnbuckle in a shooting star attempt! "Oh Shit" takeuchi gasps as he tries to quickly roll out of the way, if he could.

Around this time, Lina is able to pull herself away from the wreckage as security now moves in to keep the two older ones seperated and the first thing in the ring Lina sees is Sion hitting nothing the canvas

Takeuchi watches Sion crash land,on his belly as he misses the high risk move. Takeuchi knows going for the pin is useless but won't let this opportunity pass nontheless. He quickly gets up and loves towards Sion, stomps his boot down on his back and thigh, softening him up,then tries to thump his butt down on the small of his back,trying to sit on his back while his opponent was down on his belly. If he was successful in doing so, takeuchi would try to lean forward and grab both of Sions legs and pull them backwards in a boston crab

Lina cringes a bit, not liking where this going "For fake sakes" as Sion gets locked in a boston crab. He isn't able to resist being put in but does try to squirm out of it, trying to get to where the ropes are.

Takeuchi grits his teeth as he feels Sion dragging them towards one of the bottom ropes."grrrrr! Shit" he curses as he thumps his butt down on his back again, arching his legs back further as he increases the pressure applied in the boston crab.

Lina crotches down a little bit, trying to call Sion closer to the part of the ring she is at. He moves closer to the ropes using his arms to drag him in that direction until he's in range to grab it but can't seem to for some reason. "C'mon grab it you're right there!" Lina barks out at Sion, and he gives it a go to grab the bottom rope to force a break, but not with hand, but with his teeth.

"Grrrr! Just give up already!' Takeuchi snaps at Sion who seems so close to the ropes and eventually bites the rope,for a ropebreak. Takeuchi doesn't let go of him immediatly and instead keeps the hold on until the ref calls out to him " hey, let go its a clean rope break! Let go daisuke....1...2....3....4..." Takeuchi quickly releases the hold and backs off before 5, " whaaaat? I let go,see' he says with a smirk with his hands up claiming innocence

Lina wasn't expecting him to do it like that but she gave a small shrug after Takeuchi let go of the hold as. 'I guess if it worked' she thought.

Takeuchi went back on the offence after he had let go, moving towards Sion as he begins to stomp down on his back, before grabbing him by his hair and trying to pull him up to his feet, "get up" he snarls

As Sion let go he felt that he was being yanked up and he doesn't appear to like the feeling. Neither does Lina, being very vocal claiming an illegal hair pull

"Oh be quiet damn you"Takeuchi hisses out at Lina who seems to be very lively in letting her feelings being known to the ref, as Daisuke pulled Sion up on his feet he would attempt to drive his foot in Sion's midsection, if he was succesful in doing so he would try to wrap his arm around the back of Sions neck, lifting his left leg up and then fall down on his butt, driving Sions head down hard on the ring mat in a DDT.

Sion attempted to plant his feets hard to avoid going down again but wasn't fast enough to do it and found himself being planted.

"Heh your working up quite a bit of sweat there pal"Takeuchi takes a swipe at his opponent, being the more submission-style orientated wrestler that he is, Takeuchi quickly attempted to go for another submission.He thumped his backside on Sion's upperback, if he managed to do so he would try to lean forward and trap his opponents arms under his knees, then leans forward again and locks his hands around his chin and pulls back, trying to go for a camel clutch.

Even though he did get put in the hold Sion didn't go in it quietly and while trying to fight off the pain form it went to grab one of Takeuchi's legs.

"Urgh-just tap out! Arghhhh" Takeuchi roared as he pulled Sion's head back, putting pressure on his opponents back as he feels his leg being grabbed "Damn!"

Sion pulls on it a bit harder, trying to pull the leg enough to get out of the hold.

"Arghhhh just sub-whaaaa uffffffff" Takeuchis leg slipped a bit because his opponent was constantly pulling on it, eventually it gave way and takeuchis leg slipped causing him to stumble down to the side, breaking his hold.

It took a slight moment for Sion to get his bearings and gave Takeuchi a sliding dropkick to the ribs. Sion followed this up by going off the ropes and going for a bulldog.

Takeuchi was on the backfoot for now as he got up on his feet,only to be struck in the ribs by Sions boots in a dropkick, Takeuchi dropped down to one knee but soon his face was slammed down on the ring mats hard as Sion followed up with a bulldog.

Sion looks like he's going to try pinning him, but instead picks Takechui back up and runs with him to the corner, going for a slicedbread#2.

Takeuchi tries to push Sion away as he drags him towards the corner turnbuckle in a facelook, as soon as they edge near the turnbuckle Sion acrobatically runs up and backflips in the air taking takeuchi down hard on his back, almost towards the middle of the ring THUD. "owwwwwwwwwww shiit my back owwww" Takeuchi moans as he rolls onto his belly, rubbing his back to ease the pain.

Sion looked like he was pinning him from how he landed but got up, wanting to end it while things appeared to be going well for him. He goes uptop again and for the second time in the match goes for a shooting star press.

Takeuchi was still down on his back moaning out loud, kicking the mats in frustration.He started to blink fast as he again felt that Sion isnt taking an advantage of Takeuchis positions, out of instinct and presence of mind Takeuchi again managed to roll out of the way at the very last second.

When Lina looks back up she sees Sion signalling to the referee that he's had enough, and she slaps the mat in anger "Damn it!"

"Arghhhhh Ngh! Had enough eh?" Takeuchi grins as he jumps on his feet causing more pain to Sions back, the ref tuggs on Daisukes shoulders "Ok ok you won, hes given up let go" the ref says, DING DING DING, DING DING DING, eventually Daisuke lets go, as the wrestling prince drops his opponent down on his belly. "Hah....another commoner done by the prince" he says arrogantly posing for the crowd after his victory."Heh so who was this guy supposed to be anyways? total chump" Takeuchi said looking at Lina before moving towards the ring ropes and exiting the ring, giving his opponent one last look as he turned back around his shoulders with a smirk, before slowly walking towards backstage with his arms raised above his head, exiting the arena.

When Sion was close enough Lina reached in and pulled him out. At first she said nothing but then slapped him across the face, then yelled at him "What the hell happened! Smarten up!" She turned around with her hands on her hips and gave a small sigh of disappointment as Sion looked down. She then looked back at him "Look at me while I'm talking to you!" as she holds his chin back up, then pats him softly where she slapped him a few seconds prior. "It'll be alright, let's go." Sion said nothing as they both headed back.

Backstage,Takeuchi dried off the sweat off his body and drank water from a water bottle on a table in the main backstage area.Feeling confident from his victory, the interviewer from earlier caught up to him "Hello Daisuke,great debut victory! How do you feel about your win? was it hard? did you expect a victory?" she said asking a flurry of questions with a bright smile. Takeuchi grinned and replied "Heh yeah,always nice to start off with a win and I expected nothing less of myself and my wrestling ability.As for...whoever it was I just beat, I dunno...he seemed liked a chump too me, too easy! and that manager lady, she needs to learn to shut the hell up,anyways this is just the first of many victories.I told you before Im going to go up top on the tension division, male or female wrestlers, I dont care ill take them on and win" He says before storming off to his locker room to change into his street clothes.

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