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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Away for a vacation

Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:51 am by TomboyTsuka

From tomorrow to July 18th, I will be away from AFW as I will go on a summer holiday to Shanghai, China. I'll see you pals again on July 19th. Have fun everyone!!

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Post by Lunchador on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:10 am

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Nationality: United States
Alighnment: Heel
Entrance Music: "Falling Leaves" by Billy Talent

Role: Striker/submission expert



In a match, Doom will focus on defeating her pathetic opponents with a combination of hard-striking blows and submission maneuvers targeting their inferior limbs.  Her primary training comes from MMA schooling, so her tendency is to focus on being brutal and efficient.  Which plays perfectly to her rather mean-spirited attitude towards the girls she goes up against.
In her training, Doom puts a great deal of effort into building muscle strength, and so,in matches, she feels confident putting emphasis on striking and overpowering her foes.  She doesn't bother with crowd-pleasing moves, instead focusing on punishing her opponents as much as she can, before forcing them to acknowledge her superiority.


Slams and Throws- Doom has impressive body strength for her frame, having focused on athletics for much of her life.  However, she's not nearly as proficient in setting up her foes for wrestling moves such as suplexes or body slams as she would like.  She can lift her foes, but getting them into position and then making the most of it can be a bit of a struggle.
Technical Skill- While highly skilled in blocks, Doom doesn't bother to focus much on technical reversals to traditional wrestling maneuvers.  If she doesn't initially block a submission hold or grapple, her best hope is to be able to try and power out of it.
Strikes- Strikes are Doom's strongest point.  With her training focused almost entirely on mixed martial arts, she has a variety of crippling punches and kicks to choose from when tryng to decide exactly how best to dissect her foes.
Submissions-Doom takes a great deal of satisfaction out of applying a good submission hold.  She has no qualms with going dangerously far with her submissions, to the point of risking serious injury to her foe.  When in a submission hold herself, Doom seems to ignore good decision-making completely; even at the risk of serious injury, she simply won't tap out.

Due to her pent-up aggression, Doom prefers submission and hardcore matches.

PHDoom utilizes striking moves, mostly.  Punches and kicks targeting the ribs and limbs, attempting to wear down her foes to set them up for a submission or knock-out finish.  To this end, Doom has developed excellent basic strikes, as well as blocks for the same.
More elaborate moves in Doom's arsenal include dropkicks, targeted stomps, elbow drops and other such sharp strikes.  Special favourites include the spinning backfist, the scissor dropkick and the double-fist axe handle (which she even executes from the top rope, rarely).
Doom's other favourite moves include targeted submission holds.  She has a great deal of  experience executing armbars, standard and single-leg boston crabs, triangle submissions and the like.  If she had to pick a favourite, however, Doom would certainly go with the crossface crippler, which allows her a great deal of leverage in taunting her foes while drawing a submission out of them.

The Heart Punch- With an opponent exhausted and beaten, Doom will raise  their left arm and fold it across the throat, holding their body tightly against hers, before delivering a strong punch into the side of the ribcage.  The move is alleged to rely on "Oriental pressure points" to strike a nerve which causes the opponent's heart to momentarily stop, rendering them unconscious.


A talented young overachiever from suburban Chicago, Carrie Banks excelled in both academics and athletics.  Never managing to relate socially to those around her, however, Carrie found herself the target of social bullying, and even physical violence.  She became highly knowledgeable in her areas of study, though maladjusted socially.  This general description would follow the poor girl through most of her life.
Her academic skill made her a shoe-in for admission to an area state university.  Carrie quickly became the shining star of their Political Science department.  During this period, she also took up as many sports as she could, from dodgeball and flag football, to taking part in local MMA and judo training.  An outstanding academic record and laundry list of extracurricular activities made Carrie a prime candidate for the University's graduate studies program, which she saw as the culmination of a lifetime of seeking validation for all of her hard work.  After her acceptance to the program, however, Carrie realized that instead of getting to display her prowess, she was mostly being treated as a go-fer for the more established members of the department.  By day, she quietly skulked about the offices, going about academic busywork.  By night, however, Carrie had dropped her team sport activities, and threw herself completely into highly competitive MMA and judo training.  Anything that would let the young girl work through her pent-up anger.
After a few semesters of this, Carrie took up a research project that moved her to Japan.  Instread of being the liberating cultural release that she hoped it would be, however, she only found herself feeling more used and isolated.  Until one night at a bar, proofreading other people's work over some heavy drinks, when Carrie managed to catch an episode of AFW Friction.  The moment changed her life.  Looking from the television to the cheering bar patrons, she saw what was, to her perception, an entire locker room full of women achieving celebrity and recognition for a fraction of the work that Carrie had put in.  More than a little drunk, Carrie called the head of her research project and quit the program.
Now, Carrie was faced with the prospect of either finding another way to pay for her apartment in a foreign country, or returning home as a failure.  In the end, she decided to completely reinvent herself.  She cashed out all of her existing bank accounts, cut and dyed her hair, and began a new life.  Finding local amateur boxing and MMA competitions, Carrie paid her bills with whatever she could win from them.  In doing so, she actually managed to catch the attention of AFW recruiters.
Signing a contract, Carrie took on the ring name "PHDOOM" (partially inspired by the comic books she used to read as a child) and set about to make a name for herself in professional wrestling.  She was still as eager as ever to prove herself intellectually and physically as she's ever been.  But now, Doom found a new target for her lifetime of pent-up frustration and rage:  the women of the AFW.

-  Doom loves to talk about herself, to the point that she'll even do so in the third person.
-  Fond of showing off her knowledge of wrestling history, Doom takes great joy in pulling out references to classic wrestlers during matches, especially if she can use something like a  reference to The Iron Sheik or Tito Santana in order to belittle her opponent's skill.
-  The only thing that equals Doom's disdain for AFW is her disdain for AFW's audience; when close to the crowd, she won't miss an opportunity to be confrontational or condescending to the fans.  She also feels a compulsive need to argue with any statement that even seems supportive of the current state of female wrestling.
-  Straight edge during her teenage years, Doom fell off the wagon hard during her first semester as a grad student.  To this day, she won't resist a challenge to drink, and will abuse others' decisions towards abstinence, given the chance.


Wins-1/ Losses- 1/ Draws-0


1.  Dixie Clements defeated PHDOOM via pinfall:  Doom's first match in AFW played straight into her hangups, as she was pitted against the popular, buxom blonde veteran, Dixie Clements.  The match itself was heated and brutal, with both girls pulling out all the stops to bring one another down.  In the end, Doom's arrogance (and, even if she'd never admit it, the skilled battering Dixie gave her) left Doom vulnerable to a rollup pin.  Her AFW debut ending in defeat, Doom responded to Dixie's post-match handshake with a vicious low blow and a beat down, ensuring the will be crossing paths again ...
2.  PHDOOM defeated Big Barda via pinfall:  In Doom's next match, she faced a powerful bodybuilder who adopted the comic book comparisons to wrestling wholesale.  Between Doom's size disadvantage against the considerably larger grappler, and Barda's remarkable fighting spirit, Doom had to take full advantage of the match's hardcore stipulations to wear her opponent down, for the eventual pinfall.  At the very least, it seemed the former grad student had a good times discussing comics, giving Doom far more enjoyable conversation than she ever thought she'd get out of AFW ...
4. Tables Match: Dixie Clements vs. PHDOOM ((Match currently in progress! Do not try to rush greatness, plebian fools!))


3.Your Impending Doom: When Cowgirl Dixie Clements issues an open challenge to the AFW, Doom makes her unexpected return to the AFW ring.

Doom has won a Karaoke championship with her drunken rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."  You plebians shall respect this!


- None specifically.  Except, well, probably you.  You brazen hussy.
- Okay, possibly Dixie Clements.  If Doom were to afford anyone the special attention to truly despise them, then that hate would fall on Dixie's shoulders.
- Don't think that takes any pressure off of you, however.

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