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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Fallon Terrazas vs. Haruko Hitamura (IM Match)

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Fallon Terrazas vs. Haruko Hitamura (IM Match)

Post by Daaharu on Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:38 pm

daaharu: Fallon appeared at the top of the ramp, bright red and orange beams of light shooting out from behind her, highlighting her sexy, curvy silhouette for the enjoyment of the audience. She pumped a fist into the air, grinning widely, cheering along with the crowd as she made her way down to the ring. “Yeah!” she yelled. “Yeah!” Even if it was her second match, she was still quite new to AFW, and her excitement this time was no less than in her debut match. When she reached the ring, she would hop up and roll into it, wiggling her skimpily-clad ass for the fans’️ enjoyment as she got to her feet. Once she was standing up, she would throw both fists up into the air one last time, striking a pose as she waited for her opponent to enter.

psychopatrick88: The crowd of the AFW would be getting a treat tonight as a song that would sound very familiar to the crowd began playing. The crowd started cheering wildly as the blonde haired catgirl stepped her way onto the stage. Haruko smiles wide as she walks out in white boots, white shorts, and her white sports bra with her name stitched onto the back in a fancy cursive style. She was glad to make another appearance here, and was happier to find out how the crowd had missed seeing her around. She steps down the ramp, and walks towards the ring. She didn't really do anything fancy, besides climb in through the middle rope, then turned to see a brown haired girl clad in a very skimpy leopard bikini. She raises an eyebrow at the revealing attire. "Don't like to leave anything to the imagination, huh?

daaharu: Fallon hopped from one foot to the other, throwing some shadow punches in the direction of her opponent as the girl walked down the ramp and climbed through the ropes into the ring. When the blonde catgirl gave her a comment about her skimpy attire, Fallon laughed and shrugged. “I’️m not modest,” she replied, taking a few steps towards her opponent, giving the girl a good look-over. The catgirl was a good deal shorter than her, although they seemed to be similarly built—even the girl’️s abs seemed pretty impressive, which interested Fallon greatly. Her eyes lingered there for a moment, before they moved up to the other wrestler’️s face.

“Your costume isn’️t exactly conservative, shorty,” she snickered, stepping to the side a little and leaning around the girl so that she could read the cursive letters on the girl’️s back. “So, uh…Haruko, is it? I’️m Fallon.” She would turn back to the girl and offer a hand for her to shake, taking another glance down at the girl’️s midsection. “Nice to beat you!” she said, nonchalantly, waiting to see whether Haruko caught the little linguistic switcheroo.

psychopatrick88: Haruko couldn't help but laugh a little when Fallon just admitted that. "Well.. at least you don't hide it." She says. Her smile fades a little when Fallon gives her a good lookover, then frowns a little at the comment. "..Shorty?" She repeats, then blinks as she just saunters around behind her. "What are you- ... Yes, it's Haruko.." She said, then folds her ears a little as she reaches out to shake her hand. "That's your best one liner?" She smirks. "Subtle though. Kind of clever, with the way you did it." She said, taking her hand to shake with her.

daaharu: Fallon laughed and stuck her tongue out as they shook hands. “I may call you shorty instead, actually. It suits you better, I think. You know, since you’️re so short and all!” As she let go of Haruko’️s hand, she would reach her hand up and pat the girl’️s head, illustrating the difference in height, as well as tweaking the girl’️s ears a little bit. “And these are real, huh?” she mused. Her eyes turned upwards, towards her own head. “I’️ve got these little tiger ears, but they’️re just part of the costume.”

She looked back towards Haruko, glanced down, and her smile got a little wider. “You’️ve got some, ah, nice abs, too! I love that.”

psychopatrick88: Haruko folds her ears a little at that, and her tail starts to flick around behind her as she insists on calling her short, then even goes as far as to pat her on the head. She was about ready to slap her until she tweaks her ear, which stops her for a moment. "Nnh.. The name.. is Haruko, Fallon. I'm addressing you by your name, please have the courtesy to address me by mine.." She says, very clearly trying to keep herself from just slapping her. Her next comment left her a little dumbfounded. "Abs?" She blinks. No one had ever complimented those before. Her legs, her breasts, her tail, her ears, her eyes, even a couple on her butt, but her first compliment is the abs? "Ah... th..thank you?" She replied. This girl was getting weirder and weirder by the moment.

daaharu: Fallon frowned thinly when Haruko insisted that she use her real, given name. The girl didn’️t seem like a wet blanket, but she wasn’️t taking kindly to Fallon’️s teasing. She looked, in fact, like she was just about to slap Fallon. “Okay, okay! If you really don’️t like being called shorty, I won’️t call you shorty, Haruko.” She shrugged, taking a step back, just in case the blonde still had the urge to slap her. Haruko seemed to accept that and move on, though, next expressing a little confusion with Fallon’️s compliment of her abs. The American brunette smiled again. “Yeah! I have a big belly fetish. Not, like, a big belly fetish, as in fat girls, but the fetish is…well, y’️know, right?” She laughed again.

“Your belly looks pretty strong. Good abs. Not as strong as mine, but I don’️t think there’️s even a single girl out there with tougher abs than mine!” She craned her neck back a little, stretching out her own abdomen for Haruko’️s inspection.

psychopatrick88: Haruko blinks when Fallon explains about her fetish, and can't help but laugh a little. "Wow.. brash too!" She said, nodding a little. "I think I get it.. I mean, at least I hope you don't think MY belly is big.." She said, then raises an eyebrow at that last comment. "Not as strong as yours huh... that a fact?" She asked, a playful grin crossing her lips.

daaharu: “Huh? Brash? I guess I am,” Fallon replied. She didn’️t really think too long about whether she revealed a lot of herself, emotionally and physically. She had always been outgoing, and she didn’️t really care about what people thought about her, as long as they were nice.

Haruko seemed to be a little confused about Fallon’️s comment on her fetish, so the American clarified: “Oh, no, your belly isn’️t big. It’️s nice and toned, just how I like ‘em!” She gave the girl a wink, as Haruko proceeded to ask whether Fallon’️s boast about her own toned abs was a fact. The brunette laughed again, then, bringing a hand to her midriff, patting it almost fondly, she replied: “Of course it’️s a fact! Look at these muscles! Grrrr!” She tensed her belly, allowing Haruko a better view of the iron gut that was contained within that sexy, smooth exterior. “No one has abs like mine!”

psychopatrick88: This girl was growing more and more interesting by the moment, then blinks as Fallon tightens her abs like she does. Her smile then grows a little competitive. "I bet I can break down your wall before you break down mine." She declared. Fallon had a rather impressive set of abs, of that there was no doubt, but, she didn't look like she could punch too hard. Haruko, on the other hand, loved a good brawl, and could throw a nasty punch or a kick when she had to.

daaharu: “Ooooooh!” Fallon whooped, as Haruko made her confident challenge. It would certainly be interesting. Haruko’️s abs were very nice, sure, and she looked like she could really throw a punch, but Fallon had been hardening her belly and honing her fighting skills for years. Her abs could take more than Haruko’️s, and she could deal more damage to Haruko’️s than the catgirl could possibly deal to hers. Of this, Fallon was absolutely certain.

“You’️d really bet that, huh?” she asked Haruko, smirking, stepping forward again and closing the gap between them. She balled one hand to a fist and brought it down to Haruko’️s stomach—not punching her, but merely resting her knuckles against the girl’️s abdomen. “You sound like you want these knuckles to break down those abs of yours. Turn ‘em into pudding. Is that really what you want, Haruko?” Fallon paused, grinning impishly. This was getting more exciting by the second. “Because I would love to make that happen.”

psychopatrick88: Haruko smirks a little. She didn't really have a belly fetish, but this kind of challenge.. it seemed interesting to her. At least enough to give it a shot. She could see the girl getting worked up over her challenge, and lets her step closer, unfliching as she rests her knuckles against her belly. "It's more along the lines that I take pride in the same place you do. and I'm betting I can outlast you." She declared.

daaharu: “It’️s cool that you’️re confident enough to make a bet like that,” Fallon said, wiggling her knuckles a little, feeling the toned surface of Haruko’️s belly yield little ground to the encroaching fist. “But I can tell you right now that you’️re not going to outlast me. If you want to try, though, I’️d be more than happy to add another match to my win column!” She stepped back again, putting her hands on her hips and puffing out her chest, looking her most impressive as she would spell out the sort of challenge she had in mind. “Let’️s do it, then. Let’️s see whose belly can take more. Back and forth. No blocking, or dodging, or countering. Loser has to concede that her abs aren’️t as tough as the winner’️s.”

The brunette glanced around at the fans, who seemed to approve of these stipulations. After a few seconds, she would look back at her blonde foe. “Anything you want to add, Haruko?”

psychopatrick88: Haruko frowns a little when she listens to the rules, and frowns a little. "Mmm... a little boring for the spectators here, don't you think? But all right, I'll try your game for a bit.. I might have to change the rules later on though if the crowd starts booing us or something." She snickers. "And nah.. I don't really have anything to add.. so um... how do we decide who punches first?"

daaharu: “Boring? It doesn’️t sound boring to me,” Fallon huffed, a little shocked that Haruko thought that a pure contest of belly strength may not be the most exciting thing in the world. Fallon was about to explode just thinking about it! She was getting just a little turned on, too, as she usually did when she was confronted with a sexy, strong tummy like Haruko’️s. She pointed to the crowd dramatically. “These people are in for a treat! You think you can break down my wall? Well, just wait until your stomach meets this wrecking ball!” She held up her fist, shaking it threateningly.

When Haruko asked how they decided who punches first, Fallon smirked and put her hands behind her head, stretching out her stomach for Haruko to target. “Weaker girl punches first. You need the advantage,” the brunette said, sticking her tongue out as she taunted the slightly smaller girl.

psychopatrick88: Haruko folds her ears when Fallon already assumed she would be the weaker one. She decided to just take the opportunity though, watching as she folded her hands behind her head. "I need the advantage, huh? Lets see if you're still that cocky after THIS!" She said, firing her right fist as hard as she could right from the getgo, even throwing the weight of her body into the punch for an underhook to Fallon's belly!

daaharu: Fallon kept on smiling, right up until Haruko drove her fist as hard as she could into her stomach. The American girl’️s smile disappeared, then, but she took the punch well. A little rush of air exited her mouth, accompanied by what might have been a tiny little groan of pain, but Fallon was not the sort of girl to start crying out in agony on the first punch. She hunched over a little, but quickly straightened back up, and, with some visible effort, she would start smiling at the blonde catgirl once again. “Not a bad punch,” she admitted. “But just wait until you feel this.”

Fallon would take a step forward, wind up, and slam her right fist right into the center of Haruko’️s belly. She put every bit as much effort into it as the catgirl had put into her punch—if Haruko wasn’️t going to be much of a threat, Fallon wanted to find out right away, and if she did prove to be a challenge, Fallon wanted to inflict as much damage as she possibly could, and not waste any punches.

psychopatrick88: Haruko watched the girl take her punch rather well. A little better than she was planning for her to. She frowns a little, but she sticks to the rules for now, exhaling a couple of times as she willed herself to stay still for the punch, tightening her abs as much as she could. "Huff!!" She groans as her fist slammed into her, hunching over a bit as well, but she willed herself to stand back up, and tried to ignore the stinging pain in her belly. "Hmph.. that's it?" She asked, and came right back with a harsh punch, or so it looked. She tried to fake her out so she could get a harsh blow in while she wasn't tightening her abs, throwing the first blow, stopping it short to leave the girl with that slight moment of confusion, and then try to slam into her hard!

daaharu: “There’️s gonna be a lot more!” Fallon assured her opponent, as the catgirl acted all suave and unhurt after the punch. Fallon could see that she had inflicted some damage on the blonde, however. She still felt confident. “I think I win round one.”

Fallon braced herself for the next blow, tightening her abs as Haruko’️s fist once again sailed inwards towards her belly. But it stopped just short. In a moment of confusion, Fallon let her guard down, and Haruko instantly took full advantage, her fist slamming hard into Fallon’️s untightened abdomen. “Guuaah!” the brunette cried out, doubling over. This one hurt a lot more. But, with an effort of will, she would force herself to once again stand erect, scowling at her slightly shorter foe.

“Nice try,” she intoned, before throwing her next punch, another hard right underhook into Haruko’️s belly. This one, however, lost some steam along the way, because her knuckles merely gently tapped the blonde’️s abs. It was all a ruse, however, to try to even the score, as right after her fake punch gently touched Haruko’️s abs, her real punch, with her equally potent left fist, would come in full-force, trying to catch the catgirl with an untightened abdomen.

psychopatrick88: Haruko smiled, knowing she got Fallon good there, seeing how she curled over from the blow like that. She was a bit impressed that she managed to right herself up so soon. Haruko knew now Fallon would probably try for something similar, and kept her stomach tight as it became Fallon's turn. She felt the first punch hit, but she barely felt it. "Ha! That's a-augh!" She wheezes, letting her guard down even when she knew she should have been watching for a trick of some kind, and hunched over from the blow. The punch caused spittle to fly from Haruko's mouth, and she hunched over from the blow. "Guh..." She folds her ears, mostly chiding herself mentally before she wills herself to stand back up. She could feel her stomach reddening after that blow, exhaling sharply a couple of times. (c)

"Not a bad trick." She replies. She knew a fake out like that would probably only work once, but she felt like she had done a large bit of damage to her 'wall' with that last blow. Then again, she felt her own take a heavy blow just now too. The crowd watched on with interest as the two continued to engage each other in a contest not seen in the AFW before. A few members of the crowd were starting to boo the repetitiveness of the fight, while others started backing one or the other girl. "You know.. technically, Fallon. You got two blows in on me." She smirks.

daaharu: Fallon’️s wall had taken a terrible blow, there, and it was certainly beginning to crack. Thankfully, her retaliatory punch had met with equal success, and Haruko’️s wall was failing at just the same rate Fallon’️s was. Fallon managed to smirk as the catgirl doubled over, though winced as the spittle flying from Haruko’️s mouth hit her face. “Agh!” she cried out. “You spit on me! Stupid!”

She would wipe the saliva from her face as Haruko straightened herself back up and said that Fallon had technically gotten in two punches. “I don’️t think so,” the brunette said. “That first one wasn’️t even a punch. Don’️t be silly.” A thought occurred to her, however, and she raised an eyebrow. “If you think you’️re tough enough, though, we can up the number of punches per turn from one to two. Make it a little more interesting.”

psychopatrick88: Haruko frowns a little. "Your fault." She replies when Fallon yells at her for getting spit on her. She then starts to grin as Fallon proposes upping the number of punches between turns now. She was more than happy to accept, as she would be the first to do it. "Heh.. fine.." She said, and moves in, throwing another underhook with her left fist, putting a nice amount of force behind it, then pivots her hips, and swings her other fist around, trying to slam her right fist much harder into her belly. "Take that!!"

daaharu: Fallon smirked as Haruko accepted her proposal. “Good. Get ready to get hurt, blondie,” she said. Of course, she would be the first one to take the two punches, and so she would raise her arms behind her head once more, tightening her abs as much as she could, now wary of Haruko’️s tricks. The girl didn’️t try to pull anything funny this time—just a powerful left hook right into Fallon’️s gut, followed by an equally vicious right hook that succeeded in making the brunette cry out in pain.

“Wuuah!” Fallon cried, her hands coming down, initially heading for her belly, before, realizing how weak it would look if she were the first to rub her aching abdomen, they fell at her sides instead, balled up into fists. She was hunched over, and had to take a couple of deep breaths before standing up straight again. She glared at Haruko, her eyes gleaming. “You punch like a pussy…cat,” Fallon said, giggling a little at her own joke, before she would retaliate. Her attack was almost identical to Haruko’️s, as she would throw a left underhook right into the middle of the girl’️s stomach, then pivot, before her right fist swung around to land with equal force a little higher than where her left fist had sunk in.

psychopatrick88: Haruko watches Fallon almost rubbing her belly after those two blows. She was close to having her. She could feel it. She then frowned at the bad pun. She didn't bother making a comeback to it though. She tightened up her abs as much as she could, clenching her fists tightly as the first blow hit upwards. "Kuhh!!" She groans, really starting to feel the burn now, closing her eyes tight, as she then took the second blow. "Guaagh!!" She cries out. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes from how badly it stung, but she doesn't let herself shed a tear, exhaling and inhaling slowly, trying to resist the urge to caress her stomach as well. She wouldn't let herself lose to this girl, but she wasn't sure how much more she could take. She grins a little, deciding to try and use both punches(c)

at the same time, rearing back, and would slam both firsts into Fallon's belly simultaneously, throwing all of her body weight into the blow. "FALL!" She shouts, with a slight hint of desperation.

daaharu: Fallon was hurting right now. Her stomach was red and getting redder, and she desperately wanted to take a couple seconds to rub it, and soothe the pain. But she wouldn’️t do it before her opponent. She knew she was better than Haruko, and she aimed to prove it. Haruko’️s stomach was just as red as hers, and Fallon could see the tears welling up in the catgirl’️s eyes. She couldn’️t be capable of taking much more of this.

Fallon’️s wall was beginning to crumble, however. As the double punch slammed into her stomach, she threw her head back, a couple of tears running down her face as she let out a cry of agony. She stumbled back a step, her legs beginning to feel like jelly beneath her, but she refused to fall. She would beat Haruko yet. She stepped forward again and threw her first punch, a right fist, as hard as she could. This time, she was aiming higher, for Haruko’️s solar plexus, trying to end this right here and now before she could be put in any more pain. “You…” she growled, as the first fist landed. “…first!” she finished, putting all of her weight behind the left hook as it slammed into Haruko’️s upper stomach.

psychopatrick88: Haruko grew hopeful when she heard fallon letting out a yelp of pain like she did, and saw tears going down her face. She had her beat. She just needed to fall now... but she didn't. Haruko's jaw dropped when fallon manages to power through that much pain. She clenches her teeth, knowing she couldn't takr another blow like that, and braced herself, but this time fallon aimed higher than her belly, and hit her not once, but twice in the solar plexus. Haruko gagged from both blows, and tears flowed free down her cheeks. "Kuha..." she coughed before she crumbled to her knees, clutching her belly tightly with both hands. "D...damn it...goddamnit..." haruko cursed as she tried to deal with the near-blinding pain.

daaharu: Fallon cried out in pure joy as she saw Haruko crumple to her knees following those two hard blows to her solar plexus. She pumped a fist in the air and hopped up excitedly. “Yeah!” she yelled, grinning widely even as the tears continued to dribble down her cheeks. Finally, she was able to bring one hand down to rub her own sore belly. It didn’️t matter now, because she was still standing, and Haruko was on the mat. The catgirl’️s wall had crumbled before hers. “I win!” she gloated, reaching her free hand out and placing it on top of Haruko’️s blonde head. “You ready to admit that my stomach is stronger than yours, Haruko?”

psychopatrick88: Haruko had to take shallow breaths as fallon gloated over her victory. The ring bell had not signalled the end though. Haruko had had enough of this game. She growled up at fallon as she placed her hand on her head again, and then lunged at her from a kneeled position, trying to slam her shoulder into her stomach and take her down in a spear tackle. "No way!" She shouts as she tackles her.

daaharu: Fallon thought that the fight was over. Even though they had sort of started the belly punching contest on the fly, it had conclusively proved that Fallon was the stronger of the two of them, which was—as Fallon understood it—the whole point of a wrestling match. She was waiting to hear Haruko’️s teary, pained submission, and for the bell to ring and the commentators to announce her as the winner. But instead, all she got was a shoulder in the gut, eliciting a cry of surprise and pain from the brunette as she was tackled to the mat by her opponent. “H-hey! Get off of me!” Fallon growled, bringing her hands up to Haruko’️s shoulders to try to throw her off to the side. “I already won!”

psychopatrick88: Haruko landed on top of fallon, smirking down at her. "Maybe you won our little contest, but no way I'm surrendering the entire fight to you. Now the real fight begins. " she grins, but then gets thrown off to the side. Haruko rolls away from her, and tries to get back up to her feet, feeling her stomach still aching and burning, she could still fight though.

daaharu: Fallon, hearing what Haruko had to say, couldn’️t help but smirk back at the catgirl. Haruko still seemed confident, which Fallon thought was funny. “You seriously think that the real fight is gonna be different? We both know I’️m stronger. You don’️t have a chance.” With a hard push, she was able to throw Haruko off of her, and, once she was free, Fallon would scramble to her feet, wincing as her aching stomach protested, demanding she just lie down and rub it. She couldn’️t do that, though—not until after Haruko was defeated for good.

“If you really want to try it, though, then let’️s go, blondie!” she called, watching the other wrestler getting to her feet, as well. “I’️ll teach you a thing or two about wrestling, just like I taught you a thing or two about belly punching! Come on!”

psychopatrick88: Haruko glares over at fallon, frowning. "Thats like saying you'll win a boxing match because you beat them in an arm wrestling contest! You won't beat me in an honest match!" She declared, bringing her fists up, and starts to dart in left and right, then tries to surprise the belly freak with a crushing knee for her abs. "Take this!!" She shouts.

daaharu: “Phhbbthp.” Fallon blew a raspberry at Haruko as the girl disputed the indicativeness of their belly punching contest. Whatever the catgirl said, Fallon knew that they both knew the truth. “I would beat you in either of those, too!” she declared. “Just like I beat you in our belly punching contest, and just like I’️m going to beat you again right now!”

As Haruko darted in, Fallon would move in as well, her fists still up, ready for another exchange of blows. Haruko surprised her, though, swinging her knee up and slamming it hard into Fallon’️s already wounded abdomen. That blow was finally enough to break down Fallon’️s wall, and the brunette, with a choked-back sob of anguish, fell to her knees, clutching at her belly. “D-damn it…you…” she hissed, looking up with teary eyes at her foe.

psychopatrick88: Haruko wasn't done there. As soon as she felt her knee bury into her belly, she maneuvered around her, trying to get behind her and work one leg over her hips, and tries to lock her in an abdominal stretch. "You only sampled the hors d'oeuvres, now try taking on the full course!" She snaps. She hated being underestimated by her opponents. Especially when she was capable of more than what she originally displayed. One area she really shined in was submissions, and she knew all kinds of holds that would work over fallon's belly.

daaharu: As Haruko strutted around her, looking all confident, Fallon would slowly, shakily rise from her knees back onto her feet. She was not going to stay down for any longer than she had to as long as Haruko was still standing. Just as she managed to get back up, however, Haruko slipped one leg over her hips and lock her into a punishing abdominal stretch. “Nayaaagh!” Fallon cried, gritting her teeth as her reddened belly was stretched painfully as she was bent over the blonde catgirl’️s leg. She threw her free arm backwards, trying to deliver some open-handed slaps to Haruko’️s face and chest in a desperate attempt to break free. “L-let go! Let goooooo!”

psychopatrick88: Haruko smirks, wrenching the hold in tight, her tail swishing around behind her. Fallon's flailing served to catch her off guard, taking one slap to the face, and the other to her breasts. "Ow! OWW!" She yelps, and releases fallon, and tries to shove her down to the by her back with an annoyed huff, while she rubbed at the breast she slapped, wincing as the area started to hurt more and more after she slapped it. "Ssss... damn it..."

daaharu: Fallon was lucky. Her slaps were erratic and weren’️t really aimed at all, but one managed to land on Haruko’️s face, and the other smashed into the catgirl’️s nice, full breast. Fallon tumbled to the mat as Haruko threw her away. “Oof!” the American girl groaned, rubbing at her stomach. She gingerly picked herself up, glaring across the ring at her opponent, ready for some revenge.

“Oooooh, sorry about that, Haruko. Did I hurt your boobie?” she taunted, smirking a little. “I guess that’️s another item on the list of things I could beat you at—a titty-slapping contest! Your boobs are soft and weak!” She managed to laugh, but winced a little as her sore belly protested. She rubbed it once more, as if trying to lull it into a painless trance, before she would make her next move. With a yell, Fallon would run at her opponent, and, summoning all the energy she had, she would leap into the air, legs first, trying to land a devastating dropkick right to Haruko’️s belly.

psychopatrick88: Haruko was getting fed up with this girl's trash talk. It was really getting under her skin. "I could slap your breasts and you'd have the same res- guaahhh!" Haruko felt like she was about to vomit when she took that dropkick midspeech, and was blown off her feet, laying spread eagle on the mat, coughing breathlessly.

daaharu: Fallon landed on her hands and knees, smirking as she looked over at Haruko and saw the girl spread-eagled on the mat, coughing terribly after that powerful kick right to her belly. Slowly, Fallon crawled over where to her opponent lay, rearing back onto her knees as she surveyed the pathetic, spluttering catgirl. “Just an FYI,” she said, “my breasts are better than yours, just like my belly is better than your belly.”

“I could prove it to you,” she continued, “but right now, I’️ve got something else in mind. Take this!”

Fallon would raise both her hands above her head, clasping them together into a ball. Then, like a hammer, she would bring them crashing down with full force into Haruko’️s midsection, continuing to punish the blonde catgirl for thinking her abs were best.

psychopatrick88: Haruko clenchea her teeth as she continues to gloat about how much better her body is. She couldn't breathe too well, so she couldn't move her body, but fallin had placed herself in striking distance. When she raised both hands up, haruko lifted a leg up, rearing it back, and tried to slam her boot right into those barely covered breasts of hers. "Is that a FACT?!" She said, exerting herself on the last word of her sentence, hoping to stop fallon's momentum dead.

daaharu: That hammer blow, Fallon was certain, would finish Haruko off. But before she could bring it down on the catgirl’️s abdomen, her foe’️s foot shot up and slammed into Fallon’️s breasts. The brunette cried out in surprise and fell backwards, landing hard on the mat, spread-eagled, just like her opponent had been. She was a little dazed after the blow, but, as she came to and looked down, she realized that her breasts had popped free of her tiny little tiger-print bikini, her light brown nipples wholly visible to both Haruko and the crowd.

“Waaah! H-h-hey!” she stammered, bringing two hands up to cover her boobs. She sat up. “Y-you—you—you—you!” she spluttered at Haruko. “You’️re just jealous that your boobs aren’️t as good as mine, either!”

psychopatrick88: Haruko didn't notice, or care that she had knocked fallon's top loose. She was more focused on trying to get back up. She slowly rolled over onto her front, trying to get her breathing back under control. She hears fallon yelling at the back of her head, but she had no idea what she was whing about. She crawled towars the ropes, and starts to use them to climb up to her feet, finally turning around when she was up to her feet, certain that kick to the breasts would keep her down for a while.

daaharu: Thankfully for Fallon, Haruko did not come after her following that hard boot to the breasts. Seeing Haruko crawl away in the other direction, the brunette breathed a heavy sigh of relief. She had a little bit of time, it seemed, to recover. She would lay her head back, taking deep breaths, rubbing her aching breast as she did so. It felt good to relax, if even for a minute.

She knew that she couldn’️t stay relaxed, though. If she did, then Haruko would get her for sure. With that in mind, Fallon would turn herself over onto her stomach, wincing a little as it hit the mat, and begin crawling in the opposite direction of her feline opponent, towards the ropes. When she reached them, she would grab onto the middle rope and begin to heave herself to her feet, trying to ignore the protest of her legs as she got them back beneath her. If she let go of the ropes, she would probably fall back down. She needed to stabilize herself before Haruko could launch an attack…

psychopatrick88: Haruko managed to get to her feet, and turned to watch fallon crawling towards the opposite ropes. A cheeky smile spread across harukos face when she v realized what the girl was screeching about. "Not my fault you went with such a flimsy top!" She called after her. The pain to her breasts had subsided for the most part, and now she just had to deal with the excruciating pain in her belly. She took as much time as she could get, not bothering to go over to try and attack her while she was recovering. She needed every second of rest she could get to keep fighting against this cocky trash talking ... belly freak!

daaharu: Fallon turned around, leaning back against the ropes for support. When Haruko finally responded to her angry comments about her breasts, Fallon scowled. “It’️s still your fault!” the brunette insisted. “They hardly ever do that. You made that happen on purpose! Idiot!”

Luckily for Fallon, Haruko did not seem very keen on attacking right away. That gave the brunette time to recover. Slowly, gradually, the shakiness of her legs lessened, and she was able to hold herself up without the assistance of the ropes. She kept leaning on them, however, at least for the time being—there was no reason to try to be a hero and stand up on her own when it would be of no benefit. When Haruko attacked her again—that was when Fallon would make a big move.

psychopatrick88: "Right, because I'm obviously falling for you so hard, I just had to see your breasts in public." She replied sarcastically, and stepped ftom the ropes, ready to continue. She waited for fallon to get off the ropes. Haruko might be pissed with this girl, but she was also a fair fighter. Doesn't mean she wouldn't taunt her about it. "No, yeah, whenever you're done with your beauty sleep over there we can continue."

daaharu: “Hey, it’️s happened before,” Fallon said with a shrug, still leaning back against the ropes. She took a second to adjust her bikini so that her breasts were no longer exposed, keeping her eyes on Haruko as she did so. “And you really aren’️t that bad looking. You might even have a shot with me!” She stuck her tongue out and blew Haruko another raspberry. Seeing the catgirl step away from the ropes, Fallon would do the same, blushing a little as she was taunted about using the ropes for support like that. “Hey, now, you were doing the exact same thing that I was! So you’️re one to talk!” she snapped, walking slowly forward towards Haruko with her fists raised. “Are you ready to keep going, huh, blondie?”

psychopatrick88: Haruko couldn't help but chuckle at fallon's retort. "No doubt, considering this roster. I'm not like that though. I have a grasp on my primal urges." She replied. She was also a little surprised by the compliment... until she used it to boost her own ego again. "Humph..." she also didn't have a retort to fallons comeback about leaning against the ropes, and just brought her fists up, closing in on her, waiting for her to strike first

daaharu: “Hmm. Too bad,” Fallon murmured, when Haruko mentioned that she had her primal urges in check. Fallon wasn’️t the sort of girl who went around screwing any other female thing that moved, but she wasn’️t exactly the sort to play hard to get, either. Well, there were plenty of other girls around AFW who would surely be more than willing. Right now, though, Fallon had to focus on the match, not sex. Haruko had her fists up, too, and the distance between the two fighters was rapidly closing as they both moved towards the center of the ring. Fallon did not intend to go down again—at least not before Haruko had.

Once she was within range, Fallon would throw a quick, but hard, jab to Haruko’️s solar plexus, trying to irritate the already sore upper belly of her feline foe.

psychopatrick88: Haruko was waiting for fallon to go for the stomach again, and she did not disappoint. She reaches her arms down to catch her fist, and tries to knock her legs out from under her with a leg sweep while holding onto her arm. If all of this worked, she would sit down beside her and grab for her ankle, and would plant both boots into her waist for a bow and arrow submission!

daaharu: For whatever reason, Fallon had not supposed that Haruko might be luring her into a trap, making her think that they were going to exchange blows again when, in fact, she had something nefarious in mind. The scantily-clad brunette would pay for this absent-minded move when her hand was caught just shy of Haruko’️s belly, and the blonde catgirl would sweep her legs out from under her, sending Fallon crashing to the mat. “Uaaagh!” she cried out, squirming as she tried to get away from Haruko. She could not escape, however, and the catgirl would grab her ankle and press her boots into Fallon’️s back, putting her into a bow and arrow submission hold.

“Noooo!” Fallon whined, kicking her free leg, struggling to break free. “Let me go! Right n-now!”

psychopatrick88: Haruko smirked as the submission was locked in, and now that she had her, she was not letting go. "Sure, ill let go... just as soon as you tap!" She replies, and digs her boots deeper into her side, trying to get the win right here.

daaharu: Fallon writhed in the hold. She scowled as Haruko taunted her, telling her the only way that she was going to be let go was if she would submit. Well, Fallon was not going to submit, especially not to a girl who had been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be weaker than her! “N-no way! Screw that, blondie! You’️re never getting me to tap, you hear that?”

She would keep on squirming, trying desperately to free herself from the torturous bow and arrow. She had one free hand and one free leg…surely she could find some way to escape using those! Now, the only thing she had to figure out was how…and she had to figure it out quick, because being stretched this way was bringing her to tears.

psychopatrick88: Haruko smirks, knowing she had control of the match now. She held on tight as she struggled. It was almost diabolical. You had two free limbs, but there was nothing you could do with them, with the opponents feet planted deep in your waist. "Oh really?" She replied nonchalantly. "And what if I did this?" She said, raising one foot up, and slams the heel of her boot into fallon's belly, then plants that boot back into her side. "Toughness alone won't help you win a fight. You have to have the mind to back it up, and the speed. You might have a tougher belly than me, but when it comes to the ground game, grappling, submissions, I can wrestle circles around you. Now tap!"

daaharu: Fallon cried out in agony once more as Haruko’️s boot slammed into her belly. She hadn’️t even been tightening it, and the catgirl’️s heel sunk in nice and deep, making the red, abused flesh all the redder. Fallon had only been in this much pain once or twice before in her wrestling career, and she did not enjoy it at all. She was going to get Haruko back for all of this. Yes, she was going to get the stupid blonde catgirl back good!

“N-n-no!” Fallon moaned. “No way! I’️m n-never going to tap to you! I don’️t just have the stronger abs…I’️m a b-better wrestler too! You…just…wait!”

Desperate, Fallon would begin kicking her free foot. She would attempt to swing it over the leg which Haruko was holding onto and, if she could, slam her heel into Haruko’️s wrist. She would grind the joint into the mat, almost as if she was trying to turn the catgirl’️s hand to powder, doing all she could to try to force the blonde to release her from the torturous, terrible bow and arrow.

psychopatrick88: Haruko huffs when fallon still refused to tap. Fallon wouldnt need to swing her leg over, however, because haruko let go of both her leg and her wrist, hoping she would roll over onto her belly afterwards. If she could catch fallon on her belly, she would have the win for sure, she thought. She also hadn't suffered any abuse to the belly for a while, and could feel the redness on her stomach fading away a little.

daaharu: Fallon managed to swing her leg over, but, instead of hitting Haruko’️s wrist, it merely grinded into the mat. The catgirl released Fallon of her own accord, causing the brunette to be wary of any cheap tricks that her opponent may try to pull. She was not going to continue on being pummeled like this. She was going to seize the advantage and really put Haruko through her paces.

Fallon would not roll over onto her belly—she was not going to give Haruko a chance to attack her from behind. Instead, the brunette would pause for a second, breathe deeply, and then sit straight upwards, getting onto her knees. With a primal growl, she would launch herself into her feline foe, aiming one punch for the girl’️s belly, then throwing another towards the blonde catgirl’️s breasts.

psychopatrick88: Haruko frowns when Fallon just sits up, and she starts to get up too, until Fallon turns and pounces her. "Gya!!" Haruko yelps in surprise as she's taken down, and lets loud a hoarse cough as Fallon buries her fist into her gut again. She tries to curl up from the blow, but she's forced back to her back upon taking a punch to her breasts. "Guaah!!" She cries out, clutching her breast with one hand, and her stomach with the other, coughing breathlessly, and glares up at Fallon. "Why won't you stay down?!"

daaharu: Despite the pain she was in, Fallon managed to tackle Haruko to the mat, landing a pair of punches to her stomach and to her breast. She breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling as it pressed down into that of her blonde opponent. She would glare back at Haruko as the catgirl glared up at her. “I won’️t stay down because I refuse to lose to someone who I know I’️m stronger than!” she explained frustratedly.

“You’️d better stay down, though, if you know what’️s good for you!” Fallon said, smirking. She had the advantage now, and she was going to use it. She would slide off to the side, getting up on one knee. Then, she would grab Haruko and try to pull her over her knee, bending the catgirl’️s back across the bony joint painfully, adding in a gut claw with her free hand, just trying to put Haruko in as much pain as possible.

psychopatrick88: Haruko had had enough of this girl. She needed to put her away somehow. She tried to reach up for her as she slid to the side. When she was grabbed, however, Haruko would try to counter, having a similar sinister thought in mind, except instead of the backbreaker, she'd just go for the ab claw, trying to dig her nails deep into Fallon's belly, up on one knee with her, glaring into her eyes as she continued to torment that sore area. "Submit!" She hissed.

daaharu: Fallon’️s hand apparently slipped somehow, because Haruko managed to slide out of her grasp and get up on her knee herself. Once the catgirl was up, Fallon knew that the game was now truly on. She would immediately lash out, shaping her hand into a claw and reaching down to rake it across Haruko’️s reddened, sore, brutalized belly. “Take this!” she growled. At the same time, however, the catgirl’️s claw would dig into Fallon’️s belly, and the brunette whimpered as her already-sore abs endured yet more abuse. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out. “No way, idiot!” she hissed, as Haruko demanded she submit. She would just dig her own claw in even deeper and retort: “You submit!”

psychopatrick88: "Aaaaaaaggghhh!! No!!" She shouts stubornly as the two start clawing deep into each other's bellies. She whimpers a little, feeling tears starting to well up in her eyes. "I won't!" She snaps, then rears her head back, and tries to headbutt Fallon hard!

daaharu: “Y-yes! You will!” Fallon insisted, her vision becoming blurry as tears began to well up in her own eyes. She didn’️t see Haruko’️s headbutt coming, and, when their foreheads smacked together, Fallon let out another long, loud cry of pain. “F-fuck!” Fallon screamed, rubbing at her forehead with her free hand. She would not let go of Haruko’️s stomach, though. She refused to remove her claw from the catgirl’️s stomach until her own stomach was no longer being clawed.

“You idiot! M-my head is stronger than yours, too!” Fallon hissed. To prove it, she would lean back herself, and then deliver a retaliatory headbutt, their foreheads smacking together hard for the second time in ten seconds.

psychopatrick88: Haruko felt dizzy after nailing her with a headbutt, tears now flowing free as she still refused to tap out to her, and tries to twist her wrist, twisting her ab muscles with her nails dug deep into them. She then heard Fallon's cry, and watched her lean back. She could just let go, but she refused to give this girl another win and let it go to her head, no matter how small it was. She took the harsh blow to the head, then her body flops to the mat, releasing Fallon's stomach, and laid on her back, out cold from the two headbutts they gave each other.

daaharu: In the seconds before Fallon delivered that second headbutt, she wasn’️t thinking very much at all. She knew she had to keep Haruko from winning at all costs. She knew that she wanted to claw as deep into her belly as she could. She knew she wanted to put the catgirl in as much pain as possible, to force her to submit. So Fallon, as she leaned her head back, was still mostly focused on the gut claws they were giving each other—she sunk her talons deep into the muscles of Haruko’️s stomach, twisting them, pulling them, squeezing them, doing everything she could. At the same time, she bit her lip and endured the pain that Haruko’️s gut claw was causing her. She would not let this girl gain even the tiniest victory over her.

Then, she landed the second headbutt. Fallon would have been ecstatic to see Haruko go down, body limp, spread-eagled on the mat, out completely cold. She would have been ecstatic, had she not been knocked out herself by that second headbutt. She had thought nothing of its effect on her. She had just been trying to maximize the damage to her foe. Her claw slipped away from Haruko’️s gut, and Fallon flopped backwards onto the mat, powerful fists laying limp above her head, face still wet with tears, her entire body still in her unconscious state.

psychopatrick88: The crowd and ref looked on at the two, stunned as the two just simultaneously knocked each other out with a headbutt, all because both girls were too stubborn to admit when to stop. The ref then signalled for the bell, and motioned for a couple of stretchers to carry the two off.


Okay, one more thing here. I'm sure most of you have noticed that I suck and the old Daaharu who could finish a thread in three days is gone now. But even so, I shouldn't be leaving threads for more than a week, and that has been happening with alarming frequency lately. So, please, if I have not replied to our thread in the last SEVEN DAYS, please LET ME KNOW on here or on Trillian so that I can suck a little bit less and not leave you hanging for a month.

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