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I'm Not Going To Be Here After Tomorrow

Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:13 pm by starvalentine

I am moving house on the 28th and won't have Internet for about a week. I am not honestly sure when I will be back, having a good connection is important, so whatever happens, I hope the people I regularly talk to and RP with will continue having fun amongst yourselves.

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Ok. Here it goes...

Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:40 am by ~*M*~

Looking for a match to start things off. Anyone interested in facing my character?

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My absence

Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:21 am by JohnnyFlash

Sorry, gang. Life got a little hectic. I should be back now.

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Sylva Asper

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Sylva Asper

Post by TekRobo on Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:03 pm

Name: Sylva Asper
Age: 19
Eyes: Red
Hair: Blonde, long enough to reach her hips
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 lb
Nationality: Norwegian, but was born and raised in Chicago
Entrance music:


Favoured moves: High-flying, technical

Wrestling Style: Sylva is largely inexperienced in wrestling, possessing basic knowledge of holds and technical moves. She lacks the raw power necessary for most Powerhouse moves, doesn't have the stomach to punch someone in the face--very hard, at least--and doesn't have a good hold on submission holds. Her style, mainly, is playing a game of keep away, with the few moves she does know how to use sprinkled in where she can. Her limber, fleet body and excessive caution actually makes her surprisingly durable in matches. She often incorporates dance techniques, learned from years of ballet practice, and can leap gracefully using just her toes--it's surprising how fast she can go from standing still, to fast motion.

Limberness: ★★★★
Running Away Prowess: ★★★★★
Talking Herself Out of Troubleocity: ★★★★
Lie Competence: ★★
Attractiveness (although this is entirely a subjective subject so any rating is inherently meaningless): ★★★★

Personality/Past: Concerned describes Sylva rather well, as does empathetic, careful, and meddling. The reason she came to the AFW is simple; she wants to help all the wrestlers that never make it to the papers, the legions of brutalized, raped, and broken new girls who had been eaten up and spit out by the machine that is the AFW. When she first heard on a tell-all news expose on the flagrant human rights violations of the AFW (before said expose was taken off the air after being shown a grand total of once) she was stunned by how many bad things happened when the camera wasn't rolling.

The girl had been doing well in her classes: Straight A's in her first year at college, a decent social life, and a lack of stupid decisions spelled a very smooth ride through her educational career. The sudden, burning urge to help out girls on the other side of the world was, perhaps, the worst decision she's made in a long time. She had at least told her parents she was taking time off college, and planned on keeping in touch with her professors, so it wasn't quite as terrible as it could be, but no one who knew her would bet that Sylva would last ten minutes in a fight against a real foe. Her major extracurricular activity had been ballet classes, which she attended religiously, and was even thought of as something of a prodigy, if she had focused on it to the neglect of her studies.

Unlike your common tender hearted do-gooder, Sylva has more than a lick of common sense, and is very eager to keep any of the things she's heard about from happening to her. Although she yearns to help those who've been hurt, she doesn't intend to make a nuisance of herself, or make herself a target for other girls; just find those who are broken and offer them a brief bloom of friendship.

Hardly what you'd call a powerhouse, most of the quasi-combat training the American-born Norwegian has comes from the laundry list of ballet classes she's taken: she's got very strong legs, and can hop and prance around a ring with the best of them. She isn't unusually strong at all, though, (except maybe her toes, she can spin around on them for nearly an hour). Sequestered in the kawaii league, Asper picked the league she thought she'd get the least action in; she was reluctant, but ultimately, joined regardless. (The only way to really get close to the AFW is to join it, which Asper did somewhat reluctantly). She doesn't intend to focus much on her wrestling career, but who knows what could happen?

Sylva's greatest flaw is that her caution can turn into full blown cowardice. She's very nervous about being hurt, or ambushed, or raped herself, and would always rather run than face an aggressor in a fight.

Fun Facts: Sylva knows a few baking recipes, and her confections are pretty tasty.

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I'm going to try using one character at a time for a bit.

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