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Looking for character debut

Sat May 26, 2018 9:07 pm by Hedgehawk

Hey Guys,

So i have finished rounding the basics off my new guy Ichiro Kuo.

I was wondering if anyone would be up for threading with him for his debut. It doesn't have to be match, it can be some backstage stuff. Just wanna set something up to get the creative juices flowing.

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Rubina vs. Teenwrestler, then Rubina vs. Takeuchi

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Rubina vs. Teenwrestler, then Rubina vs. Takeuchi

Post by KevinFace on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:19 pm

First Post is Rubina vs. Teenwrestler. The Next post will be Rubina vs. Takeuchi. Just to save some [dead] space.

Teenwrestler: Backstage in the mens locker room, Teenwrestler paces the room nervously looking at the clock,knowing its almost time for tonights main event- a one on one match up with Rubina.He sighs a heavy sigh before going towards the showers and takes a quick shower,before digging into his gym bag and taking out his wrestling gear and begin to put it on.He slips into his black nike wrestling briefs-latex material and perfect fit to the waist, he laces up his polished black wrestling boots and padds up his knee and elbow pads before moving out towards the arena.

"Alright..time to do this" he says to himself, as he brushes past the curtains that leads towards the huge wrestling arena.His heart beating fast as he sees tonight's crowd roaring. "Whoaa" He quickly sprints down the ramp leading towards the ring and baseball slides into the ring before quickly getting back onto his feet and bounce off the ring ropes, sprinting in the ring, loosening up his arms and neck before finally moving towards his corner of the ring. His back resting against the turnbuckle with his arms dangling onto the side."Mmmmm alright...lets see who this Rubina girl is...Heh..I wonder if shes tough or not" he says to himself.

KevinFace: Rubina herself didn’️t fret about having to get back into the ring after quite while upon losing to Great Force. In fact, she had spent most of her time training, hanging out or watching other matches going about so this bought her a breath of fresh air. The young Asian contender sits spread legged, leaning side to side to pop a few bones in her midsection, lean to the floor for a split and then getting back to her feet again. She has to stay limber. Naturally she assumes her proper attire, a green qipao with red outlines, white sash and black rubber sole kung-fu shoes.

She enters the wrestling arena to find herself up against a taller, male, opponent this time! Well… at least it’️s nothing like going up against Great Force, this way she’️ll have a much better advantage. Rubina leaps to the ring and then vaults over the ropes where she gets a better look at her opponent. He seems alright, nothing too special just yet. She walks over to her side of the turnbuckle, awaiting the beginning of this match.

Teenwrestler: Tw licks his lips a bit nervously until he saw Rubina make her way towards the ring."Heh..this is her huh? well she doesn't look too tough! I've got height and weight up on her, so this shouldn't be too hard" he grins gaining some confidence, she agile leaps over the top ropes and enters the ring as TW passes his fingers through his waistband and snapping the boxers pack in pace, adjusting his gear.

He then begins to move towards the middle of the ring streching out his neck one final time as he stands in the middle of the ring staring at Rubina. "Sooooooo you're just going to stand in your corner? or are you going to meet me face to face" he snaps at her, trying to agitate her a bit.

KevinFace: Rubina had leaned against the turnbuckle a little until the young man in the corner decided that he would start making a few quips at her. In all honesty it felt more like he was trying to flirt. She tilts her neck side to side to pop the bones “The match can’️t begin if we aren't face to face” Rubina quips back. Though despite assuming she carried the advantage of speed, the girl would need different tactics to acquire victory over this opponent. She quickly enters a stance, right side facing forward with her right arm ahead, left elbow at her torso with narrowed eyes. Time to see if he has what it takes.

Teenwrestler: "W-ha! Grrrr..s-smartass" he hisses out at her in a rather annoyed tone and facial expression."FINE! Ill show you who the better wrestler is around this ring" he snaps at her as he sees her get into position. He follows up as he brings both hands up in front, his knees bent a bit as he assumes a slightly crouched stance, his eyes fixed at her position as he slowly circles her...then he edges near towards her, once he feels hes close enough, he would attempt to lunge in at her, attempting to go for a collar and elbow grapple "HURAA!!! COME ON".

KevinFace: Rubina takes this about as seriously as he does, though not to the point in which she’️s hissing out at him. I mean hey, it is the truth wasn't it? Of course the minute he snapped in position she knew the match was on. She takes one step back, keeping her eyes and body on him as he circles her, making it very much obvious that he aimed to close the distance between them both. He edges near her and she takes another lunge backwards… then attempts to go for the collar and elbow grapple. Rubina knows he’️ll overpower her so she leans back and lifts her right foot. Her right leg then flies up for a kick under his chin, or a knee strike if he manages to move close enough, seeing as his arms are open.

Teenwrestler: "Come on-Owwwwwww ssshhhittt" he moans out as he staggers backwards.His plan to kick start this wrestling match backfired- as his collar and elbow lock up attempt earned him a swift kick to the chin, her rubber sole shoes thawked against his chin as spittle flies off from his mouth, his left hands palm rubbing his chin to ease the pain as he slowly backs off- but his eyes are still looking towards Rubina- as he waits to see if she would follow up and if she does, any way to counter.

KevinFace: Rubina can’️t help but to smirk upon sustaining impact against his chin for a fairly good start during the match, she even decided to show off a little by keeping her foot shot straight up with leg strength alone. He stumbles backwards, holding his chin in pain. She can feel his eyes on her, so now is a good time to follow up. Rubina subtly inches forward while balancing on one foot, still using her right leg to attack. She brings her heel down to slam on the top of his head for an axe kick… or so it appeared that way, if he is not fast enough to catch her leg then she’️ll fake the axe kick into a recoil. She will then shoot her leg out for a side kick in between his eyes.

Teenwrestler: Teenwrestler didn't expect such an opponent tonight, he can sense shes more into using her leg strength and kicks rather than a traditional grappler like he is."Urgh, not so fast" he moans out, his chin still sore from that kick, but as soon as Rubina stretches her leg upwards to bring her heel down on his head, he lunges in and grabs her right leg by the ankle, keeping her leg stretched upwards "heh nice panties" he mocks out before attempting to kick out her left leg, trying to sweep her left leg to bring her down on the ring canvas.

KevinFace: Rubina often forgot, and as a result doubted the effective speed wrestlers displayed in their short, economical movements. She received a rude awakening when he caught her axe kick before she was even able to fake it out! Worse of all, he kept her leg stretched upwards, flaunting his successful outclassing while simultaneously eliminating her follow ups and also making a comment about her panties! Rubina is the type who takes these comments at face value, responding by blushing in a mix of embarrassment and flattery though she cringed in disappointment. With no options, she was soon swept with ‘thud’️ upon her back hitting the ground, “Eh!” she cried out while slapping her palms onto the ground. It doesn't hurt, she just needs to keep her mind on the match and her breath.

Teenwrestler: As soon as she went down on her back, on the ring canvas, TW has a habit of following on his moves and staying on the opponent, he swifly moves towards the side as he lifts his foot off the mat and begins to stomp down on Rubinas belly and shoulders "HYA! HYA! TAKE THAT" he screams out in frustration, perhaps from that early chin shot, as he brings down his boots on his female opponent.After he was done assaulting her he moved towards her head, he leaned downwards as he grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking it upwards as he tried to make her get up on her feet!. "Come on girlie not done yet" he says as he attempts to pull her up to her feet by her hair.

KevinFace: Rubina raises a brow in surprise of her opponent’️s next actions. She expected him to mount her or go for the submission, but instead he moves to her side… while standing? The Asian curls up and scoots around to face him in a supine guarding position. She brings her knees to her stomach and elbows to her chest. Rubina sustains small bruises on her calves and forearms while defending against his stomps. When he leans down to grab her hair, Rubina kicks out at his knees and calves to create distance between the both of them.

Teenwrestler: Rubina is no amateur, she expertly takes up a defensive position as she curls up bringing her knees and forearms up, absorbing most of the blows of TW's stomps. As soon as he leaned forward to grab her hair she somehow manages to kicks out at his knees and calves trying to create some space between the 2 wrestlers, "Owwww-hey-Urghhhh feisty little.....URGH!" she manages to kick her way to some distance, as TW backs off a bit from her, still he smirks as he sees Rubina squirm and kick out at him while shes down on her back "awww time for round 2? or you winded out already...your working up a bit of sweat there" he winks at her, taking a swipe at her again.

KevinFace: Rubina maintains her defensive position even when distance is successfully created between the both of them; she cringes from the blows and lack of effectiveness as seen by how close he still is. That boy is persistent and he had a point. She is working up a sweat, and she is not large and sturdy like other combatants thus messing around in this defensive position would legitimately tire her out… she is not a stoic type. It looks like it’️s time for another bizarre maneuver.

She draws both legs, bent to her chest and rolls back onto her shoulders. While doing this, Rubina places her left palm near her ear. Her right hand seizes his corresponding ankle in a tight grip. From this position she performs a backwards shoulder roll, lifting his leg up in the process. She planned to use this momentum to sweep him off of his feet.

If this move works, Rubina will rise to her feet with the boy’️s right leg in hand. This move will also result in the boy landing on his back instead.

Teenwrestler: "Hehe this is too easy-Wha? H-hey-let go of my ankle you bit-WHOAAAAAAA UFFFFFFFFFFFF" Teenwrestler is caught off guard by Rubina's clever little tactic. He didn't expect the feisty female wrestler to pull off such an acrobatic flip- causing her to get up while bringing TW down on his back on the ring canvas. She does a clever little backward shoulder roll while sweeping TW down, now the tables have turn as shes up on her feet while TW is down on his back with his leg still in her hand. "Urghh-owwww shhitt..LET GO OF MY LEG" he screams out as he starts to kick out his legs, wiggling and squirming down on his back.

KevinFace: Against her own better judgment, Rubina transitions by ensnaring the boy’️s ankle in between her right arm. She then brings her left hand to her right wrist in a clinch. Rubina then tilts her upper body back a little to hyper rotate his ankle downwards while keeping his leg straightened for an ankle lock. Well, it’️s more like a crank than a submission from the quick assertion of effort following the pressuring of his joint. It doesn't last long due to his flailing; the longest she can hold on is for a minute. Afterwards she is forced to back off of him, get some distance between the both of them so that he can get to his feet. The ground is no place for her.

Teenwrestler: "Nghh!Arghhhh fuck!" He moans out as he is kept in an ankle lock variation for a little while, thankfully his flailing causes the asian wrestler to let go and back off of him, he quickly squirms on his back, away from her towards the ropes.He sits up on his butt rubbing his ankle to "walk off the pain" as he grabs the bottom rope and forces himself up on his feet, sweat dripping down from his body onto the ring canvas as he wipes some sweat off his forehead "Grrr..lucky break.." he snaps at her before starting to circle her again, slowly.

KevinFace: “All that falling and flailing had you breaking a sweat, didn't it?” she quipped, smirking while staring him up and down “You better keep your guard up for round 2, little boy”. The last turn of events left Rubina feeling a little more confident in her ability to face him, and the ‘down time’️ in between the match allowed for some playful smack-talking. Not even she can resist it! The boy stood up to begin circling her again, but she will not allow him to get that close a second time… bruises were still there after all. Rubina entered the same stance as before, except she loosened up, bouncing on her feet with each step. She makes her move by side stepping to the ropes.

Teenwrestler: "Grrrrrrrrrrr S-shut up!" TW barks out at her in embarassment and a little frustration as she takes a swipe at him this time. "Heh...keep your advice to your self not going to lose to going to the best tension wrestler in the AFW..I cant lose to!" he rants on. He sees her take up a similar stance as before but bouncing on her feet as she side steps towards the rope. "Grrr..enough!".Tw quickly sprints towards Rubina, with his body bent downwards a bit as he rushes towards his opponent, his shoulder aimed at her gut as he tries to spear her in his enraged state "Waaaaahhhhhhh" his boots pounding on the ring canvas.

KevinFace: This is another blatantly strange move by TW. She had expected him to close the distance, yes, but not in such a brash way! Rubina’️s opponent charged at her, building up momentum for a devastating spear, a powerful move yes but… she was still in good shape. There is too much distance between them.

Rubina quickly moved out of the way by backing herself up, she then runs towards the opposite end of the ring and bounces off of the ropes. She assumes that he’️ll have become stuck in between second and top rope upon overshooting his spear.

Then she runs back towards the boy with built up momentum. Rubina jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, using the momentum to swing back into the ring. This results in both of her feet swinging towards the boy’️s face for a Tiger Feint Kick, otherwise known as a 619.

Teenwrestler: "Huuuh OH SHIITT!" TW completely misses his target as the Asian wrestler quickly nips to the side evading the oncomming shoulder amied at her belly, she had already planned her next move, as soon as she evaded the spear she quickly bounced off the opposite ring ropes and rushes towards TW- who at this point is caught between the ring ropes, down on his knees. "Urghh mmmm OWWWWWWWW" THAWK! Suddenly two legs ram into his face and neck as Rubina pulls of a successful 619 maneuver. He staggers back, tripping as he falls down on his back on the ring canvas, seeing stars in his head from that kick to his face.

KevinFace: The move succeeded and the boy went crashing down to the mat. She can’️t help smiling triumphantly while looking down at him, but business comes before pleasure. Rubina turns around and vaults over the ropes, remaining ring side before leaping and balancing on the top rope with great dexterity. Looking down at TW, she makes her move. Rubina leaps forward in a front flip, but instead of landing feet first, she spreads her legs in mid air and lifts them up. She aims to slam her butt against his stomach, where she will rest for a rough face sitting attempt. He did compliment her panties before, so why not give the little boy what he wanted?

Teenwrestler: "Urghhh owww my head..." he moans out rubbing his forehead, shaking his head to get some of the cobwebs out of his head, he notices she isnt following up on her advantage and that got him to think she might be upto something.He lifts his head off the mat a bit and sees the Asian wrestler is about to fly off from the top rope to attempt an elbow drop, a splash moonsault etc!!. "Oh shit"!" he says in a panicky tone, as soon as she leaped off from the turnbuckle he instinctively tried to roll out of the way if he could.

KevinFace: This time she is the one who has made a fatal mistake! Indeed her blatant misunderstanding of the boy’️s tactics eventually leads Rubina to make the same error. It came back to bite her in the ass as a harsh thump against the mat. Her eyes widen and she winces in pain, rubbing her butt with one hand, which stung from the high altitude. “Agh…” she groaned, “Damn it…” cursing her own overconfidence.

Teenwrestler: "Huff...Heh...amateur..Huff" he mocks out, still panting from the excitement of barely evading that ass drop. He sees her down on her butt with one hand rubbing her cheeks. He sees a perfect opportunity for a submission move! he quickly squirms towards her, from behind,"Gotcha" he says! as he slaps his right arm around her neck from behind, pulling her back towards his front as her back is stuck tight towards his sweaty front, as he locks in a sitting sleeper hold!!.His left hand goes to the back of her hair as he pulls her head backwards by yanking her hair.

KevinFace: Rubina wasted so much time trying to recover that she lost track of her opponent. This is figuratively and literally once she raises her head in realization that he’️s out of sight! “Huh?” It doesn't take long to find him thankfully as he makes himself known by wrapping his right arm around her neck! She gags “Ack!” raising both hands to his right forearm, struggling, kicking her legs out frantically, gasping wide eyed. He does not waste time trapping her body to his own, and once again she finds herself without any reliable defensive options, being seated. She loses her train of thought when he cruelly yanks her head backwards, making her struggle even more. He is strong, incredibly. This is the exact situation she wanted to avoid. All of this over one mistake!

Teenwrestler: "Huff...Huff..Time to show you why im going to the best wrestler in the AFW" he says breathing heavily, his warm breath felt against the back of her neck.He quickly shifts his position as he opens up his leg and wraps them around her waist as he drops down onto his butt behind her.Now he starts to squeeeeeze his legs around her waist, while at the same time pouring on the pressure of his sleeper hold as he locks in a combo of submission holds."GRRRRRRRR! SUBMIT!!!! TAP OUT!!" he screams out as he shakes up his opponent a bit, his biceps bulging as he leans back a bit, keeping his holds locked in tight, sweaty bodies grinding against each other.

KevinFace: This is the one of many submission holds she dreaded to find herself in. It’️s made even worse when he wraps his legs around her waist to effectively crush her mid section. She ignored his warm breath, though it did smell foul to continue clawing at his forearm! Resisting is difficult; she cannot speak her defiance but can only show it while straining. Her face begins to turn red. She can feel him grinding against her rather suggestively, and Rubina dreads the thought of passing out in his clutches. She body feels firm, but her skin as a whole feels rather soft unsurprisingly, it’️s at this time that Rubina is breaking a sweat. Air is struggling to escape her. It can’️t end like this… can it?

Teenwrestler: "Come on! What do you saaayyy HUUUUHHHH" he continues to egg her on as he pours on the pressure in both holds."Im not letting go...and your not escaping this hold.So just lose that damn ego and submit..or pass out" he hisses in her ear, even giving her ears a wet lick.His biceps bulging his thighs squeezing harder and harder, sending impulses of pain through her body.As the two wrestlers warm sweaty bodies continue to tussle in this heated wrestling match.

KevinFace: Rubina heard the boy taunting her, felt tightening him the hold, grinding against her… licking her ear? It is all too much for her to handle. She wanted to keep fighting against him, but they both knew she wouldn't escape that hold. Especially not after he licked her ear… which felt awkward and misplaced, though pleasurable, she has no other options left. Rubina uses whatever strength she has left to tap out against his arms.

Teenwrestler: "HAH! Thats what what I thought...." he grins as he feels a light tap-out signal against his arms."You sure? Haha alrighttyyyy" he says before finally releasing both holds and kicking her off him.He gets up on his feet and then figuratively dusts himself off "Eww- I hope I didn't get some of your sweat on me! disgusting girl.." he continues to mock her. He moves towards her as he puts his boot on top of her belly posing over her! "Too easy...." he says before finally moving towards the rope, exiting the ring.

KevinFace: Rubina is thankfully released from the hold. Her pride is a huge price to pay in exchange for her consciousness, that mistake left her feeling demoralized, even more so was her lack of physical constitution despite her training. She coughed a bit, rising to her hands and knees before the man puts his boot on top of her back to pose while her head hung low. ‘Too easy’️, that stung quite a bit and then to have her opponent walk out like that, leaving her there. The Asian girl shakes her head with a displeased sigh, she’️ll have to improve her tactics next time.

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Re: Rubina vs. Teenwrestler, then Rubina vs. Takeuchi

Post by KevinFace on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:49 pm

Rubina vs. Takeuchi. You have 5 days to live after reading this, Happy Thanksgiving.

KevinFace: Rubina is lucky; this is due to being scheduled for two matches in a row within the same exact week. However there still existed some bitterness towards Teenwrestler, and the quick end to that match, she has to admit, is on her for making such a careless error. She sits stretching side to side in her locker room. This time she is determined not to make that same mistake a second time. Upon finishing her stretching, the Asian girl is conveniently called to the arena. It is evident, from her walking down the ramp that she is the first one here this time around. Rubina isn't the type to study a match up, she enjoyed surprises.

Rubina leaps up to the ropes and vaults herself into the ring, walking to the other side. Same attire, green qipao with red outlines, side tie panties, black rubber sole kung-fu shoes and black hair in short pigtails. She takes this time to do a bit more stretching. He or she will be here any moment.

Teenwrestler: Takeuchi arrives late in the wrestling arena in his mayback limousine, as soon as he steps out of the car,the photographers swarm around him taking pictures of the ex-underwear model. "Thank you, thank you commoners" he says in his made up British accent,as he tips the driver with a hundred pounds.He quickly makes his way inside the arena and towards his special VIP locker room.

He takes a quick shower and starts to get changed in his traditional wrestling gear, he slips into his Calvin Klein wrestling briefs, perfect fit around his athlitic and toned built, then laced up his polished back wrestling boots "Mm there!" He says as he straightens himself up and looks himself in the mirror, posing for himself with an arrogant smile on his face. "Heh she wont be able to keep up with the wrestling prince" he winks a his reflection.

He does some warm ups inside his air-conditioned locker room, doing some streches,crunches,sit ups and push ups. He finally decides to move out towards the wrestling arena,slowly he moves out of his locker room and begins to walk towards the arena, escorted by 2 suited men. He brushes past the curtain and moves out towards the arena " Ahhhh my adoring public" he smiles, as he puts his arms to the side with a smirk on his face and he walks down the ramp towards the ring.

"Standing in at 5,10 and 153 pounds, hailing from great britian....hes the wrestling prince....Takeuchiiiii" the ring announcer announces, the suited men bend the ropes as he slowly enters the ring through the bended ropes and move towards his corner. "Alright..time to entertain these commoners with some real wrestling talent" he smirks as he sees his opponent for tonight,"Oh..your tonight's opponent *snort* I excepted better from the AFW roster..." he arrogantly snarls at her, looking away.

KevinFace: Rubina grows antsy with impatience. Her opponent’️s name has been called not too long ago, in fact; his name was called at least a couple of minutes after her own. The crowd, as well as Rubina darted their heads around in confusion at the lack of Takeuchi’️s presence. In fact, it’️s a borderline automatic forfeit with just how long he keeps her waiting. Rubina’️s provocative stretching exercises are keeping them there.

After what felt like an hour, she is able to spot her opponent walking towards the arena wearing less clothing than her! Takeuchi, 5’️10” half-naked young British man, he gave her a hard time even before entering the ring. His attitude portrays arrogance. However his arrogance paled in comparison to the likes of Allison Watson whom has earned her disdain. “I expected you to be on time” she quips, getting to her feet “You know this almost resulted in your disqualification, right? If you felt that nervous about a fighting a little girl, you could have postponed” followed by a smirk.

Teenwrestler: Rubina instantly touched a nerve on Takeuchi's arrogant attitude as he slowly turned his head towards her with an eyebrow raised "Huh? nervous? me? HAH! Surely you jest, you third rated wanna be pro should actually feel honored and privileged that you waited for a prince and now that you are in the same ring as me.I just hope you bathed that filthy body of yours, I don't want to get your disgusting filth or sweat on my princely body" he says with an arrogant smirk. He slowly moves towards the middle of the ring, DING DING DING, the match officially starts off "Right, time to put this peasant back in her place" he taunts as he slowly starts to circle her with his right hand up in front and his left hand at his waist level, his eyes locked at her position.

KevinFace: Rubina tilts her neck, popping the bones “I’️ll feel honored and privileged once I defeat you!” she retorts, maintaining a competitive attitude to façade her caution towards him. “I know you won’️t keep me waiting for much, pretty boy so let’️s get this started” the match begins and the two combatants approach one another. He begins circling around her much like the previous opponent did; it is a common match starting position. Rubina’️s right side is facing Takeuchi, corresponding hand is lowered and her left hand is at her waist while she bounces on her toes so as to come off a little more light footed than him. Perhaps this time she’️ll make the first move by feeling him out, seeing what he’️s like. Rubina lunges backwards anticipating him to follow or stand.

Teenwrestler: The two wrestlers don't make much body contact for the first few moments when the bell starts, they circle each other with their eyes on each others positions. Daisuke takes up a more direct frontal position while his opponent takes up a more right side way position, a good way to launch a kick perhaps?. They both slowly edge close to each other but Rubina lunges backwards all of a sudden, backing off from Takeuchi "Aww- whats the matter? too scared to get it on? or maybe your just flustered from being in the ring with a hot prince?" he mocks before lunging in forward with his arm extended, trying to catch her neck in a clothesline "HYAA!" he grunts as he lunges in.

KevinFace: Rubina watched from a pretty good range, kicking range that is. He would mock her only to get nothing back; she didn't like to get talkative a little too soon. The match is already on! She is forced to act on pure instinct when he lunges forward with a clothesline! She bends her knees a little more and does a small jump, more like a hop. She tucks her legs in and thrusts the soles of both feet out in midair for a drop kick to Takeuchi’️s knees, shouting “Hyah!” before landing on her left side as a result.

Teenwrestler: "Gotcy-Owwwwwwwwwwww C-crap" Takeuchi groans out, in his wild attempt to lunge in for a clothesline, he forgot its still early on in the match and Rubina has plenty of stamina and speed to perform a good counter attack and that's just what she does, her dropkick hits against his knee as his knee jerks awkwardly as he falls forward face first on the ring canvas "Urghhh" he moans as he squirms on his belly forward to grab the bottom rope.

KevinFace: Rubina quickly rolls supine and performs a kip up to find her opponent going for the ropes. She answers this by reaching for his ankles while he lays prone. If he manages to reach the ropes then the referee will call a rope break, she’️ll be forced to release him.

If he doesn't, then Rubina bends his legs up and performs a front flip where upon her butt with land on his upper back for a hip drop. She will then sit on his back and place both of his arms on her thighs and reach down for his chin. She’️ll then lean back and pull for a Camel Clutch.

Teenwrestler: Daisuke's hands just inched away from the rope "Almos-GAH! UFFF!" the wind knocked out of him as Rubina performs an acrobat front flip by bending Takeuhis legs and springs up and onto his back on her butt-"Ngh!GET OFF" He moans, squirming on his belly under her.He feels his arms being arced backward and forced on her thighs as she leans forward grabbing his chin with both of her arms as she pulls back "AHHHHHHHHHHH NOOO!!! URGHHHHHHHH SSSHIITTTT" he moans out loudly, kicking his mats furiously on the ring canvas, squirming and wiggling under her wildly trying to tilt sideways in hope to get her off him somehow- so close to the ropes as well he tries to squirm forward-maybe rest his head on the ropes to call for a rope break-anything to get her off him in this painful camel clutch.

KevinFace: “Feeling flustered yet, hot prince?” she quipped, mocking him “Because you're looking like it right about now~”. Rubina grunts, pulling his chin up a little more. It’️s not that much really, all of this is done merely to get right back at him, see if he can take it like he dishes it out. This takes considerable effort on her part, his squirming causes her to shake around quite a bit, this hold won’️t last long. But it isn't meant to. “Hurry up and get to the ropes, hot prince, the clock’️s ticking”.

Teenwrestler: "H-how dare y-you m-mock a prince you common peas-AHHHHHH OWW OWWWW MY BACK" he screams out in pain as she pulls his head backwards a bit arching his back awkwardly and in pain,although his squriming and wiggling does seem to help as he soon feels Rubina getting disbalanced and her hold opens up a bit,dragging himself close to the ropes he finally rests his head on the bottom rope "Urghhhh rope break...rope break" he moans out in pain.

KevinFace: The referee calls “Rope Break!” and Rubina releases Takeuchi from her Camel Clutch. She stands up and leans down, playfully slapping his back before she quickly distances herself. Rubina bounces on her toes in anticipation of him getting back to his feet himself. Her arms are lowered a little, no need to tense up; he’️s not even in good shape as of the beginning of this match right now.

Teenwrestler: Takeuchi feels a light tap on his sweaty back, he takes that as an insult as he feels she thinks he needs to bring up his game if he wants to take her down. "Ngh...I-I the prince cant lose to this third-class wrestler.." he moans out softly as he grabs the bottom rope with his left hand and slowly pulls himself up onto his knees...taking a few seconds to rest and stretch out his back, he finally pulls himself up to face Rubina. He sees her taking up a more lightly guarded position as he tried to take advantage, lunging in for another clothesline...or so it seems...he makes it look like hes going for a clothesline but instead brings his knee up aiming it on her belly, he thinks that she will duck down again to dodge the clothesline and if she does his knee lift will greet her belly.

KevinFace: The minute that Takeuchi rose to his feet, Rubina had immediately tightened up her stance a bit. She seemed to enter a semi-crouched stance with her right hand at her waist, left hand extended to make it appear as though she were to go for an actual grapple. Upon seeing him lunge towards her for another clothesline it appeared as though everything was going according to plan. She’️d show him up with a foul maneuver, that’️ll get the ‘hot prince’️ going for sure! Rubina ducks low and sweeps her right arm towards his ankle. However Takeuchi anticipated her movement, “Ugh!” she is struck in the stomach with a cruel knee. The girl stumbles, holding her stomach while she simultaneously doubles over, stunned. Rubina coughs up a bit, caught heavily off guard. He made a good move.

Teenwrestler: "'re not so smart are you?" he smirks with new found confidence "why would I go for the same mistake twice,Ill give you a lesson in wrestling- free of charge peasant girl" he arrogantly taunts her as he grabs a fistfull of her hair and yank it upwards to make her body straighten up again. He then leans in a bit wrapping his arms around her lower body, tightening his grip once he locked his arm around her body. He then begins to lift her body up, just above the ring canvas, so that her toes are just dangling off the mats.He starts to squeeeeeeeeeeeez her body hard, locking in a bearhug. "You should be lucky that your body is grinding off against royalty..maybe my wrestling talent MAY just rubb of you haha" he laughs with a cocky tone.

KevinFace: She yelps as he grabs a head full of her hair, reaching out and clawing at his wrist while being yanked forward “Agh…!” the next thing she knows the man is wrapping his arms around her waist and she is elevated for a bear hug. Rubina presses her knees against his side as she is bent forward, arching her back a little with a straining in her voice. “Unnh… ughh!” she cries out, as her vertebrae and muscles are ensnared in his coil. She gasps as the air is forced from her lungs. That perverted pun of his evokes a strained “S-shut u-up, aiiie!” her body contorts in pain.

Teenwrestler: "Grrrrr come on! Yeild to your prince! let go that of female ego and submit to royalty, DO IT" he says in a commanding tone. Takeuchi feels Rubina struggling and squirming in his grip, she tries to arch her back backwards trying to lesson the pressure of the bearhug, while her knees digging towards Daisuke's side, "Ngh!"He shakes her up a bit in his grip and continues to try and pour on the pressure in the bearhug, by squeezing his arms around her body as hard as he can, his biceps bulging as his sweaty grinds against her body, sweat stains getting more prominent on her green qipao

KevinFace: “Gaahh!” Rubina’️s back is forced to arch even more as he shakes her up a bit, she grits her teeth at his demanding tone, finding herself riled up by his command. Her arched figure puts a lot of emphasis on her breasts and butt perking out. Her boobs are pointing towards his chest, her ass is pointing towards the crowd, there’️s a lot to see here. It’️s a humiliating display to say the least, hearing and seeing her struggle. “Ngh…” she grunts, struggling to dig her knees into his sides, “Go to hell, pretty boy!” she roars. In defiance, Rubina simultaneously slaps both of Takeuchi’️s ears with the palms of her hands to distort his balance. This is done so that she may hopefully find a chance to escape the bear hug.

Teenwrestler: "Grrrrr-yeild!submit!GIVE UP!" he roars as he pours on the pressure, still squeezing her as hard as he can.He feels her knees stop digging against his sides as well as he feels a tap out is soon on its way "Whaa? how dare you talk to your prince tha-AHHHHHH fuck!" he hisses out as suddenly Rubina claps her hands around his head her palms hit against his ears, as his ears start to ring. Takeuchi is forced to let go as he staggers back rubbing his ears with his palms

KevinFace: Rubina gasps in relief as he staggers back, taking a harsh fall to her knees upon being released. She manages to get to a knee whilst rubbing her now sore stomach… or midsection rather. “Guh…” she then rises to her feet to stretch out her back a bit, groaning a little in fatigue. He’️s strong indeed, and should Rubina ever find herself in his clutches, things will result in a more unpleasant outcome. Of course now he looks as if he’️s stunned, the Asian girl now breaks into a sprint to build momentum. When close enough, Rubina leaps towards Takeuchi while tucking her feet in. She thrusts both soles of her feet towards him for a missile dropkick, twisting in midair so that both feet connect, one raised higher than the other.

Teenwrestler: Takeuchi is still stumbling backwards until his back touches the ropes,bending them backwards. "Mmm-owww my perfectly shaped dare that peasant girl..HUH WHOAAAA OH SSSHIIIY URGHHHHHHHHHHH"Takeuchi was still rubbing his ears and complaining as he was resting and recovering a bit- he expected her to do the same as he thought the bearhug would have completely wore her out, how wrong the arrogant wrestling prince was!.Perhaps in her enraged state or the rush of adrenaline she sprints towards him and leaps up in the air twisting to the side with her feet aimed towards Takeuchi, one leg was raised above the other so one hits his face the other his upper chest and neck.Takeuchi was close to the ropes and that missle dropkick hits him hard, his body shoved backward as he tumbles out of the ring through the middle rope and comes down face first on the outside mat "Owwww owww...fuck...urghhh cough cough...." he lays there moaning and squirming instinctively...

KevinFace: Rubina falls onto her side upon hitting him, wincing slightly from the fatigue on impact. She doesn’️t follow him outside out the ring however, finding it more beneficial to give him time so that he can make his way back in or get disqualified from the 10 count as it begins. Takeuchi’️s opponent meanwhile uses this time to regain her bearings while she has time on her side. Rubina stands up and backs herself into the farthest turnbuckle to rest for a bit. The crowd may not like this lack of competitive aggression from Rubina, but it’️s for her benefit. The referee peers over the ropes to count “1!”

Teenwrestler: "Huff....Huff...*cough*...H-how can I outclassed by this..this...low graded wrestler...Im the wrestling price..she cannot best me urghhhh" he moans to himself, pissed and frusrated on the fact that Rubina is holding her own against the bigger and heavier opponent. Takeuhi heards the ref counting "....2.......3......4....". He takes a few more seconds to rest out a bit, letting the pain on his lower face and upper chest ease out a bit, all at the same time he passes his fingers through the waistband of his expensive wrestling briefs and snapping them back, adjusting his wresling gear, "5......6......7....", he knows the count is coming to an end, so he grabs the ring apron " 8.....9..." and pulls himself inside the ring before the 10 count, he rolls inside the ring and gets back up on his feet.

KevinFace: Rubina watches the referee intently. She didn't expect for Takeuchi to be counted out so easily, it is only something to dream of; it would at least guarantee one victory out of her two loses. Surely enough he makes his way back into the ring just as Rubina expected him to. The referee steps back from the ropes to allow Takeuchi back in and the crowd roars for the continuation of this match. The Asian girl rises to her feet and moves towards the center of the ring. There isn't too much trash talking coming from her, he had already made her eat those words as she did him. "Let's finish this" she demands, in a firm tone.

Teenwrestler: "Ngh,Fine! Im not about to lose to some struggling wrestler wannabe"he talks back at her in a serious tone as well.He wipes the sweat off his forehead and neck as he begins to move forwards towards her in a rather cautious manner, neither wrestler would want to make a mistake at this point. Takeuchi tires to sucker her in, he stands in the middle of the ring with his hands up above his head with his elbows bent signalling a test of strength lock up "come on? what do you say ?" he smirks, clawing his fingers towards her, smiling.

KevinFace: Rubina remains in position only for him to try and provoke a test of strength between them. She responds by raising her brow, gawking at him as if he were stupid. He nearly crushed her mid section in half with that bear hug so why would she legitimately go up against him in something he succeeded at? Unless… Rubina decides to take him up on this offer in her own unique way. Though this is up until she notices that his hands are well above his hands, she can barely reach her from there at this height. Now is good time to repeat another move from before. Rubina ducks into a crouch and seeks to seize Takeuchi’️s right ankle and lift it up, while he’️s preoccupied, she will throw a well placed punch to his pelvis.

Teenwrestler: The two wrestlers stare at each other with different facial expressions,clearly neither of them respect each other,as slowly Rubina edges near Daisuke "Mmm thats it..come on...test your strength with the price! it will be an hon-H-hey what the? L-let go of my ankle-Grrrr shit" he moans out as he starts to shake his right leg, trying to get her off him, he leaves himself unguarded as he looks down on her trying to get her off him as she suddenly throws a well placed hard punch to his pelvis, knocking him off balance "URGH! Shit" he cries out as he gets disbalanced and drops down onto his butt, with Rubina still having her hands around his ankle.

KevinFace: Maintaining a grip on his ankle, Rubina takes a quick stamp kick against Takeuchi’️s hamstring. With her left leg, she then steps over his right leg and turns 360 over the leg to twist it inward for a Spinning Toe Hold. She repeatedly steps over the leg and round again to twist the knee and ankle joints more.

Rubina decides against transitioning to a Figure Leglock as the reversal is highly detrimental in thought. She persists with the Spinning Toe Hold instead, working to weaken him gradually. One limb at a time.

Teenwrestler: "N-no...what are you doing? N-no not that" he says waving his hands towards her wiggling on his butt backwards, "Urghhhhhh" his hands move forwards to the back of his thigh as she kicks his hamstring.She quickly follows up by stepping over his right leg and begin to work on his ankle and knee joints, twisting and turning them the wrong way, causing excruciating pain on Daisukes right leg"AHHHHHHHH OWWW OWWW MY LEG...URGHHHH STOP OWWWW" he says as he goes down on his back, THUD, wiggling and squirming shaking his head.His teeth gritted and eyes shut tight as he moans out loudly in pain his left leg kicking the mats furiously as the Asian wrestler works on the prince's right leg

KevinFace: Rubina does not let up the pressure on his leg even for a moment while twisting; she does not allow him to wriggle his way out of this move while she still has the clear advantage over him. She steps over the leg and round again to twist the knee and ankle joints more. The crowd is going wild at the sight of the Asian girl finally gaining the upper hand for once in a match. She wraps her right arm around his ankle and then falls down for an elbow drop against Takeuchi’️s inner thigh before bending it inward a bit. Rubina then releases his leg, so as not to break it and gets back to her feet. She bends over, looking down at him with both hands on her knees. She’️s not tired, just watching him. “Still got some fight in you, hot prince? I can respect your decision to forfeit if you’️re not”.

Teenwrestler: "Let me go! AHHHHH LET ME GO YOU BITCH AHHHH! My leg oww owwww my ankle" he moans out loud, clearly in pain from all this twisting and turning of his ankle and knee."SSSHHHHITTTTTTTTTT GGAAAHHHHH!" He screams out in pain as she wraps her arm around her ankle and then drops down her body, elbow first on his inner thigh, already injured from that kick.Her elbow digging into his inner thigh as he wiggles and squirms madly under you, he even springs back up catching her hair as he yanks on it hard.She quickly releases her hold and gets back onto her feet, she bends down next to him playfully, with her hands on her knees taunting him. " bitch....this leg is only meant to be massaged by royal hands" he hisses out as he squirms on his butt backwards, away from her, towards the ropes.

KevinFace: Rubina fixes her posture just as the hot prince cowers away from her yet again. “Moving towards the ropes again?” she taunted, chortling while raising to her feet, “If you’️re going to keep running away from me then you might as well throw in the towel”. She remains at the middle of the ring. She let him squirm towards the ropes. “The worse part about this” confessed Rubina “Is that submission holds aren't even my specialty”.

Teenwrestler: "S-shut up shut up shut up shut up! I am the wrestling price! you cant taunt me! you lowlife wanna be pro wrestler! ARGHHHH" Daisuke gets pissed off , he was down on his butt, resting against the bottom turnbuckle as he heard Rubina get all high and might. Takeuchi uses the bottom turnbuckle as leverage as he grabbed the ropes to the side, using that he sprang his body upwards and lunged into her, looking to ram his body blindly into her shoulder first '"HAAHHHH BITCH" he screamed.

KevinFace: Rubina remains in the middle of the ring, watching him throw a huge temper tantrum like a little child over being taunted profusely by a little girl. It made the match seem a little more childish in her eyes. Then the next she knows, he’️s springing upwards towards her in a blind rage! She barely manages to side shoulder roll out of the way, landing in a knee. She would actually get hit if it weren't for him telegraphing the attack. She begins running towards Takeuchi immediately after dodging, performing a front flip. If this is successful, she will actually land on his shoulders, tightening her thighs around his neck. She’️s charging at him from an angle however, as an aftermath of the dodge.

Teenwrestler: "GACK! Urghhh" Takeuchi is stopped dead in his tracks as she sidesteps and brings up a knee to his belly, spit flies off from his mouth and sweat flies off from his abs as she strikes that knee shot hard.He goes down on his knees in the middle of the ring moaning, hes stunned at the moment.He sees her making an acrobatic flip and lands on his shoulders as her vice like grip tightens around his neck as she locks in a head scissors while sitting on his shoulders "URGHHHHH owwww owwww my neck" his gorgeous face turning red from her squeezing. He needs to think of something fast if hes planning to win this match otherwise Rubina might pick up her 1st win

KevinFace: With the head scissors locked in, Rubina can finally prepare herself to take him out of the fight for good. The minute she coils her thighs around his neck, she squeezed time, going so far as to interlock one leg over the other. She leans backwards and presses her palms against the ground to perform a back handspring, “Yaaahh!” this time mustering all of the strength she could into a Frankensteiner by throwing her legs back, keeping as tight of a grip on him as possible. The impact would slam the base of Takeuchi’️s skull onto the ground with a thunderous boom.

Teenwrestler: "AHHHHHH URGHHH *Cough*Cough*cough*" His face turning red, his body drenched in sweat and the stench of sweat as Rubina tightens her scissor, even makes it into a figure 4 scissor hold by interlocking one leg over the other.She streches her body backwards, her back pressed against his front as they seem tangled up around each other, her plams pressed against the mats.Takeuchi quickly wraps his arms around her body, starting to squeeeeez her again as he locks in a bearhug, squeeezing her hard but all of a sudden he is lunged forward in a Frankensteiner as the base of his skull rams agaisnt the ring canvas, THUD! he drops down onto his back with his arms and legs spread his chest heaving up and down but his eyes shut tight and his mouth is open..body shinning and glistening in sweat.

KevinFace: Rubina releases Takeuchi from the hold upon impact. Things are starting to look really good for the little Asian girl right about now. She walks over to his feet and turns him supine. Rubina then walks over to the hot prince’️s head before face sitting, effectively placing her crotch on his face. She reaches for his legs and hooks her arms around his ankles, using Takeuchi’️s own legs to cover his shoulders and/or arms for a Rana type pin. It makes good use of Rubina’️s leverage. The referee immediately goes down for the pin, she taps her hand against the ground “1… 2…!”

Teenwrestler: Takeuchi is turned onto his back as his body is still spreaded like an eagle.He doesnt know the embarassment that is about to come to him as the Asian wrestler,feeling naughty, goes around the wrestling princes head and sits on his face, her crotch rubbing against his face her butt on his forehead as she leans forward, wrapping her arms around his ankles and pulling them backwards as his own legs pin his shoulders, his briefs being rolled up as well, making them look like mini briefs as well as hes rolled up like a package " 1.......2........3......"

KevinFace: On the third count, Rubina rose up and beamed happily, bouncing triumphantly at her first victory against an opponent, against Takeuchi. There she was as the announcer said it, the winner by pin fall. The crowd expresses satisfaction with the results of this match. He doesn't seem entirely there, but someone is sure to tell him what had happened. All Rubina can think about now is her first win, he might as well have forfeited anyways.

Teenwrestler: "Mmmm-mmm-*cough*cough*cough*...mmm w-what...what happ-owww my head" Takeuchi moans out rubbing his forehead.Looking around for Rubina,seeing a wide joyful smile on her, he knew he lost the match via pin fall or KO, whichever the officials decided "Arghhhh wrestling royalty! how did this nobody..this pathetic excuse for a pro wrestler beat me! Urghhhhh" looking away in embarrassment he quickly begins to roll out of the ring as the two suited men outside the ring help him outside of the ring as they begin to move backstage, the suited men move around Takeuchi, preventing people from taking pictures of his beaten body and his embarrassed facial expression

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