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Tadao Debut Match

Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:33 am by TheEditor1023

Looking for a debut match for my new character, Tadao Chikamatsu. If you're interested feel free to PM me Smile

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got some new characters

Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:14 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hi everyone,

Made 3 new characters and looking for some matches for both my 3 new characters who are called Yugito Shirone , Regina Ravenwood and while at the same time won't say no to anyone who wish to have a match with any other character i got in my roster.

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a tag team debut match

Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:22 pm by xalex

Hey guys i am looking for a debut match for my new tag team:

just hit me with a pm if you are interested

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Silly Sumo Sensei

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Silly Sumo Sensei

Post by Kelsea on Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:04 am

The big screen slowly faded in on what appeared to be a fairly empty class room. At the front and center was a black board with a number of different weird equations scrawled onto it with white chalk, in front of the black board dressed in what could be described as a sterotypical female teacher's outfit was none other than Leah Bunny... A white blouse had replaced her typical playboy bunny suit, while on top was a tight grey short curve hugging skirt and matching grey blazer covered on top. She had narrow lenses glasses on and for good measures the bunny ears and tail as per usual.

"So.." She exclaimed as she went to the black board "Lets go through this again shall we...?" She slapped her pointy stick against one of the lines of text.

"Using the theory, E equals M C squared... And with H 2 O being the chemical equation for water... When we carry the one... What do we get?" Leah turned around to address the class room, casually bending the pointy stick in both hand..

"Ummm.." The camera switched to a view of the only "student" sitting in the class room, of course it was Mara Bunny, dress in nothing else a traditional green mawashi, very similar to a certain other resident sumo in AFW... Nothing else except her bunny tail and ears

"Yes.. Sumo Mara?"

"Oh.. I should know this.." Mara raked her brains for a few painstaking moments before sighing out a deep breath

"Not too worry.." Leah said walking over to wheel across her flip chart "We went through this in the last lesson..." The blonde bunny flicked a couple of pages over the back of the flip chart until she got to a diagram of the brunette female sumo wrestler that looks amazingly similar to another AFW wrestler we all know... standing front on in her sumo gear.

"See right here..." Leah said slapping her pointing stick right at the crotch area of the mawashi on the diagram.

"This silly sash thing... Sumo girls tend to put these on way too tight and it cuts off the blood circulation to the brain. And thus making them stupider than your average wrestler. In fact, most can probably only think with their crotch region"

"Ohhhhh yeah.. I remember now sis- I mean Sensei Leah."

"Good.. So back to the lesson." She went back to the black board

"So assuming all of the above... The solution comes down to a very simple formula..." Leah picked up a piece of chalk and started to scrawl on the bottom of the black board, finally moving away to reveal the magic formula

[size=150:2sjea7wo]Sumo + Teacher ≠ tag team



"But but Sensei...?" Mara said raising her arm up so high that it made one of her breast wobble with the effort to get the teachers attention


"Shouldn't Sensei's smarts make up for Sumo stupidity?"

"Ha.. You might have thought that but no..." Leah went back to the flip chart, flicking through the sheets until she got to a diagram on a blonde female teacher that look as familiar as the diagram of a brunette sumo woman before.

"You see here.." She slapped her pointy stick right at the glasses the teacher was wearing in the diagram.

"All teachers wear glasses and the frames slowly pinch the bridge of the nose, making it narrowed and lumped. Eventually they find it very difficult to see past the end of their own nose."

"Ahh!" Mara said, it was so thought invoking

"Not only that, but the pinch of the glasses always forces them to squint up their face which slowly turns them into a prude cause they are always frowning and squinting at everything."

"The glasses turn them into a dried up fruit?!"

"No.. Thats a prune... But they are similar... both a teachers and a prunes look old and wrinkly, so I can understand how a sumo wrestler might mistake one for the other. A prude doesn't like to get hentai"

"Ohhhh... But Sensei..? Why would a prude want to wrestle in AFW then?"

"That is a good question.. But a better question is why would a prude want to wrestle with a sumo woman who thinks only with her crotch? There will be absolutely no synchronicity between them two, they probably haven't even been able to sleep with each other yet!"

"heheh Silly Sumo Senseis"

"When they step in the ring with the rightful and totally awesome Friction tag champions. They'll realize that they are facing a real team unlike their wishy washy rag tag set up... Sooner or later one of them is going to bring the other one down... And I think we both know which one that will be."


"Just like they secretly know who the weak link is." on that note, a bell rang in the background "That's the end of today's lesson... An end of year exam will be coming..." Leah looked towards the camera as the screen zoomed in on her "And I don't think Akashi or Spencer have been revising nearly enough to pass."

"dun dun duuuuuuunn!"

And with that the screen went dark

Kelsea's Karacters/Desire's section


& of course ThE BRaT PaCK


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