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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Purin (IM match)

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Purin (IM match)

Post by KillerV on Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:41 am

Standard Match
Win by sub or pinfall

bluedragon_sacred: Backstage in the locker-room, I pace around nervously in my locker-room as im quite tensed about tonights main-event!. Where im pitted against a Purin of the AFW! Its only my third match so naturally im nervous after a win and a loss. I take a quick glance at the clock as i notice its almost time for the match, I let out a huge sigh "Time to do this!" i say slamming my right fist against my left palm, as i take a quick shower and begin to change into my wrestling gear. I slip on my black nike wrestling boxers- made of latex - and perfect fit around the waist.I lace up my shinning and polished back wrestling boots before padding up my elbow and knee pads! I take a look in the mirror talking to myself for confidence "You can do this....YOU...can do this! she isnt that big on height...

bluedragon_sacred: or weight so i have as much as i chance as she does"i say getting pumped up as i do some streches and quick warm ups, sit ups and push ups! before I finally leave the locker room heading towards the arena! I brush past the curtains as i move towards the arena ramp! My heart pounding through my chest as i see the filled up crowd the crowd cheering and jeering as i slowly make my way down the ramp towards the arena! i pick up the pace as i race towards the ring sliding in the ring underneath the bottom rope as i quickly spin back upto my feet! I raise my hands up in the air as i show off my young toned athletic body! standing in at 5,8 145 pounds 19yo! I bounce off the ring ropes sprinting in the ring loosening up my arms and necks for my final warm ups as i slowly move towards the corner

bluedragon_sacred: My back resting against the turnbuckle my hands resting on the side topropes looking around the ring awaiting my opponent! trying to get my game face on as i dont wish to show even a hint of nervousness to my opponent! " Well lets see who this Purin is..."i say taking a deep breath!
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Its been sometime since she was in a match with someone, consider that she been in the losing side but regardless, she stay positive and keep on going to do her very best not matter what. "Alright!" psyching herself up in the locker room as shes set schedule to face off against someone new joining the league so shes looking forward to meet him, another mixed match that this might be her second time doing so and hopefully, unlike her partner Aki, getting a more respectable and less 'weird' opponent. Inside her locker room she looked at herself in the mirror adjusting her red mask making her more superheroin like wrestlerette, her long mixed pink and light purple hair making it look good in her mask, additionally her mixed color of white, blue, green and purple on her one-piece suit........

V V: boots, and finigerless gloves, shes feeling good and ready about this match, so off she goes. "Ohhhh!" Charging out of the door and heding to the arena knowing that her timing should be up any moment, she get in backstage to slip down the hidden passage where she stands on the platform awaiting for her que. Once its her turn to shine, her music starts playing with bit of fireworks going off that launches her up in the air then landing down on stage on her knee, tons of white bright feathers dropping down from above before she stood up, smling at everyone included her opponent waiting for her. **Ah so this is him?** she thought, heading down the ramp until she reaches the ring to slide herself in, he is bit taller than her but wonder if he could take her on? Walking to her corner just await

V V: awaiting** for the bell to ring letting the ref do her job, once its good to go, she slowly moving up to the center of the ring to wait for him to come and face to face with her, sticking out her right hand to offer an handshake. "Hey there, Im Purin, its nice to meet you! Hope we can have a great match here!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: Hearing her music enterance, I cross my arms and turn around, leaning against the ropes as they bend forward. Anxiously waiting to see who my opponent is! "WHOAA!" my eyes wide open as i crack a smile seeing her flashy enterance.White feathers being dropped down towards the enterance of the ramp as fireworks shoot up, but the most exciting thing was her enterance, as i see the masked wrestler shoot up from a trap door as she acrobaticly lands on her feet. I smile clapping a bit as she makes her way down towards ringside, as i go back towards my corner of the ring seeing her slide in. "Hmm she looks fairly tough! i just hope i can take her down! she doesnt look too tough"i speak to myself whispering as i see her walking towards the middle of the ring and i start to do the same. We meet up
bluedragon_sacred: mtc

bluedragon_sacred: face to face for the first time in the middle of the ring, "Um..Hi..I-im Teenwrestler... yeah its a pleasure to meet you"i say nodding as i accept the handshake, as we shake hands. "Goodluck! im not going to take it easy on you!"i say, DING DING DING, as i hear the bell ring i take a step back as i bring up my hands infront of me, circling you, my eyes fixed at your position as i edge near you "How about we start it off old school? collar and elbow?" I smirk as i invite you for a collar and elbow lock up
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin stood there after the bell ring, hoping that this guy doesnt sneak attack her or some sort but luckily or actually thankfully he accept and showing some respect to her as he shook her hand and telling his name. "Teenwrestler? Going for nickname instead huh? Hehe, nice to meet ya." Nodding to him before breaking off, taking few steps back before raising her hands up and slightly crouching to get into her wrestling stance, slowly circling around with him. "Heh thats fine with me, I rather not have anyone going easy on me!" She also nodded to him to go old school lock up. "Sure!" And right after that, she moving up toward him to get her hands onto his shoulders to lock up with him, checking to see how strong he really is regardless of him being couple inches tall than her. "Hurmmmmm.."

V V: But she locks up with him, hopefully before he tries anything, she quickly attempt to use her right arm to swing around his head as she turn, trying to catch his head under her arm and pressing his face against her side and chest, locking in tightly into her Headlock. yt

bluedragon_sacred: We both eye each other down staring at each others positions as we finally agree to a lock up. We both lunge in at each other with our arms infront as we lock up hooking are arms around each others collar and back of the head, locking in with a grunt "URGH!" I try to use my upper body strength to try to push her back towards the corner turnbuckle, trying to force her backtowards the corner, but she quickly slips out of the grapple battle soon after we lock up, nipping to the as her arms lock around the back of my head pulling my head down and pressing it against the side of your chest. "Arghhhh Shhhitttt!!! thats a cheap one"i say annoyed a bit, as i bring up my left hand to her chin pushing her head upwards as i ball up my right fist trying to slam my right fist against her exposed belly!
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin was able to locking her arm around his head and tight it in, slightly jerking his head down against the side of her chest while hearing him complaint as she reply. "Hey now that not cheap!" While shes was wrenching onto his neck she felt her own neck being pulled back slightly, his free hand was pulling under her chin. "Neeegh!" She continues to put some pressures onto his neck as he pulling her chin up and unable to look down, she didnt know until it was too late, her tummy took a sudden blow. "Oufff!" Instantly, she let go of the hold and cover her stomach and slightly double over, coughing out like that. "cough cough owww..." yt

bluedragon_sacred: Urghh "Yeah it was! we were going for a test of strength!" i say still struggling and trying to escape. My tactics did work though, i manage to block your sight by pushing up on your chin and counter with a hard fist to your belly as i feel your grip around my head break as you stagger back doubling over, moaning and coughing in pain. I rubb my sore and red neck from the pain trying to ease the pain, but not going to let an oppourtunity like that pass, i quicly follow up and get close to your doubled over body " Time to return the favour...with interest"i smirk as i wrap my arms around your neck as i press your face against the side of my chest! My biceps bulging as i squeeez my arms around you in this punishing headlock, I wont make the same mistake as you so i try to buck my hips

bluedragon_sacred: agaisnt yours, trying to flip you over my hips so that you go down on your back with me to the side still locking in the headlock, RRRAWWRR HAA! i shout out as i try to attempt this
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "Cough... you should know I cant test of strength with you like that!" She respond quickly before coughing bit more, her tummy stung quite a bit from just a single punch, it might be a critical hit from being unaware of his doing, but now it was his turn when he goes for 'returning the favour' and catching the colorful wrestler's head easily into his own headlock. "Unnn!" She quickly forgotten about her stomach and goes to grab onto his locking arm to pry on it, feeling his bicep squeezing onto her pretty face and neck at the same time, but it wasnt working when she been pulling onto his arm cause he quickly flipped her over his hip and taking her down on the mat slamming her back. "Ugh!" Still having her head locking in. **Shoot!** Her mind shouted, he was more experienced wrestler than..

V V: she thought, but it isnt over yet! Purin still have her free legs to use and tries to bring em up to hopefully catches his head between her shapely thighs to snatch him in, and once she catches him, she'll start squeezing his head into her Headscissor. yt

bluedragon_sacred: Her face pressed against the side of my chest as i try to keep her body close to mine as you shift your position and struggle to counter as i struggle for control. "What do you say Purin? you wana gi-WHOAA?" my eyes wide open as i watch her flexible body bent backwards a bit bringer her long legs up towards my head as her legs lock around my neck as she snaps them back forcing me to break the hold as im hauled forward as she counters my hold expertly as she shifts the headlock into a headscissor!! "URGHHH SSSHIIITTT " i moan out slapping the mats with frustration. I wiggle forward on my butt trying to close in towards the nearest rope, extending my legs trying to hook my leg around the rope for a break break, while my hands slap on your thighs! "ARGHHHH lemme go you bully" i hiss out my
bluedragon_sacred: face turning red from the pain, as ur legs squeez tightly around my neck
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin indeed flexible since she is an yogo instructor when she isnt around at the wrestling league, so it does help her quite a bit to get through from submission holds that wouldnt give her too much of a problem at least wont strain her too much if being held in submission holds. Now with her shapely thighs squeezing onto his neck and feeling her legs being slapped, she lightly blushed for a guy to touch her legs like that but she tries her best to not think of something unnecessary thoughts. "Hey Im not a bully you meanie!" She tighten his neck a little more before the referee starting to count on her. "Huh? Break up the hold? Aww man!" She quickly letting go of his neck and sliding herself backward a little before pushes herself up onto her feet, panting a little with a cute smile.....
V V: "Not doing well I see hehe, you tried, now come on, bring it on TW!" She looks at him with a glare of focus, slightly bend over to take a breather while one hand resting on her knee as the other rubbing her tummy, still hurt and recovering. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "URGH YEAH YOU ARE!"i shout slapping at her thighs still,as her thighs squeez hard around my neck, as i start to feel light headed but luckily for me my legs reach the rope and the ref starts to count to make Purin let me out of the hold. I hear shes a little disappointed to release me but she slides away and gets back onto her feet, slightly bended and panting with a cute innocent smile where one hand around her knee while the other rubbing her tummy to ease the pain. Me on the other hand , im down on my back as i shift my position as i grab the ropes with my hand.Moaning and rubbing my neck with my hands, i use the ropes to pull myself upto my feet as i turn around to face you, panting and coughing a bit, my body drenched in sweat causing my body to glisten a bit as i lick up my lips
bluedragon_sacred: staring at you, " tired...."i say a little short of breath "Whatabout you?"i smirk back, as i dont like breaks in a match i quickly bring my hands up and move towards you again going for another lock up, lunging in at you trying to grapple your shoulder once again.
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin looking on at him when he start shouting at her, she bit of surprise from that possibly teasing her or something but thinking its amusing actually and he did seem to make things interesting for sure. "huff oh sure sure TW." then when he asked her if shes tired, she shook her head. "Oh no Im fine, just a little sore thats all." And while he was getting up to his feet recovering from her headscissor hold, but he didnt take a second to recover and goes right for the 'second round' with the colorful wrestler. "Already to go? Alright then, Im gonna win this!" She brings her hands up and slowly backing away from him, she could see him coming right at her going for the lock up again and she doesnt want to go through that again. **Oh no you dont!** She quickly tries to timing it right by....
V V: jumping up high and kicking both her feet out to dropkicking him squarely at his chest. "Hurrrr!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: We both exchange words before we square off for 'round 2', "Yeah im ready" i say rubbing my neck still, "Oh-no your nooooooot" i hiss back at her as she claims she's going to win this tussle. I step forward towards her bringing up my hands as i look to grapple up her collar and the back of her head, as i see her trying to back up slowly, as i lunge in at her to get the match started off before she can dart backwards! As soon as i get near her, to my surprise and anguish, She leaps up high kicking both her feet towards me in a dropkick as both her boots connect hard, squaring at my chest as sweat flies off my chest.I go back down hard on the ring canvas on my back , with a loud THUD sound, "UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF owwwwwww sshhiittt"i moan rubbing my chest as i cover up my chest rolling around
bluedragon_sacred: the ring left-right moaning in pain teeth gritted as i kick my legs in frustration
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She was glad that using the dropkick was a right move to use when seeing TW rushing right at her for the lock up, if he was able to lock her then things will be difficult consider that she doesnt have much power to lift him much compared to him, so using her agility will do the trick and with that jumping dropkick, she took him down to the mat with ease. **Whew** Purin landing down on the mat on her front hands and knees, seeing him laying down clutching himself to the chest while she slowly getting up to her feet, she can feel bit of sweats dripping from her forehead and smile a little. "Yes, now Im on the lead!"......

V V: she turn to look at the ropes nearby then back to him, pointing at TW and does the gesture doing the 'gun bang' like before turning her attention to the ropes, rushing right at it to jump onto the second rope and grabbing onto the top rope, keeping her balance just for a second before attempting to jump off, flipping backward in her beautiful grace aiming to backflip splash on top of him. "Hummmmm!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: I lay there on my back , my chest heaving up and down as i blink fast taking deep hard breathes! i lift my head just a bit to see what Purin is upto, I see her down on her hands and knees as she slowly gets back upto her feet and happy that she connected with this dropkick. She takes too much time as she looks at the ropes and back at me then signals a taunt towards me before rushing towards the ropes grabbing the top rope while standing on the middle rope, I could guess she was attempting a backflip splash of somesort so i quickly roll out of the way as i watch her body come crashing down hard on the ring canvas face first! THUDD!! "Heh...took too long girlie girl...huff huff"i taunt as i crawl towards her, i hook her leg up while my back pins her shoulders down as i pin her, the ref
bluedragon_sacred: starts to count "........1..........2........."
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin knowing that she can go for the pin quickly after her backflip off the ropes would be quick and easy if her move connects that is, so when she flipped off the ropes and coming down toward him, she sees him, in just brief seconds in slow motion, he rolled out of the way. "Oh noo---! UNNN!" Her front body bounces the mat missed her target as she lay there groaning in pain as she hugged herself, giving TW a chance to move toward her and rolling onto her back and pinning down with the referee counting down on her. **No.... I cant let this happen!** She thought, right after two, she quickly kick out with her body turning over, she still groaning from the painful missed backflip, slowly she went back to cover her body to ease the pain. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "AHHH NOO!!!!" i say slapping the mat in frustration as the masked beauty forces a strong kickout at the count of 2,breaking the pin just in time, she rolls away from me covering up her body to put some distance between us to try and recover. I sit on my butt,licking my lips as sweat trickles down my face towards my nose as it trickles down on the ring canvas. I put my palms on the side as i force myself upto my feet, seeing Puring down on the mats doubled over i bend down and grab a fist full of her hair " Im sorry...but its time to finish this little match! I AM THE BETTER WRESTLER" i shout out as this match gets heated up, i yank her hair up as i force her up onto her feet, the ref is breathing down on my neck warning me for that hairpull "yeah yeah whatever" i say off to the ref, as

bluedragon_sacred: I wrap my arms around Purins body as i pull her towards me, our sweaty bodies stuck tight, grinding against each other "Ready?"i smirk, as i lift her up just above the ring canvas so that her toes are just dangling above the canvas as i squeeeeeeeeeeeez her body in my tight grip, locking in a bearhug! "SSSUUUUBBBMITTTT "i hiss out my eyes shut tight my head resting agaisnt her chest, my teeth gritted
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She groans from the horrible missed backflip and really taking a pain onto her front body, she wanted to rest up for awhile but hearing him in frustration, he was sounding desperate and wanting to beat her. Then she felt a sharp pain on her scalp as she yelp out loud. "Ahhh my hair! How rude!" Biting down her teeth while her hands reaching up to his to pry onto it as she can while being forced to stand up to her feet, and not before long when he asked her if shes ready. **What for what?** she thought and then, his arms comes in to wrap her around the waist to lift her up, tightly squeezing her in his vicious Bearhug! "AHHH!" She screams out loud while hes crushing her slender body........

V V: her head shaking side by side while her legs dangling and kicking around, she couldnt get a good look at his face since his head is pressing up against her chest, gritting from the painful Bearhug. "Unnnn!" **Hes getting serious now, I have to get serious too!** She thought but being trapped in his hold is tough to do and even her body getting sorer by the second, she tries to bring her legs up around his waist to lock it in, not to tighten to hold herself up, then using her right arm to go around his head to tuck it under and locking him in, not to put him in submission hold but letting him know that shes not going to give up and she'll do whatever it takes to beat him. "UNnnnnn.... I wont give... I wont submit!... ahhhhhh..... I'll make you lose to... me!" she tries to keep the hold lock
V V: in so he couldnt escape, hopefully. yt
V V: She tries to get her right arm around his head by shifting her body to the side if she could**

bluedragon_sacred: "Come on Purin! Submit!! Submit! ADMIT IM THE BETTER WRESTLER!"i hiss out, I squeeez and shake up your body pressing your body against mine as my biceps bulge as i tighten the hold pouring on the pressure. I feel your legs squirming up as they lock around my waist, at the same time your arms wrap me around the back of my head, as my head was resting agaisnt ur chest, you dont squeeez but just hold me to get in position,! "What do u think ur going Purin?! Just submit! Dont fight cant go on! you wont be able to step in the ring for next time"i say trying to pressurize you into submission, as im not quite sure what ur upto my clinging onto my body as i have the bearhug locked in tight
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "No way! Unnnnn... I wont submit and.... I dont think you're a better than me! Auhhhhh!" She can feel her body being more crushed everytime he keeping up the pressures, she refuses to give up so quickly like this and not gonna let this happen, even her legs holding onto his waist and his head under her arm, it was all set and he just doing what he can to force her to submit, but she still wont give in. "Nooo I wont give up!" Biting down her teeth to endure such painful hold, she now can try to get her legs to squeeze around his waist while leaning back as she can over his arms even her back and body is hurting a lot, pulling his head forward to stretch out his neck, trying to use her free arm to club down on the back of his neck to add more pain helping her to stretching his neck out.....
V V: "Unnnn if you dont let go..... your... your neck gonna hurt!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "URGHHH YOU WILL! ILL BREAK YOU!! Just let that female ego go and tap" i hiss out impressed but annoyed by your endurance level as you refuse to tap out. I feel your vice like grip of your legs around my waist start to tighten as you lock in a body scissor!! Ive tired you out quite a bit as your back is really sore but you lock in a tight scissor...although not as tight as before earlier on in in the match. "AHHHH OWWW "i moan out loudly " not going to make me tap....Your..going to..Owww...tap"i cry out in pain, i feel your arm press and pull my head deep into ur chest a bit as you hammer your free hand agaisnt the back of my neck!! OWW OWWW OWWWW as my grip around ur back loosens up a bit
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: He was getting much tougher and serious than when they first met, he might be out of control or just showing his true strength and doing what he must do, and so does Purin. "Unnnnnn.... no way... I wont give and you wont break me.... ahhhh!.... forget it TW!" She can feel her back and body getting worst even she can withstand being stretched out but this submission hold isnt meant to be stretch but to be squeezed! At least that her legs squeezing some while her arm stretching his neck out adding with her free arm clubbing onto his neck, she can feel his hold loosen up, giving her a chance to hopefully pull it off and escape his hold. She get her legs off his body and moving her feet to press against his stomach, hoping to kick off at it to use her lower body to propel herself away from...
V V: him, just enough that she swing her feet down between his legs for her feet to fly not to hit him or anything, using that momentum to pull his head forward so that she could slam him down into her DDT. "UNNN!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "urgh..I will Purin...I''ll break you...I WILL..i swear!! so just sub- Whoaaa?" I feel her squeeezing stop around my waist as she shifts her legs against my abs, her foot pressed against my belly , as her pounding on the back of my head stops but her grip around my head tightens....feeling she is upto something i break the hold, trying to get away from her....but its too late! She expertly propels her body away from me by kicking off from my belly as she swings her feet down between my legs and using that momentum and her grip around the back of my head she brings her body down on her back as that drives my body down head first on the ring canvas UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the ring shakes with a loud THUD sound as im brought down hard in that DDT, my body laying there on my belly,
bluedragon_sacred: my arms and legs spreaded. My boxers rolled up a bit making them look like briefs now, my body sweating profusely as the aroma of sweat from our hot tussle fills the ringside,i moan out loudly, squirming involuntarily as i lay on my belly...
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: It was a success, what left of her energy to pull off a major DDT to smack him hard onto the mat, she was very lucky for sure and now with him down on the mat as well herself, both of em really dishing out at each other but she delivered a huge impact. "Unnnn... you wont... break me or subit to you... owww....." She groan, slowly rolling her body just to get herself close enough to the ropes to help herself up, her body feeling weak from being crushing for so long in his bearhug, its best to recover than attempting to pin him since she knows that he'll probably kickout and leaving her open for him to strike at anytime. "Huff huff... you better... stay down... bad TW...." Once she got herself up on the ropes, she drag her body to the nearest turnbuckle so that she can rest her back against.

V V: it and recover the best she can before going after him, looking at him from the distance while her body is covered in sweats, she need to think of a plan before going after him, something she have to be serious now and need to use something rough on him. "If you get up... huff huff.... nothing sweet will come out from me.... just a bitter taste of defeat!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: Im down on my belly moaning as my hands reach up towards my head rubbing it softly trying to recover and ease the pain from that massive DDT, i hear her taunts as im really frusrated but in this position down on the mat i cant talk back.I kick the mats in frustration a bit , although lucky that she doesnt come straight at me after that DDT, she needs time to recover herself from that bearhug i put her in. I roll away towards the bottom rope as i slip out of the ring and exit the ring, I sit on my knees outside the ring, my hands grabing the ring apron as my chest heaves up and down breathing hard and fast as i recover outside of the ring.... "I....huff huff...i wont lose not going to lose to you! NO WAY! " i shout out as were both determined to win this match!
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "You will lose TW!.... just... just you wait!" Tiime have passes that her body somewhat recovered some but she'll have to be carefully and hopefully not get caught anything dangerous he attempt to put her in. "Brrrrr!" Shaking her head to get whatever left of sweats off her face and hair, taking a breather before going after him by slipping out of the ring and heading toward him. **Okay, here I go** She glares at him in determination, when she got close enough to him she tries to bring her right forearm at his chest not just once but twice in a row to soften him up before going for a kick to his midsection, things gonna get ugly from now on. "Take this!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Come on! Come on Purin! lets finish this! "i say hissing back as you come outside of the ring after recovering inside the ring. I see the masked wrestler come out and make her way towards me her sparkling eyes filled with determination as i stare right back at her not letting up as well. We both get close to each other as we walk towards each other, Urghhhhh her forearm hits against my chest as sweat files off from my already reddened chest, thanks to ur dropkick early on, I return the favour as i slap my palms hard against your chest. UFFFFFFFF you counter again with a second forearm as i do the same, i send another chop across ur chest!! URRRGHHHH OWWWW i double over infront of you as you bring your boot against my midsection, kicking me in the naval as im bended and doubled over

bluedragon_sacred: infront of you...i see an opening though, i see your exposed belly as i try to hit a closed fist against your belly HARD! as im doubled over infront of you!!! as we brawl outside the ring, the ref screaming at us to get back in the ring
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin fighting back at her toughest, she havent been this serious in a long, long time, With both Purin and TW outside the ring as they brawling at each other when she smacked his chest with her forearm and he respond with his own chopping her chest. "Yahhh!" It stung a lot and she grit her teeth to swing her forearm again to his chest only to get another chop to her chest. "AHHH OWW!" The next move she did is to kick him in the stomach to stop him from hitting her chest again. "That hurt... you know! OUUF!" She took a hard punch to the stomach again causing her to instantly double over and coughing from the blow, making her to turn away from him hoping to escape and slide herself back into the ring, but unable to get herself up but laying on all fours except one arm holding her stomach...
V V: hurting so much, at least she wouldnt be counted out or this match wouldnt be that intense. "Uhhhhhh owww dang...." yt

bluedragon_sacred: We tussle outside as we both get winded out after exchanging blows.... i see you backing off "Come huff..oww not done with you yet..."i hiss out but after hearing the referee on "8 " i also follow you inside the ring. Sitting on my knees i see you on all fours, with one arm around ur belly as you take a moment to recover, i know letting her take a break would be a mistake so i muster my strengh and put my palms on the ring canvas pulling myself up! i get close to you stalking you, licking my lips as i spring towards you attempting a punt ( soccer kick) aimed right at your belly as you were down on all fours HAAAAYYAAAAA"i shout out rushing at you, as i attempt to kick you at ur naval
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin tummy hurting again thanks to his punch, first was much eariler in the match but this time its even harder that he was showing no mercy to the colorful wrestler, she tries to recover some hoping giving her enough time since her forearm shots might slow him down, maybe. "Unnnn.... owww...." She can hear him hissing out in angry determine to really kick her butt, but instead of kicking her butt he got inside the ring and punt her in the stomach. "OUUFF!" Her body rolled once before gasping for air, she got herself facing up as she covered her stomach, wincing from the pain with her loud coughs. "COUGH COUGH COUGH..... rough.... unnnn....." yt

bluedragon_sacred: I see her rolling around around her arms wrapped around her bell as she moans loudly in pain..coughing as the wind is knocked out from her from that hard punt to the stomach! "Huff huff...i told not taking it easy...just admit it...i may be the new kid...but im going to be the best wrestler!" i say as i look around wanting to make a statement. I slowly move towards her i grab her arm and makes sure shes laying down on her back! I stomp her thigh and shoulder with my boots, as i then straddle her belly! my butt thursts down against her stomach as i sit on her. "Hmmm...lets see now.."i say smirking with an evil plan and smile! I lean forward my hands reaching to the back of your head as i try to unmask the masked wrestler! my fingers playing around as i try to untie your mask "Heh

bluedragon_sacred: "mmm now how do you?? ummm maybe like this?" i say as i try to unmask her! "Youve stepped with the best should have brought ur A game"i smirk short of breath
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin gasping so much air right now thanks to TW kicking punt in the tummy, and he is just getting started and not allowing her to recover some. but when she was pulled to face up giving him a chance to stomp down on her thigh and shoulder. "Ahhhh ugh!" She grunted out loud from the stomps before he straddle on her stomach looking up showing she was in pain and hearing him going to take off her mask! "Ahhhh no dont!.... You cant!" She sway her head around while he reaching for her mask to pull onto it, tapping her feet on the mat struggling with him. She tries to grab onto one of his wrists to keep him from pulling onto her mask and while looking up at him, she tries to bring her free hand, balling up tightly to shoot upward hoping to smack him in the jaw to get him off of her. "!"
V V: yt

bluedragon_sacred: I manage to untie her mask from the behind despite all the struggles "Urghh just stop struggling Purin! Gee how can you still fight back!" i claim amazed at her stamina and endurance as she keeps coming back and continues to fight back with her never die attitude! Her boots pounding on the canvas in frustration as she wiggles and struggles underneath me, her hands pulling on my wrists as i feel her Fist hit hard agaisnt my Jaw "Got i- UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"spittle flies off from my mouth from that unexpected fist to the jaw as i fall down to the side but i managed to get ur mask off! i fall down with ur mask in my hand as i moan rubbing my jaw with my other hand to ease the pain "owww shhhitttt that hurt..."i say shaking my head trying to get the cobwebs out of my head and trying to get back
bluedragon_sacred: in the match
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She can feel her mask being untied while struggling to keep it on, and hearing him complaining about her stamina and she yelp in respond. "You.... you have a lot of stamina.... too!" but she was able to bring her fist straight up and hitting him square to the jaw, knocking him off except her mask taken off along with him. "AHH!" She covered her face not that shes ugly or anything, but its suppose to show that shes a masked wrestler never being taken off. "Dang... gimme my mask.... back!" With one hand covering her face so she can see between her fingers, panting heavily and seeing him down on the mat , she tries to crawl on top of him using her knees to pin down on his shoulders with his arms, straddling on top of his chest which she didnt want, but she have no other choice and trying to..
V V: get that mask of hers and take it away from him before getting it back on her face. "Never.... take off.. .huff huff... the mask... not... not cool!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "No way!!! This is my prize when i win the match" i say as i bring back my hands trying to keep that mask away from your reach! im down on my back as i crawl away on my ass back from you as you come near me! you lunge in at me pinning my shoulders with your knees as you thump your butt down on my chest "UFFFF....gee your heavy" i taunt back, hoping to get on your nerves i say smirking , my hands up straight as ur knees pinning my shoulders down as you lean forward, sitting on my chest, "Na-Uh show me your face!!! me.. URGHH DAMN" i say as its hard for me to keep the mask away from you in this position as you snatch the mask away from me, Your panting and out of breath as this match continues on "Huff huff...Yeah? well i just did!" i say breathing hard as well as i wiggle
bluedragon_sacred: and squirm under you, trying to bridge up using my legs shifting left-right to try to make u fall off somehow
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin sweating bullets when she slowly pulling herself on top of him to pin the man down the best she can, thankfully she straddle on his chest and hearing him talk even more, making her face puffy while taking her mask back and putting it on. "Im not heavy!.... huff huff.... I can show you my face.... if... if you beat me that is!" Once she got her mask back on she felt him buck her off his body as he fell off of him, and fell on her side beside him. "Unnn...." She slowly gets up on her knee, kneeling down position while looking at him, her body feeling so sore as well her mind starting to get tired a lot more too, she slowly standing up and backing up a bit, he can hear her panting heavily while taking a few steps back waiting for him to stand up....

V V: **Okay... you will... go down TW...** She thought, waiting for him to stand up fully so that when she can rush in, only taking few steps forward and attempting to use her first part of her finisher, hoping to bring her right foot up to Superkick him right to the jaw, not enough to knock him down but suppose to stun him. "Hyah!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: I manage to get you off me from my struggling and bridging up as i jerk you off to the side! I see you kneeling next to me, as i start to get up and sit on my butt next to you "huff huff...Right..its deal! then im sure im seeing ur face!! as i told you, im going to win Cough cough"i say as i push my self up, my knees wobbly a bit as i get up to my feet i watch you rise upto your feet as well! Our bodies red hot bruised and sweating bullets, "Im not going down! PURIN! I know im better than you! I know i can beat you! I PROMSIE ILL BEAT YOU!" i shout out loud with determination and anger as we square off looking at each other as i run into you in anger as she leans back and strecher her legs up as she superkicks my jaw! THAAWWKK! sweat and spit flies off from my face and mouth as i stagger

bluedragon_sacred: backwards, stunned from that unexpected kick! my arms dangling to the side as i back up, my back hits against the ropes of the ring as i rest agaisnt the ropes, leaning backwards as the ropes are being bent backwards as well..."Owww owww owwww my jaww.....fuck" i moan out as its the second shot to my jaw in this tussle
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin heart suddenly lifted up in relief that her kick was able to connect and hitting him in the jaw, causing him to stumble backward to the ropes which shows that shes in the clear sign of winning. "Ha... I got you there... you wont beat me... I know it... you know it... huff huff." She was feeling pretty good doing that and now leaving him wide open for her second part of her finisher, which it'll complete for her 'Sweet Combination' she takes a deep breath before rushing right toward him, hoping to jump up with her knees aiming for his chin as her hands grabbing the back of his head, using her weights to pull down toward to the mat so that he would be force to drop down chin first onto her knees for one hard jolt. "Out... you... go!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Huff oww oww no...i wont lose...I WONT..not to you! I Refu-GACK! OWWWWW " My speech cut short as you rush towards me and gracefully leap up in the air as you press your knee against my chin and wrap your arms around the back of my head pulling my face into your knee as you go back down on your back, bringing me down with you as well, as your back hits the ring canvas my jaw is jolted against ur knee as my face comes crashing down against ur chin in your devistating finisher on what you call a "Sweet Combination"My body springs back up as soon as you hit that finisher... i sway around dizzy and dazed as the world around me is spinning before eventually dropping down on my back hands and legs spreaded..chest heaving up and down as i have blurry vision...tired...exhausted from this amazing
bluedragon_sacred: hard fought match!!!
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She rushes at him to going to completely her finisher and ending this match one and for all, he was nice and turn mean or more so being really tough on her and consider of her being his tough opponent, when she was able to jump up and grabbing his head and pulling down roughly to her knees and giving him one hard jolt before he goes down on the mat as she laying there on her back, gasping a little and turning her attention to his body. "Yes.... huff huff... I got him... yes... huff..." She slowly turn her body facing down and crawling toward him and just letting her body flop on top of his chest, going for the pin and the referee quickly gets down and start the count down. "ONE.............TWO.............." yt

bluedragon_sacred: ........ i lay there arms and legs spreaded...being semi-conscious as my chest is heaving up and down my eye lids shut tight my mouth slightly open legs lightly moving invoulantarily as you crawl towards me thinking youve got eyes open slightly as i see you crawling towards me..." away..."i moan softly as your body slumps on top of my chest...just dropping ur body weight on top of me as you on top of me....i cant even put my shoulders so tired...."No...cough cough huff huff owww owwwww my body....I ...i cant" i moan wiggling under you cant muster the strength anymore...."......THREE......." i hear teh referee say after slapping the mat the third time, DING DING DING bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Purin successfully pinning down TW for the win after such long hard fought match, she honestly thinks he can beat her but she prevail at the end and getting her victory over him using her finisher and pinning him down for the count. She didnt get off of him since her body is tired and thinking he wouldnt do anything to her after the match, assuming its safe. "Huff huff.... you're tough.... so tough... huff huff.... maybe will.... face each other again someday.... huff huff... you're alright TW." She panting heavily while resting on his body. yt

bluedragon_sacred: You lay on top of me,breathing down my neck with your hot breath...while i lay under you moaning...our sweaty bodies grinding against each other as we meet eye to eye. Im too exhausted to get you off me...and your too tired to get off me!! as we have our conversation " beat me....Argghhhh....i dont need your respect! i just...i just...want to out-wrestle you!!! Urghh...i..i swear going to beat you...i dont care if i have to switch to the dark use dirty tactics...i...i promise...ill...beat...cough when i do...Urghhh..I...ill have that mask as reward!" i say to you as i talk back looking straight into your the friendly TW turns a little dark and perhaps signalling a change over to the heel side...bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Her eyes wide open that they first met he was pretty friendly but now, he suddenly turn sour halfway until the very end, turning dark. "Huff huff.... man TW you changed into a jerk... huff huff...." she slowly sitting herself up, slowly to back away as things she thinks its not going to get pretty at all, he might do something rough with her. "Huff huff... you can try again someday.... but I wont get into anything rough... huff huff... better luck next time." She then slowly trying to back away from him further and hoping to slip out of the ring before he gets up. yt

bluedragon_sacred: She finally slides off me...."Urghh shut up! im NOT here to make friends Purin! IM GOING TO BE THE BEST! be it the right way...or wrong!! " i say as she crawls off and squirms away from me outside the ring, i place my palms on the canvas as i push myself up..sitting on my butt as i see her exit the ring...i rubb my chin and my back moaning in pain my body red from the bruises and i slowly get upto my feet! and edge towards the ropes...leaning against it...staring at you move up the ramp...licking my lips, teeth gritted and grinding against each other....vowing to have a rematch against Purin! i point my finger at her and then point at the center of the ring signalling that ill get her.....
bluedragon_sacred: yt

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Re: Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Purin (IM match)

Post by Teenwrestler on Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:20 am

It was an awesome match! Great fun! TW will have his rematch soon <img src=" title="Smile" />

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