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From, Submissive Girl. Sorry about my inactivity.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:06 am by Submissive Girl

Hey! I know I haven't been on in a while. Unfortunately it might stay like that for a while.

I am super sorry about not being on more often. I am supper busy In real life.
Just so you understand a little bit about my life

1. I am a college sophomore taking 20 credit hours.
2. I have a job at as a cashier at a busy gift shop in a popular place in Florida (Not saying my city, but it is very busy where I am)
3. I have an intership that I work about 12 hours a week.
4. I am seeing a guy (Kind of …

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First Tension Match.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:54 am by Zebra Crossing

Now that I've sorted some things for my FnF character, I'd like to try and get a match going for my recently approved Tension character.
I enjoy having some input from my RP partner unless I have something super specific in mind, so exactly what kind of match it is or what will happen …

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Tadao Debut Match

Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:33 am by TheEditor1023

Looking for a debut match for my new character, Tadao Chikamatsu. If you're interested feel free to PM me Smile

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Post by CyanDimitrik on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:27 am

Name: Drake Vyril
Ring Name: Domino
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Obsidian
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Currently generic techno.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: He believes in hitting hard, keeping the pressure on, and wearing the opponent down too much to resist a finisher.
Style: Domino's style of wrestling could be called blitz. His well-toned, spry body is utilized for speed, mobility, and strength. He utilizes a combination of acrobatics, power moves, and submission holds to achieve this end.
Type: Balance, with a lean towards speed and power.

Preferred Attacks: Pro-style techniques peppered with strikes to keep the momentum in his favor. He favors power moves or splashes, whenever the opponent seems to've opened herself up.

Preferred Matches: Standard matches, anything ending with a pin or submission.

Endurance: Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Strength: Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Speed: Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Defense: Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Technique: Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven

Favored moves:
Bearhugging, Body Splashing, Backbreaking, and Piledriving

Finishing moves:
Total Eclipse: A single flip belly-to-belly piledriver. If he's feeling particularly merciful, it could be modified to a single flip belly-to-belly powerslam, simply landing overtop the opponent instead of atop their head. Alternatively, he could prolong the torture with an inverted bearhug before delivering the hit. If he's not confident in pulling off the flip, the move will revert to a standard, flipless piledriver or powerslam. Regardless, the move is typically concluded with Domino lying over his opponent for the pin.
Sterling Stretch: An abdominal stretch, in which he uses his free hand to apply a stomach claw to really work over the opponent's defenseless, agonized midsection by digging into the abs or belly button. Used more often against those opponents who show off their midriffs.
Falling Star: A top rope moonsault, slamming six-packed abs across his opponent's stomach. Usually he'll just hook the leg and lay right there for the pin afterwards.


Visual Appearance:

(Domino, prepping for a match...)

Physical Appearance:
   This male appears to be in his latter teenage years, standing at a height of 5'10" with unmarred and unblemished skin of a slightly fair complexion. The first feature one is likely to notice about him are the rich amethyst eyes, serving only to enhance his natural allure. Obsidian black hair tops his head, trimmed neatly short around the back. The bangs are slightly outgrown, however, extending to hang over his right eye in rakish fashion. His face is smoothly defined, lending to a refined, youthful appearance.
   His body is athletically slender, honed through physical conditioning. The arms are smoothly streamlined, with legs to match. His chest is firmly defined, with an abdomen toned into six sleek segments of muscle. In general, his frame is rather trim and lean, lacking in excess weight or bulk.

   Energetic, willful, and confident, Domino embraces the curious balance his life has struck between opposites. He's out to prove himself, and while he's certainly a driven and determined opponent in the ring, he simply enjoys wrestling. He makes no bones about it - it's fun. Though with his background as a model, some attitude and ego is to be expected. This leads him to be easily provoked, if pushed or challenged.
   He's a showman and loves playing to audiences, when available. And in most circumstances, he's even playful. When push comes to shove though, he's passionate about rising to the top.

   Drake Vyril was born to an upper-middle class family as an only child. His parents were far from typical, however. His father, Chet (the Chainsaw), is a professional wrestler in a small-time federation in Los Angeles, California - from whom Drake inherited much of his personality. His mother, Veronica, is a fashion designer - from whom he's inherited his looks. It didn't take long before these strong opposites began to cause a sort of friction in the youth.
   Drake began fighting in school. While he could always justify it as 'protecting someone' or 'standing up to someone', it was overall unacceptable. His mother hoped involving him in something more refined would curb the behavior, so he began a modeling career at age 15. Unfortunately for her, it had little effect. So his father stepped in and enrolled him into wrestling training. This helped redirect some of the energy, but neither extreme could ever completely quell Drake's predisposition to fighting.
   Following graduation, Drake joined a local federation where he picked up the name "Domino". But due to his age and side career as a fashion and fitness model, he was never taken very seriously, no matter how he performed in a match. So a year later, frustrated, Drake left his home state, putting his modeling career aside to pursue fame in the ring.

Wrestling Attire:
   A pair of white bracers with black domino pips are worn over his wrists, for starters. A pair of primarily white wrestling boots are worn over his legs, but with black soles, strings, and tongues. His traditional-style wrestling trunks are divided half and half between black and white, each side featuring the opposite's pips. His toned upper-body is left bare.

Fun Facts:
He's bucking for a champion title.
He finds girls with accents just adorable.

AFW Information

Record: 16/7/0
1. vs. Catherine Pazz (Pin, Falling Star) - Watch Match
2. vs. Bree Tassilotte (Pin, Total Eclipse) - Watch Match
3. vs. Kira "The Wild Card" Malcolm (Submission, Sterling Stretch) - Watch Match
4. vs. Crystal Alvey (Pin, Total Eclipse) - Watch Match
5. vs. Carmen Rodriguez (Submission, Dragon Sleeper) - Watch Match
6. vs. Vicki Arika (Submission, Toe-Twisty Hold) - Watch Match
7. vs. Alexis Parker (Pin, Falling Star) - Watch Match
8. vs. Eliza Harenwood (Pin, Springboard DDT) - Watch Match
9. vs. Al Zahra (Pin, Simple Pin) - Match Currently Unavailable (YIM Match)
10. vs. Hyacinth (Pin, Elbow Drop) - Match Currently Unavailable (YIM Match)
11. vs. Jewels (Pin, Falling Star) - Watch Match
12. vs. Irene Inger (Submission, Sterling Stretch) - Watch Match
13. vs. Yasei Starr (Pins 2-1, Total Eclipse Finish) - Watch Match
14. vs. Amy Poford (KO, Bearhug-Turnbuckle Smash) - Watch Match
15. with Julia Rogers vs. Reira Kirishima and Emi Keyes (Julia Pins Emi, Stardust Press) - Watch Match
16. vs. Ninjette (Pin, German Suplex) - Go Ringside

1. vs. Noel Shiraishi (Pinned, Bearhug) - Watch Match
2. vs. Mindy Priest (Pinned, Dragon Suplex) - Watch Match
3. vs. Valerie Von Vulpes (Pinned, Triple Vs) - Watch Match
4. vs. Al Zahra (Pinned, Body Splash) - Match Currently Unavailable (YIM Match)
5. vs. Jewels (Pinned, Severance Package) - Watch Match
6. vs. Julia Rogers (Pinned, Stardust Press) - Watch Match
7. (PPV TITLE MATCH) vs. Reira Kirishima (Pinned, Reverse STO) - Watch Match

Draws: 0

Interviewed for Breaking the Tension - Watch Interview

Friends: Irene Inger, Julia Rogers, Amy Poford
Enemies: Jewels, Reira Kirishima
Crushes: Julia Rogers (Girlfriend)

Currently Wrestling:
Kinniku Woman - Go Ringside
Hana Fujioka - Go Ringside
Hiroko Uta - Go Ringside

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Re: Domino

Post by Tatyina on Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:58 am

Approved. You may make matches and rp as you like. Be wary of not having a pic though. (it won't keep you from being approved though ^ ^ )

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Re: Domino

Post by CyanDimitrik on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:16 am


Uploaded an image for Domino.

I'm not 100% happy with it, but then again, I'm really picky and the odds of finding just the right look is pretty slim. Alas!

[size=85:3m4eaadd]If any charitable artists are out there and in the mood to help a guy out, though... ♥

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Re: Domino

Post by CyanDimitrik on Wed May 21, 2014 7:33 am


Gently updated some formatting on the match history section. Should be easier to read and offer more information now, at that.

I also updated his little factoids, since he's definitely no longer new to the league or Japan.


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Re: Domino

Post by Sponsored content Today at 12:25 pm

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