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I'm starting my new job soon, so I'll be more free

Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:24 pm by TheWamts

Yes, I know that sounds fucking stupid, but with only one thing to focus on instead of 5 subjects and 5 groups, I should have more time to spend on the site, and so I'm open for new matches, send me a pm or I'm me on Trillian (same name thewamts if you don't have me already) if interested.

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Lucy's Debut

Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:11 pm by kagestar

Well what can i say really?

After the warm reception here i am looking for my first Character Lucy Kage to have her debut.

This doesn't have to be in the form of a debut match, though i am not going to say no to that of course, but it could even be that she appears at the end of another match etc. I want Lucy to arrive, not with a bang per se, but with more of a determined swagger.

I want her entrance to pretty much be believable, sellable but also meaningful. It sounds snobbish, especially …

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Looking for debut match for new jobber Lilly Maringly

Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:37 am by shanecawf


Lilly is looking for matches so she can earn enough money to get out of the AFW. She doesn't care how big her opponent is or how strong they are, She's willing to take a massive beating if it means she can earn anything towards her get out fund.
Please have fun with her and don't be afraid to give her hell!

(Please no tension males) Lilly has one condition to this. She will not fight a male. Only females.

Link to her profile below

[ Full reading ]

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Lucy "Britain's Baby Girl." Grange.

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Lucy "Britain's Baby Girl." Grange.

Post by Deus001 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:06 pm

"HAH! You like that? Little move my old man taught me, and he said to knock you out!"

Name: Lucy Grange.
Sex: Female
Age: 17th March 1996
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (Dyes it blonde.)
Height: 5,5
Weight: 120 pounds
Nationality: British
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Entrance music:
Love, fury, passion, energy by Boy Hits Car

Or Isolated by Chiasm.

Preferred Matches: Anything that's not too hardcore.





Syle: High flyer/Submission (Uses wrestling moves taught by her Father on top of her own personal style.)

Strategy: Uses strikes to attack parts of the body to weaken them, she'll then try to use submission moves to gain a victory.

Strengths: Her small size and agility means she can get hits in quick, also a pro at high flying.
Weakness: Compared to her Brother Ryan she can't take as many hits, she can't really do heavy lifting either.

Endurance:*** = She can take a fair amount of punishment, but nowhere near as much as Ryan or John.
Strength:*** = Can give her punches and kicks some "Oomph." but can't really lift heavy foes, anyone over 200 pounds really.
Speed:**** = Real nimble, was always first at the start of a running race.
Defense:** = Can block a punch or kick but that's about it.
Technique:**** = Skilled with gymnastics, also can do rather impressive submissions.

Strikes:*** - She can hit people where it hurts if it's "Mitts" out
Submissions: **** - She can bring on the pain here, Ryan can attest to that.
Powerhouse: **- Lucy's not one for power based moves, but her old man did teach her how to properly bust out a DDT.
Aerial: ***** - If Lucy could fly then not even the US air force would catch her
Counters: *** - She can dodge and block most punches and kicks, grapple attempts as well.

Finishing moves:
The web (Octupus hold. Lucy stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. Lucy then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with her own arm, and drapes her free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing them downward. Lucy places all her weight onto the opponent and pulls back onto the opponent's arm that she trapped, she called it the web as she sees it as rather intricate.)

Shiv (Back stabber. Lucy goes behind her foe and pulls both of her hands on the opponent's shoulders. She then pulls them downward with her knees driving into the opponent's back.)

London Bridge (Shiranui. Lucy's favourite, she puts her opponent into a three quarter facelock. While holding onto her foe she runs up either the turnbuckle or the ring ropes. She then safely lands face down onto the mat, her foe is driven down back first hard onto the mat.)

Grange's secret technique: Ultimate disable (Lucy delivers a swift kick to the back of one of her opponent's legs to force them to one knee, she then fires a karate chop to their neck. As they hit the mat Lucy wraps it up with a dropped heel to either their neck or forehead.)

Personality: Lucy tends to be a jovial sort of girl, one that seems like your average British teen girl. She can come off as a bit of a spoiled ditz due to her upbringing, however it can be noted that she shows far more intellect than she lets on. No doubt a little trick given to her by her old man. Although she sometimes has trouble being on her own, so she can be rather clingy to those she forms strong bonds with. Also she hates drugs such as cocaine, as things like that led to her Mother being an addict and thus being unable to take care of her.

Past: Lucy is not the actual child of John Grange, rather the child of his best friend. The two were involved with gangs before John went to college, however they had not done any major crimes. But a rival gang didn't know that and they didn't care, John's best friend was gunned down before his very eyes. Around that time was when Lucy was born, her Mother had a mental illness that prevented her from looking after her child.

It was then that John swore to help Lucy, to give her the best future he could in honor of his friend. When John had become rich thanks to his job he gave her the best education, he also gave her wrestling lessons to be used only in self defence. Lucy knew that John wasn't her real Father, but she knew that her real one would be damm proud of how the two of them were doing.

Then Erica had met John and was employed as his maid, not long after Ryan was taken in by John. They all travelled the world, when they heard about the AFW Lucy was the first to say that they should join. However she was 17 and unable to join, until now! After long bickering Mr Grange gave his permission to let her compete in the AFW. Here she wants to wrestle and have fun doing it.

Goal in the AFW:
Like Ryan, when she and her family arrived. They only wanted to ply their trade. Although now that she and Ryan formed the United Kingdom Elite Lucy hopes to create a name for herself, both in tension and in friction. Neither Ryan or Lucy would admit it, but they wish to get out of their Father's shadow. To create their own thrones, she also hopes that Ryan doesn't get himself hurt too bad.

Trolling Ryan
Hanging out with others.

Drugs (Her Mother was a crackhead.)
Insults towards her Father
Getting broken bones
Getting trolled.

If Lucy was a pokemon then she'd be....

Allies: Ryan Knight, John Grange, Erica Iona, John Carnaby, Bryan Daniels
Rivals: Gail Hatzis

Vs Abigail Snow
Vs Belinda Northman

Gail Hatzis via pinfall.
Gail Hatzis via pinfall at Avalanche 2013
Conza Delejabon via pinfall
W/Ryan, Daisuke and Ami via pinfall.
Gail Hatzis via egg nog bath at Avalanche 2014.
Shinji Okazaki via pinfall.
Melody White via pinfall

Amaya via massage KO.
Becky Welsh via pinfall.
Dmitri via submission.
Yoshiro via pinfall
Cally via submission at Summer Splash 2014.
Bryan Daniels via pinfall
Juniper Nayle via submission
Gabbie Desjardin via pinfall.

Draws: Vs Daisuke and Lita W/ Ryan Knight via double countout.

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Solaire of the AFW.

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