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Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:32 pm by 321Shazam

I know it's been awhile but I'm back into the swing of things. I'd love to get some sexy and fun matches with you guys oh ba gawd! Please pm me here or in the discord if you have an idea for matches

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LF matches or rps

Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:40 am by kiranar

I have several characters on most rosters except tension, but I am not against some of my characters taking opponents from there. Celeste the Carpathian Impaler, The Emerald Moons are my friction wrestlers Kirana is a character I made based off of Monster Hunter series along with my Xeltron from the starwars universe. Message me if any of the characters seems interesting.

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Looking to get my feet wet

Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:59 am by beachking

Would love some fun and nice matches or some dirty backstage stuff
they take on anyone

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"Silver Ace"

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"Silver Ace" Empty "Silver Ace"

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:03 pm

Name:  Silver Ace (Usually just answers to “Silver” or “Ace”)

Real Name: Haley Cote

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Eyes: Purple (contacts)

Real Eye color: Blue

Hair: Dyed Silver

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130 lbs

Nationality: Canadian

Alignment: Face

Entrance Theme - "Animate" by Rush

Wrestling Style:  After visiting and training in different countries, Ace found she couldn’t pick just one style, and instead has taken her favorite bits of each to combine them into a strange fusion, from the unique submission holds and fast counters of Lucha Libra, the technical grappling style of Canadian leagues, and the hard hitting strikes and slams of Japanese Puroresu.  However, the moves she knows and uses best are more simple moves any trainee learns, leaving her at a disadvantage against an opponent that uses more complicated moves. Ace's biggest strength in the ring is her endurance. Her body can take far more punishment then one would think by looking at her, allowing her to at least attempt to get up and keep fighting. This can be an issue though, as it can lead to Ace trying to continue fights even when she knows she's been outmatched, just leading to more punishment.

Attire:  Same as pic: She prefers it because it covers up her body and is hard for an opponent to take off of her, while still allowing her freedom and flexibility with her moves. Aside from that, she also wears knee length boots, knee pads and full length black tights, for a more professional look that leaves less risk of her being embarrassed if the shirt comes up.

Favored moves:  Strikes, mainly kicks, fast, flashy, suplex variations, headscissor holds , joint/limb locks

Silver Flash Kick: A basic Superkick.  She borrowed from her trainer in Mexico, the legendary Silver King, in tribute to him for his help and for giving her her name. She renamed it from its initial Silver Kick name to Silver Flash, given the speed and suddenness that she is able to strike with it.

Tri-Ace-Choke:  Silver grabs her opponents arm, pulling them closer in order to wrap her legs tightly around their neck while in front of them, one leg wrapping around one side of their neck and the other interlocking with it. She pulls their arm to keep their head and neck trapped in her smooth thighs while she chokes them out until they submit or pass out.

Ace Crusher: Ace grabs her opponents head, applying a 3/4 quarter-turn face lock, dropping to her back while driving them down face first, impacting against her shoulder as it hits the mat, sending a painful shock to their system. Ace chose this move not only for being practical for her style, and for having a variation of ways to be able to apply it, but because the move, invented in Japan years before by popular wrestler Johnny Ace, is still well liked in the country and she hopes it'll help endear her to the crowd.

Preferred Matches:  Silver has a hard time backing down from a direct challenge, though with Tai acting as her mouthpiece in the ring, he usually guides her on what matches are best for her, convincing her to take on regular and submission style wrestling matches, but to avoid things like hardcore matches.

She refuses hentai matches however.

Personality: Differs in and out of the ring:

In Ring: "Silver Ace" personality
In the ring, Silver is very professional, focused, and respectful towards her opponents. Or to be more accurate, she tries to be, bless her. Despite her attempts at maintaining a serious attitude, she is young, and still ruled by emotions. Thus she can be manipulated in the ring, such as being taunted enough to where her temper gets the best of her, causing her to make mistakes. She also tends to get overly excited about getting exciting matches. People meeting her tend to find this confusing, as she will be serious about making a challenge, only to get giddy over the idea of the match itself.

Out of Ring:"Haley" personality

Outside the ring, and outside the arena, is another story. Once her job is done for the day, she turns off her “Silver Ace” attitude, and allows herself to be just Haley again, a fun, if a little spoiled, rich girl who enjoys going out wining, dining, and dancing, and is happy to be friendly with whoever she meets, including future/past/current opponents from AFW, even going as far as engaging in sexual activities, with some of them for one night stands, though its inside the ring that she refuses to do such things.

Past: Haley grew up in Toronto, Canada as the daughter of a very wealthy Canadian-American couple, and had access to more money in her personal bank account at the age of 15 then most adults do at the age of 40. While Haley was always an active girl, running around, joining different sports while growing up, it was clear from a young age that her main interest was the strange world of pro wrestling. She started watching it when she was a kid, and would always watch and record any match she could find, from any promotion around the world that was on television or the internet. She even joined her schools wrestling team in her Jr. High and high school, and was found to focus better and work harder in her matches and training then she did in any other of her school subjects.

At age 16, she finally confronted her parents about how she dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler, and joining a promotion like Wrestle Angels or Rumble Roses one day. Her parents, both understanding, and a bit naïve about the wrestling lifestyle as well as all too willing to allow their daughter to do what she wanted, gave their approval and allowed her to drop out of her school, and, using her rather impressive personal account, Haley traveled to a wrestling school in Montreal, having to bribe the instructors there to teach her due to her young age.

After spending around most of a year there learning the basics, she learned of a new Lucha Libre school in Mexico that, desperate for funding, was willing to teach anybody who could afford it, so she flew herself to Mexico City and paid for training there, spending a year in Mexico, learning how to work a fast paced style with quick counters, some high flying (which scared her), and some complex submission holds.

It was in Mexico City, at age 17, that she had her first official matchup ever, a rather quick loss to a Japanese girl who complimented Haley on her speed, but mentioned that her strikes weren’t that powerful and she didn’t have the strength to pull off effective throws and holds and recommended she take time to stay in Japan and train in Puroresu if she wanted to improve. Later in her training, she was lucky enough to be picked as the partner for Mexican wrestling legend Silver King, who, after gifting her with a terrible full body silver spandex outfit, had her announced as "Silver Ace" that night, the name very much to Haley's liking, soon becoming her official name, with the silver outfit her official ring gear.

Taking advantage of the long established, and still existing, trade agreement between Lucha Libe and Puroresu wrestling companies for booking talent on tours in each companies respective countries, Haley found herself in Tokyo.  There, she stayed for two full years, minus a brief trip home for her 18th birthday, and trained hard the whole time. She was given strength and stamina training, to make her stronger and keep her from wearing out early, and was taught how to use her naturally strong legs effectively with kicks and scissor holds. She worked a fair amount of tours, usually in the opening matches, where she was tossed around by more experienced workers and beaten fast.

Finally, after 3 years of training and working hard, things began turning around. She understood both her body and wrestling abilities far more than she had ever had before. She was putting up more of a fight, winning match after match, and even when losing, putting up a hell of a fight when she lost. Rather than focus on just one style, she began cherry picking certain aspects of the styles she had learned, using the technical abilities she learned in Canada to wear opponents down and keep the pace up, using the powerful striking and slam/throws she learned from Japan to do damage to her opponents, while the quick counters she learned in Mexico allowed her to dodge/reverse moves attempted on her. One year gave her a new experience, as her Japanese trainers got her booked in a deathmatch tournament, filled with barbed wire, thumbtacks, and other weapons. The strength training she got in Japan had allowed her to finally be strong enough to apply some of the more complex and painful submission holds she had learned in both Mexico and Japan, which vastly helped her in the tournament, combining the holds with weapons to win the first few matches and advance to the finals, where she was defeated after a vicious top rope powerbomb onto a barbed wire covered table. It took time to recover, but she pulled through and completed her training, celebrating by managing to defeat the tournament winner in a rematch.

With her training officially completed, Haley began working for indy leagues around the world, accepting bookings from whoever wanted to use her, mainly using the fact that she could pay for her own airfare and hotel stay as incentive for indy leagues that couldn’t afford to pay for much. She spent the next few months wrestling, showing herself to be a focused and determined fighter in the ring, though she would still go out and treat herself on a job well done after shows, as well as take in the local nightlife wherever she traveled too.

After one of these little mini party nights got out of hand, thanks to a few tough guys that had seen her match on television that night and wanted to fight her to see if she was really that tough, she decided to make a change, cutting her hair short and spray dying it silver, while buying a very expensive washable eye coloring dye that was mainly used by movie stars in order to disguise her appearance.  While this may not have been the best overall disguise, the fact that it all washed out within a couple hours after she applied it allowed her to go out after matches and rarely get recognized by the general public. Along with the haircut came a new wardrobe, Ace ditching the silver outfit for spandex shorts, with a long sleeved shirt/skirt combo that, being custom made, was rarely seen on a wrestler. This new look complimented her ring name as well, giving her a different look that set her apart from the rest.

Around her 20th birthday, Haley, or “Silver/Ace” as she went by, was contacted by AFW talent scouts, wanting to bring her in for a few matches and possibly offer her a contract. While Silver had certainly heard and been a fan of AFW, she was a little wary of the idea of working for them, mainly due to the near constant amounts of hentai matches they put on tv every week. While Silver didn’t mind watching said matches, the idea of performing in them was one she wasn’t sure she was entirely comfy with.

She went back to Japan and wrestled the tryout matches, and was told to come back a week later for a meeting about signing a contract with the AFW’s head league, Friction.  When Silver arrived the following week, she brought a surprise with her, the now retired former Tension wrestler and AFW veteran/legend: Tai Kamiya, claiming he was, in fact, her manager.  While it’s unknown how she met Tai, how he became her manager, or how long he has been her manager, what is known is that Ace signed her contract and is a part of the new Kamiya Inc. Faction, currently awaiting her big television debut with Friction.

Fun Facts:
Haley/Ace is a lesbian, having discovered this in her teen years and having a string of short term girlfriends throughout her life, of both a sexual and non-sexual nature. That being said, while she isn’t inexperienced, she is against the idea of doing sexual things in the ring to another girl in public. That being said, she has noticed how attractive the women of AFW are, and, tired of being lonely, wishes she could meet somebody she could trust and care about in AFW.

The only thing Haley seems to really take seriously is her in-ring performance, to the point where she made the “Silver Ace” as almost an alternate personality of sorts. When she gets in “Ace” mode, as she calls it, she’s more focused and sharp. After the match is over, when she can unwind, she lets herself be Haley again and just tries to have fun whenever and however she can. That being said, she's still prone to getting emotional in the ring at wrong moments.

Silver doesn’t use permanent dye for her hair and eyes, instead using a spray on dye that washes off fast, as well as a new type of red dye for her eyes, that she applies by mixing with everyday eye drops. They don’t cause any eye damage, and the color actually is designed to fade away after a couple hours, allowing her to go out on the town just a couple hours after her match ends without being noticed and having any fans try and swarm her.

It’s still completely unknown what the actual nature of her and Tai Kamiya’s involvement is, or how he became her manager or even how they met. Neither of them have actually made any official statements on it either, though they both did confirm that they actually aren’t sleeping together, to the surprise of most. This has become a moot point however, since she fired him.

Haley has a few scars on her back and upper arms from her deathmatch experience, especially the final bout she lost. While she's somewhat proud of them, she doesn't like people seeing them, which helped influence her AFW in ring uniform.

While Haley does use her money for enjoying the nightlife, she tries to keep it hidden from fellow wrestlers, not wanting them to hold a grudge against her for having money.

She has since fired Tai as her manager.


Valley Doll: Ace and Valley met at a bar after being announced as opponents, in order to make sure the other wasn't crazy. They quickly became friends, sharing not only similarities to each other in terms of style and experience and hobbies, but also sharing an intense attraction to each other. Valley, being 10 years older, has become Ace's friend, mentor, and perhaps more importantly to them both, a lover. Valley see's Ace as her protégé, destined for great things, while Ace has deep respect for Valley's experience and abilities, and treasures the woman's ability to comfort her, which is a rare find in AFW.

They broke up after an argument after losing a tag match at Summer Splash, and, after some time apart, eventually reconciled after a hard fought match that ended in a draw. Since then, they've not only become friends, but have gotten back together again as a couple.

Gallium Heart: Ace's student and Haley's childhood friend. The daughter of two servants in Ace's home, and only a couple years younger than Ace, the two grew up together, difficult to separate. It's her friendship with Gally, Haley believes, that prevented her from becoming a spoiled little brat, as when Gally became old enough to help her parents around the house with their work, Haley refused to let her friend pick up after her, or do work that Haley herself couldn't also do, leading to her assisting the staff with their duties and forming a bond with them, keeping her grounded and avoiding thinking she was "Above" them in some way.

It was during Ace's break from wrestling, where she got to spend a few months at home, the longest she had spent since leaving years before, that Gally, not wanting them to separate again, asked if she could train under Ace, an idea Haley agreed to, bringing the girl back to Japan with her.

Angel:Ace first learned of Angel during her time in Mexico, where the other wrestlers would watch her matches on AFW, including her title attempts at Summer Splash. Ace grew to admire the latina, impressed by her desire and refusal to ever give in. It was through watching Angel that gave Ace the kind of inspiration she needed to be able to make it to AFW, hoping to one day meet her newfound idol. While she met the former world champ on a karaoke outing that didn't end well, they quickly became fast friends, even forming an almost sisterly bond due too similar experiences. Ace looks up to Angel, and Angel seems rather fond of her as well.


River Styx: Silver Ace's biggest and most despised enemy. Their feud started in 2016 when River Styx and her stable WAR attacked Silver Ace and her sister Angel during a rare match between the two, leading to Angel retiring from the league. Since then, Styx has attacked Ace multiple times, Ace has attacked Styx multiple times, and even became Hardcore Champion in an attempt to goad Styx into a final confrontation that has yet to happen.

Amethyst: A mentally unstable woman with a VERY unhealthy obsession with Haley's lover, Valley Doll, attacking the woman on more than one occassion. Ace finally put this feud to bed by tossing Amethyst of a scaffold in a scaffold match, and the woman hasn't bothered them since.

Match Record:

13 wins/10 losses/2 draws

Silver Ace defeats Jocelyn via DQ
Silver Ace defeated Jade Hawk via DQ
Silver Ace defeated Valley Doll via Submission (Tri Ace Choke)
Silver Ace defeated Miss USA via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Blossom via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Lady Lakota via Submission (STF) (Entropy Title Match)
Silver Ace defeated Alaina Sanders via Pinfall (Roll Up)
Silver Ace defeated Amethyst via Throwing Off Scaffold (Scaffold Match: Summer Splash)
Silver Ace defeated Abattior via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace and Alicia Wells defeated River Styx and Abattoir via Count Out
Silver Ace defeated Kaede via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Adrian Kytes via Pinfall (Moonsault) (Avalanche 2016: Hardcore Title Match)
Silver Ace defeated Liberty Valla via Pinfall (Ace Crusher) (Hardcore Title Defense)
Silver Ace defeated Juno Lane and Navi Flores via Pinfall (Ace Crusher) (Avalanche 2017: Hardcore Title Defense)

Iron Maiden defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Avalanche) (Chokeslam)
Taylor Parker defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Shooting Star Press)
Akashi defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall. (Triple Sitdown Powerbomb)
Nikolette defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (KO Punch)
Jocelyn and Allison defeated Silver Ace and Valley Doll via pinfall (Summer Splash) (Roll Up)
Gwendolyn defeated Silver Ace in a Ladder Match (Avalanche: Entropy Title Match)
Alaina Sanders defeated Silver Ace via pinfall (Roll Up)
River Styx defeated Silver Ace via putting through table
Jessica Wright defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Queenmaker) (Summer Splash 2018: Hardcore Title Match)
GASTER defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Roll Up) (Avalanche 2018)


Silver Ace Vs Valley Doll: Slamazon 2/3 Falls match ended in a Draw
Silver Ace vs Angel ended in a no contest


Reached Semi-Finals of Friction World Cup and helped Canada end up in 3rd Place

Former Entropy Champion (2014)

Former Hardcore Champion: 2 Successful Defenses

Ace's Facepaint attire (debuted at Summer Splash 2015)

"Silver Ace" Commis10

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"Silver Ace" Empty Re: "Silver Ace"

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:06 am

Ace's Story so far.


1. Ace gets introduced to AFW and pisses off the boss.

2. Ace's Debut vs Iron Maiden. LOSS

3. Tai tries to get a meeting between Ace and Taylor

4. Ace meets Taylor and gets mocked, angrily making a challenge.

5.  Ace vs Taylor LOSS

6. Ace, while recovering, picks her next opponent and fires Tai.

7. Ace meets Akashi, unwillingly and unknowingly dishonoring the Sumo

8. Ace vs Akashi LOSS

9. Ace meets Valley Doll, a beautiful older woman whose also her next opponent. Conversation leads into discovery of intense attaction

10. Silver Ace vs Valley Girl WIN

11. Ace vs Jocelyn. FWC Tournament Round 1 WIN

12. A spiritually broken Ace and a caring Valley go to Ace's apartment, where Valley tries to heal the wounds.

13. Still injured from her last match, Ace takes on a member of a team taking AFW by storm: Silver Ace vs Jade Hawk WIN

14. Ace gets invited to a party

15.FWC Semi Finals: Ace vs Nikolette LOSS

16. Ace and Valley call out The Terrible Three

17. Shopping Surprise

18. Ace in America

19. An earlier than expected dinner with Valley's parents before Summer Splash

20. Summer Splash! Ace's second PPV event, she teams with Valley to take on the Terrible Two, but a change in plans creates a new match with a former opponent! LOSS

21.Ace and Valley argue after their Summer Splash Match

22. Ace and Valley reach a parting of the ways

23. Depressed after Summer Splash, Ace gets a pep talk from the Entropy Champ

24. Taylor phones Aceat night with a question

25. Miss USA vs Silver Ace WIN

26. Ace and Marilyn meet by chance, and go clubbing!

27. Silver Ace vs Blossom WIN

28. Blossom and Ace hang out...and have some fun.

29.The Silver Ace takes on the new rookie, The Crimson Daze

30. Ace gets called out by the Entropy Champion!

31. Ace vs Lady Lakota: Entropy Title Submission Match!

32. Ace's ex girlfriend, Valley Doll, comes back into her life, challenging her to the Slamazon's ultimate match!

33. Silver Ace vs Valley Doll: 2/3 Falls Match DRAW

34. Ace chooses her Avalanche opponent to defend her belt against...only to have it crashed...

35. Ace and Valley recover from their match and finally talk

36. Ace visits Angel for an autograph and a confession before her match at Avalanche

37. Ace returns to Avalanche, defending her title against the pompous Gwendolyn, in a ladder match! LOSS

38. The two champs meet again after losing their belts at Avalanche


39. Ace returns to Japan post Avalanche, with a chip on her shoulder, and gets into trouble as a result.

40. Silver Ace vs The Amazon, Alaina Sanders WIN

41. Ace and Alaina have a friendly chat post match

42. Ace again goes to a party at Taylor's, and again gets into trouble.

43. Ace tries to get a rematch, only for her "friend" to get it instead.

44. Ace and Alaina work things out

45. Ace and Alaina go to the motherfucking beach

46. Ace tries to forget recent issues by attending a birthday party for Angel

47. Ace congrats Valley on a win...then bad things happen.

48. Silver Ace vs Alaina Sanders: The Rematch LOSS

49. Realizing how dangerous Amethyst is, and dealing with her own sense of having lost her edge, Ace makes a challenge for the most dangerous match in all of pro wrestling, to take place at Summer Splash.

50. Ace makes a friend!

51. Summer Splash 2015: Silver Ace vs Amethyst Velour: Scaffold Match. Ace shows a new side of herself, as her and Amethyst risk life and limb fighting 25 feet above the floor. Time to put the beast down. WIN

52. Ace gets paired against her third crazy chick. Ace vs Abattior (WIN)


53: After months off, Ace discovers her first match back is to be against her best friend, Angel!

54: Ace vs Angel No Contest, due to interference from WAR

55. Ace returns from her injuries, saving Alicia Wells from WAR and setting up a tag match!

56. Ace and Alicia Wells team up to take on Styx and Abattoir of WAR! WIN

57. Ace and Alicia talk an alliance!

58. Ace gets called out by a dumb bitch!

59. Silver Ace vs Kaede! WIN

60. After a quick win over Kaede, Ace calls out Styx for an impromptu Tables Match!

61. Silver Ace vs River Styx: Tables Match! LOSS

62. Ace visits one of Styx's former opponents for advice

63. Silver Ace challenges Adrian Kytes to a match at Avalanche for the Hardcore Title

64. Valley Doll and Silver Ace discuss Avalanche

65. Adrian Kytes adds a twist to Avalanche!

66. Ace and Adrian meet up before Avalanche to bury the hachet.

68: Avalanche 2016: Back in Toronto, Canada, where it all began for her, Ace faces the biggest challenge of her career, fighting Adrian Kytes in a Steel Cage for the Hardcore Championship! WIN


69. Ace's attempt to call out River Styx ends with a former champion making a return.

70. Silver Ace has her first Hardcore Title defense, against the first ever Hardcore Champion, Liberty!

71. Due to her injuries, Ace is forced to accept becoming a Co-Holder of the Hardcore Title!

72. Silver Ace makes a new friend!

73. Navi Florges takes issue with Silver Ace, Ace responds!

74. Silver Ace takes on Navi Florges!

75. Ace and Valley discuss the Kaylee Rush situation

76. 3 Years after their Avalanche Match, Ace and Gwen reunite!

77. Avalanche Hardcore Title Triple Threat Match WIN

78. After Valleys loss to Kaylee, her and Haley have a heart to heart

79. A two part promo as Undisputed Hardcore Champion Silver Ace makes an open challenge title defense for Summer Splash!

80. Silver Ace vs Jessica Wright: Monsters Ball Match for the Hardcore Championship (Summer Splash) LOSS

81: Upset over her recent losses, Ace see's her friend Gallium being hurt, and makes a challenge to the girl who hurt her!

82: Silver Ace takes on the woman who injured Gallium Heart, GASTER, at Avalanche 2018! LOSS

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