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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Natasha vs Linda (im match)

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Natasha vs Linda (im match)

Post by daemongirl on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:23 pm

Chocolate Pudding Match
Ring: Pool of chocolate pudding
Rules: The first to pass out from sexual exhaustion is the loser.

lyannapelon: Natasha as always was excited to get out to the ring for her match tonight, perhaps even a little more eager than usual as she was facing someone who had never taken part in an AFW match before. From what she had gathered online her opponent, Linda Halloween, had been rather successful in another league in Japan though that one didn't allow the type of match they were booked for tonight. Told to wear a bikini for her hentai pudding match, Natasha had excitedly pulled on one she had just purchased, a dark blue number with a top that was tied in the front and had the Fleur symbol on one breast and the Japanese word for rain upon the other. She dispersed with her usual entrance to hurry down to the special ring for tonight, a shallow pool filled with chocolate pudding replaced the normal mat.

londralondra: A little nervous for the upcoming match as she hear her opponent Natasha was once a champ in this type of match as she sees her opponent run towards the ring. she does the same as she wears a bikini whit the colors of the american flag on it as she dances towards the ring to show the fans what she got. as she gets closer to the ring she steps into it as she looks at natasha and lick her lips. Hope your as much fun as Justice was as she holds out her hand for a handshake. Let''s have a nice and dirty match ok.

lyannapelon: Natasha waded through the ankle deep pudding making her way to the far side of the pool, turning around to lean against the ropes waiting for Linda to appear. She was not disappointed either as the american woman was every bit as busty and bubbly as she had been led to believe, her dance to the ring almost hypnotic for the french woman. Licking her lips she walked up to Linda to shake her hand, smiling warmly at the woman while her eyes toured Linda's incredibly sexy body. "I hope to be more fun Linda, also I doubt theres a way not to be dirty in this kind of match!" She said before stepping back to await the bell.

londralondra: Looking at Natasha sexy butt as she leaves linda smirks as she goes to her corner. I did have some kind of fight type like this whit justice or tigercat whit the winner getting justice bf Ryoma as i get a dark look in my eyes. ''I will win him for myself justice'' i whisper to myself as i get ready and think this will be training to face justice.

lyannapelon: Natasha noticed the girl getting a serious look in her eyes but wasn't sure exactly what brought that on, pushing it out of her mind as she began to stretch for the coming match up. "Good luck Linda!" Natasha called out just after the bell rang telling both women it was time to get the match underway. She knew she would have to move carefully in the pudding or else risk slipping, luckily she had a lot of experience in matches like this so she could move around fairly well without much trouble, doing so now as she approached Linda with her hands raised signaling she wanted a test of strength.

londralondra: Seeing that natasha wanted a test of strength she accepted as she put her arms up. As she locks her hands whit her opponent she smirks at what she hears' ''''Thanks but you need it more i bin in matches like this whit justice and tigercat' so i know what i am doing'' as she started to push hoping she could get Natashe off guard so she could get her in the pudding. '''' we are lucky it pudding we are fighting in as you be eating it a lot today natasha as she suddenly push her breasts against natasha before giving one final push to try and unbalance her opponent.

lyannapelon: Natasha couldn't help but giggle at just how confident Linda sounded, though she was more amused than intimidated as big talk usually meant she could catch someone off guard. Playing into that she intentionally allowed herself to be pushed backwards a few steps, not difficult as Linda did seem to be stronger physically than she was if only by a little bit, a soft moan escaping her lips as Linda mashed their breasts together. "Whle I'm sure they are good wrestlers Linda, you have never faced me before in a match like this." Natasha said teasing the girl before she would cease pushing and suddenly pull upon Linda's arms, dropping down to one knee and turning her body to try flipping Linda over her shoulder and depositing the american on her back in the pudding.

londralondra: hearing what natasha has to say linda replies ''ýes but their also good lovers and sex fighters '''as she suddenly screams as she is lifted up and thrown on her back. So this girl wants to get down and dirty well so can i thinks linda to her self. As she suddenly tries to sweep natasha legs from under her hoping she fall on her butt. if she did she would lean in for a kiss as her hands slide towards her opponents bikini bottoms and grab them.

lyannapelon: Pudding splashed over them both as Linda was tossed onto her back after Natasha's quick judo style throw, though Linda was barely down a second before she was back on the attack, knocking Natasha down onto her butt with the pudding shooting up her backside. "I will show you I'm better." Natasha shot back just before Linda leaned in to kiss her, the blue haired woman embracing the kiss but the moment she felt those hands upon her bikini bottom her own hands shot down to grab them, stopping them from doing anything more. She would then shoot her foot forward to try sliding it underneath Linda's own bikini bottom to force it downward.

londralondra: moaning into the kiss as she feels natasha feet on her bikini bottom rubbing her pussy. as she trieds to pull her opponents bottoms further up hoping to give her a wedgie. as she breaks the kiss she smirk and replies '''i will show you i am the best here in america to the winner goes the spoils so i hope you know what that means'' as she tries to push forward so natasha is on her back. i won''t go down in my first match without a fight was the only thought going to linda mind.

lyannapelon: She could feel Linda pulling upward upon her bikini bottoms but she didn't let her get far, Natasha pulling downward on the woman's wrists to keep her bikini from being tugged upward into her pussy. However her foot was rubbing the american's sex directly, Natasha making the most of the advantage she had at that moment as she applied a firm pressure while sliding the sole of her foot back and forth over Linda's pussy lips. "I know what you mean Linda and I entirely agree." Natasha replied with a grin even as Linda pushed her down onto her back, Natasha maintaining her hold on the girl's wrists and the foot rubbing the woman's sex.

londralondra: ''''good because you be mine '''moans linda as she tried to press her knee between natasha legs and against the girls sex hoping to rub her knee against it. ''''now we stop talking and let our sex talk for us as she smirks at natasha. ''''my breasts and pussy will beat your and then i will take your bikini as my prize as well as your body'''hoping you get what i mean as i get a little nervous i got it mixed up as the crowd goes wild. as i think to myself justice this will be you one day

lyannapelon: "If you make this a battle of our pussies and tits then I'm afraid you will lose." Natahsa replied back with a devious grin upon her lips, the very hands she was using to keep Linda's hands from pulling up her bikini bottom also blocking the knee Linda tried to press against her sex. However Linda's knee still forced her hands back up against Natasha's own pussy, the french woman moaning softly for a moment before recomposing herself. Natasha would then lean forward and bite down upon the bikini top of Linda, trying to tear it upward to expose the girl's tits.

londralondra: As linda bra gets pulled off she glares at Natasha before trying to push her further down. if it works she will smirk and taunt natasha "" you like my breasts take a closer look frenchie"" as she tries to smother natasha whit her breasts hoping to catch her off guard she tries to pull natasha bottoms down and rub her naked pussy as a act of revenge. ""These proud american breasts are better then your french breasts right"" as she hopes the crowd enjoys the fight.

lyannapelon: Natasha snapped her head to the side ripping Linda's top clean off of the american woman before spitting the top out of her mouth, smiling as she turned her gaze back to Linda staring up into the woman's eyes. "Thats better." She said just before Linda leaned forward herself, Natasha's eyes going wide as she realized too late what the american had in mind, the french beauty soon finding herself with a face full of the other woman's massive tits struggling to breathe. Mumbling against the firm flesh of Linda's mounds she kept her bikini bottom up even still, though with Linda on top of her she was forced to rub Linda's pussy with her knee now instead of her foot.

londralondra: ''''You like my big breasts right natasha'''ask linda as she keeps smothering her opponent as she takes a page from natasha book and try to rub natasha pussy whit her feet. as she moans from natasha knee against her pussy she starts wondering if she wins if natasha is ko by a smothering instead of a orgasm as she does not know this as she keeps it up. Because either way she would weaken her opponent before fighting her further as she starts enjoying the fight. ''''Enjoying the pudding from my breasts you people from french are just suckers for a girl whit big breasts'''as she taunts her opponent hoping she will become frustrated.

lyannapelon: Natasha clearly couldn't answer the woman but she was fairly sure that Linda knew that quite well, even so she could be heard mumbling into the woman's giant breasts. She was in a bit of a bad way now as she needed to use her hands to get free, but then that meant giving Linda access to her sex. Deciding it was worth it Natasha released the hands of the american, one of Natasha's hands moving to Linda's pussy to begin fingering it while her other hand rose up to push against Linda's face trying to push her off of her enough for Natasha to breathe. Meanwhile Natasha would lick Linda's naked tits clean of the pudding, focusing on the girl's nipples.

londralondra: moaning from the attacks but finally getting a chance to escape Linda moves backwards to catch her breath.''''did you enjoy my breasts little girl'''' knowing that natasha got the best attacks in that little fight she needed to watch her for the next move as she was close to cumming for the first time

lyannapelon: Natasha let out a rather loud and lewd moan the moment Linda's breasts left her face, gasping for air afterward while she rose back up onto her knees. "I've never been called little before." Natasha said choosing not to answer the girl's question directly, instead she licked her lips and then dug her hands into the pudding, the same sweet desert now covering her back, sides and even some on her breasts. Reaching down she grabbed onto her bikini bottom, ripping it off as it had been pulled down during their exchange and tossing it out of the ring. "Theres, it was only fair I removed it since you went through the trouble of pulling it down."

londralondra: Not wanting to look scared linda removes her own bottoms. ''''i don''t need help from you natasha as she smears herself whit the pudding. ''''so do you want dessert you slut''' as linda was now accepting her lust as she wanted to fuck the french girls brains out. ''í can take you on in any sexual act you got in mind so i dare you to dare me to anything natasha''' Do you people want to see us dirty girls screw each other brains out as i try to excited the fans and make you nervous

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Re: Natasha vs Linda (im match)

Post by daemongirl on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:07 am

lyannapelon: Natasha raised an eyebrow at the girl as she listened to the girl's little challenge, her mind racing with all the things she could challenge Linda to. Glancing about the arena she couldn't help but giggle at how loud the crowd was getting, of course they wanted to see that, even Natasha wanted to see that, two sexy women trying to bring the other to orgasm was her favorite thing to watch after all. "Thats a dangerous proposition Linda, tell you what, why don't we just finger one another and the first to orgasm lets the other lick them clean?"

londralondra: ''i'd Rather trib you to a orgasm but i am game natasha'' as Linda licks her lips wanting to drive this girl mad whit lust as the force the other one to orgasm after orgasm. ''Remove the bra then natasha and then we have a real nasty dirty sex fight if your woman eneught to take me on'''. As i give you the bring it on sign to make you see i accept the challenge.

lyannapelon: Natasha glances down to her breasts, her hands rising up to gently cup her large mounds while she thinks over the other woman's offer. "But you haven't earned the right to see them yet Linda, then again being naked is more fun." She would say with a laugh before untying the knot which held her top together, pulling it away and tossing it outside the ring while her breasts bounced lightly from being freed. "Now then, lets see who cums first." Natasha said before quickly closing in on Linda, pressing her body up against the american's so their breasts mashed together, leaning in close to the girl as if to kiss her before she would begin to finger Linda slowly with two fingers.

londralondra: Feeling natasha fingers inside her as she duels natasha tongue she smirks as she only feels two fingers. ''Í was taught to strike rough and fast natasha'' i moan as i suddenly push 3 fingers inside your pussy as i place my other hand on your sexy butt and push 2 inside it as our breasts duel it out. ''Feeling a little outmatch by my breasts little girl as i push them against yours trying to push my nipples against yours to get them hard'''You will be a great opponent to beat and conquer after i win this i think to myself as i know it will send a message to the other girls if i beat someone like you in this type of match.

lyannapelon: She lets out a loud moan into the mouth of Linda as she is momentarily taken aback by how quickly their duel escalates, squirming against the girl once she feels those fingers worming their way deeper into her ass. She can't help but lightly thrust her hips forward and back in time to Linda's fingering, feeling her body quickly growing hot from their embrace. "Thats one way to go, but tell me how this feels." She said before picking up the pace of her fingering, twisting her fingers and even angling each stroke for maximum effect upon Linda's pussy, stirring up her insides skillfully while her other hand slid down to slowly and firmly rubbing circles down upon Linda's clit for extra effect.

londralondra: ''good but i like it rough'' moans linda as she fingers natasha's pussy and ass roughly whit her fingers as she duels natasha's tongue. hoping that she drive natasha over the edge first to get first blood or cum in this match. ''You enjoyed my big breasts did you not frenchie'' as she taunts her opponent. ''did you know that i did this whit girls from your country and i made them all cum like the sluts they are and you won''t be any different''

lyannapelon: Natasha was finding it a bit difficult to maintain her focus thanks to the rough fingering she was receiving in both her pussy and her ass from the buxom american woman, but she had an endurance that was proven to be incredible and had no intention of cumming first, no matter how good this felt. "Just as you seem to be in love with mine american." Natasha replied before lifting her breasts up just enough so that Linda's hardened nipples were grinding against the undersides of Natasha's tits instead of the french beauty's nipples. "I'm sure you did Linda, but you have never experienced anyone like me before." She replied as she sped up both her fingering and the rubbing of Linda's clit, even going so far as to squeeze her ass nice and tight to slow down Linda's fingering of her ass.

londralondra: i try to get my legs behind your to trip you as we are to evenly match in this event for me to truth i win it. ''I'm sure your right but i will defeat you in any form of sexual combat and turn you into my little sex slave natasha'' knowing it what you do to me i am just saying it to get it out their as i hope you fall so i can get the upper hand to get a better chance to make you cum as i moan as you attack my butt as i slow down on my fingering of your butt but still get my fingers in and out of you at a slow pace as i attack your pussy rough and hard whit a extra finger attacking you whit 4 finger now.

lyannapelon: "The hentai champion said the same thing and I made her cum all the same Linda." Natasha normally didn't bring things up like past wins but the confidence this girl displayed was starting to wear on her and she wanted to shake that confidence some. Suddenly she found herself falling backward thanks to Linda, landing flat on her back with the american girl on top of her, pudding splashing over them both though they were already well covered in the desert. "This wasn't part of my challenge." Natasha said before she doubled the pace of her fingering, adding in an extra finger and even spreading her fingers nice and wide once she got them inside Linda's pussy, swirling them about inside the woman to hit every nerve she could before closing them shut and drawing them back out, repeating this at a rapid pace. The fingers playing with Linda's clitoris would then pinch the oh so sensitive bud, giving it a firm squeeze with two of her fingers while the middle finger rubbed the top of the bud.

londralondra: ''í am not her and i will do what you did to her to you natasha. As she started to lick on natasha breasts as it seems to the fans i am trying to drink your breasts milk as i keep doing it as i finger your pussy as i moan as i suck your breasts. ''Ýou can go to hell with your challenge the only rules there are is to make you cum until one pass out natasha''

lyannapelon: "Ahhhhhh, oh god...." Natasha moans out as her breasts come under attack, realizing she might be losing this little battle of theirs despite the lead she had picked up before they even began this duel of theirs. "In" She would stammer out just before driving her entire fist into the pussy of Linda, thrusting it in and out of the woman's sex at a brisk pace while she also began to roll Linda's clit between her fingers.

londralondra: ''''ooooooo god this feel good''Linda moans as she feels natasha fist in her pussy as she glares at natasha. ''Ýou dirty slut you want to fight like that then fine''as she suddenly drive her whole fist inside of natasha pussy as she licks natasha breasts as she takes turn attacking the right and left breasts as the girls duel it out. while chanting i must not cum i must not cum as she is so close to cumming at the hands or rather fist of natasha.

lyannapelon: Natasha bites down hard upon her lower lip as she brings Linda to her climax, feeling a bit of a second wind from her little victory and with it she continued to drive her fist into Linda's sex so that she could make this orgasm last as long as possible. The fist inside her own sex was driving her wild however, Natasha panting for air in between her rapid series of moans. "Not...yet!" Natasha cries out as she tries to force Linda over onto her back with her rolling on top of her, trying to position herself so she can suck upon the american's tits.

londralondra: seeing what natasha was trying to do as she finally settled from her orgasm she got one of her hands behind natasha head and push her further into her breasts to smother her as she keep fisting natasha pussy. ''Ýou like my breasts you french slut then choke on them''moans linda as she tries to make natasha cum before she does a second time as she is now on her back and a weak prey for a woman of natasha skills.

lyannapelon: Once Natasha had her head pulled down into the mountains that were Linda's tits she happily bit down upon the firm mounds, doing this to help distract herself from the mounting pleasure the same way one would bite down on a stick to distract themselves from pain. Her fist had yet to leave the dripping pussy of Linda, twisting about within the girl's sex while her other hand rubbed the woman's clit furiously with the palm of her hand.

londralondra: ''Did you forget i like it rough'' as i push your face further in hoping you panic or freak out because i do not look scared. As my fist continue to push in and out at a fast pace as i work your pussy over as i taunt you. ''Ýour so close natasha cum for me my little french princess cum for me you pussy'' as i keep it up as i try to mimic your voice'. '''Stop it please linda it hurt to much i want to cum please let me''hoping it get you mud and you will make a mistake.

lyannapelon: Natasha had been in many a match where she had been brought close to cumming yet she had always managed to last far longer than she should have been able to, her calm state of mind likely key to that. Even as Linda mocked her she kept a level head, even if she was moaning into the breasts of the american woman. However she faced a new problem now as she couldn't breathe properly, forcing her to take the hand away from Linda's clit which she then used to scoop up some pudding before smashing it into Linda's face, hoping to surprise her enough to break the rhythm of the girl's fisting so that Natasha could make Linda cum twice before she came once, feeling herself moments away.

londralondra: 'as i suddenly get pudding in my face i let you got as i scream''not far i can''t see anything natasha'' As i try to get away so i can clear my eyes from the pudding so i can fight you fairly.

lyannapelon: Natasha lets out one more scream of a moan as she feels Linda's fist leave her pussy, her hand immediately dropping down to gingerly rub her dripping slit. She even started to slide a finger into her own pussy but forced herself to stop just in time, denying her body the release it craved just then. "Not yet." She said in a whisper so Linda wouldn't hear just before moving after the woman, hoping to catch the woman while she was on her hands and knees crawling away so she could grab her ankles and pull them backward, Natasha sitting down onto her ass and sliding her right foot forward to begin thrusting it into Linda's pussy while she kept her from moving anywhere with her grip on the american's ankles.

londralondra: as she feels natasha feet she grabs it before it can do some real damage as she pulls on it hoping natasha is close and has her legs spread to make natasha pussy rub against her own so she can attack the french girl. ''Hey natasha next time whisper a little lower so i can''t hear you'' as a smirk appears on linda face. '''Do you need to cum i can help you whit that so bring that pussy against mine little french bitch''.

lyannapelon: "As you wish Linda, just remember you asked for this." She said after realizing her plan wasn't going to work, a new and much riskier plan replacing it. She was sure to cum after a short time of tribbing the woman but she had to do so since Linda would be close to a second orgasm now. "Here I come!" Natasha moaned out as she thrust her sex right into Linda;s own pussy, scissoring the woman with everything she had from the start looking to bring Linda to orgasm as she then released one of the girl's legs so she could finger the girls ass at the same time.

londralondra: ''I am not scared of you natasha '' as i moan as you finger my butt and trib my pussy whit your own. Seeing your butt is close and i can attack it i smirk and start to laugh. '''Hey natasha i remember you love it anal right well you will love this then'''As i try to first push 1 finger in your ass if it works i slowly add a second finger before trying to push my whole fist inside it hoping you cum and make you nervous. ''''It time to find out which one is a little girl and who is a real woman natasha'''i moan as i say it.

lyannapelon: Natasha feels in control at first as she fingers the girls ass to her hearts content, gasping for air every time she pounds Linda's pussy with her own yet she manages to keep herself from cumming, that was until she felt the fingers in her ass. "A little anal play won't make me AHHHHH!" She begins to reply but her words are replaced by screams as she feels Lindas whole fist force its way into her ass, surely tearing it i the process. "I am....the real woman here!" Natasha yells out the moment she begins to cum, her juices flooding over Linda's crotch as she tribs Linda even harder, the finger she has in Linda's ass coming out so she can rub Linda's clit for more stimulation.

londralondra: feeling natasha chance her tactic after she cums linda pushes her away as she gets up The cum dripping down from her body as she smirks at natasha. '''Now we fuck like beasts yes natasha'' as she linda gets on her hands and knees like a animal . ''Ýou want to fight a alpha woman do you natasha be prepared for a real nasty dirty fight then'' hoping to scare natasha whit this tactic.

londralondra: feeling natasha chance her tactic after she cums linda pushes her away as she gets up The cum dripping down from her body as she smirks at natasha. '''Now we fuck like beasts yes natasha'' as she linda gets on her hands and knees like a animal . ''Ýou want to fight a alpha woman do you natasha be prepared for a real nasty dirty fight then'' hoping to scare natasha whit this tactic.

lyannapelon: As Linda seperates herself from Natasha th french woman can only lay there in the pudding panting for air as her juices continue to flow out into the sweet desert that fills the pool. Looking up at the woman who herself had cum running down her legs Natasha clicked her tongue in annoyance at the woman's boasts, pushing herself to get up onto her knees before the girl can come after her again. "You may be a simple beast Linda but I am not, it seems you need to be broken and I will be the one to do so."

londralondra: ''O please natasha your as much a being as lust as me'' as i look at your dripping pussy. ''Did i make the sexual french sex demon cum in the pudding'' as i smirk at you knowing you hate what i say. Hearing you say you will break me gets me mad as i suddenly glare at you and scream ''Please you never break me and it be you who will be broken tonight natasha'' as i get ready knowing it be one hell of a fight we be getting into as the score is 1 -1 in forced orgasm right now.

lyannapelon: "Theres a difference between us Linda, you are a slave to your desires, while I am the master of my lust. The proof is in your anger Linda, now let me show you exactly why the name sex demon is fitting." Natasha said, keeping her voice as calm and condescending as possible as she knew it would make the woman even angrier.

londralondra: ''Really thats not what i have heard you even find a way to finger a girl outside of a hentai match every time natasha'' knowing what you are up to as i taunt you whit these facts. '''Beside you told me your pussy and breasts are so strong prove it bring them against mine little french girl'' As i can see in your eyes it what you want is the same as me a full out sex fight body vs body to prove who is the best.

lyannapelon: "Of course I have done those things Linda, and they won me the match you mentioned, as I said I am the master of my lust." Natasha said cutting the girl off for a bit before letting her continue. "We've already tried this body vs body fight of yours Linda, and I seem to recall you couldn't handle me so you resorted to tripping me instead." She replied with an amused grin upon her lips, her eyes like that of a predator as she stared at the big breasted american, the woman then lunging forward on her knees to tackle Linda onto her back with Natasha on top, the french woman wasting little time as she would then begin sucking upon the girl's neck while her hands massaged Linda's tits, squeezing her nipples as hard as she could and pulling them, trying to milk the woman.

londralondra: ''Because we don''t play fair in these fights natasha anything to defeat our sexual rivals right''moans linda as she tries to get her hands on natasha butt and rub it knowing she will soon spil milk. as i try to press my leg against your pussy and rub it. ''Let''s find out which is the true master tonight natasha you or me''

lyannapelon: Natasha answers Linda's challenge with a not so gentle bite upon the woman's pudding soaked neck, her tongue licking the skin hungrily even as her fingers tighten even further around the stiff nipples of the american. She would use her arms to squeeze Linda's tits while her fingers pulled upon her nipples, Natasha dedicated to turning Linda's breasts into milk fountains. Once she felt the knee against her crotch Natasha would squeeze her legs around the girl's knee, almost humping Linda's leg.

londralondra: ''You thirsty girl natasha'' linda screams as her breasts starts spilling milk knowing that she would be out of milk by the end of this fight she keeps rubbing her knee against natasha pussy. ''Your strong shall we get more help later during the match natasha whisper linda into her opponents ears knowing that natasha gets what she means.

lyannapelon: "Only if you feel you need it Linda." Natasha said after prying her lips away from the woman's neck, sliding her head down to suck upon one of Linda's nipples, her milk drenched hands sliding down along Linda's body to smear the woman's milk all over her front even as Natasha drank as much milk as she could. She would squeeze the leg between her thighs even tighter until Linda's own leg was almost guarding her pussy, Natasha using both of her hands then to finger Linda, using three fingers from each hand, sliding one set in only when the other set was pulling out to create an incredible sensation for Linda, her thumbs rubbing the woman's clit with every thrust.

londralondra: ''o yes your so skilled natasha''moans linda as she tries to escape. i then smile at you before whispering something to you''Come now natasha we need to prove to the other be are the best in this fight whit using out body,mind and skill whit toys right'' Knowing that if natasha i like her she will agree wanting to humiliated and prove who is the best against her opponent. ''o yes your fingers feel so good you little sex monster'''moans linda as she feels her second orgasm is coming soon.

lyannapelon: Natasha didn't answer Linda right away, instead focusing upon pleasuring the american with both her tireless fingers and mouth. She would take the girl's left nipple between her teeth to roll it back and forth before lightly nibbling upon it, repeating this process with the girl's left nipple before finally pulling her head up to whisper into Linda's ear. "You already know my answer Linda, yes." She would then roughly kiss Linda while her fingers continued to quicken their pace.

londralondra: ó godddd yessss i am cuminggg'' i scream as your fingers work me over as i try to escape. knowing if you keep me trapped it over for me as i do anything to get you off me. The crowd going wild as they chant fist the american or french fuck the american slut'. i look you in the eyes and know it will be a long match whit much more force orgasm tonight.

lyannapelon: Natasha found it delightful that Linda was already this close to cumming though she couldn't blame the woman, her fingers relentlessly fucking the american until she screams out and cums for the second time. Listening to the crowd Natasha merely smiles before pulling her fingers out, only to then drive her right fist back into the woman's pussy. Her other hand aids Natasha in pushing herself up a bit so she can lower her tits over the face of Linda, smother the woman just before her hand moves to massage Linda's tits from underneath.

londralondra: ''O yes fist the dirty american girl natasha'' i moan out as i see your breasts moving for me head as soon as their close enough i try to lick them sucking on your nipples to try and make you spill some of your milk. as i try to free my hands to rub your sexy butt.

lyannapelon: "Yes thats the way, my breasts do deserve to be worshiped by you don't they?" Natasha says with a laugh while her fist continues to be thrust into the girl's pussy, the cum and pudding acting as the perfect lubricant to speed up her thrusts. As Linda sucks upon her nipples Natasha squeezes the american's tits harder and harder, looking to force more milk from the woman's tits as she waits to see how long till Linda cums again.

londralondra: 'As to not moan out loud because of natasha fisting she keeps sucking on the french woman's breasts as she keeps going at it wanting to make them spill milk as she moans as she licks them. knowing she close to a 3rd orgasm she tries anything she can think off to get natasha off her.

lyannapelon: Natasha uses her weight to keep herself firmly on top of the woman, moaning with every lick of her tits knowing it wouldn't be long until she was being drained of her milk as well, even now she could feel a few drops of milk leaking from her nipples. Even so she was not going to let Linda avoid this next orgasm, the hand massaging the girls tits dropping down to drive four fingers into Linda's ass to go along with the fist in her pussy.

londralondra: ''áaaaaa cummminggggg again you fucking french whore'' knowing it looking bad i hope you let me up or give me a chance to push you off me so i can finally counter attack.

lyannapelon: Natasha let the girl say her piece before she slid her tits down and resumed their fiery kiss, sucking upon the woman's tongue while her fist ever so slowly pulled itself out of the woman's sex. Natasha would then push against Linda and get back up onto her feet, Linda's own cum dripping from Natasha's body as the french woman raised her figners to her lips and licked them clean of Linda's cum. "You don't taste too bad. here let me give you a taste." She said before she would lean over to grab Linda by her hair, pulling her up into a sitting position before plunging her still cum drenched fingers into Linda's mouth.

londralondra: licking my own cum of your fingers i smirk as i get my hands towards your breasts. ''Thanks but i rather taste your pussy instead natasha'' hoping natasha will fall on her back she will try to roll natasha over so she face down in the pudding and try ti sit on her back before trying a more erotic version of the back breaker where she sit on natasha back and pull her legs up towards her mouth so she can lick natasha pussy as she holds the legs under her arms.

lyannapelon: Natasha was caught off guard by how quickly the girl recovered, ending up flat on her face with Linda sitting upon her back. "Like it makes a difference." Natasha managed to say as she pushed herself up out of the pudding with her elbows, only to then begin to moan rapidly once Linda began to lick her pussy, mixing the pain of the back breaker hold with eating out Natasha's sex.

londralondra: Linda started humming so her tongue vibrates knowing it would drive any woman wild whit lust as she keeps moving her tongue around her opponents pussy. ''Come on natasha don''t be a mean little bitch and let me have a taste of your cum please'' knowing that natasha must be feeling helpless by now.

lyannapelon: Natasha beat her hands against the ground trying to squirm her way out of the hold but couldn't gain any ground in the pudding, her moans growing louder with every lick within her aching pussy. If Linda could see the look on Natasha's face she would have realized she was moments away from cumming, Natasha biting down on her lower lip to keep herself from moaning further until she burst, her pussy squirting out its juices over the face of Linda while Natasha cried out in pleasure.

londralondra: Linda keeps licking up the juices from natasha pussy as she keeps going hoping to make natasha cum a second time before she breaks free. The crowd now chanting fuck the french whore and and make her sing and cry for mercy linda. as i started to smile from hearing this knowing it must be killing you to be the girl they are cheering against for a chance in this fight.

lyannapelon: Natasha had been close to her orgasm already and the licking had shoved her right over the edge, the orgasm having drained her too much for breaking out of this hold by force possible. She could hear the crowd turn against her but she ignored it, she had seen the same thing happen too many times for it to bother her anymore.
londralondra: Linda gets off natasha and when she turns around suddenly smirk and say''Hey natasha here is a taste of yourself''As she push her tongue inside on natasha while kissing her. as she hugs the french girl close to her as their breasts and pussys rub against each other.

lyannapelon: Natasha barely resists as Linda wraps her up in a hug and kisses the french woman, Natasha thrusting her tongue into the mouth of the american to duel her in the kiss even though it meant swallowing some of her own cum. Soft moans escape her as their bodies rub together, Natasha thrusting her hips forward to pound Linda's pussy with her own, her hands sliding down to rub the girl's clit with one hand while the other fingers Linda's ass with four fingers.

londralondra: Linda moans into the kiss when she feels natasha fingers enter her. So you want to play it like that then fine two can play it that way miss frenchy. As she stops the hug one hand goes for natasha pussy the other for her sexy butt and she push 3 fingers inside natasha wet pussy and first dip four fingers in the pudding before ramming them inside that cute little french girls butt. as she push her pussy back against natasha she breaks the kiss and smirks. ''wanna bet i can make you cum first if we keep this up natasha you can pick the stakes if you like for this mini bet?'' as the crowd goes wild at seeing the two sexy girls give it their all.

lyannapelon: Natasha shudders as those fingers once more violate her body, moaning into the kiss until Linda chooses to break it. Her own fingers shift to match Linda somewhat, the ones fucking the american's ass spreading as wide open as they can inside the woman's tight hole while she begins to drive four of her fingers into Linda's pussy as well, her thumb grinding down upon Linda's clit to truly drive the girl wild. "I accept the bet, and when I win I get to use whatever toy I want on you."

londralondra: ''agree then natasha let kiss to make it office'' as linda leans in for a kiss. as she form a fist and start fisting the sexy girls butt. as she adds a other finger to the girls pussy as she copy''s natasha move as her thumb grinding down upon natasha clit. as she enjoying her first match here at the awf.

lyannapelon: Natasha embraced the kiss only to then scream into it as the woman's entire fist is forced into her tight ass, stretching her third hole to its breaking point. Out of revenge she did the same to Linda, driving her pudding soaked fist in and out of the woman's ass. With the four fingers stirring up Linda's pussy she begins to angle her strokes, making sure to brush her fingertips up against Linda's g-spot while rubbing her clit with her thumb at the same time for the greatest effect.

londralondra: ''your so close to cumming aren't you natasha you dirty slut''moans linda as she keeps going on her attacks as she screams from the fist in her butt. ''You dirty anal bitch why did you do that''i moan as i love it up the ass as i get nervous for if i lose this little bet of ours. not knowing what you pick to use on me as i am thinking of the worse scenarios if i do lose.

lyannapelon: "Be prepared for a shocker." Natasha said teasing the other woman as their duel grew more intense, the french woman taking things even further as she begins to fist Linda's pussy while at the same time thrusting her pussy up against Linda's sex, particularly focusing on rubbing up against the woman's clit.

londralondra: ''nooooooooooo dear god what are you doing to me''screams linda as she cums over your fist. After she recovers from the orgasm she looks down and ask ''so natasha which toy will you use on me and how should i be for you to use it on me'' as the crowd shout out suggestions like a strap-on or a small remote vibrator that i must wear the whole match.

lyannapelon: Natasha leans forward to give the american a soft kiss upon her lips as she feels the woman reach her climax, withdrawing her fists from the girl's body before spreading Linda's cum all over the front of the american's body once again. She listens to the crowd for a moment before picking her toy. "You will keep this vibrating egg inside your ass for the entire match." Natasha says before taking the toy from a ref, quickly forcing it deep into Linda's ass and turning it on near full blast before pulling her fingers out.

londralondra: ''ó god that cruel ''moans linda as she tries to get up but the pleasure of the toy makes it hard. ''You dirty sex monster how can you do this to me'' as i smile at you as i know i would do the same as i finally get up. ''Come and get this hot piece of american woman if your up for it natasha''

lyannapelon: "Easily, you look so delicious right now Linda." Natasha says as she looks over the woman who by now is covered head to toe in the pudding and dripping with both women's cum, knowing she must look much the same. She would then lunge forward trying to take Linda by surprise while she was distracted by the vibrating egg in her ass, shoving the woman down onto her back so that Natasha could grab Linda's ankles and lift them up into the air, driving her foot into the girl's pussy.

londralondra: '''No not a this'' as linda loves this move to use on other woman she moans out in please. Trying to kick her legs free she screams at natasha'' You dirty little french slut let me goooooooo''As the feet makes contact whit linda pussy she screams it out of pleasure as the crowd start chanting natasha name.

lyannapelon: "Sorry Linda, but this is too much fun." Natasha says casually despite being a bit pumped up by hearing her name once again, driving her foot deep inside the pussy of the american and pumping it in and out at a rapid pace.

londralondra: ''Ó god nooooo i'm cumminggggg again ''moans linda as her whole body shakes of pleasure hoping that the only good thing will be that natasha can''t hold onto her anymore.

lyannapelon: Natasha actually moans herself as she brings Linda to another orgasm, this time via her foot, the girl's cum flooding out over her foot making it easy to pull it out of Linda's sex. She releases the woman's legs as she begins to shake, taking a step back so she can admire her handiwork for a few moments before she drops to her knees and leans over to eat Linda's pussy out while fingering it with three fingers at the same time.

londralondra: seeing a chance linda kicks natasha away as she gets to her knees. ''Not so fast natasha it your turn this time''Taunts linda trying to act brave

lyannapelon: Natasha stumbles back a few feet but remains on her knees, her eyes never leaving Linda as she feels herself growing closer to putting Linda into a sexual coma, The american was a great opponent and that made her want to own the woman all the more. "Do you hear that Linda, the egg vibrating in your ass, then again you must be loving how it feels inside you." Natasha teases before moving forward again, trying to grab Linda by her tits and pull her forward onto her stomach, Natasha then climbing on top to sit on her back while she begins to fist her pussy again.

londralondra: '''Fuck you natasha'' linda replies as she tries to push natasha back and even tried to kick natasha between her legs hoping to hit natasha pussy and make her stop attacking her.

lyannapelon: The kick caught Natasha unawares and soon she had collapsed onto her knees in front of Linda, her hands clutching her now aching sex. "I love how rough you are Linda, though it won't change you begging for me to stop."

londralondra: linda walks towards natasha and push her pussy in natasha face as she pushes natasha on her back. ''choke on my pussy natasha and beg for mercy''taunts linda as her hand slide towards natasha legs and slips 3 fingers inside of natasha wet pussy.

lyannapelon: Natasha was still trying to recover from the sudden kick between her legs when Linda made her move, trying to slip to the side but was unable to do so before the american shoved her sopping wet pussy in the woman's face. Natasha was pushed down onto her back, the pudding coating her body yet again, and then she began to moan into Linda's sex as she felt those fingers within her own slick pussy. She slid her tongue up into Linda's pussy as a way to fight back, her upper lip rubbing against the woman's clit while she endured the fingering as best she could, her legs squirming about in the pudding.

londralondra: ''if you pass out i also win natasha''moans linda as she smother the poor girl whit her pussy as she keeps fingering natasha wet pussy. ''Do you like what i am doing to this little sexy slut people and you justice will be next i promise you that'''taunts linda as she both humiliate her opponent and taunts her rival.

lyannapelon: Natasha could hear everything the woman was saying but couldn't respond, anything she would have said surely to be muffled against the girl's pussy. She squirmed about beneath the busty american bombshell, the woman's fingers driving her wild with pleasure that was rapidly leading her towards another orgasm, Natasha having cum so much already she wasn't sure how much longer she could go on, thinking Linda to be some sort of sex demon at this point. She wouldn't last long before her body relented, her pussy clenching tight around Linda's invading fingers just before she began to spasm in her orgasm, cumming all over the woman's hand while she bit down on Linda's clitoris trying to endure it.

londralondra: ''Áaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bitch stop it''screams linda as she tries to stay on top as she smothers her opponent. knowing if natasha got free she would be in big trouble she keeps fingering natasha to weaken her as she knew if she came 2 more times she would lose.

lyannapelon: Natasha was moaning like some type of wild beast as Linda refused to relent, the woman's fingers not only prolonging her current orgasm but leading her down the road to whatever ridiculous number she was at. She too refused to stop, sliding the girl's clit back and forth between her teeth to try forcing another orgasm out of the woman.

londralondra: ''no stop it o god your a sex monster natasha''moans linda as she keeps fingering natasha pussy trying not to cum as she tries to rub her pussy all over natasha face to stop her tongue from attacking her.

lyannapelon: Natasha does her best to keep Linda's clit firmly between her teeth but the woman's squirming was too much to keep up with, Linda's cum now drenching her face thanks to her rubbing it all over Natasha's face. Her legs suddenly rise up to wrap around Linda's neck, trying to pull her down onto her back while Natasha rose up into a sitting position, her fingers then diving into the pussy of Linda with three from each hand pumping away inside the girl's pussy.

londralondra: ''O god please help meeeeee" screams linda as she cums all over natasha fingers as she lay in the pudding. '''So natasha how many times can you cum i got one maybe two more left so if it the same for you why not finish it like true woman and trib until one of us pass out'' moans linda as she offers natasha the ultimate challenge as the crowd roars as they scream natasha accept it.

lyannapelon: Natasha was panting for air by the time she managed to steal another orgasm from Linda, the woman's hot nectar squirting out over her fingers as they danced inside the woman's pussy. When the climax had passed she listened to Linda's offer and couldn't help but grin, already starting to reposition herself so that her legs were spread with her hands in the pudding to keep herself balance. "The same is true for me, I can't believe you've made me cum this much Linda. I must say I love your idea and agree whole heartedly, lets see which of us is the better women no?"

londralondra: ''Yes let finish this like true woman only can then natasha''moans linda as she spreads her legs and push her pussy against natasha.''Why not to make sure be both won''t cheat let one of them tie up our hands so it truely pussy vs pussy natasha and if one of us breaks free of the other she can''t fight back anymore untill she pass out from pleasure agreed'' as she feels proud for forcing so much from natasha but knows natasha did the same to her and that they be having more matches in the afw for sure.

lyannapelon: Natasha let out a soft moan as their pussies were pressed together, shifting herself a little closer towards Linda to make sure their sexes were as firmly together as they could be. "I would never dream of breaking free from this so go ahead, it will make sure you don't flee from this flawless pussy of mine!" She replied, the referee moving in to tie each of their wrists together ensuring they could not use their hands for anything except to balance themselves. "Ready?"

londralondra: ''To beat you always''taunts linda as she feels her hands being tied up. as she gets herself ready she holds her pussy just 1inch away from natasha untill she hears go and smirks at her opponent. ''Well sorry natasha but your flawless pussy will be defeated at the hands or rather my pussy tonight and any other time we fight so bring it and i show you how we americas ride and trib this time nat.

lyannapelon: "In your dreams Linda dear." Natasha replied just before the two women were given the signal to begin, biting down on her lower lip as she slammed her pussy up against the pussy of her american bombshell of an opponent. She closed her legs tight around one of the thigh's of Linda, keeping herself in place while giving her a great angle to smash her sex against Lindas.

londralondra: ''In my dreams and your nightmares natasha honey''linda replieds as she begings as soon as she sees the signaal as she bites on her lower lips as she slams her pussy against her first opponent in the afw and her best opponent so far beside justice. linda tries to from a halve way brigde while tribbing natasha as she tries to get the better angle as she smash and slams her sexs against natasha.

lyannapelon: Natasha focuses entirely upon this final duel between the two worn out women, not replying to Linda's teasing for the first time since the match began as she needed to keep her mind on bringing Linda to cum. Both of their bodies were soaked in the cum of each other as well as the chocolate pudding, the desert making the lewd sounds echoing through the arena from their tribbing all the more incredible. She feels Linda getting an edge over her as the woman forms a bridge with her body, Natasha moaning nice and loud a single time before unwrapping her legs from around Linda's leg, instead stretching her legs out fully to hook one foot over the top of Linda's huge tits and her other foot hooking over the top of Linda's shoulder, giving her a much greater ability to apply more force to the hold

londralondra: ''Not fair natasha it pussy vs pussy not feet vs breasts''moans linda as she breaks the brigde and tries to position herself up so she can trib against natasha as she site up to get a better point of access as she tribs and slams her pussy against natasha's.

lyannapelon: "I thought you wanted the best tribbing possible Linda?" Natasha said finally teasing the woman back even as she continued to grind her dripping pussy back and forth against Linda's own sex.

londralondra: ''I do but tribbing means pussy vs pussy not feet vs breasts natasha'' linda replys as her feet finaly find natasha breasts and rub them as she grinds and slam her pussy back and forth against natasha''s.

lyannapelon: "Is that fear in your voice Linda?" Natasha said playing with the american. Linda soon returned the favor by playing with her tits as well, forcing Natasha to shut her eyes for a moment to keep herself under control. When she opened them once more she threw herself into slamming her pussy against Linda's at a furious pace, sliding her pussy lips so firmly against Linda's own that the right side of her labi slid up into Linda's pussy also hitting the girl's clit if she could.

londralondra: ''Was that fear in your eyes natasha''taunts linda as she fights back against natasha whit everything she got like a wild animal. ''Ó yes fight me you dirty slut natasha your mine now you dirty beast moan for me''screams linda as her feet play whit natasha breasts.

lyannapelon: "You see no such thing silly girl." Natasha replies back with a wide grin, sweat rolling down her naked body as she finds herself growing ever closer to the orgasm that could finish her. "I will fuck you until I am satisfied Linda, and that won't be until long after I've fucked every last drop of cum from that sexy body of yours!" She shouted back, her foot rubbing down firmly against the nipples of the american woman while her pussy's grinding grew even faster.

londralondra: ''Same to you natasha ''moans linda as she so close to cumming and losing the match. ;;You be my personal fucktoy for the rest of the night when i beat you''moans linda as she tribs and grinds agaisnt her opponent as she plays whit her opponents nipples whit her feet.

lyannapelon: Natasha couldn't keep up her facade any longer as the pleasure building within her pussy was threatening to explode at any moment, her tongue hanging from her open lips as she moaned and panted for air. "You wouldn't know what to do with me Linda, however I will show you a great many things when I'm fucking you into a coma tonight." Natasha replied, doing her best to intimidate Linda while she repositioned her feet so that both were squeezing Linda's tits and rubbing her nipples, her dripping wet pussy a blur as she tribbed Linda as furiously as she could.

londralondra: Linda knowings she close moans as her starts to droll as she so close to cumming but hearing natasha try and intimadate her gives her some strength. ''If i am going to cum you will cum whit me you slut and i will know what to do whit you when i am fucking you into a coma tonight natasha ''screams linda as she does the same as natasha as both her feet now play whit natasha breasts. ''Cum for me natasha cum for the beter woman'''moans linda as she thinks to herself before i do please help me god.

lyannapelon: Natasha began to shake her head as her body screamed for her to embrace her orgasm, to give up on resisting and allow Linda to claim this win. "B..but if we both cum at the same...uhhhh...time then who wins?!" Natasha cried out just before biting down hard on her lower lip, knowing that now if she did cum that she had resisted for so long that it would truly put an end to her.

londralondra: ''It would be a tie and we would have to fight aaaa again but is that soooo bad''moans linda as she knows she close and keeps going hoping to get to the tie as she thinks thats the best she can do. '''But you would like that natasha don''t you having the two of us fighting in a rematch to final find out who win '''screams linda as she so close.

lyannapelon: Natasha would normally deny that such a thought exited in her mind but she couldn't say the words now, her body feeling as if it was on fire in that moment from the pleasure coursing through her. "Oh gawd I wouldn't!" She screamed out as whether she had made it to the tie or not Natasha began to cum and did so hard, her juices squirting like a hydrant into the pussy of the american bombshell as well as all over the front of the woman.

londralondra: ''Yes thank you ooooo godddddddd'screams linda as she cums at the same time as natasha. after she did she lays in the pudding as she looks at natasha and smiles''i quesse it sleepy time for the both of us right natasha ''moans linda she she pass out as she hopes natasha does the same making it a true

lyannapelon: Natasha laid there in the pudding panting for air as her orgasm finally began to fade, barely able to even think about how fortunate she was that Linda had been unable to hold out any longer either. Both of them were absolutely soaked in each others cum, Natasha wanting to give Linda a hand licking it off but she felt herself near to passing out. "Just...this once...Linda...but next time..." She moaned out before passing out a couple seconds after Linda, the ref coming in to declare the incredible match a tie.

[size=150:3c7qg2gj]Match results in a tie!

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