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Back after a long absence

Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:08 pm by Iron Soldier

First off, I apologize to my friends and roleplay partners who've been left hanging. Any desire to cancel old threads is completely understandable.

I've been struggling with a serious health issue the past several months. There was a long period where things would seem to improve only to relapse, delaying things further. All that aside, just wanted to let people know I'm around again and to contact me via PM or Trillian - ironsoldier, if anyone wants to get things going again.

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Offline for next week or two

Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:17 pm by peek6

I need to go back offline for a bit, probably gone for about a week and a half.

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Looking for a match

Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:23 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hey there everyone I was looking for someone to take on my newest guy Imai. Get in touch if you're interested.

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Great Lighting

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Great Lighting

Post by SUMOFIGHTER on Sat May 18, 2013 2:53 pm

Name: Sara Moans
Wrestling name: GreatLighting
Alias: Speeding bolt
Born in: Canada
Age: 25
weight: 190lbs
Height: 6,2
Eye color: Grey (dyed)
Hair color: Green
Catch line: "Your to slow!"
Entrance music: [url=]Max Anarchy OST - Play My Ass Off[/url:38h4igl5]

"Well I'm more of a up tight girl often gettiing in my opponents faces when I'm in a match. But outside... I'm a pretty nice girl outside the ring, but I'm also a hot head too >_<. It very strange to me. I'm a good friend to have because I am loyal to the end and a stead fast ally, I will take a bullet for any of my friends as long as it doesn't have to much of a burden to carry... I already have to many of those. But in the end I'm a person you want to have by your side... or at a bar fight..."

Back story (In the works.
"Well I was born in the city of St.Albert with two loving parents but I never really got to know them due to a unlucky events that happened to me. But were was a I? Oh yes I was born with to loving parents and one big sister how liked to tease me. But I lived a pretty normal life for the most part until a one day we go hit by a tornado... *Tear Drop* I lost my parents in the Tornado and I would have died to if it wasn't for my sister how saved me. But now come pressing matters that now child should deal with such as food, shelter and water, but we were saved thankfully be a foster home. The downside was that we were made fun of all the time due large size and nature and it got to a point to were my sister couldn't take it and ran away with out me knowing. Now I have no clue what happened to her when she left but I do know that I heard small rumors about her. But back to ME! I had no clue what was going on when I saw the Caretaker's freak out until I learned the my sister had ran away. This is when Thing turned into a living hell for me as poeple really starting to pick on me until one ASSHOLE decided to pick a fight with me as she aggravated me, WELL YOU KNOW WHAT! I BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THAT GUY!... Excuse the rage but I really hate that kid... But yea I had never raised my fist to any one so it was the first time and I had ever raised my fist to a kid to bad that he had coordination problems and speech problems at the end of it. But this marked a change that would effect me for the rest of my life.

and I call it... The Creating of the spark.

After that I got in major trouble for assault even tho 99.9% have done worse than me to a person and never got charged... But I was put into a detention center. Why... I don't look at me I have no clue why they put me their. But During my cell time my rage started growing and the spark started to turn to a lighting bolt and I started developing my own fighting style called Lighting striker. It consisted of quick powerful attacks that could be put together to preform massive combos and I practiced them on a flower bag that was left in the cell. I have no idea why their a was flower bag but it worked. I was their for a total of 2 years until they let me out but I didn't what to go back to a foster home. Oh Hell No so at night I would escape into the the direction my sister went" to bad I when in the total opposite direction. From their I wondered K.Oing guys here and their and stealing their money to be able to buy food and shelter when I needed it... I must have really hit them hard cus I didn't see any want posters for me. But I caught a lucky break when I was around 10 years old when I heard of a under ground fight club were you could win money if you win your fights so I decided to go down their. I was going up against girls and guys around 16 but I didn't care so long as I could make money at the same time their was a boxing league the I could join in... So I did it seemed to be me going up agienst other girls that had no clue how to fight but I didn't mind as long as I could make money.

That ended the wondering phase of my life and stared a new chapter I call rivalry's.

After I got stared in both of the leagues I started to learn different fighting styles, in the boxing league I learned the brawler style witch one my practically every match, and the under ground I learned Judo, Muy tai and tiquondo. Everything in boxing league was easy until the police came in and shut down the place due to money pondering... But I was the champion of that league at the time and I got to keep the belt and I have defended the title ever since. The under ground league wasn't easy tho I still won every fight but each time it was down to the wire. I eventually became the champion of the league but not with a mortal enemy tho. Their was one girl who could not except her loss it was the former champion and she wanted one last shot at me. So the fucker sneaked attacked me and Thankfully I won but I left the league while stealing the belt and moved on. At a women's MMA league were it was like the boxing league but a little bit harder. Until the very end were I would meet my sister again after all these years for the title match. The league had no champion yet so we had to fight for it. It was time to show the other one how much we have grown since the last time we saw each other. The fight was like two gods battling each other were it never ended. It turned out to be a draw and we shared the title. But their was a price to pay I was cursed with a stress limit like me sister and we lost a lot of are physical power but we can still became as strong was we were before it's just bad for are health if we do. The league was die quickly tho as it ran out of money. But me and my sister were rich now having millions of dollars but we were itching for more fights now. That's when are fans told us about the AFW. We took a look and it had people who could put up a fight at are reduced level. So here we are now at the AFW!

Wrestling Attire: "This is my wrestling suit unlike my sisters mine is designed to have less drag that way I can be a fast a possible"

When she was in the boxing league: "Yea that's me... Shut up... I'm not cute...

Combat Info

Fighting Style: Tiquondo, Judo, Wrestling, Karate Muy-tai
Strategy: "My strategy is to keep moving and never give my opponent that chance to hit me."
Preferred matches: any except Hentai
Preferred moves: None


Endurance **** 4/5
Defense ** 2/5
Speed ***** 5/5
Strength **** 4/5
Technique *** 3/5

Lighting speed: When Sara's opponent is in a corner Sara will rain down punches that might as well have been bolts of lightning.

AFW record

Vs Celeste via brutal KO







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