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Serious apologies to everyone....

Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:59 am by Cy_Man

To those who I RP with, I just want to say that I am terribly sorry for all my delays that I constantly do. I just have been SO unbelievably busy as of late that I hardly have any free time to be able to attempt to make posts to our threads. I really needed to get his off my chest badly, and it makes me feel like a complete piece of shit for doing this all the time. If you don't want to RP with me, I completely understand, there should be no reason or excuse for me to have to keep you waiting …

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Explanations and Apologies

Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:02 pm by acuya

Okay, so.

As some of you may have noticed, the Entropy Title Match from last year's Summer Splash has come to an abrupt conclusion.

The reason for this is because my match with Lies was taking too long, and with the next Summer Splash coming up, the Entropy Belt needed to be put in play for this year.

I won't get into the specifics of WHY that happened, suffice to say it ultimately comes down to my fault, I think. For those who haven't been here long, back in the day, I had a problem with …

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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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"Combat Genius"- Megumi Mutoh(Updated)

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"Combat Genius"- Megumi Mutoh(Updated)

Post by zxn666 on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:02 am

[align=center:8dmsqxpj][size=150:8dmsqxpj]General Information[/align:8dmsqxpj]


Name: Megumi Mutoh
Alias: "Combat Genius"
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: April 4
Eyes: Dark bluish gray
Hair: Long reddish brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 lbs
B/W/H: 84/56/87
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Japanese

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Offensive
Style: Grappler, Striker
Type: Power
Preferred Attacks: Strikes, suplexes
Preferred Matches: Standard matches, she does not like hardcore.
Difficulty level: Medium-hard

RPG Style Stat spread:


Finishing Moves:

Screw Kick: Megumi first bounces off the ropes to build up momentum, then leaps into the air and delivers an “enzukiri” kick to her opponents head. An alternate version has Megumi using her heel.

Shining Ray: A variation of the “Shining Wizard,” Megumi will do a spinning kick in the air and land a kick into her opponent’️s neck. This move is intended to bring the opponent down to the mat and perhaps stun her opponent. Megumi actually taught Chigusa this move.

Crimson Slammer: Megumi first doubles her opponent over with a kick to the stomach (or goes lower), then grabs her opponent around the stomach and hits her opponent with a powerbomb.

Frankensteiner: Megumi's old finisher, where she jumps onto a downed opponent's shoulders and uses her momentum to send them crashing onto their backs with their head in between her legs, pinning them with a schoolgirl pin afterwards.

Hentai Moves:

Entrance Music: “nO LimiT” by Eclipse


Visual Apperance:
New Look:

Actual Look (3D Pics):

Old Look:

A scene from and old match between Megumi and Chigusa

Physical Appearance: Megumi is strong and sturdy, very hard to bring down with a single attack. She’️s reasonably fast, though is not too flexible. Her main strengths come from simple, devastating moves that use a lot of strength but not too much finesse.

Personality: Megumi is a kind and sweet girl, highly protective of those she sees as weaker. She is very competitive and very stubborn and she hates losing, which is why she fights at her fullest and never gives up. This makes submission moves hard to do on her, since her strong will is difficult to break no matter how much pain she is in. In many of her past matches, she got KO’️d by submission moves instead of giving up. Outside the ring, she is calm and nice to others and is very supportive, especially of people she thinks are in need. Even if it's none of her business, she will try and help those she thinks need it most.

Past/History: Being the youngest daughter of a family that had a tradition of practicing martial arts meant that though she was sheltered and protected by her siblings and parents, she also was pushed along that path from the influence of all those around her. She picked up a lot of training along the way from her family, though she did not recieve any formal training in combat sports until her uncle retired from MMA and wrestling, and decided to teach her.

Megumi showed a real natural aptitude for these things, and under the tutelage of her uncle she improved very quickly. In her first inter-school fight tournament, she managed to place, defeating upper years much bigger and more experienced than her. From there, certain people took notice of her talents, and she recieved scholarships to the best schools in the nation, and access to the finest dojos for training. Megumi's skill improved until at age 14, people were calling the "the Genius" and seriously thought she would be champion one day.

She began competing in professional leagues at the age of 15, where even though she was the underdog almost all the time, she still managed to impress crowds and be a huge draw. Her fighting skill, combined with her blossoming beauty, made her one a serious up-and-coming rookie in the wrestling world.

In her second year of high school she met her best friend and lover Chigusa Yuuki when she protected the girl from a group of bullies. Liking the girl for inexplicable reasons (since Megumi never before considered Idols respectable, thinking they were there just to sell their good looks), she got to know her and soon was teaching her and training with her. Chigusa learned surprisingly quickly as well, which made Megumi wonder if she had met a girl who was her match.

Chigusa soon began to try and get Megumi into becoming an idol as well. Megumi resisted, but eventually when several talent agencies came and asked her she relented. After making a few appearances, Megumi found she rather liked the idea of being an idol as well, since she thought she was bringing a more respectable and serious air to the flippant industry, even though in truth she had blossomed into a beautiful girl and many adored her for it.

The both of them were taken in to the Wrestle Angel's league, which was a major league in all of Japan, and their careers shot up. Megumi even managed to get a shot at the title, but she wound up losing. Afterwards, she teamed up with Chigusa and the both of them took the Tag team title. At the time they were called the strongest team in all of Japan.

But then the friendship devolved into rivalry, and the two of them split, meeting in the ring only as enemies. After a series of fights, Megumi managed to crush Chigusa, and afterwards they made up and were friends once more, though the dynamic changed. Megumi was obviously the one in charge now, Chigusa never really challenging her.

The Wrestle Angel's league broke up however, and Megumi and Chigusa had to find another place to go. They were picked up quickly by the AFW, who knew that they were getting some serious talent with this. Now the two of them are fighting together in the AFW, hoping to take this league by storm!

Attire: Megumi wears the red dress shown in the pic. In bed matches, she wears a piece of tight-fitting red lace lingerie, and for some matches she wears a red and black bikini.

Fun facts:

Megumi is actually a bi. She'll do it with just about anybody, regardless of gender.
Megumi loves strawberrys, especially with lots of whippled cream
Her main sexual weakness is domination. She likes being dominated so much that if someone actually gets control of her in a sex match, she won't fight back. however, to mitigate this weakness, she's incredibly aggressive in the beginning.

[align=center:8dmsqxpj][size=150:8dmsqxpj]AFW Information[/align:8dmsqxpj]

Wins:Vanmoreill (Pin)
Violet Castleberry (Submission)
Vicky Harper (Pin)
Mighty Yukiko
Catelyn Cormac (pin)
Cassie Eliott
Heather Sunderland(submission)
The Tomcats (Tag team match. Triple KO)
Heather Sunderland And Natalia the Dream (Triple threat, double pin)
Ayame Kurosagi (Underground oil match, submission)
Cait Sith (Tag team- pin)
Eri Kirisaki (pin)
Sharaiya Drackanov (sexual submission)

Losses:Seraphim Harmonia (KO)
Seraphim Harmonia (Rematch-pin)
The Lovely Couple (Tag Team Title match- pin *In Contention*)
Sarah Gatt (Submission)
Natalia the Dream
Cecilia Northman (Queen of the Ring- submission)

Draws: Natalia the Dream


Friends: Chigusa Yuuki
Natalia the Dream
Catelyn Cormac
Heather Sunderland


Rivals: Natalia the Dream


Crushes:Chigusa Yuuki (Old tag team partners and roommates.)

Alliance: Face

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Re: "Crimson Warrior"- Megumi Mutoh(Updated)

Post by zxn666 on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:36 am

Interview with Megumi Mutoh:

(Interviewer is Elenora Drake)

Drake: I’️m here now with the second member of Eclipse, also the oldest and most experienced member, Megumi Mutoh. How are you doing today, Ms. Mutoh?

Megumi: Fine, thank you.

Drake: Lets start the interview. I’️m rather curious about how you started wrestling, would you like to talk about that?

Megumi: It’️s a bit of a long story… But I guess I can give you the short version. My family has had a long history of wrestlers; one of my uncles was the wrestler called “The Great Muta,” you’️ve probably heard of him. Growing up with that kind influence made me interested in wrestling very quickly. I started wrestling when I was in elementary school, and became champ in high school. After I graduated, I went pro, and now here I am!

Drake: Heh, it does sound like a long story, but it was interesting. I’️m guessing you came to AFW because of the collapse of Wrestle Angels?

Megumi: Yep, though I also had to keep an eye on Chigusa. That girl is hopeless without someone watching over her.

Drake: I see. I’️ve heard from Chigusa that your relationship is like that of sisters. Would you agree with that?

Megumi: It is like that, though sometimes I feel more like a nagging mother.

Drake: (Laughs) If you say so. What made you become an Idol?

Megumi: My fans wanted it, so I gave it to them. I mean, it’️s made me more popular than ever, so why not?

Drake: But you can’️t have known it would’️ve made you popular before you became an Idol.

Megumi: True…

Drake: What’️s the real reason?

Megumi: Well… I didn’️t want to do it in the beginning. It took a lot of persuading to get me to actually perform at a special Wrestle Angel’️s live concert. After I did perform though, I found that I liked it a lot, so I kept on going.

Drake: You were an actress for a while too, were you not?

Megumi: I still am, though I haven’️t landed a main role in a while now. I guess there’️s just not enough time for me to juggle so many careers.

Drake: Let me ask a few questions about your fighting style. How would you describe it?

Megumi: Mixed, based on power. I’️ve got a lot of different attacks to work from, but most of them rely on strength and simplicity.

Drake: You seem to have a lot of different finishers as well.

Megumi: Yep, I like ending matches the easiest way, though I’️m not reluctant to do some showy powerful move if I have to.

Drake: So then, a few final questions and we can wrap this up. What are your goals in the near future?

Megumi: Well, I want that Tag Team title. Chigusa and I can probably take on any team in this entire league and win, and I want to show it by getting that title.

Drake: That’️s a pretty bold statement, saying you’️re better than everybody.

Megumi: We can back it up.

Drake: And I’️m certain you will. Alright, thank you for your time.

Megumi: Thanks for having me!

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Re: "Crimson Warrior"- Megumi Mutoh(Updated)

Post by zxn666 on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:57 am

Updated pics and a totally new look

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Re: "Combat Genius"- Megumi Mutoh(Updated)

Post by Sponsored content

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