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Gonna be slow the next week or so... just had surgery IRL

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:33 am by SleeperAgent94

Hey guys, got back from surgery today. Ruptured abdominal wall. In a LOT of pain right now, so posts will be VERY brief the next few days.

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Character updates.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:14 pm by Lotuswarrior

Since I'm starting to get a bit busier here, I'm trying to be a bit more professional. With that I'm going to overhaul my characters and update their profiles or release them all together. I'll post any images here of the characters I release, so that you guys/girls can claim them if you want.

Also looking for some characters to interact with outside of matches.

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My Absence

Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:45 pm by Shutter

Heeeey again. Very Happy I wanted to apologize for my recent absence and state that I'm back, now!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I work a job that keeps me traveling quite a bit. Usually this is good time for me to write and kill time, which is why I was here in the first place, but I had limited data this time that kept me from using it for much recreation. It shouldn't be a problem anymore, or not for a while. That said, I will be messaging the people who had threads or ideas with …

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Makin' a Splash!

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Re: Makin' a Splash!

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 16, 2013 9:33 pm

"Please..." Wascal Wabbit dismissed with a wave of her hand, closing her eyes "You obviously weren't watching hard enough when you were at home getting all inspired by the bunnies doing the things that you were only then dreaming you could do in a real wrestling federation like AFW and not you dappy wrestle cupids or cherubs or whatever that place was called... The Kitty Katts were made champions the night that the Love bunnies hippty hopped all over their naked bodies. They never beat the Love bunnies in a tag team match.."

"No one has..."

"Yeah n- wait.. what?" Wascal Wabbit said, stopping to look at Bun Bun who was just standing there with a gormless expression

"No one has beaten the Love Bunnies as a team.." Wascal Wabbit had a long think about it..

"You know what... She's right. Despite having faced off against every past, future or present tag team champion.. The love bunnies haven't ever lost to them, not even when they face that fierce duo you had so much trouble with... You remember them don't you, the Lovely Couple?

Can you or that sumo girl up boast a record like that? Yet you poo poo the bunnies with false claims that they are not AFW legends?"
Wascal Wabbit moved over to the ropes.

"We were gonna give ya the belt... Because we know how much you like being given these tag belts... But ya know what? if ya ain't willing to accept the Love Bunnies for the AFW legends they are. Maybe we'll just hold onto these belts a little longer." Wascal Wabbit stepped out through the ropes, Bandit Bun Bun following shortly after

"Oh.. And how about this for a shocking twist.. If you ever want to see the belts again, you'll have to pay us... one billion carrots... Or beat this Russian duo you claim as nobodies in a tag match!"

"Dun dun duuuuuuunnnnn..."

"Think of it like a number one contender match." Wascal Wabbit said winking before they both dropped down off the apron of the ring, bounding over the iron guard railing only to duck down and peer impishly over the top of them safe from any enraged retribution with their trademark game faces


Kelsea's Karacters/Desire's section


& of course ThE BRaT PaCK

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Re: Makin' a Splash!

Post by hamish1024 on Thu May 23, 2013 6:01 pm

The Bunnies hopped out the ring, leaving Chigusa with the Russians. After their antics, Oksana had a look of bewilderment on her face, but Katya was sporting an impish smirk.

“Seems like it’️s just us…” grinned the petite brunette, slowly sidling towards Chigusa. “Looks like we’️ll have to have a contendership match if you want to see the belts again.”

Katya couldn’️t believe how well tonight’️s random incursions seemed to have gone for her. The Russians had gone from outsiders to tag challengers in the space of a few chaotic minutes. Of course, Katya put all this down to her brilliant politicking.

“Though right now, it looks like WE are the number one contenders, seeing as we’️re the only ones left who, you know, actually have a team,” Katya smiled. As she approached Chigusa, Oksana instinctively began to circle round as well. It was a rather ominous-looking pincer movement.

“What did you threaten to do to us? ‘Bloody smears’️, was it?” Katya said pointedly. “Well, I could show you a few things about that… but maybe you would rather wait until you at least had a tag team? We want to keep this fair, don’️t we?”

Katya was delighting in being pretty patronising, but she had a 2 v 1 advantage here, so she reckoned she could get away with it.

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Re: Makin' a Splash!

Post by zxn666 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:53 am

The love bunnies left before Chigusa could give them a piece of her mind. Everyone rubbed that incident in Chigusa and Megumi's noses, like the idols were never going to live this down. Truthfully they had been drugged the night before, but nobody knew that. It was just an embarrassing loss on their records, and with the way they were reinstated as the champions it was not unexpected that people would be angry. But to be constantly nagged upon like this, and to be looked down upon by even relative nobodies, really rubbed the idol the wrong way.

"Come back here!" Chigusa demanded, but it was too late. The two bunnies both disappeared, leaving Chigusa alone with the two Russians. The idol turned to face Katya with an annoyed look on her face.

"Haven't you got something better to do?" Chigusa snapped, "You want a match? Fine. We'll do what Akashi wanted, a spot at the summer PPV. Enjoy it." She brushed past Katya, shaking her head. Why do these things keep on happening?


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Re: Makin' a Splash!

Post by Sponsored content

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