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Anyone willing to take on Layla

Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:53 pm by Link-mon

Just looking for some matches for my heel Layla Vale. se does have some preferences but overall I'm open to various ideas if you want to talk about it.

Comments: 1

Got some people open for matches

Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:37 pm by TheEditor1023

Hey guys, got some people I need matches for, if you're interested in any of them, let me know!

Remy 7000 (Yet to debut)

"Beautiful" Jack Kendrick (Yet to debut)

Ricardo Keyes

Nathan Parker

Comments: 4

Looking for anything!

Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:18 pm by tehbohemian

Hey!! I'm Bohemian! I'm uhhhh new here! I've already debuted all 3 of my characters and wanted to know if you would want to include them in any storylines or start any new ones with them!

Shinobu won her debut match and is locked in a feud with Sandy White... so she is kinda tied up match wise but i'd be cool for any RPs with her

Sonic lost her debut... pretty badly... and even lost her crown! So she is up for a match or gym session or anything really! She is a much morr light hearted …

[ Full reading ]

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Conza Delejabon: The Minimal Mouse

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Conza Delejabon: The Minimal Mouse

Post by IndigoDragon on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:25 am

Name: Conza V. Delejabon
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Eyes: Hazel-Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 4" 7'
Weight: 101 Lbs
Nationality: French
Entrance Music: Drive by Incubus

Strategy: Quick speed is all that Conza has. He is too small to perform anything that takes pure power to do. And he doesnt exactly have the skill to do all kinds of acrobatic and high-flying things. All he can do is try to utilize his adorable height and appearance to throw off an opponent momentarily before attacking, or dodging what is thrown at him until his enemy is worn down. Though he hates to do so.


La Souricire (The Mousetrap): ***This can only be used with opponents smaller than 5'5'.***

Conza dives between the open legs of his standing opponent and catches them off guard and stands up behind them. Being back to back, he reaches behind to grab at the face/neck to throw his opponent over his own body. If they weigh too much (120 lbs and upwards) He simply tries to pull them down to slam their head into the ground.
(Added 3/15/14)

Stats (Out of 5)

Endurance: ★★

Strength: ★★

Speed: ★★★★

Defense: ★★

Technique: ★★★

Overall: 13/25

Personality: Conza has a positive attitude most of the time. He is and has gotten increasingly mature, despite his appearance. He is very friendly to everyone he meets. To the point that he can be taken advantage of. He idolizes many big names of the AFW, and dreams to be just like them. He doesnt want to accept that he may never be up there with them... He protects his hat with his life, hanging onto it, as it was from his father. If it gets taken, he will go on a hunt for it. As of late, Conza is starting to realize just how much he is being used by others. Even by friends.

Past: Conza comes from France. His father was murdered by a ruthless cartel when he was young. He doesn't remember much of the incident. When he was 5, his mother sent him to live with his grandmother to prevent anything from happening to him, giving him his father's hat. Evidently,she lived in the same place where Conza met Nick Solem. But, when he got there....He was crowded by many girls, both his age all the way up to teenage girls. They saw him as 'The cutest little thing'. With them, and the angry and jealous guys threatening him after, Conza stayed inside for weeks. A house-call doctor diagnosed him with both Agoraphobia and Gynophobia (A fear of women).

Nick, who was 9 years old at the time, finally managed to get him to come outside once more, and to join with him and Yoshiro. Yoshiro was a nice girl to him, eventually even becoming his girlfriend. Both events aided his fears. During the time that Nick was about to leave, Conza came up with the idea for them to wear the animatronic parts Nick designed to later recognize each other. Conza kept his iconic (To him and his friends) hat and claimed from then on to be a mouse, with his small size.


Conza, and Anampo didnt leave their homes after Nick, Yoshiro and Jay left. Conza grew up with his dream still as fresh in his mind as the day he made it. Slowly saving up money since making his dream a goal, he took himself and Anampo to Japan, taking the plane trip that would make everything better.

Too bad he forgot about his Gynophobia till after he signed up to the AFW...

Some cool stuff to know about the Mouse!:
-He cannot for the life of him hold down his alcohol, becoming drunker than drunk only after 1 or 2 of ANYTHING.
-Conza can speak fluent French, being curious in his childhood about his past and roots. He doesnt use it much, however.
-He is as innocent as an angel. Conza doesnt know anything of the world of sex, which means he could be taken advantage of easily....
-He becomes frantic if his hat is lost. And will do anything to find it.

Wins: 3 (Snowman: Submission) (Suzanna Mey: Submission[ring]) (Suzanna Mey: Submission[home])
Loses: 10 (Ekibe: Submission) (Snowman: Submission) (Aerial and Leila Lockhart: 2 K.O.'s) (Lucy: Pinfall) (Aurore: Sleeper/bearhug submission) (Abbey: Submission) (Yuki: Submission and Pin) (Masseter: Pin) (Minerva: Domination) (Gail: Pin)

Friends: Jay Zokaro, Snowman, Misaka, Catherine and Genna Lewis, Yuki Nakamura, Miss Masseter, Juniper Nayle, Raira Belheart
Allies: -----
Rivals: -----
Enemies: Jay Zokaro, Minerva
Crushes: Gail Hatzis, Raira Belheart, Suzanna Mey

Je pefire¨re ne pas entrer dans les détails au sujet de mes matchs... (I'd rather not get into details about my matches....):


1. The French boy meets a British gentleman
2. Why must my friends fight?
3. Ekibe vs Conza
4. Conza takes on the Lockharts in a 2 vs 1 fight!
5. A shy mouse meets a cute gambler.
6. Conza goes on a double date, and gets a bit woozy....
7. Conza vs Crystal (Incomplete)
8. A wild battle ensues with Lucy!
9. Conza teams up with Jay to fight Aurore!
10. Home

11. Conza is shown some 'Southern Hospitality'.
12. Conza vs Abbey
13. Home 2

14. Yoshiro talks with Conza... 
15. Conza takes on Suzanna! 
16. Match with a big girl
17. Private night match with a jobber
18. Suffer boy, suffer...
19. Big Turnaround
20. Conza meets a new family member and develops a crush in Home 3

21. Conza gets serious about training (Postponed)
22. Conza asks Suzanna to meet with him
23. Conza goes out to eat with friends in Home 4
24. To the best Losers in AFW (Home 5)
25. Even you deserve forgiveness
26. Predator Missile Inbound! (Home 6)

27. "Letter for you!" (Home 7)


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