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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Sandy Starlight

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Sandy Starlight

Post by Kelsea on Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:46 pm

The New Age Southern Belle

Sandy Starlight

Name: "The New Age Southern Belle" Sandy Starlight
Age: 24
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Height: 5"7
Weight: 135lbs
Nationality: American, Texas (southerner accent)
Alignment: Fan Favourite Face – Sandy is the perfect example of a fan favourite face with a high enough morale to actually run down to the ring and try to defend others who are being mobbed unfairly. She is willing to play to the crowd and has a good relationship with them and considering she also openly apposes Cassandra Sellers, she is considered very popular

Tactics and Style: Sandy usually to play straight with other respectable wrestlers. No dirty moves (unless a hardcore match), very honest. Against heels though the rules change and she’ll be more willing to go for some rougher and dirtier moves “And eye for an eye”. In general, she will mix her professionally efficient Olympic/submission wrestling with crowd pleasing grappling manoeuvres to get the job done in a way the audience will appreciate, concentrating on a body part and trying to finish it by catching them in one of her submission finishers once its weakened.

Preferred match: Standard/Hardcore matches

Favoured move(s): Sandy prefers a mix of complicated and simple/effective submission holds like STF, abdominal stretch, figure four and also the good old ankle lock. She also enjoys grappling manoeuvres that are more on the flashier side to raise the tempo in the audience; things like swinging neck breaker and the german suplex.
Finishing move(s): 'Phoenix Explosion' double german suplex; she rolls to the side and keeps ahold of her opponents waist after the first german suplex, dragging them to their feet only to pull them over into a second (bridging for a pin if she can afterwards)

'Side saddle-up' This is basically a standing armbar. With her opponent bent forwards in front of her, Sandy will grab onto their arm and step over the back of their shoulder blade so that she is facing away from the victim with their arm held up between her own thighs, up against her chest.. She’ll sit down on the back of their shoulder, usually pushing her butt cheek right into the side of their face as she pulls and twists up on their arm.

'Starlight clutch' With her opponent on her back, Sandy will grab up one of her legs and fall to the side while holding the ankle up right against her breasts and scissoring her opponents thigh. The blonde will try to twist as she falls so that she lands on her back with the victims leg bent to the side like the leg is doing one half of a splits.

Entry music: 'smells like teen spirit' by Nirvanda


Trying out a slightly different hair style

old look before Sandy took a break from AFW for a few months

Personality: Sandy has a sarcastic sense of humour that can turn somewhat cynical when it comes to wrestlers who openly partake in hentai competition due to Sandy’s reservations against hentai wrestling. She often comes across as cocky or arrogant, but most of the time it is meant in a good natured way (even though she can go too far some times).

Sandy has always been a gruff tomboy, she likes things rough and is compelled to find tough challenges. She prefers to have opponents that respect one another as wrestlers; but will be just as happy to put a nasty heel, which has no respect for fellow wrestlers, back in their place

Since Sandy’s return to AFW, she has been a lot more accepting of hentai wrestling as a whole and might even allow a teasing side of her out to play. Although generally she will still be extremely reluctant to set up a hentai match as appose to a standard match.

Past: Sandy was a class representative right from an early age, particularly excelling in the sports division. Gradually as she grew up, she kept taking up more physical sports.. from track running, to basketball, to soccer.. touch (American) football.. Full on (American) football.. and then finally Olympic style wrestling. Wrestling turned out to be her favourite and she started competing in the sport for school events. She adored the attention she got while wrestling in front of a crowd and even started to show a flare for flamboyancy just to put on more of a show for the audience.

She received a glowing commendation mainly because of her work as a rep and her contributions to sports, but after graduating she still hungered for more wrestling competition. She initially joined up in a small American pro wrestling, but only stayed there long enough to forge a quick friendship with Mia Megumi before deciding to up and leave. Sandy had known about an AFW that had just opened up in Japan.. A relative of hers worked there and let her know about the ins and outs of the place. Sandy was a bit surprised that AFW even passed TV licensing, considering some of the things that had been described to her. She was also given the impression that good respectful wrestlers of this federation were/would be getting taken advantage of and abused in the ring for what appeared to be Cassandra Sellers viewing pleasure.

Sandy was annoyed, after a few days thought she felt strongly enough about it to decided to make the move to Japan and sign up for AFW Friction. It was her intention to make a shake up in AFW before things even got off the ground, she wanted to give the heels of this organisation something to think about before they could prey on and injury much smaller and much less experienced wrestlers.

To start off with things were going as planned, she quickly became a fan favourite and was entered into a tournament that she won and subsequently saw her crowned as the first AFW Friction World Champion. But Sandy met with fierce opposition from Cassandra Sellers who did not like what she stood for, after a few months her reign as champion was brought to an abrupt end when Cassandra arranged a match in which Layne injured Sandy badly and she had to give up the belt.

The injury would not end Sandy’s career, although she did start to reconsider what she was doing. Shortly after Sandy made her recovery and came back to active duty, she discovered that Mia Megumi had signed up to the league. She tried to persuade her old friend not to join but unfortunately she had already signed a contract. In Mia’s first match against Heaven Ayeme, she was knocked unconscious and hospitalized. This again fuelled Sandy’s fire to take the fight to Cassandra Sellers so that things like this wouldn’t happen.

After a few matches unrelated to her mission against Cassandra, Sandy took a long sabbatical.. It had appeared that she might have given up hope as Sandy never actually apposed Cassandra fully after her and Mia’s injuries. However in the back of her mind she still wanted to seek Cassandra’s downfall. It was during the sabbatical that she was approached by British dominatrix and MI-6 agent, Addyson Queensbury, in order to take on Cassandra Sellers and Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt. At first, Addyson’s dominatrix side and liking for hentai made Sandy feel that she wanted nothing to do with her. But then after some careful consideration, she decided that she should follow the rule “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Sandy joined forces with Addyson and returned to AFW, it was only then that she was able to witness a change in the hentai wrestling that she had previously had such a distaste for. When she left, a standard hentai matches would usually be a hentai heel abusing an inexperienced kawaii; but now, hentai had become a competitive division which Sandy could respect a lot more. This allowed Sandy to accept her new team mate, Addyson, a lot more because she now understood that Addyson could be seeking competition in hentai matches rather then just to take advantage of another girl.

Notable Relationships:
Addyson Queensbury – During Sandy’s long sabbatical, Addyson found her and tried to persuade her to join forces and come back to AFW. Initially Sandy refused because it was obvious that Addyson had a preference on hentai matches (which Sandy apposed) but on careful consideration decided to take up the dominatrix offer seems they had a common goal.

Magic Mia Megumi – The two had a match in a small wrestling federation in America before coming to AFW. Mia was quite inexperienced and so Sandy gave her some training before moving to Japan. Later, Mia followed Sandy to AFW and they joined up again as friends.

Special notes: Smells more like her sports deoderant then teen spirit

Hentai wrestling reservations- When she first joined AFW she was dead against hentai, but over recent times she has become more accepting; this is mostly because when she first joined AFW, most hentai matches pitted an inexperienced jobber versus a very experienced heel that would take advantage and rape the jobber, but now she has acknowledged that times have changed and that fans actually enjoy hentai competition. It would be foolish for her to continue to try and step in its way if that is what the people want.


Sandy's Blog

Real name: Sandy Stevenson

Wins: 6
Losses: 3
Draws: 0


Sandy Starlight wins against Roxy Dynamite (via pinfall)
Sandy Starlight wins against Tanya Monteiro (via submission, leg lock)
Sandy Starlight wins against Tanya Monteiro (via submission, bear hug)
Sandy Starlight defeated by Tanya Monteiro (via submission, sleeper/leg splits combo)
Sandy Starlight wins against Cammy White (via pinfall, off of a DDT)
Sandy Starlight wins against Yatori Shizuku
Sandy Starlight wins against Sasha (via pinfall) - Sandy v Sasha
Sandy Starlight defeated by Rainbow Mika (via pinfall, off of the 'flying peach') - Sandy v Rainbow Mika
Sandy Starlight defeated by Macky & Migiri (via submission, bear hug)Sandy v Macky & Migiri

Sandy v Sasha
Sandy v Rainbow Mika
Sandy v Macky & Migiri

**If you recall any matches I have not added or corrections to the matches I have already stated, please tell me

Championship belts history:
The ex AFW champion

Tanya Monteiro
Magic Mia Megumi
Yatori Shizuku
Addyson Queensbury

Tanya Monteiro

Cassandra Sellers


Character pic model: furinji miu (from shijou saikyou no deshi ken'ichi)

Sandy's ol' Journal

Sandy Starlight vs. Rainbow Mika
Sandy vs Sasha
Punishment *Backstage YIM*
First Star I See Tonight... *Promo*
Deal with the devil *Related RP*
Handcuff handicap! Addyson Queensbury Vs. Death by Seduction *Cameo*
Sandy Starlight vs. A Mystery Opponent

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