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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Away for a vacation

Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:51 am by TomboyTsuka

From tomorrow to July 18th, I will be away from AFW as I will go on a summer holiday to Shanghai, China. I'll see you pals again on July 19th. Have fun everyone!!

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GreatForce (Updated)

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GreatForce (Updated)

Post by SUMOFIGHTER on Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:43 am

Name: Sasha moans "That's my real name that I never tell anyone"
Wrestling name: GreatForce I just thought of the name one day and used it as my nickname"
Alias: Wondering Champion
Born in: Canada "Canadian lumberjack hockey powers activate!" XD
Age: 30 "I'm not that old am I!?"
weight: 250lbs "Don't even think about making a joke about my weight or I'll fuck you up in 7 ways..."
Height 6,5
Eye color: Blue "Fun fact: Due to a mishap at birth my eye change color from blue to green."
Hair color: Green
Catch line: "I fight you anytime, anywhere."
Entrance music: "Like a boss!"

Personality: "Well I'm more of a calm, cool and collective person but I'm not perfect and I still have other emotions like everyone else. When I'm outside I'm mostly a no talker since due to my tone of voice people have a hard time understanding me and due to how low it is but I learned how to make it clear when I'm using a mike. When friend needs help I help them and if a enemy is causing trouble I stop them like some sort of super hero, but I'm not a champion of justice and certainly not is bitch... Now when I'm in a fight don't talk much as I find that it leaves you open and distracts me but when I do I often am giving a person props or telling them how wrong their actions are. I'm not that smart tho and I pretty much a block head if you ask my any quistions that are related any thing above grade 5 but ask my anything about fighting a my mind is like a war forged sword. But as a human I see my self no beater than a thug.

Back story: "I was born in the city of St.Albert with two loving parents my father was Mexican and my mother was British and I was like any other baby, small, cute, adorable and I lived a pretty normal life with the exception of my little sister who was born 2 year after I was. Things were pretty good for us until... The Great Hurricane hit us when I was eight years old... *Sniff* It killed my parents and destroyed the house but my sister and I lived some how. We were barely alive when they found us, soon after we were put in the hospital for a good year before we were able to leave. But we had no were to go so they put us in foster house were both my and sister were made fun of just because of are giant size's and it would reach a point were I couldn't take it anymore, so I decided I would run away that night. So When it was about mid night I opened my door a slowly sneaked out and ran from their until are couldn't run any more as I wanted to be as far away as possible from that hell hole.
With this action it ended a part of my life that I like to call The Nightmare.

It wasn't long until I they were looking for me and put a reward for who ever could find me and that's when a thug called Sundowner found me in ally way and he quickly tied my up so I couldn't get away. He quickly took my to his place and tried to phone to people looking for me to get the reward but then with a shout from a bottom of my heart I yelled out Don't put my back their I would rather die than go back their!.. Then he put the phone down and he made me a deal that if a I fought for him and made him money then he would let me stay and I accepted the deal even tho I had no clue how to fight. But I did... He look me too a selection of the back ally's and before a new it I was fighting a girl that was about 2 feet taller than me and was trained in I tthink 3 fighting styles. Needless to say I got my ass kicked but I caught a lucky break when another girl went in and saved me. I had no clue how or why she saved me but she won that match for me and saved me from getting put back the square one. After my one sided match I was forced to think of a way to fight, but I had no clue were to start so I decided to lay down in my bed for a bit and think about it, that's when the same girl who saved me come through my open window like some sort of Ninja! But she was only here to be friends with me and we got to know each other but then she ask me a question that I will never forget "Will you fight for whats right or Fight like a mindless pawn on a board." Then I told her my problem and she decided to train me. I had no clue what fighting style I was going to learn but it turned out of be Muay Tai, I learned some basic moves and stances. Sundowner come down to get me the next day because it was time to fight again and as we walk towards the ring I saw the girl who kicked my Ass watching from Above from the roof of a building as if she was some sort of champion... and she was the champion but I had no clue how since she lost that one match but I didn't cared about that at the moment. It was my first real fight I was getting into, it was against a girl who knew Tiquondo, she had a record of 10-8-3 and her name was Ace. She was a hard hitter kicking my ass because she could kick me from so far away, I had no clue was to get in close with out getting kicked, as I laid their on the ground as the ten second count I had reached five that's when I got up and let my true colors shine! I ran towards Ace grabbed her kick and took her down to the ground. From their I proceed to mount her and rain down punches as fast as I could on her, at the same time Ace punched me back but not as fast. By the time she managed to get my off her face was a bloody mess and she could barely see, that when I decided to finish her I ran towards her again and jumped kneeing her face as hard as I could. From their dropped like a rock and laid their like a dead body as the count reached five. My heart pounded hard as the 9 count came and then it was done. The ref and reached 10 and I had won the match!

This marked the start of my Journey that I liked to call The Force

After my Victory Sundowner was paid and I got to stay longer the girl who trained me came down to congratulate me as I limped out of the ring, I didn't knew her name but I'd ask later. I decided that fighting was the only way for me and the girl who trained me started showing me more advance moves. This would be my life for I good 3 months after I won match after match until I was in a fight against a boy called Snake and he was personalty sent down by that girl who kicked my ass to stop me. The guy had a 30-5-0 record as I knew this wasn't going to be a easy fight for me. When I fought him it seamed like he could everything to slow motion as he kept countering me and again it was a one sided fight, until I found out his weakness... He was looking at me legs to see witch one I was going to attack with that's when I got the bright Idea to head but him... AND IT WORKED! He was apparently a real wuss and fainted after that hit. After that I was only 4 matches away from fighting the champion. The first the matches went like any other match until the fourth one when I was fighting the girl who kicked my ass... She had a record of 50-0-10 and she knew Muay Tai like me. The bell sounded and already we were at each others thoughts I have her a knee and she's give me a elbow. We traded blows countless times before she landed a hit that would cripple me, that's when I thought I was screwed until she missed! Apparently I had beaten her so bad that her vision was all messed up! That when I used what ever strength I had and finished her of with one good punch before waited for a painful then seconds. I would raise my arm in the air before blacking out. I would be out of the fight for a good 2 weeks before I had to go back to face the real champion. But It wasn't in a ring it was in a building... Little did I know that what was really happening was going to change everything. I showed to the match area and then BOOM the hear explosions! I ran out side of the building only to find the girl who trained me their... She was the champion... The girl who was my closest friend was also a criminal... I had to stop her and engaged her in combat. We would fight for god knows how long until I prevailed. I quickly left the area and the city behind me as it wasn't`safe any more.

That`s what ended part one of my journey.

From their I ran from thugs and criminals who looked for the bounty placed on me now... This would go for a few years and in that time I learned a new fighting style... I develop a fighting style of my own. I made is use the knowlege I had again through my fights. I called it Force claw, the style consisted of moves taken from all the fighting styles that were used against me and I use it as one of my main fighting style when outnumbered. It would be another 3 years before I caught a lucky break... I saw a poster in front of a strip club saying female boxers wanted join to earn big bucks! So I went in looking were to sign up, and it turns out that the strip club was really just a fight club and I felt like I could earn some good cash. Soon I lady came to me and I told her I wanted to join their little league. I was about 17 when I signed up. Little did I know that the only male boxer in the league wanted to challenge me first... He was also the champion... I got back stage and got changed when I saw the rules, and it said "Women must box topless." I didn't mind it as I got to show my superb body out but that was quickly ended when I got destroyed in my match. The Man I was facing was beater than me in every way possible and I was TKO'ed in the first round. Needless to say I wanted revenge so for the next 3 years I would box in the league until I reached him I also took Tiquondo classes to improve my foot work and kicks. I also grew a entire 2 feet as well making we as tall as I am today. But the day came that I finally reached him after many battles I got to fight him again. This time I was stronger, bigger and faster than him... Still it was a hard fight! Blow after Blow we delt did massive damage, every round we'ed down each other two times and fought for 12 rounds but in the end I won by ducking under his punch and uppercutting him to win by TKO. I had gotten my revenge and the champions belt. But I had to move on to greater things and left the league but I did steel the belt. But now the league no more today and I moved on to other area's.

Thus ended part two of my Journey called that call boxer girl.

I would travel using to massive amounts of money I got from the league until I come across a small town that centered it self on fighting. Their was a Judo club, Karate club even a Sumo club for the heavier people! So I decided I'd move in their since a house was for sale! I Bought it and moved in because I had like 4 million dollars to pay rent. That's when I decided to Join to Judo club and the people their were really nice then I joined the Karate club and they were more focused on being the best than anything else but I still trained with them. I'd do this for about 2 years until I relised that I was like a paper weight only weighing 200lbs and my body showed since I was like a poll! So I decided to bulk up and I decided to get my self... Something called a computer and then I heard about something called the internet... I had no clue what they were or what they did but after I got them I figured out how to use them. I went online and looked up sumo stew and is showed me how to look my self some, so I bought the ingredients or all of what I could buy and cooked them. It took time but I finally start seeing my fat grow and well as my mussel. I did this diet for 4 mouths before my dream body came I weighed 300lbs but I mad enough mussel to have my abbs showing to a certain point and well as enough fat to stop me being a paper weight. Then I just had to test this body out so I joined to sumo club were I could put my weight to use. But Apparently they split the men and the women and I soon saw why... The women did Sumo topless, but it was in a room with no windows so it was ok I guess but I joined them and they gave me a mawashi to match my hair color! It was really fun learning sumo but I started to develop a crush for one of the women who a lesbian and next thing you know were in my house doing hentai. This would go on for about 2 years were every Saturday we would met up in my house and make love in my room with the windows closed and the curtains blocking the view. I learned a lot of hentai from the girl and I still remember it today. But I to move on after that. The poeple were sad to see me go but I'd promises I would come back.

That ended part three of my Journey that I call Good times.

After moved away I learned of a MMA league for women and I decided to go their and earn me some more money and that's when me and my sister would cross path for the first time in 20 years.
We never got to see each other since we too focused on improving are body's, but when I went in matches I was always dominating as my fat absorbed some damage and the training and shape made my hits feel like nukes! I was like a god until me and my sister went head to head to the title to champion since their was no champion. That's when we saw each others faces for the first time and showed each other just how strong we have became since we last saw each other. I thought I had this in the bag as I was very fast and strong I knew many fighting styles and I had the weight advantage. But she had most of that too but she was faster than me on land while I was faster in the air, she was smarter than me but I had experience on my side, I was stronger than her with kicks and submissions but she was stronger with punches and high flying moves. We were basically evenly match and are match would keep on going until one was out cold! This would be the hardest fight of my life as we showed each other how good we were until she landed two powerful blows on each others faces and knocked the other out... I so I thought my body still kept going! My mind of barely awake but my body was taking the fight head on! My sisters body too! I couldn't renumber anything further on but the recording shows are body fraught for 20 minutes before the gave out in to draw! From their we were put in the hospital before the doctor told me that I pushed my body so hard now that I can't preform any of my more advance moves with out putting massive stress on it same went for my sister, and from their we weren't from being gods to were mortals again... But I learned how to increase how much stress my body can take and now if I need to I use make my self as powerful as I used to be!

But that ended part four of my life that I like to call, a sisterly battle.

Now my Journey has taken me here to the AFW were I shall use my experience to change the lives of other's through the league!

Wrestling Attire: "My wrestling attire consist of a black shirt and pants with a big green leather Jacket on top with black outlines."

Causal wear:
"Boom... that's what ya get for calling me creepy!" (Get it creepy = creeper XD... I make the worst jokes.¬_¬)

Fantasy hero:
"I dye my hair a greenish brown for this."

GreatForce When she was fighting Ace:

GreatForce When she was TKO in her first boxing match:

GreatForces sumo wrestling attire:

anatomy of GreatForce body (I just took pictures of the 3D model)

Combat info

Fighting styles: Mauy Tai, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Sumo and Force Claw
Strategy: "I have no main strategy..."
Preferred moves: "I don't really have any preferred moves I just use all of them."
Preferred matches "I fight you in any match anywhere, anytime!"

Strength: "My body is like a living weapon and shield, I can stiffen certain joints to take less damage and do other things that can give me a advatage, my diversity also helps. "

Weakness: "I can't use my more advance moves with out putting stress on my body often making me just resort to regular move's that every one else uses."

Stat spread
Fun fact: GreatForce likes to extend matches if she's dominating.
Basic combat

Endurance: ***** 5/5
Strength: ***** 5/5
speed: ** 2/5
Defense: *** 3/5
Technique: *** 3/5

Striking *** 3/5
Grappling ***** 5/5
Powerhouse ****4/5
aerial * 1/5
Counters *** 3/5

Signature move's
The lethal 4: "First I attack my opponent with a chop, once my opponent side is open a strike their with other other free hand. Then a twist the opponents hand around, then I strike their back area with a chop and their neck area with my elbow while hitting their stomach with my knee. The I throw em, and if I can manage to pin him down with the use of my legs while still twisting their arm, I finish it by delivering a powerful finishing punch to the back of the head. In short I got 4 chances to land a lethal blow."

Great Hurricane: "I named this after the hurricane that killed my parents.. I start the moves off by grabbing my opponents leg and swing then around like a Huricane then when I've built enough speed and release and watch the fly through the air and the damage and range from non to massive damage."

Final Stand: "I only use this if necessary as it's one of my most dangerous moves if I use it too long the stress can actually kill me... I call it Goddess mode... It's were I put the max stress on my body to give me back my power I had before I lost it making me incredibly fast, strong, smart, durably and defensive basically turning me into some what of a god. I can only use it for 3 minutes tho before the stress is too much."

Fun facts

GreatForce is a big portal fan having played the game in her spar time.
To show this she wears a Hello Kitty core, the eye lights up after pressing down on it's is her necklace having high durable string put through it.

Doctors have told GreatForce that her she has difficulty controlling her self when she's having to much fun fighting. It acts kind of like as cap for her power but once it been triggered GreatForce gets significantly stronger.

GreatForce's often try's to put in as little effort as possible as the more effort she puts out the more stress her body take's. If GreatForces was to try her hardest then the amount of stress on her body would be enough to make veins tear through her skin and cause blood to come out and other side effect will appear if she sustains to amount of stress for too long.

GreatForce has a little sister called GreatThing who also was trained like her.

GreatForce Drinks a lot to forget about her painful memory allowing her to hold much more Alcohol than a normal person, often being able to out drink any one, it also take's her a long time to get drunk.

Since GreatForce is the Champlain of two leagues she has two belts that are both up for grabs if anyone thinks they got what it takes to beat her.

GreatForce hates Heels as they don't know how lucky they are unlike her and often will show no mercy too them while showing them the error of their way's.

AFW recored


vs Noel
vs Killer King
vs Eve Amiella
vs Rubina
vs Kelly Hinata
vs Suzuna Taki

vs Dark Savoir (and his toys)

vs Tatsuki Le Feuvre

Jake Casko - After a brutal match with Brigitte Z sumo Jake was put in her hospital room, GreatForce would talk and create some what of a friendship and also became his trainer.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre (Close friend) - At first GreatForce saw Tatsuki as another opponent but quickly found out that Tatsuki had much more fire than she expected. They would have a brutal fight with each other causing each other to bleed out and get sent to the hospital were the bonded.

StoneWall: GreatForces first friend here at the AFW, after beating her in a sumo match GreatForce had been given the offer to take her on as her disciple. She gladly excepted and the two would bond as they trained with each other, sparred each other, and learned around each other.

Jake Casko

The Dark Savoir (After being defeated by the Savoir and being stuffed in a garbage dumpster GreatForce come to hate the Savoir and the only reason the Savoir had one was because of his gadgets)

Tatsuki Le Feuvre

Champion of two leagues
Weight lifting tournament winner

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Re: GreatForce (Updated)

Post by SUMOFIGHTER on Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:01 pm

Updated with more back story and combat info as well as some fun facts.


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