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Looking for debut match

Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:48 pm by Ragdoll_Jobbers


I'm looking for a debut match for Sona. If you check her profile you will see that she is one who loves to lose and be knocked out so if anyone has some steam to blow off, or just wants an easy win, just pm for more details.

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From, Submissive Girl. Sorry about my inactivity.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:06 am by Submissive Girl

Hey! I know I haven't been on in a while. Unfortunately it might stay like that for a while.

I am super sorry about not being on more often. I am supper busy In real life.
Just so you understand a little bit about my life

1. I am a college sophomore taking 20 credit hours.
2. I have a job at as a cashier at a busy gift shop in a popular place in Florida (Not saying my city, but it is very busy where I am)
3. I have an intership that I work about 12 hours a week.
4. I am seeing a guy (Kind of …

[ Full reading ]

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First Tension Match.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:54 am by Zebra Crossing

Now that I've sorted some things for my FnF character, I'd like to try and get a match going for my recently approved Tension character.
I enjoy having some input from my RP partner unless I have something super specific in mind, so exactly what kind of match it is or what will happen …

[ Full reading ]

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Oichi - Star Mint

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Oichi - Star Mint

Post by Cirno on Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:24 am

[align=center:33ep4li4] " Sink or Swim! "[/align:33ep4li4]

[size=160:33ep4li4]Personal Details


Full Name: Oichi Nahida
Alias: Star Mint
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 6th October 1994
Color of Eyes: Green
Color of Hair: Pink
Height: 5'2
Weight: 109 lbs
Origin: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: [url=]t+pazolite feat. Rizuna - Strawberry Syndrome[/url:33ep4li4]


[size=160:33ep4li4]Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Very excited, wants fun
Offensive Strategy: Quick takedowns and submission holds
Fighting Style: Wrestling
Attribute Type: Speed
Usual Attacks: Figure four head lock, Reverse face sit, Sharp shooter
Usual Matches: Beach matches only

Combat - ★★★


Wrestling - ★★★★


Hentai - ★★★★

Endurance: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★
Arousement: ★★★
Technique: ★★★★★
Pacing: ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★

[size=120:33ep4li4]Offense Types:

Wrestling: Oichi specializes in submission holds, she had learned them from TV, videogames and practicing them on her oversized teddy bear. She feels that is better to distract her opponent in submission holds with cute talk her innocent behavior, when she is far from that. She likes to humiliate her oppoent if they misbehave and not just with submission holds!


[size=160:33ep4li4]Attack information


[size=120:33ep4li4]Favorite Attacks:

Face sit - When her opponent is on their back, she will butt bomb on their face and straddle them for a humiliating face sit pin, either to go for the pin or to just tease her opponent to submission

Surfboard Stretch - Oichi makes her opponent sit up and presses her foot between their shoulder blades, pulling back hard on their arms to start straining her opponent.

Drop kick - The quickest way to bring someone down in her eyes. She jumps off her feet and slams them both against her opponent's chest or face.

[size=120:33ep4li4]Signature Finishers:

Bubble Buster - After getting her opponent in a inverted bear hug, she will squeeze them for a full minute or so before she jumps up with her opponents, grabbing onto her opponents shoulders in a scoop to make their upper body bend up before she pushed against those shoulders so she can slam her opponent down onto their back and the back of their head rather then the top of their head, she will immidiatly keep her opponent up in a folding pin and laying over her opponent, giving them a goodnight kiss.

[size=120:33ep4li4]Hentai Finishers:

Bubble Crab - Catching her opponent in a full boston crab, she will tuck their legs under her armpits, her fingers free to finger her opponent's pussy and ass, also using her tongue to stimulate her opponent's clit and pussy, showing a lot of skill with her tongue and her fingers, also pulling back in the hold to give her opponent pleasure and pain.




" Double Super Gun power! Custom made Sharkies!"

" Ain't the ocean beautiful? "

" Yeah~! Let's go swimming! "

" Gonna go catch some waves before I catch you! "

" Cheeeeeese~! "

" I can handle the dolphins! Can you? "

" Meet my friends! "

" I got the ball! "

" Haaa~ The weather is so good! "

" Blub Blub <3~! "

" Welcome~! Want to play ball~? "

" Wooooooo~!!!! "

" Snowboard Santa! "

" Hi there! Want me to help you ski? "

" Peace~! "

" Welcome back, Mistress! What do you wish to have? Us? "

" Mistress, here is the cake you have ordered~! Want me to feed you? "


Quite cheerful and hyper. She likes to rush through everything but she can't get enough of living her life fast and with plenty of excitement. She likes to have friends around to have fun with, depending on the season, she will often drag them to the beach or to the nearest snow resort. Despite living on the fast track of life, she cares deeply about everything she does and people she meets, wanting to share her joy with others and make them experience the thril of speed and friendship!

Oichi loves to to teach others about surfing and snowboarding because she believes that everyone would love it once they have mastered it enough. She has quite a connection with the ocean inhabitants, creatures of the sea are not afraid to get close to her for some reasn, perhaps because of her honest and happy personality, they feel no danger coming from her and therefor, no need to shy away, she is a big fan of Dolphins and sharks, yes, even sharks love her and not in the eating way.


[size=160:33ep4li4]Additional information:

[size=120:33ep4li4]Facts of Oichi:

- She works at the beach near AFW as diving instructor, since there is little to no danger in the ocean when she is in it, fish are more likely to make the experience of diving a lot more fun when Oichi is near them.
- Other the her work as diving instructor and now a wrestler to the AFW, she also works as a ' Santa's Maid ' in the popular ' WInter Delight ' made Cafe, also near the federation.
- She has spend her life at the beach evr since she was little, she enjoys the life at a sea and is not afraid of anything within it. She even had an encounter with a shark but like all animals, it takes the right approach to make them harmless to you.
- The thrill of being on a board in both the winter sports and beach sports, is ultimate joy for Oichi, who loves speed more then anything else, though she prefers to enjoy it wth others.
- She hopes that one day, there will be no more hunting for whales and othe sea creatres, everyone deserves to live in freedom.


- Oceans
- Creatures within the sea
- Speed
- The thrill of going down a mountain or riding the wave
- Spending the entire day at a beach
- Defeating fun opponents!


- Hunters
- The rain, it can kill a beach day easily!
- People who disrespect bot hehr sport ad the ocean life
- Garbage on the beach
- Drunk customers
- Loud noise on a calm day

[size=120:33ep4li4]Most Used Quotes:

" Are you ready for me?! "
" I'll ride you like I ride the waves~! "
" Don't worry, I'll cool you off after I turn you on~! " "

[size=120:33ep4li4]Record information:

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0

[size=120:33ep4li4]General Status:








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Hug to see the full roster.


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Re: Oichi - Star Mint

Post by Cirno on Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:26 pm



Hug to see the full roster.


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