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Apologies for delays for a lot of my threads

Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:44 pm by Vcom7418

Dunno why I haven't posted this earlier.

Finals week is fully underway for me, and as such, I had to prioritise my threads depending on how soon they have to be finished (ie - Avalance build threads)

I will be back to full capacity on Friday/Saturday. My apologies for the delays.

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Friction debut match.

Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:28 pm by no^capitals-

I'm looking for a match to get my first heels career in AFW started. Will be happy to discuss finer details with anybody that is interested. Get in contact however you see fit. :3

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Samantha Fox's Open challenge

Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:54 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for someone to accept Samantha's open challenge, but the catch is its more of a call out. Basically Samantha will dig up some dirt on whoever and threaten to tell the world later that night or next show.

Overall I expect this to span across a few matches just for a short rival segment and little story for both our characters. Here's an idea I currently have for the possible matches.

1: Promo
2: 1 on 1 Normal Match
3: 1 on 1 No DQ
4: Ladder Match(The briefcase above the ring would …

[ Full reading ]

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Mercy, A Lot.

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Re: Mercy, A Lot.

Post by Lobo on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:03 pm

Clyde would stand before Taylor and nod his head along with her words that felt very true and reminded him to stay down to earth if things ever went the right way with Mercy. His thoughts trailed briefly towards Shiori and Rei as Taylor talked about neither one of them knowing eachother. He felt maybe he did jump the gun on how much he voiced his feelings about Mercy while knowing so little about her. He did have other people in his life but Mercy was different , he couldn't help but be infatuated with her.

Looking out the corner of his eyes as Taylor leaned in and whispered to him and told him the exact thing that Clyde had thought about Mercy when they met. His eyes going a bit wide as a result. "Uh. Yeah! I mean feel the same way actually. When we... Uhh... Met. She was really... Uptight." Clyde said, whispering after blurting out his 'Yeah' out. That was a fine night at the love hotel, Clyde couldn't deny that, but it was weird too with how Mercy was so uptight that night. More business like than just letting the moment take over. Still, Clyde felt confident enough in being able to get Mercy to relax more if he spent some time with her. At least he hoped.

"Right." Clyde agreed with Taylor's last statement. He liked Mercy but it was rare that she displayed how nice could be with him. A couple times during that one night stand and a little bit today gave Clyde the impression that she was a bit rough but was an overall sweet girl. At least he hoped. Either way, had to try being friends with Mercy first.

"Sooo... I guess we cool, for now?" He'd ask.

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Re: Mercy, A Lot.

Post by Bluemouse on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:08 pm

Taylor just shrugged and said nothing. She bit into another shumai and gave Clyde a sly look before wandering off. Maybe she could find someone worth talking to. Of the AFW staff, she knew her photographer and the medics the best, but she hadn't seen her usual photographer, and of course the medics weren't there. She stood on her toes and looked around up where the actual photography was taking place, and eventually she spotted him.

She jumped up and down and waved her arm over her head.

"Oi! Naoto-san! Yoh!" She cried, and then took off, elbowing her way through the cloud of people toward her favorite AFW staffer, who was kneeling in a corner getting his gear situated. She hopped and landed in front of him with both feet and a big grin on her face. "Hi!" She said, and began to have a little conversation with him while he worked. He liked her, and he was super nice. She liked talking to him, and besides, she figured she'd give Mercy space to work and stuff.

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Re: Mercy, A Lot.

Post by Tatyina on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:30 pm

Mercy had been about to follow Clyde when she was suddenly tugged in a different direction by a large woman who was looking to get some face time in front of the camera after seeing Clyde and Taylor's shenanigans. The uptight paralegal did her best to fend off the girl and placate her as much as possible while keeping one eye on Taylor and Clyde. It seemed like the two were finally getting along and that was making her attempts to deal with this large woman all the easier.

When she was finally finished, She was forced into putting out a few more small fires and by the time she got back, Taylor had dispersed. Mercy came up to the catering table and grabbed a plate. She took a few bites worth of food and looked at Clyde. Her face looked exhausted but she tried to hide it.

"Ok, good. You two didn't burn the place down, that's great." She said in her best uppity tone. It was clear her heart wasn't in it though. She nibbled on something leafy and looked at Clyde. "You know..." She said. 'Even if you shape up, it doesn't mean anything, ok?" She began. "I know about country boys and you can't just turn them into something they aren't overnight so... Don't get your hopes up or anything." She nodded. "But... I guess..." She turned her head and frowned. "I guess I won't... puke every time I see you from now on... maybe..." She furrowed her brow as her cheeks blushed. "I guess... it won't be... completely intolerable for us to have to work in the same company." Mercy looked back at Clyde and pointed a finger at him. "You just stick to Kyoto whenever possible though, got it!?" She scolded as her voice cracked ever so slightly and she scowled cutely at him.

"I'm going to go... do my job and stuff now so... I guess you can go." Mercy stood there awkwardly for a moment before turning around and muttering a quick "bye!" As she needed to go somewhere away from Clyde so her face would stop being on fire with embarrassment.

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Re: Mercy, A Lot.

Post by Lobo on Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:55 am

Clyde clicked his tongue in an amused manner as saw Taylor give him that sly look before she slinked away, leaving Clyde with a perplexed look on his face in response to her silence but figured it was best to leave it be. Things seemed to be fine between them now anyway. He refused to apologize to Johnny though. If the two ended up fighting he'd rather take the kid on while he hated him to get a better fight. He could apologize afterwards. Still, maybe things would be better now that he and Taylor had reached some sort of understanding. If it wasn't friendship it was something positive hopefully. Clyde didn't have as many friends these days. Not that he didn't need anyone, it was nice to know people who didn't want to always kick your ass.

Clyde would be left alone very briefly before he heard Mercy talk behind him, prompting Clyde to turn to greet the pink haired paralegal who began to lay down the facts to Clyde and basically told him that cleaning himself up wouldn't mean anything and that she apparently knew country boys and that you can't just turn them into something they weren't over night and that he shouldn't get his hopes up. "Wait. What?" Clyde thought as played back Mercy's words in his head and furrowed his brow once the gears in his head started to turn. What did she really mean? Clyde agreed to clean his act up but not change who he was. Clyde hoped he was just being paranoid or that Mercy just doubted a southerner like him could be all distinguished. He started to worry now and didn't want to have second thoughts already but that was tricky. On top of that, telling him not to get his hopes up with her, easier said than done. His hopes had been up the moment he saw her today.

Clyde could only look at Mercy in a perplexed manner at the way she was acting, thinking that they had already dealt with and had gotten past this 'awkward' stage with the way Mercy had acted towards him earlier, concerned, caring and even a little bit flirty, now she was back to being all uptight and uneasy like before. Clyde had to admit she was cute as hell when she blushed like that but she confused the hell out of him with her emotions that had become like a puzzle. She seemed so ecstatic when he said he wanted a suit, now she wanted him to stick in Kyoto as much as possible, saying it wouldn't be intolerable for them to work in the same company. Didn't she try and help him so he wouldn't get his ass fined or fired for his alcoholism!? Why was she being all complicated!?

"Uhhh... 'Kay." Clyde complied as Mercy scolded him with her cutely reddened cheeks. Like hell he'd just obey her on the spot and not come to Tokyo out of pure whim. But he kept that to himself. Besides it wasn't like he came over here very often and that she'd find him on every visit within the big city. Only Taylor could do that apparently.

"Guess I will after I eat."
Clyde responded to Mercy, he wanted to keep talking with Mercy but she said she had to go do her job and Clyde didn't want to get in the way of that, she seemed busy enough or just quick to leave him. He looked to her as he waited for her to leave or something but instead just stood there awkwardly for a bit before she just blurted out a quick 'Bye!' and took off. Clyde blinked in a perplexed manner towards her actions before his eyes went wide. Realizing he forgot to ask her something.

"H-Hey! You didn't tell me where I could get a che-... Budget Suit!" Clyde called out to her as she whisked away. Thinking that yelling 'cheap suit' wouldn't be to smart.

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Re: Mercy, A Lot.

Post by Sponsored content

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