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Might be a bit slow

Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:33 am by noob

hi people that im rping with. I'm gonna be away for a bit so I might be a bit slow with posting. Sorry xp

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Duo from Iceland has arrived!

Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:38 pm by Jaystar

Hello again everybody!

I managed to get creative, with the result of having two friends, Isa and Julie flown in from Reykjavik, who are ready to rumble in AFW!

While not sure if they get to decide, Isa is still a little bit reserved and is hoping to get a smaller opponent that she could use her lower body strength on, while Julie is very excited and eagerly up for pretty much anything!

If you have any characters who might want to challenge either one of the newcomers, or basically any fun …

[ Full reading ]

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Impromptu Break

Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:47 pm by Gadot


I'm just leaving this here so people know! I'm dealing with a lot at my new job (coming in as a manager with a person on my team who's been there for years and being a bit of a bitch about it), and I'm trying to finish up my last year of college. So for right now, I'm probably not gonna be around. I'm sorry for everyone I'm leaving up in the air with matches, and that I vanished without saying anything to. If you need me, feel free to message me on Trillian. I'm on it from time to time, …

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Senhime - The Dark Idol

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Senhime - The Dark Idol

Post by Cirno on Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:39 am

[align=center:9kjnjmcc] " I am the best! "[/align:9kjnjmcc]

[size=160:9kjnjmcc]Personal Details


Full Name: Senhime Hatara
Alias: The Dark Idol
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 17th November 1992
Color of Eyes: Green
Color of Hair: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 102 lbs
Origin: Japanese
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: [url=]Arrival of Tears - Ayane[/url:9kjnjmcc]


[size=160:9kjnjmcc]Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Very confident, thinks she can win against anyone who opposes her
Offensive Strategy: Submission/choke holds
Fighting Style: Wrestling
Attribute Type: Technique
Usual Attacks: Tackles, smothers, scissor holds
Usual Matches: Any

Combat - ★★★


Wrestling - ★★★★★


Hentai - ★★★★

Endurance: ★★★
Defense: ★★★★
Arousement: ★★★
Technique: ★★★★
Pacing: ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Offense Types:

Wrestling: Having taken up wrestling in school, she quickly ascended to the advanced class, which was a type primairy for submission holds and self defence chokeholds. Course she was good at it. She uses them whenever she can. She has alot of strength that allows her to lift her opponent up or even use it to take her opponent down, whichever helps.


[size=160:9kjnjmcc]Attack information


[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Favorite Attacks:

Tackle - When ready and knowing what to do after, she leaps right to her opponent and slams her body against her target's, bringing them to the ground with Senhime ontop.

Schoolgirl pin - Though she doesn't like actually humiliating her opponent, she would still use a pin like that to make sure her opponent knows that Senhime is stronger, aswell as getting a good look of her opponent's cute face.

Crippler Crossface - This is one of the few submission holds she likes using once her opponent is weakened enough. When her opponent is laying on their stomach, she will lay across them, putting her opponent arm between her legs and then wrapping her own arms around her opponent's face and pulling back hard.

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Signature Finishers:

Master Idol Hug - Senhime tucks her opponent's head between her legs, keeping them in a standing headscissors for a while before she would lean down to wrap her arms around her opponent's waist, pulling them up untill her opponent is held upsidedown against her. She then clutches her own wrist to strength the hug she has around her opponent's body and squeezes tightly. This kind of bearhug would make sure her opponent cannot clap her ears as well as making the blood stream up to their head.

Idol Crush - After she whips her opponent to the turnbuckle, she will run up to them and splash against their back, sandwhiching her opponent against the turnbuckle and Senhime. Then she will slip her arms up to the turnbuckle and hold onto it, hugging it tightly to crush her opponent's body inbetween them, making it look like she was humping the girl every time she gives another squeeze.

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Hentai Finishers:

Tender Touch - Once she has worked her opponent onto their stomach, she will lay upon their back, bringing one hand down to their thigh to stroke softly upon it with feather like touches while her other hand moves up to tilt her opponent's head up and softly blow warm air against their ear, partly to arouse them as to relax them.

Sweet Talk - Having brought her opponent to the corner and seated against it, Senhime will plop herself down upon their lap, leaning down to moan hotly within their ear while her hands start their soft magic upon her opponent's sides and back, whispering soft, loving words into her opponent's ear to entice them to surrender, often moving back to look at her opponent with her sweet, mesmerizing eyes.




" You're facing a dark Idol now! "

" You're going down! "

" Are you ready to face me? "

" Listen to my song! "

" Come on! "

" Don't have to sing yet.. "

" What a relaxing day. "

" I don't wanna go to school.. "

" I look good, don't I? "


She is pretty laid back about everything. She does enjoy herself when she hangs out with friends but she's always calm about it, like she doesn't have a real need to express too much happiness. After a good training she is easier to talk to because she doesn't plan on going anywhere else if a conversation is struck with her.

She's a big fan of videogames, so if people talk about videogames to her, she can talk all night long about them.


Someone who always got average grades but she never tried too hard. She only the amount needed to pass and never looked back at what would be if she tried harder, thus always being the average in the class. She never really gave attention to what people said to her and lived her own way but things that did interested her were sports and gaming and often those two cannot co-exist. However, Senhime made it all work out after all, putting the minimum work into everything she did and then enjoying herself with her two hobbies.

However, school started to bore her, especially when it was no longer required. She already graduated but her father insisted she should try to become a lawyer, something that even made her shiver in disgust. She had a natural disliking to them despite her father being one. They were never truly honest and thus made everything a riddle when it didn't have to be.

When she had to choose between staying in school or look for something else, the option was clear to her but she knew that she wouldn't make it far without a decent amount of preparation. She looked around for something to do. A job, a show or even becoming a pro gamer but it all seemed so boring to her.. She came across the AFW because of the information her instructor gave her, who happened to be an ex wrestler there. She said it would surely make her go there and like it so since she became curious about those words exactly meant, she went and watched a few matches.

She actually did like it. There were so many different kinds of fighters and so many matches you could set up, not to mention that the payment would pretty much cover a decent apartment and the nicest hardware in it. So she signed up and was immediately claimed to be some kind of idol with the way she dressed, which was just her schoolgirl outfit with some touches she herself put in. So she decided to just stick with it if it meant winning the crowd over, so she made some more touches to her outfit to make her look more adorable.


[size=160:9kjnjmcc]Additional information:

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Facts of Senhime:

- Despite that she has such great skill, not once has she bragged about them, nor does she even have a ego.
- Senhime sings her own intro song when she enters the ring, people are surprised how pleasant her voice is even when she sings.
- Even though she's laid back, she does care a lot about her friends and often visits them to check up on them.
- Senhime knows how to draw, her favorite things to draw are mythical dragons, especially eastern ones.


- Doing average work
- Bubblegum
- Dragons
- Getting to enjoy herself
- Tough opponents


- Rain, it'd make her clothes wet
- People telling her to be more assertive
- Not getting a good dose of training each day
- Being called Kawaii
- Other idols

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Most Used Quotes:

" Ready to lose to a dark idol? "
" You won't win! "

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]Record information:

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0

[size=120:9kjnjmcc]General Status:








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Re: Kagura - The Dark Idol

Post by Cirno on Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:15 am



Hug to see the full roster.

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