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Apologies for delays for a lot of my threads

Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:44 pm by Vcom7418

Dunno why I haven't posted this earlier.

Finals week is fully underway for me, and as such, I had to prioritise my threads depending on how soon they have to be finished (ie - Avalance build threads)

I will be back to full capacity on Friday/Saturday. My apologies for the delays.

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Friction debut match.

Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:28 pm by no^capitals-

I'm looking for a match to get my first heels career in AFW started. Will be happy to discuss finer details with anybody that is interested. Get in contact however you see fit. :3

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Samantha Fox's Open challenge

Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:54 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for someone to accept Samantha's open challenge, but the catch is its more of a call out. Basically Samantha will dig up some dirt on whoever and threaten to tell the world later that night or next show.

Overall I expect this to span across a few matches just for a short rival segment and little story for both our characters. Here's an idea I currently have for the possible matches.

1: Promo
2: 1 on 1 Normal Match
3: 1 on 1 No DQ
4: Ladder Match(The briefcase above the ring would …

[ Full reading ]

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Penelope Lu

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Penelope Lu

Post by Pollux on Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:38 am

Name: Penelope Lu
Sex: F
Age: 26
Eyes: Violet Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg)
Nationality: United States of America
Ethnicity: Chinese
Entrance music: [url=]Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears[/url:11tf2y02]

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Brute force describes Penelope's strategy succinctly. Using her genetic size advantage and fully exploiting her focus in strength training, Penelope aims to overwhelm her opponents quickly and decisively. If, for whatever reason, this tactic fails, Penelope prefers an upfront, dragged out contest until either she or her adversary expires. Needless to say, it is usually her adversary who falters first.

Style: Wrestling, Boxing, Wing Chun

Preferred Matches: Any

Endurance: ★★★★ - As Penelope's fights can be lengthy, she has trained with the goal of being durable.
Strength: ★★★★★ - Penelope has placed every emphasis on strength building. At one point, she entertained a career in bodybuilding.
Speed: ★★★ - Penelope's emphasis in strength has shifted the focus away somewhat from speed. However, she recognizes the importance of good responsiveness.
Defense: ★★ - The best defense is a good offense. But unfortunately, this isn't always true in practice.
Technique: ★★★★ - Although she is considered a brute, Penelope is not wasteful of energy. Accuracy through impeccable technique characterizes one of her fighting priorities.

Favored moves: Submission holds, strength contests, punches



Wrestling Attire: As seen in the picture, Penelope's wrestling outfit is the same as her boxing garb, the sole difference being the gloves depending on the type of match.

Personality: Penelope has little patience and is very judgmental. She does not mince words and is happy to share her unfiltered thoughts whenever she feels like it.

She is somewhat cold; over the years she developed this exterior as a veneer to protect herself from the fallout of her awkwardness. In her younger years, she attempted to court boys and friends by demonstrating her physical prowess. Unfortunately for Penelope and much to her confusion, very few people warmed up to her just because she could bench press more or because she could dunk on someone in basketball.

Penelope is, deep down, insecure. She often conflates dislike or neutrality with a hostile disapproval of her as a person. As a result, she is very temperamental.

Past/History: Penelope was the first American born of a family of Chinese immigrants located in San Francisco. Because of her early interest in combat sports, Penelope's childhood was one where she was constantly at odds with the hopes and expectations of her parents. Although she enjoyed watching fights on television and yearned to follow in those footsteps, her parents kept her on a strict regimen of music classes and academic extracurricular activities until she was 14.

In high school Penelope gained her first taste of combat when she joined the wrestling team as the sole girl under the pretenses of playing violin with the school band. Although she struggled at the outset, having to overcome 14 years of sedentary activities and needing to conduct her practices in secret, by the end of her first year, Penelope was a rising star on the team. By the time she was a junior, she was named team captain. In her senior year, Penelope was undefeated in the league and stunned America by defeating her male opponent at the state finals in the first period. No female had even come close to qualifying for a state tournament at her weight class; Penelope won the entire competition decisively.

With this under her belt, Penelope finally gained the enthusiastic acceptance of her parents. As her college refused her the ability to wrestle, Penelope pursued other combat sports on the side. She gravitated towards boxing and Wing Chun, easily excelling at both. Upon graduation, Penelope worked as an instructor at her gym and dojo. Dissatisfied with the prospect of having her accomplishments limited here, Penelope has joined AFW, hoping to expand her frontier as a fighter.

Fun Facts:
- Penelope is punctual and habitual. She always wakes up and begins training at the same time by following the same routine. For over a decade now, Penelope has had, without fail, the same breakfast of canned tuna and celery.
- Penelope likes to bully people. She thinks she's being playful but her victims would beg to differ.
- Terrible with technology, Penelope is a Luddite through and through.

AFW History


Record: 0-0-0


Record: 0-0-0

Boxing Federation

Record: 0-0-0


- [url=]Shiro Seiler[/url:11tf2y02] - Penelope met Shiro by bumping into his table at a nearby café️ while he was reading. He glared at her and so Penelope, abusing her strength advantage, decided to pick on him relentlessly. Because she found flustering him so enjoyable, Penelope kept badgering Shiro as a hobby who has now begun to tolerate her as an incisive and humbling influence.


[url=]Shiro Seiler[/url:2q44sy18] - Tension, Boxing Federation
[url=]Penelope Lu[/url:2q44sy18] - Friction, Tension, Boxing Federation

Looking for matches - I would be thrilled to RP with whomever under any terms I can imagine really.


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