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Anyone willing to take on Layla

Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:53 pm by Link-mon

Just looking for some matches for my heel Layla Vale. se does have some preferences but overall I'm open to various ideas if you want to talk about it.

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Got some people open for matches

Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:37 pm by TheEditor1023

Hey guys, got some people I need matches for, if you're interested in any of them, let me know!

Remy 7000 (Yet to debut)

"Beautiful" Jack Kendrick (Yet to debut)

Ricardo Keyes

Nathan Parker

Comments: 4

Looking for anything!

Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:18 am by tehbohemian

Hey!! I'm Bohemian! I'm uhhhh new here! I've already debuted all 3 of my characters and wanted to know if you would want to include them in any storylines or start any new ones with them!

Shinobu won her debut match and is locked in a feud with Sandy White... so she is kinda tied up match wise but i'd be cool for any RPs with her

Sonic lost her debut... pretty badly... and even lost her crown! So she is up for a match or gym session or anything really! She is a much morr light hearted …

[ Full reading ]

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Ayane Handou

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Ayane Handou

Post by ThunderFox on Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:06 pm


Name: Ayane Handou
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 11 January
Eyes: Red
Hair: Purple
Height: 5´5”
Weight: 127
Origin: Japan
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Raining Blood


Style: Ayane shows no mercy to anyone in the ring, be they bigger or smaller than her. Her typical fighting style is kick boxing, but she will resort to other tactics if needed.

Finishing Move(s):
-Viper Strike (Snap Kick to side of head or face)

Hentai Finisher:

Favorite Move:
-Spinning Back Fist
-Super Kick

Preferred Matches:
-No Holds Bared


Striking: ***** She's been training in Kick boxing since she was young, and as such, she's gained an incredible accuracy for her strikes, as well as the power to back it up.

Grappling: * Ayane almost never resorts to grappling, and when she does, she doesn't execute them very well.

Speed: *** The need to develop speed when fighting is a great need, however, she definitely isn't the fastest in her class. She doesn't let that stop her however.

Defense: **** Striking is only one part of her training. Without a good defense, she'd be a sitting duck, and she knows that full well.

Endurance: *** Ayane does her best to avoid getting hit or grappled at all times, but despite that, when she is put in said submissions, she is fairly average at how much she can take.

Endurance (Hentai): ** She never took the time to even think about the possibility of such a match. So... yeah.

Attitude: Ayane is relentless in the ring, and will not stop until she knows her opponent isn't going to get back up. She won't go far enough to kill them obviously, but she definitely will make sure they know getting up would be a great mistake.


Ayane's grew up in a family where they were pushed to do nothing but train, and exercise. Her father and mother owned a Kick Boxing gym, and since she was the daughter of two of the best kick boxer's in the area, she was expected to be just as good as they were.

Her parent's were very strict during their training. She started at the young age of 4, and trained nearly every day, from early morning to night. Aside from her school studies, she didn't really have any time away from training. She didn't really mind that though. She devoted her blood, sweat, and tears to training, and enjoyed every minute of it. She had no plans to go to school either. This is what she wanted.

Ayane was entered in tournaments for Kick boxing when she turned 10, and she won nearly all of them. The few she did lose, her parents would punish her, and force her to jog around the gym the entire night until the sun rose.

After a while, she became too good at what she did, and she sought new blood to fight. Something aside from kick boxers. When she turned 18, she left her parents care and went off to the city, entering several mixed martial arts tournaments. She didn't win nearly as many as she had hoped she would, and that angered her. She spent the next 5 years, training in complete secrecy in the nearby mountains, until she finally decided that she was ready. But even still, she hungered for more. She had heard of something called the AFW, and how there were strong fighters there. She made it gher goal to see just how tough those fighters were.


Usual attire

Getting ready for a night out. ("No one must ever know about this...")

Cosplay time! ("My secret hobby...")

[size=150:10h1zt70](Win/Loss Record)

[size=150:10h1zt70]Win: 1
[size=150:10h1zt70]Loss: 1
[size=150:10h1zt70]Draw: 0

- Lost against Emi via Knockout
-Won against Kent via Pinfall

Alliances: None yet

Enemies: None yet

Story so far:
-[url=]1.) Ayane's good and ready for her debut.[/url:10h1zt70]
-[url=]2.) After a humiliating loss, Ayane had something to prove in her second match.[/url:10h1zt70]
-[url=]3.) With a win under her belt, Ayane decides to take a night out, only to run into an old foe...[/url:10h1zt70]

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Re: Ayane "The Viper" Handou

Post by ThunderFox on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:06 pm

Update! Main Picture changed (because I hated the original one...)



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