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Match For Max.

Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:52 pm by Scarf

Just wondering if I could get something going for my newest Friction wrestler.
If anybody finds themselves interested or has any possible ideas for the future don't hesitate to hit me up, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

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Looking for Friction matches!

Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:07 pm by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

[ Full reading ]

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Total Eclipse of Eclipse... Encore

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Re: Total Eclipse of Eclipse... Encore

Post by Kitten on Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:59 pm

Natalia giggled ignoring Tomomi's pleads, this was too fun to stop now. The way Tomomi resisted being pushed down was simply divine, such devotion and determination even after being fucked like a whore was not something Natalia was used to. Natalia felt like she was falling in love with the loyal Tomomi... but that didn't stopped her from pounding the idol's butt with the hard toy. And in the end Tomomi couldn't take it any more; Natalia felt almost sad for making Tomomi fail in her attempts to protect Chigusa; she somehow wanted that someone as valiant as Tomomi had been there to protect her when she had needed it.

Natalia pressed her face against Tomomi's nape, using the idol smooth skin to clean the tear that had slipped from one of her eyes, but even as touched as she was, The Dream didn't stop fucking; it was like a second nature for her and Natalia felt she could fuck Tomomi for years. The Dream pushed herself up a bit so her chin would rest on Tomomi's shoulder and she could look down at Chigusa, making the faces of the three girls to be as close as possible. "I know you girls will never forgive me but... I just wanted to say... I love you" Natalia said giggling and then gave Chigusa and Tomomi a kiss on the cheek. "Now, Momi-chan.... fuck Chigusa like the cheap slut we both know she is... I want to hear her moan like a whore...and I know you do too..." Natalia smiled mischievously reaching with one hand for the back of Chigusa's head and with the other she pushed Tomomi's head to make the two idol's kiss...and then she moved in close, without stopping the fucking to kiss the kiss, trying to force her tongue between Tomomi's and Chigusa's lips.

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Re: Total Eclipse of Eclipse... Encore

Post by zxn666 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:18 pm

Tomomi couldn't even focus enough to understand what was going on anymore. All she felt was Natalia's hard plastic cock pistoning in and out of her luscious ass, reaming her deeply and causing her great pain and pleasure. She was crying profusely now from the humiliation, unable to bear it anymore, and sobbing at her failure. Her sempai, who had no doubt fought Natalia to the end to protect the younger idol, was now suffering at her hand. Their mistress Natalia had complete domination over the two beaten girls now as she fucked one and made her fuck another.

"S-sempai, I'm sorry!" Tomomi wailed, trying to hold back her arousal and stop herself from cumming. With Natalia pounding down on her relentlessly, it was only a matter of time. Chigusa looked up, moaning like a bitch in heat from the rough fucking. Tomomi's dildo thrust in and out of her almost like her kohai was actually fucking her. It was all so humiliating and arousing, so much that the just reawakened Chigusa was close to orgasm once again.

"I-it's alright..." Chigusa said, bringing her hands up to Tomomi's cheeks, "It's not your fault." She moaned, closing her eyes, and accepting Tomomi's kiss. They shared a tender moment together, locked in each other's embrace, their feelings of mutual respect and love keeping them safe and secure for a moment, before Natalia decided to join in as well.

"Mmm!" Chigusa protested, feeling Natalia's tongue on her lips. That brought everything back to reality for the two idols. She screamed in pleasure, losing control as her sex stopped resisting Tomomi entirely and her kohai drilled down into her sex, hitting her right in the deepest spot with the plastic cock. Tomomi moaned as well, the feelings overwhelming the young idol as her body completely gave in.

"MmMMMMMMMM!" Tomomi moaned, her back arching and pressing in against Chigusa's body, as her sempai came hard as well, impaling herself deeply on the plastic cock. Tomomi shuddered and shivered, her eyes fluttering before rolling into the back of her head. Chigusa moaned in orgasm as well, her hands digging into Tomomi's shoulders as her sex came. Tomomi squirted all over Natalia's legs from her orgasm. She slumped over her sempai, knocked out but breathing hard, while Chigusa was still conscious and moaning underneath her sexy kohai.


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Re: Total Eclipse of Eclipse... Encore

Post by Kitten on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:19 am

"Mmmmmm...." Natalia purred joining the two idols in their orgasm with a small soft climax of her own. It was more the satisfaction of what she had accomplished than the physical pleasure what had Natalia so excited; having the two idols completely at her mercy, making Tomomi fuck her senpai while she fucked her in turn was simply delicious. The way the two came at the same time and how Tomomi squirted all over her legs took Natalia over the edge too. Her orgasm, unlike the ones from her victims, was soft and subtle but still very enjoyable. Natalia kissed the two idols closing her eyes to enjoy the moment of her victory. She had done it and she could now happily add both Chigusa and Tomomi to her list of girl's she had owned... which meant she had now all members of Eclipse on said list.

Natalia sneaked a hand under Tomomi's chin to pull the idol's head back and with her other hand grabbed Chigusa's hair, forcing the older idol to face her and kiss her. Natalia sunk her tongue deep in Chigusa's mouth in a very dominant way, making sure Chigusa understood she had been owned. Then she broke the kiss with Chigusa and, still with a thread of saliva joining their lips, turned Tomomi's head to kiss the younger idol in the same dominant way she had kissed Chigusa. "pwned and pwned" Natalia said giggling. Natalia turned her head to look at Chigusa, who was the only one still conscious of the pair and looked at the idol into the eyes while she grabbed Tomomi's hip bones to give the younger idol a few more thrusts with her plastic toy so that both idols would feel them.

"I know you wanted to get fucked by Tomomi, Chigu-chan... no need to thank me..." Natalia teased as she continued with the gentle after fuck. "Now that I have made every single member of Eclipse my bitch... I guess I will leave you in peace." the blue-eyed cutie added pouting a bit. "but I will totally understand if you want revenge on me... or if you are too scared to face me again..." Natalia giggled and leaned over Chigusa to lick the idol's face and then pushed Tomomi's ass to remove herself from the younger idol. "You don't mind if I leave Tomomi all over you, do you?" Natalia asked as she slowly got up and removed the strap on. She blew then raised a foot and placed it over Tomomi's back to strike a victory pose over the two broken and idols and then turned around to leave, noticing that the two twins known as Thirteen and Fourteen where still there and had apparently been enjoying themselves while watching the scene.

"Lets go girls..." Natalia told to her bodyguard. "I need a shower and a real yummy dinner!". The Dream licked her lips while she waited for the two blondes to stand up and then the three disappeared through one of the arena doors.... and a second later Natalia returned to the door to turn off the lights and leave the idols in complete darkness. "Night night losers!"

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Re: Total Eclipse of Eclipse... Encore

Post by Sponsored content Today at 7:56 pm

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