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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Belinda Northman

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Belinda Northman

Post by LunarWolf on Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:52 pm

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
Personal Information
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

▌   Full Name    
-    Belinda Northman

▌  Alias      
-    The Shooting Star

▌  Gender    
-    Female

▌  Date of Birth      
-    19th of December, 1995

▌  Color of Eyes      
-    Scarlet Red

▌  Color of Hair      
-    Blond

▌  Height
-    170 cm / 5'7"

▌  Weight      
-    62 kg / 137 lbs.

▌  Nationality      
-    Sweden

▌  Alignment      
-    Face

▌  Intro      
-     Eiyuu - DOA

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

▌  Attitude      
- Determined, high spirited and willing to go to the very limits! That is Belinda Northman. A respectful young girl who never underestimates her opponents and feels everyone who is willing to step into that ring is an opponent whom she should take as seriously as any champion! Her career started out rocky and the spiraled up to a high point before it crumbled into pieces. Belinda knows now that it was her conviction that was lacking and has resolved it. No longer feeling any complex as being the less successful Northman sister, nor doing anything but her very best to keep being the last person who stands in that ring.

Cheaters have come to irk her, but she doesn't exactly feel any hatred for them, it annoys her and pushes her instead to try and outdo them with her skills! As a wrestler she has but one desire, at least when she steps into the ring. That is to be the last one standing, the last one to leave the ring. She has also a very simple mindset, focusing on her current opponent and not anything down the road. If you look up you are just as likely to stumble and fall as if you were to look backwards, always keeping her gaze forward she runs ahead at full speed and trains tirelessly to be better than she can be!

A ball of unbridled passion and heart, she is without a doubt wrestler who inspires the crowd to cheer for her, no matter what hardship she faces she moves forward as best she can.

- Belinda is a well rounded wrestler who has refined her skills on the battlefield that is the wrestling ring of AFW! Improving every match and with the help of her friends, increasing her skills more and more as time has gone for here in the league. She is the kind of girl who mixes things up from brutal submission holds, to quick strikes, to powerful slams and high flying moves that leave people stunned. She's the very epitome of latent potential springing up to life! Athletically great with blinding speed and fearsome power!

There is no specific style or way for Belinda to go at it, instead she does what she can to suit her pace to that of her opponents and work to surpass their skills and capabilities. It does also help that she has become fairly fearless in her quest to reach up to her sister and match her rivals. Allowing her to pull of more high-flying moves than before which has only further extended her repertoire and made her more of a fearsome opponent.

▌  Style      
- Pro-Wrestling, Wrestling, "recreational systema".

▌  Favorite move      
- German suplex
- Spear
- Arm bar
- Boston crab
- Spinebuster
- Missile drop kick
- Hurricanrana
- hip attack
- Fisherman's suplex

▌  Favored Match type      
- Always up for anything!

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

 Stats calculated in normal matches      

x►x██████████ x Strength
x►x██████████ x Defense
x►x██████████ x Technique
x►x██████████ x Endurance
x►x██████████ x Speed
x►x██████████ x Stamina

▌  Stats calculated in Hentai Matches      

x►x██████████ x Strength
x►x██████████ x Defense
x►x██████████ x Libido
x►x██████████ x Technique

▌  Difficulty in Match Types      

x►x██████████ x Normal
x►x██████████ x Submission
x►x██████████ x Hardcore
x►x██████████ x Hentai

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

Signature Moves

Orion's Cross
-  Cross-legged Boston crab (Bridging)

Milky Way Special  
- Sliding D

Galaxy Spin
-   Crucifix bomb

Solar Eclipse
-  Romero Special, (Either keeps it as a ceiling hold or transitions it into a romero dragon sleeper)


Comet Impact
-   Northern Lights bomb

Moon Drop
- Inverted Belly to back mat slam

Fly High!
- Diving Elbow drop

Lunar Eclipse
-  Banana Split submission, (Since it does pin the opponents shoulders to the mat it's effective as a pin as well)

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
Physical Appearance
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝
Standard Attire
Special occasion colors -

Secondary Attire

Old Attire

Backstage Attire




╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

▌  History    
- Belinda grew up in the Northman household, living a sweet life, where she had her siblings were thought about how one acted well and proper in good company. With that she excelled and was the best of the 4 siblings. She spent a good time and enjoyed being with her siblings as well as she enjoyed being thought how to act like a proper lady, but as time went on, most of the kids went of to different schools and had different goals.

Until all that changed, when Cecilia came home and started to play around with Wrestling and stuff, something that all the other siblings hadn't spent so much time for. Whilst Cecilia was off and learned stuff like that, Belinda was busy being in a fancy high end school, and when she came back and was introduced to Cecilia's new hobby, she got a taste of a life that she wanted to be a part of. She started to take part in it, letting Cecilia train her and after a little while, she got private trainers and well known people in the wrestling world to show her a bit about it.

Belinda soon after finishing school took her time and trained some more, while she worked within her family's business, she took that time to learn a bit more about wrestling, and in between work and on her time off she took whatever chances she could get to go to wrestling events and fight in a few matches, she found it rather entertaining. But soon it wasn't enough to just do those kind of matches, they weren't fun enough and she wanted to go to the same place as her sister. During this time she met Misaki Toyoda who helped train her for a short while. Allowing Belinda to up her game a little bit.

After a year passed by with Cecilia and Fredrik spending time in the organization called Friction, she wondered if she should go there as well, which became all the clearer after she met Cecilia and her older brother Fredrik during the Northman Family meeting, and she heard how much both of them liked it as well as Michael. Belinda then made the decision to join the organization after clearing up a few stuff and making good on the things she had to make good on. But after that she moved in with Cecilia and joined AFW Friction roster.

▌  Personality  
- Belinda is for the most part a pretty upbeat and nice girl, caring and happy is a good way to describe the young Northman girl. She is a bit of a refined girl, as she was one who spent a lot of time being through about what is good and right and proper to do when it comes to the company of nobility and rich people. Belinda for the most part is a nice and happy girl that is rather hard to rile up, but as all of the Northman member's it is not very wise to make her mad.

▌  Trivia    
Belinda is ambidextirous
Currently Engaged
She often takes long walks or jogs, where she listens to music

▌  Likes/Dislikes    
Horror movies
Watching Boxing matches
Shounen anime " Gotta feel that fire in your heart

Fake people
History " It's kinda boring..."
HBO Shows

▌  Quotes    
" It's not about the skill, it's about the will!"
" Natural talent can only get you so far, hard-work and effort is what prevails in the end."
" No matter how tough the going gets, all you have to do is get tougher."

▌  Achievements
- Winner of the first ever Lightning Tournament

▌  AFW Record


- Akiha Kosha via pin
- Tia Baker in a smother match
- Hyacinth via pin
- Gail Hatzis via submission
- Serina Kashibara in a cage match via pinfall
- Akiha Kosha via knockout in the lightning tournament finals
- Ami Takeuchi in a handcuff match
- Ren Hitasaki in a standard match via pinfall
- Etzlicoatl in a standard match via pinfall
- Makie Akamatsu in a no count out match via pinfall
- Vida Phoenix in a submission match via submission
- Alaina Sanders Fall count anywhere match via pinfall
- Heather Sunderland in a submission match
- Julia Rogers in a steel cage match via pinfall
- Kagura Rine in a standard match via pinfall
- Chelsea Loski in a submission match with Cloudy Day submission
- Ami Takeuchi in a 2/3 falls match
- Alexia Jackson in a Chair pit match via Pinfall
- Annabelle Reves in a TLC match via pinfall
- Lucy Grange in a standard match via pinfall
- Ami Takeuchi in a last woman standing match
- Layla Vale in a Street Fight via pinfall
- Kyoko Akan in a No count outs match via pinfall
- Jessica Wright in a standard match via pinfall
- Yuki Onna in a standard match via submission with Lunar Eclipse
- Adrian Kytes in a tables match via Comet Impact through the table
- Akiha Kosha in a barbed wire ropes, casket match
- Ouka Shumisen at Fright Fight in a Nightmare Factory match
- Yukari Tooru in a Two out of Three falls match
- Cheryl Pride in a Standard Match
- Sermis Languis in a tables match
Draws: 2
- Akiha Kosha in an Ironwoman match, two falls each.
- Ouka Shumisen in a mud match, they both passed out in each other's headscissor.
Loses: 12

- Mayu Hoshino via submission
- Isabella Snow via pin
- Akiha Kosha by getting slammed through a table
- Ami Takeuchi via pin
- Elimination chamber - Pinned by Neske
- Chelsea Loski in a tables match
- Ami Takeuchi via pin in a mud match
- Getting Eliminated in the Thunder Round four way match, throw over the top rope by Akiha and Gwendolyn
- Akiha Kosha in a handcuff match
- Kyoko Akan in a steel cage match
- Alaina Sanders in a Steel Cage Match
- Jessica Wright in a steel cage match
- Ouka Shumisen in a standard match via pinfall
- Yukari Tooru in a mud match via submission

For Tag Team record see: Blazing Blizzard

╔══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╗
Social Status
╚══════════════════════════════ ↕️↕️ ══════════════════════════════╝

▌  Family  
Cecilia Northman

▌  Friends    
Chelsea Loski
Akiha Kosha
Gail Hatzis 
Catelyn Cormac

▌  Allies  

▌  Rivals  
Ouka Shumisen
Akiha Kosha
Kagura Rine
Alaina Sanders
Kyoko Akan
Yukari Tooru

▌  Enemies
Jessica Wright

▌  Crushes
Akiha Kosha (Secret)

▌  Tag Team
Blazing Blizzard

▌  Faction

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Re: Belinda Northman

Post by LunarWolf on Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:45 pm

Belinda is finished ! And now the Northman Siblings have come full circle !


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Re: Belinda Northman

Post by LunarWolf on Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:50 am

Updated with new look.


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Re: Belinda Northman

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