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Apologies in advance!

Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:49 pm by acuya

Just dropping in to apologize in advance - for the next week or two, I'm going to be a bit sporadic with my posts. I'm doing a little Uber to make some extra money for some personal things in my life, and that'll take up some time that was previously used for writing.

I will get to everyone I owe a post for, it'll just take a bit longer than you're probably used to from me. So just bear with me and things will return to normalcy.

Also, sorry about the delay with the battle royale. That's all …

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Back to leave again^^"

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:08 pm by xalex

hey guys just a short heads up... my finals are finally done... no plan how they went^^"

but i only got this weekend "free" meaning that this week a lot of shit is going down and it will go on for some time meaning i have no plan how much time i have for roleplays and this page^^"

i just wanted to say sorry for anyone i leave hanging

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Looking to revive

Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:06 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello I apologize for my long absence from here, real life issues have been kicking my ass but I feel like I can return on here so if anyone is interested in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai feel free to get in touch. And if you are one of the people I was having a match with before my lengthy hiatus and wish to resume that match also feel more than welcomed to get in touch with me as well.

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Nayoto "The Dragon Dreamer" Hokkaido

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Nayoto "The Dragon Dreamer" Hokkaido

Post by Username on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:43 am

Name: Nayoto Hokkaido
Nickname: "The Dragon Dreamer"
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 140 Pounds
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: ‪Ok One Rock「完全感覚Dreamer」‬


Wrestling Information

Strategy: Avoid being hit too much using speed and eventually use a submission move to take out opponent
Style: Japanese Wrestling
Type: Grappler/Submission Artist

Preferred Attacks: Submission Moves and Take-down moves
Preferred Matches: Normal matches


Favored moves:

Bite of the Dragon (Nayoto stands behind his opponent, grabbing them in an inverted face lock and than he proceeds to wrap his legs around the opponents waist for a body scissor)

Finishing moves:

Dragon sleeper (Nayoto stands behind his opponent who is either sitting or lying down and than proceeds to place his opponent in an inverted face lock, hooking the opponents near arm with his free arm. Nayoto than pulls backwards and applies pressure on the opponents neck. If the opponent is sitting, Nayoto can place his knee under the opponent's back, adding more pressure.)


Appearance: Nayoto is thin and underweight for his age and has medium length brown hair that usually covers one of his
hazel eyes. Nayoto is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and otherwise has every other aspect of any other ordinary 18-year-old boy his age. Nayoto has pale skin that seems as though can never be tanned even due to his best efforts at the beach. Nayoto loves listening to music so you will always see him with a pair of headphones on, except in the wrestling ring. Another thing, clothing wise, that Nayoto loves to wear is hoodies, wether it's cold, warm, snowing, or hot, he just loves them.

Personality: Nayoto is very friendly and kind towards others and he always likes to meet new people and make new friends. Putting this aside though - when put in the wrestling ring - Nayoto displays determination and great effort because, without a doubt, he does not like to lose. A certain thing that would inconvenience Nayoto in wrestling matches would be his size and he hates being teased about it because like he said, "It's not my fault I was born with a height disadvantage! >Sad" Nayoto has a weak-spot for cute stuffed animals and will go completely googly-eyed over them, ignoring anything or anyone around him often causing a public disturbance or an embracing moment for his friends. Nayoto likes to run and exercise, his favourite sports being soccer and basketball. Nayoto is the type of person that likes to make the most out of life and always seems to be finding other ways to be happy.


Nayoto was born in Tokyo Japan and was raised by his mother and father, Katsuko and Taro Hokkaido. Growing up, Nayoto experienced a lot of wrestling due to the fact that his father, Taro, was an elite Japanese professional wrestling for the JWF (Japanese Wrestling Federation). Right from his first match watched, Nayoto fell in love with the whole concept of wrestling and he told his father Taro that one day, he wanted to be the best wrestler in the world like his dad. As Nayoto aged, his love of wrestling continued but unfortunately his physique did not. Nayoto would often challenge his dad to wrestling matches and of course, lose, but his determination never faltered ever.

Nayoto entered lower secondary school and of course decided to join the school wrestling team as confident in his dream as ever but - to his surprise - he just barely made it as an alternate. Nayoto was very disappointed in this turn of events and he became very determined to get bigger and stronger, just like his father Taro so he could become the greatest wrestler in the world. During middle school class days, when Nayoto was not training wrestling with his father, he went on many adventures with his friends, Matsume and Shiro. Matsume, the Japanese girl rocker, was incidentally the one who got Nayoto into drumming. Shiro, Nayoto's kawaii friend, introduced him to the cuteness of stuffed animals.

As upper secondary school came along, Nayoto, after a couple years of hard training realized that he had become a very good submission wrestler in which his father was very pleased about, but when he looked in the mirror, he was still as short and skinny as ever. His height and weight disadvantage did not however disadvantage him in his school league to his surprise. Nayoto become the best wrestler on his school team and became known as "The Dragon Dreamer” eventually breaking all of the school records for wrestling. Nayoto finished high school, being known as one of the best wrestlers for his age in Japan, and journeyed off to the famed Anime Wrestling Federation, in order to get stronger (And hopefully taller) so one day, he could hopefully challenge his dad to a wrestling match and win.

Wrestling Attire: A hoodie of some sort and a pair of black shorts

Fun Facts:

- Nayoto likes stuffed animals

- Nayoto plays the drums, but is currently not in a band

- Nayoto's favourite music genre is rock

AFW Information

Record: -
Wins: -
Losses: -
Draws: -


Friends: -
Allies: -
Rivals: -
Enemies: -
Crushes: -

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Re: Nayoto "The Dragon Dreamer" Hokkaido

Post by anegge on Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:53 am

Excellent. You can post in the wrestling forums now.

The format for image tags on phpBBs is
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If you continue to have problems I would be glad to assist you.

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