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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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A Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (Complete)

AFW :: Friction :: Gym

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A Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (Complete)

Post by TiefBlau on Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:52 am

mkscorpion05: Staying nearby the Friction facility, here to support her friend Heather a bit, as well as possibly get a little training in, Alessa was taking a little break, relaxing herself in the locker rooms. She was wearing her usual, the schoolgirl outfit that she kept cause she thought it looked cute. She would let out a big yawn, stretching her arms out wide as she shook her head a bit, her messy hair flailing about before she would plop herself down on one of the benches, playfully kicking her legs a bit afterwards.

Patrick OConnor: Emily stepped into the lockers, making her return to the AFW arena. She had left when she heard Masane had left, with the intent of attacking her once she actually found her. For reasons that she couldn't quite explain, she was never able to find her. She was always at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Now Masane was back here. She sighed a little to herself. She was starting to get a little tired of trying to hunt her. Perhaps she should try setting her goals elsewhere. She stepped into the lockers, also in a schoolgirl outfit, running her hands through her hair as she heads towards her locker. As she does, she looks up to see another girl in a schoolgirl outfit plopping down on a bench. "Hm?" She looked her over for a moment as she kicked her legs, examining her quietly.

mkscorpion05: Minding to herself, Alessa would happily kick her feet a little more before she noticed that someone else had entered the room and seemed to be looking over her. Alessa would look up at the girl, tilting her head a bit before she would smile, waving at her. "Hi!" She would say, smiling at her with an almost child-like expression on her face.

Patrick OConnor: Emily was doing more than just looking at her outfit. She was reading her face, picking up on her mannerisms, watching her actions. She seemed to be the sunny, innocent cheerful type. Easily adjustable. She put on a bright smile, and waved to her. "Hello!" She exclaimed, and stepped towards her. "Haven't seen you before, what's your name??"

mkscorpion05: Alessa would keep the smile on her face as Emily would wave back to her. She would plant both her hands on the edge of the bench as she watched the girl. "Alessa! Alessa Mason. I don't get too many matches anymore soo I haven't been around here much" She would reply, still kicking her legs

Patrick OConnor: "Name's emily!" She replied, then chuckles a little as she sits down by her, listening to her. "Heh, I don't think I've had an actual match here yet. Just lurk around backstage for the most part. Honestly, I don't think I would be much good in the ring." She frowns.

mkscorpion05: Alessa would nod her head happily as she heard the girl introduce herself as well. As she sat next to her, Alessa would turn her head to her, hearing her words, causing her to tilt her head a bit. "Well what makes you say something like that?"

Patrick OConnor: Emily smiled a little at her question. She would begin to sell herself short in the ring to make herself sound like an easy fight. She wouldn't lie, just omit certain truths. "Well, I've never been in the ring before. Sounds kinda scary honestly." She admitted. "I just sort of.. Hang around and talk I guess."

mkscorpion05: Alessa would stare at the girl a bit, nodding her head at her words as she let out a little sigh. "I guess it can be..sometimes. But you should try it!" She would say, smiling again. "You might be better than you think! I never knew until I tried. I meaaaan I've only been doing it for a couple years, it's fun when you try it!"

Patrick OConnor: Emily thinks on it for a moment. "Hmmm.. I dunno... Maybe..." She said, scratching the back of her head in uncertainty. "Its.. Really hard to trust anyone around here. Especially when you're in a fighting arena." She comments. "But..." She looks her over. "Umm... Maybe you and I could spar? You seem friendly enough.."

mkscorpion05: "Mm I don't think so. There are some nice people!" Alessa would say, nodding her head at her own words before she would hear Emily's suggestion. "Sure! That sounds like it would be fun! I have nothing else to do really. Heather is out doing her own thing soo I can do that!" She would say, accepting the spar request from Emily, happy to have something to do.

Patrick OConnor: Emily nods a little, and stands up. "Okay! Um.. Lead the way??" She said. "I'm not really sure where to go, sooo I'll just follow you!" She smiled

mkscorpion05: "Ah, sure! We'll go this way then." Alessa would say, standing up as well as she looked at Emily. "We'll go to the gym area, they have a ring there aaand I don't think anyones there at this time." Alessa would say with a nod before she would turn to exit the room, heading towards the gym hoping that Emily would indeed follow her.

Patrick OConnor: Emily nods, listening to her instructions, and starts to follow after her towards the gym. She let's a small smile play at her lips as she walks behind her. At least her acting hadn't gotten rusty.

mkscorpion05: Completely oblivious to the play that Emily was putting on, Alessa would lead the girl to the gym, opening the doors and entering the room. "Heere it is!" She would say, the ring clearly visible as Alessa would waste no time, heading straight to it and going to climb in.

Patrick OConnor: Emily follows after her, until they arrive at the gym. She nods a little, and follows after her, and tries to climb up into the ring after her, then stood up once she was in. "Hoof... Okay. Any rules?" She asked her.

mkscorpion05: "Hmm." Alessa would say, patting herself on the chin with her finger as if it was a hard decision for her. "Ahhh...Well..we don't really have a referee or anything about we just...go for submission or knockout" Alessa would say, shrugging her shoulders a bit. "Other than that..I..can't think of any other rules..unleess you want to make some?"

Patrick OConnor: Emily smiles a little. She didn't even apply normal rules to the fight, save for pin or knockout. This would be easy! "Ummm.... No, not really!" She lied, and then started to shift into a wrestling stance. "Okay, let's start!"

mkscorpion05: "Alright!" Alessa would let out, quite excited. In her mind, she thought she was fighting someone with quite a bit of inexperience, thinking that this would be quite the teaching session for the girl. She would get her arms up, stepping towards Emily as she would nod her head, signalling for a lockup with the girl.

Patrick OConnor: Emily nodded a little, and moved in towards alessa, locking up arms with her. She would start to push against her a little bit, then suddenly try to pull her in, and throw her knee up for alessa's belly to slam right into!

mkscorpion05: Alessa would push against Emily in the lockup, thinking they were going to test eachother's strength when she would suddenly feel the girl pull her in. She would widen her eyes a bit before she would feel Emily's knee collide with her gut, causing her to let out a grunt, doubling over from the blow.

Patrick OConnor: Emily threw the knee up into her as hard as she could, then gasped in shock when she saw how much it did. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I 9thought you were ready for that! Are you ok?" She asked, sounding worried.

mkscorpion05: Feeling the impact of the knee, as she doubled over and let out the grunt in pain, she would hear Emily's words, causing her to straighten herself out again as she looked up at the girl. "Ah it's fine I-I'm fine.." Alessa would say, though taken quite by surprise by the blow and how much impact it really did have.

Patrick OConnor: Emily breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, I thought you would've dodged that, having more experience than I do. I-it was just a thought that crossed my head." She explained quickly. "I'm sorry.." She repeated before raising her arms up again.

mkscorpion05: "I-It's ok really.." Alessa would let out, never hearing someone apologize so much for something such as that, but it was a little relaxing for her to think the girl wasn't a violent one or anything. As Emily rose her arms up again, Alessa would do the same, quickly trying to grapple with the girl to try to push her into the corner.

Patrick OConnor: Emily nods a little, and tries to lock up again. She gasps as alessa starts to push her back. She stumbles back towards the corner, and then turned around, and gasped, 'tripping over her feet' "wah!!" She gasped, and slammed foreheads with her. "Gahh!!"

mkscorpion05: As Alessa began pushing Emily back, she would put on a bit of a serious expression, thinking that she was going to get the upperhand on the girl and show her how it's done. Though what happened next was quite the surprise to Alessa. She would watch as the girl seemed to trip with a turn, her forehead colliding with Alessa's causing her to let out a yelp, falling back onto her butt, rubbing her stinging forehead. "Aawaahh~" She would let out, squinting her eyes shut in confusion and pain.

Patrick OConnor: "Owowowowowow..." She whimpered, overselling the pain she really felt, on her knees and holding her head, making it look like an accident.

mkscorpion05: Alessa would slowly open up one of her eyes, seeing Emily whimpering from the headbutt. Alessa would let out a little sigh, thinking that it was indeed a mistake as she would push herself up, her head still pounding a bit as she continued to rub the area Emily's forehead hit. "Ah heh...Ahm are you ok?"

Patrick OConnor: "Nggh.. Y.. Yeah.. I'll be okay.." She said, slowly standing up to her feet, shaking her head a little. "I feel so clumsy right now.."

mkscorpion05: "No no! It's fine. That...happens sometimes I guess." Alessa would say with a little forced smile as she would tilt her head a bit. "Let's..try again?" Alessa would say, readying herself from Emily, trying to shake the pounding pain in her head

Patrick OConnor: "Yeah... Okay.." She nods, and raises her hands up again and starts to circle her around her slowly.

mkscorpion05: Alessa would nod her head in turn as well as she watched Emily start circling her. Trying to go for a different route this time, Alessa would try to run at the girl, looking to take her down with a clothesline attempt.

Patrick OConnor: Emily watches her carefully, and eeps and ducks under the clothesline, then tries to throw a kick up for her jaw to catch her off guard!

mkscorpion05: Alessa would stumble forward a bit as she missed the clothesline, her eyes widening a bit as she would let out a little groan. Turning around though, she would be met with a kick straight to her jaw from Emily, sending her back as she would fall to the canvas on her back, rubbing her jaw and shaking her head from the slight daze she got from it

Patrick OConnor: "Oooh.. That really looked like it hurt.. Are you all right?" She smiled, and lowered her foot. Her tone was suddenly a little less innocent, and more venomous, her face twisting into a malicious grin.

mkscorpion05: "Aagh..y..yeah I..." Alessa would begin before she would notice the difference in her tone, looking up at the girl as she would see the expression on her face. Alessa would slowly lean up as she would blink her eyes a couple times, rubbing her jaw "E..Emily?"

Patrick OConnor: "Right here!" She replied cheerfully, then tried to step towards her calmly before trying to kick her harshly in the face!

mkscorpion05: "!!" Alessa would let out, staring up at her in confusion before she would be suddenly cut off by the harsh kick directly to her face. Her head would violently bounce back from it, hitting the canvas hard, causing her to let out a groan in pain as she lie there on her back.

Patrick OConnor: "Oh dear, it looks like I'm winning!" She replied in a cheerful tone, but her attitude went from innocent to sadistic. "I thought you were going to show me the ropes?" She smiled.

mkscorpion05: Alessa would let out a little whimper at Emily's words, her head and face pounding in pain as she tried to lean herself up again. "Haah...but...y-you changed..." Alessa would let out, still in confusion and pain.

Patrick OConnor: "Hmm... You know, alessa, it's really hard to trust people around here, especially considering we're in the middle of a fighting arena." She repeated herself, but in a more malicious tone before raising her foot up, and tried to stomp her foot down into her belly.

mkscorpion05: "Ah..." Alessa would let out as she remembered Emily saying that exact thing before when they were in the locker room. It was almost as if she was giving her a warning. Regardless, Alessa had fell for it and it seemed quite late to realize as she would feelthe girl stomp down on her stomach, causing her body to bend up as she would let out a violent cough and groan.

Patrick OConnor: "But I thank you for giving me a chance to test my skills as an actress." She smiles, and starts to press her stocking-covered foor against her face, rubbing the balls of her toes against her cheek. "Nice to know I haven't lost my touch."

mkscorpion05: "Ghhn.." Alessa would let out, holding her stomach in pain as she heard Emily's words. She would then feel the girl's foot press against her face, her toes rubbing against her cheek as her face would turn red from the humiliating position. She would move her hands up, trying to push the girl's foot off her face and turn her head to the side.

Patrick OConnor: Emily smiled as she pulled her foot away from her face. "Aww... don't like my foot?" She asked, chuckling a little. "This was way too easy." She shook her head, and tried to kick at her a couple of more times to see her writhe around.

mkscorpion05: ", o-of course I don't...that's..disgusting.." Alessa would let out, still a bit weak from the attacks that she's suffered from Emily before she felt the girl starting to kick away at her, causing her to let out a grunt of pain with each one, frantically fighting to try and block and stop her kicks.

Patrick OConnor: Emily shook her head. "I should just end this. This is just too sad to continue." She said, and tried to plant her foot over her face, trying to smother her out with just her foot.

mkscorpion05: "Mmmmph!" Alessa would let out, muffled as the girl covered her mouth with her foot. Alessa would squint her eyes, still disgusted by the thought of the girl's foot in her face as she would grab her ankle, trying to pull her foot away.

Patrick OConnor: Emily would try to keep her foot pressed down as Alessa tried to pull her leg off her face. She was starting to lift it off her foot a little, but it was still smothering out her mouth and nose. "Hrmph.. if I were you, I would just resign myself to my fate. YOu don't want to know what I'll do to you if you keep fighting me like this."

mkscorpion05: At Emily's words, Alessa would just let out another muffled groan, trying to put more strength in trying to pull the girl's foot away. She wasn't going to let herself lose to this, and was quite mad that Emily had tricked her so well and got her to this point. She was hurting alot, but she wanted to get back at the girl for doing all this, trying her best to fight back.

Patrick OConnor: Emily frowns as she only pulls harder, and Alessa gets the foot pried off her face. Emily starts to lose her balance, but she tries to stable herself and hop back on one foot, trying to pull her foot away from her grasp. "Let go!" She snaps as she hops away.

mkscorpion05: As she pried Emily's foot off her face, She would take in as much of a breath as she could, letting go of the girl's foot as she hopped away. Alessa would quickly try to push herself to her feet, though hurting all around from all of Emily's kicks.

Patrick OConnor: Emily was surprised when she actually let go of her, but she didn't say anything about it. She just stepped back from her, and sighs as Alessa starts to get up. "You're not very good at heeding warnings, are you?" She asked her, stretching her arms up as she talked, preparing to finish this girl off.

mkscorpion05: Alessa would simply glare at Emily as she said what she did, not even wanting to talk back to the girl as she would finally get up to her feet. Gritting her teeth a bit, Alessa would ready herself, trying her best to ignore the pain she was in before she would start advancing towards Emily, her arms up in the ready.

Patrick OConnor: Emily chuckles as Alessa only glares at her. "Heh... do you hate me? Good. It's not like I really need anyone in my life anyways." She smirks, and starts to step towards Alessa as her arms are up. This time, she doesn't even try bothering to lock up with her, and just continues to approach her casually. It's not like she'd be able to do much to her anyways with the hits she already landed on her.

mkscorpion05: Emily's words would cause Alessa to stop for just a second, her eyes widening a bit before she would shake her head, going back to normal as she made her way over to her. Her words seemed a bit sad to Alessa, but she didn't want to risk falling for another trick. When she got close, Alessawould attempt to duck down a little to wrap her arms around the girl's waist, low enough to where she would be lifting her up as she would try to go for a bearhug

Patrick OConnor: Emily, that time, was not acting as she said what she did. She blinks when Alessa ducks down and moves in. She'll try to jump away from her to try and avoid whatever it was she was attempting. If not, she would get snagged up in the bearhug. "H-hey!!" She would protest.

mkscorpion05: As Emily jumped away from her, avoiding the bearhug, Alessa would try to keep on her, not wanting to let her go. She would push off from where she was standing, trying to close the distance between the two and attempt to tackle Emily down onto the mat

Patrick OConnor: Emily braced herself as Alessa came in to tackle her, and was knocked off her feet by Alessa. "Ooff!" She grunts as her back hits the mat. "Ah~! Alessa! Wh-what are you doing??" She asked, sounding nervous as Alessa lay on top of her, her cheeks turning a little pink to try and fluster Alessa.

mkscorpion05: Tackling Emily down to the ground, Alessa was quite ready to follow up with another move with the girl until she heard her words, causing her to look on in confusion before seeing her cheeks turning pink. "Ahh? Wh-wh..I-I was just..I-I'm only getting you to the ground y-you don't need to get so nervous" Alessa would say, indeed quite flustered by the girl's reaction

Patrick OConnor: Emily couldn't believe her act worked a second time. She would hold onto this act though. "W-well... Since you have me like this... What is it the japanese say? Yaranai?" She asked before reaching up for her head, and try to pull her down to her breasts and start to smother her!

mkscorpion05: "Y-yara..nye?" Alessa would let out, blushing a bit at Emily's act before the girl would suddenly reach up for her head, pulling her into her breasts. "Mmmmph!?" Alessa would let out, a panicked muffled groan as her face would glow red andshe would wave her hands around before trying to press at the canvas to get out from her grasp.

Patrick OConnor: "Ah~! Your face feels so nice between my breasts!" She moaned, keeping her face pressed firmly in her cleavage. "I want to keep it there forever!"

mkscorpion05: At Emily's words and her moaning, Alessa's face would turn an even deeper red, getting quite embarrassed from the position that the girl was putting her in. She would continue to frantically push at the mat before bringing her hands up, trying to pry the girl's arms from her head as she felt herself slowly losing energy from a lack of air in the smother.

Patrick OConnor: Emily feels her struggling, and whimpers, securing her head closer, hugging her arms around her head. "Ah.. Noo.. Don't go.. It feels so good..." She whimpers as she feels alessa starting to fall unconscious.

mkscorpion05: As the girl wrapped her arms around her head more, securing the smother even tighter, making it seem almost useless for Alessa's struggles. "Mmmmpph!.." Alessa would let out, another muffled groan as she continued to try to pry the girl's arms, but her prying would be getting weaker and weaker as she was in the smother for longer.

Patrick OConnor: "Ahh... I wanna hold this move forever!" She declares, rocking her body a little bit. In alessa's last seconds od consciousness, emily would giggle. "You really are pathetic." She comments.

mkscorpion05: Feeling her body get weaker and weaker, Alessa would let out a muffled whimper before she would hear Emily's words, calling her pathetic. She would let out another whimper, hating that the girl was calling her that. In a last ditch effort to escape before she passed out, she would raise her hand up, trying to send a punch to the girl's side a couple times, though her punches weaker than they would usually be from her lack of energy

Patrick OConnor: Emily continued to hold her in place, waiting her to fade out. She watches her raise a fist up in the air. She coughed through her nose as she punched her a couple of times, but she refused to let go. "Go to sleep..."

mkscorpion05: Alessa would let out another helpless whimper from within Emily's breasts as she held her there, her punches not working as she had planned as she remained trapped in her grasp. She would scratch at the canvas a bit, her movements getting slower and slower before she would pass out in Emily's breasts.

Patrick OConnor: Emily smiles, licking her lips as alessa finally passes out. She holds her for a couple of seconds, just to make sure, then rolls her off her so that she flops to her back, and starts to get up. She's about to leave, when she gets a better idea, and walks back to alessa's unconscious body, and starts to strip her nude, then takes all of her clothes and disposes of them elsewhere, walking out afterwards, humming casually to herself

mkscorpion05: As Alessa lie there unconscious, passed out from the smother, she would offer no resistance as the girl stripped her nude before she walked out. She would be there in the nude for quite some time before her friend Heather would find her in the gym, quickly rushing over to her, waking her up. "A-Alessa?? What the hell happened?" As Alessa woke up, she would notice the fact that she was in the nude, her eyes tearing up as she noticed the people in the now occupied gym staring at her. "Aaah...I-I was h-having a match a-and..some Emily..I th-thought she was nice but she lied." Alessa would let out, crying as she would hug Heather, causing Heather to blush quite a bit, but she would quickly shake it off, gritting her teeth. "...Kh..bitch.." Heather would let out, not knowing who Alessa was talking about, but feeling quite a bit of anger towards whoever it was as she would carry Alessa out back to the locker rooms.

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