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Summer Splash interest in Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm by daemongirl

Well my girl hasn't missed a summer splash yet, would anyone be interested in a match with her? Open to just about anything match wise, just pm me!

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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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in the Navy... (before Summer Splash)

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in the Navy... (before Summer Splash)

Post by Kitten on Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:52 am

The fans at the AFW arena where pumped up, cheering wildly after yet another exhibition of inhibited combat prowess and eager to see more when suddenly the lights went out and [url=]a strange yet easily recognizable tune began to sound.[/url:35kpp4j4] After a few seconds of confusion a spotlight illuminated the entrance area of the arena and much to the fans surprise there was Natalia standing up in a lovely mock sailor attire and an extremely cute captain cap and a microphone in hand.

Natalia marched down the aisle to the ring with a coquettishly martial style while she blew kisses and saluted the fans with a hand gesture to her forehead and a wink. She reached the ring and quickly climbed to the apron, sliding between the ropes to get inside while the fans cheered loudly and whistled at her. As Natalia reached the center of the ring the music died down, but The Dream still had to wait a bit for the crowd to calm down before she could speak on the microphone.

"Hello people of AFW!!!" Natalia yelled weaving her hand cheerfully to receive an ovation from the fans. "I came here to talk to you about the upcoming PPV Summer Splash! Of course... it wouldn't be a PPV if The Dream wasn't there!" The crowd roared again and Natalia took the time to strut around the ring a bit. "But first... I want to congratulate Akashi-chan for her win on the Hentai Blitz tournament... that was ...impressive! For a girl like Akashi to fully reinvent herself after losing the World Championship and go full Hentai...and succeed... is such a huge... step forward..." Natalia said, trying hard not to giggle. "And after all the sweat and effort Akashi-chan put on the tournament, after all the girls she had to...break... to win it, she finally made it to the top and got a FANTASTIC reward for all her sacrifice!" Natalia made a pause there to work the crowd a bit before she added with a childish happy tone. "A match with me!"

The crowd continued cheering wildly, although there was a group of Akashi's fans who were loudly booing Natalia's teasing the majority just loved the idea of seeing these two go at it. "And it is not just any match... it is a match for the Hentai Title at Summer Splash!! Well...after all these years being a top competitor and champion, I think Akashi fully deserves to fight me... " Natalia added an as the camera made a close up of her lovely face she took the chance to pull her tongue out and taunt...apparently the whole audience.

"Of course since Akashi is a former World Champion, continuously ranked in the top ten wrestlers of the world, multiple times winner of wrestler of the year, a living legend on AFW and the winner of the Hentai Blitz tournament, and I am well... me and thus more important... I got to chose everything about this fight..." Natalia covered her hand to hide her mischievous giggle, the crowd getting split even more between those cheering and those booing at Natalia's teasing.

"So I got to think about it carefully, knowing it is Summer Splash and that AFW was going to give me whatever I wanted and finally came with a brilliant usual... of where we are going to fight." Natalia took another pause to let the expectation grow in the fans and then pointed at the huge titantron screen above the entrance area. "Here!"

Th screen immediately turned to a video showing a huge luxury yacht that made the whole crowd gasp.


"Yes Akashi-chan... IT IS WAR AT THE SEA!" Natalia yelled excited. "First to make her opponent cum AND thrown them overboard wins the Hentai Championship Belt!!" The crowd now exploded in a roar of cheers, and a duel of chants between Akashi and Natalia fans took place for a couple of minutes before it calmed down. "... but that is not all. I talked with the higher-ups here in AFW and told them that since it is going to be me, it would be really really nice if they put the yacht as a bonus prize for the winner!" the fans once again got loud and Natalia gave them time to calm down before she said anything else.

"So this is it... Captain Natalia is ready to take command of her ship!" the blue eyed cutie said standing up straight, putting her heels together and saluting in marine fashion as she spoke. "AND her championship belt!" After posing like this for a few seconds with a serious yet cute look on her face she return to her usual relaxed mischievous demeanor. "So... I really hope you know how to swim Akashi-chan...because at SUMMER SPLASH YOU ARE GOING TO WALK THE PLANK!" the crowd now exploded in scandalous mix of cheers, boos, chants, yells and whistles, that soon descended into complete insanity.

With a smug smile Natalia started to walk away but she then stopped and returned the mic to her lips as if she had forgot to say one last thing. "Oh and leave your pet Taylor-chan at home. She won't be allowed in the marina or the yacht club anyway."

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Re: in the Navy... (before Summer Splash)

Post by Tatyina on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:28 am

Once Natalia had finished, "One Long River" Began to play. The soft chanting and twang of the shamisen was instantly recognized as Akashi's "hentai" entrance. The big sumo soon followed and stepped out into the arena wearing a full length kimono and a pair of geta sandals. Her hair was pulled up into as manageable a bun as she could make and she looked great. Her kimono was open enough to flaunt her huge chest and the audience cheered and cheered.

She had a microphone in one hand and looked at Natalia coyly from her position at the top of the ramp. As She spoke, she slowly began to make her way down the entrance.

"Natalia-chan." She said softly. "I think the only thing you like better than hearing yourself talk is forcing as many people as you can to have to endure it." Akashi smiled at Natalia. "But, with that being said." Akashi bowed. "Thank you, Natalia-chan. It was a very hard fought competition. I am glad to see that the Hentai division has as fierce competition as any in the league."

Aashi stopped and looked around. "But, ahhh, you misunderstand, Natalia-chan. It's one reason why I came down her other than to accept your challenge."

The crowd roared. "Which I felt barely needed to be stated. All terms. All challenges made to me are naturally approved in my eyes." Akashi grinned wider.

"But, I needed to correct you. You see, I didn't reinvent myself by going Hentai. I went back to my roots. Before I came to the AFW, I was in a hentai league, you see. It was a little seedy. It was a little underground, but it was real. I know all about pushing yourself to the limit in that way, Natalia-chan!" Akashi turned her head. "But then again... You already know how ferocious I can be in the sack. Imagine how it will be when there's something actually on the line!"

Akashi turned around as her music started back up. She said what she needed to say but as she cam up the ramp, she stopped. "Oh, and maybe you have some repressed sexual desires for Taylor-san... I mean... don't we all..." She said licking her lips, grinning widely and winking toward the camera. "But if you're thinking about her, while you're fighting me, this will be the easiest Yacht I ever won!" Akashi let out a laugh as she strolled back up to the entranceway.

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Re: in the Navy... (before Summer Splash)

Post by Kitten on Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:28 am

Natalia smiled as Akashi appeared, she loved teasing people...and being teased back, specially in front of an audience. Anyone that knew Natalia a little bit could guess that The Dream as a bit of an exhibitionist, maybe more than a bit. She wanted to build up heat for her match in Summer Splash, as if there wasn't enough already, and the idea of starting a rivalry with a living legend like Akashi sounded just perfect for her. Akashi was very famous, so feuding with her would make Natalia even more famous; she was regarded one of the best female wrestlers in history, so feuding with her will earn Natalia much of the respect she craved, and she was hot, so feuding with her would mean lots sex.There wasn't much else Natalia could ask from a rival, so despite the fact that she really liked Akashi she tried to act like there was some animosity between them.

The Dream frowned cutely as she heard Akashi tirade and when the sumo cutie began to leave, Natalia rushed to the ropes, climbing on the bottom one and leaning on the top to yell at Akashi through the microphone. "You are mine, Akashi... this Summer Splash I am going to send you to the bottom of the ocean!" she said, having a hard time not giggling. Then she stepped back and gave the crowd a silly salute, putting her hand in front of her forehead in classic Navy style while pushing her pink tongue out for the cameras.<img src=" title="Razz" />

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Re: in the Navy... (before Summer Splash)

Post by Sponsored content

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