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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Lies and Slander (For Patrick)

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Re: Lies and Slander (For Patrick)

Post by OmegaVan0 on Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Mai Lee was about to slam Tasha's head once more into the steel, but the woman gave her a hard backhand that caused Mai Lee to stagger back and fall to her knee briefly before she got back up. "That's not the only thing I'm going to test you bitch!" Mai Lee screamed as she would charge back in, trying to throw her leg up to kick Tasha in the gut and unsettle her. If she was successful she would then try to grab Tasha's hair again and try to spin around and whip her to the ground.


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Re: Lies and Slander (For Patrick)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:15 pm

psychopatrick88: Tasha glares down at Mai Lee after delivering a pride-obliterating bitchslap to her, watching her stagger back and fall from the strike. She remained quiet as the woman started to spit venom with each word she spoke. She braced herself as Mai Lee rushed back towards her. She was planning to slap her again, but this time Mai Lee was quicker. "Gughh!" Tasha groaned as the knee struck into her belly, causing her to bend over, allowing the woman easier access to her hair inadvertedly. "Arrgh! Let- Gahhh!!" She shouts as she's whipped by her hair, and thrown down to her butt. "Oomph! Gh... why you..." She growls.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee grinned in victory when she buried her knee into Tasha's gut, she was ready to show this old bag who was the real deal. Whipping the woman to the floor, Mai Lee would waste little time as she would dive after her, planning to push Tasha on to her back and mount her. If that was successful, Mai Lee would try to deliver a back hand of her own to further insult the older woman, "Take this you fucking whore!" She would scream.

psychopatrick88: Tasha hisses as she's pulled down to her back by her hair, but then she tries to throw her boot up as she's forced to lay down, trying to nail Mai Lee right in the head before she can try to mount her, "Ngh.. Pot.. meet kettle." She muttered under her breath.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee would go face first into Tasha's boot as she had to bring her hands up to cover her jaw after the hit as she staggered back. However she would not relent for long as she would try to stomp on Tasha's belly.

psychopatrick88: Tasha tried to pick herself back up afterwards, but Mai Lee recovered quicker than she wanted. "Guhhh!!" Tasha gagged as Mai Lee stomped her boot down into Tasha's gut. "Ghn..." She starts to curl up from the blow, laying on her side. That one hurt. That one REALLY hurt...

OMEGA VAN: With her stomp successful, Mai Lee would then drop to her knees still tending to her jaw. After a few seconds she would then push Tasha on to her back and tried to mount her, "Why don't you show me your tits!?" She shouted as she would grab at Tasha's outfit and tried to pull it apart to reveal her glorious body.

psychopatrick88: Tasha groans, rubbing at her belly a bit until Mai Lee rolls her to her back, and this time mounts her. "Ghn.." She didn't really fight her as Mai Lee pulled open the cups of her bustier and revealed her lovely DDs. She blinks down at her exposed breasts, then up at her. Did she really just leave herself open like that? Tasha let a small grin play at her lips before she suddenly reached up for her head with both hands. "Take a closer look!" She would say, and would try to pull her head down between her breasts and start to smother her.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee smirked as she ripped opened Tasha's top and saw her luscious breasts, even if she didn't like Tasha, she couldn't deny on how well she looked despite her age. However her glee was taking away from her as her face was buried between Tasha's tits. "Mmmmmmm!!!" Mai Lee groaned as she tried to pry herself free.

psychopatrick88: Tasha laughs a little as she gets the move in. "I can't believe a woman like you actually left yourself open to this!" She said. "I would've thought you would have learned at SOME point in your career." She said, hugging Mai Lee's head tightly to her breasts.

psychopatrick88: Tasha starts to rock Mai Lee back and forth, beginning to hum softly to try and lure her to sleep, until she felt Mai Lee's nails dragging down deep into her sides. "Gaahh!!" Tasha howled, and immediately let go of her head. As soon as Mai Lee sat up though, she would try to club her across the cheek with an elbow to try and knock her off!

OMEGA VAN: When Mai Lee felt the arms loosen around her head, she immediately pushed herself up and gasped in air. However she was rewarded with a hard hit to the face as she fell off of Tasha, clutching her face in pain.

psychopatrick88: Tasha started to crawl away from Mai Lee afterwards, clutching at her sides, then brought both hands up, checking her gloved hands. There was blood on either side. She grit her teeth at the sight of her own blood, then turned to Mai Lee. "That does it." She hissed, and started to stand up slowly. She would reach into her thigh high boot, and pull out a crop whip while Mai Lee was trying to recover.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee continued to cover her face as she rolled over to her stomach while she inadvertently left her rear up...

psychopatrick88: Tasha steps towards her, bringing her crop whip back, and would swat the leather tip against Mai Lee's butt as hard as she could. "You.. do not EVER... make me bleed..." Tasha snarls, her composure lost for quite possibly the first time in AFW. "Especially not a little loud mouthed shit like you." She sneers.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee had no idea what was coming until it was too late "AHHHHH!!" She screamed, her hands immediately reached back and rolled away only to feel more of the sting when her ass touched the floor as she rolled again on to front.

psychopatrick88: Tasha stepped after the woman after she rolled away from her, bringing the crop whip back again, and would try to strike it right across her cheek. "Learn your place!" She snaps.

OMEGA VAN: "AHHHH!" Mai Lee screamed as she covered her face as a nasty cut was now on her face. "You fucking bitch!" She screamed at Tasha as she curled into a ball

psychopatrick88: Tasha smirks down at Mai Lee as she curls up into a ball, and moves in to kick harshly at her back. She winced afterwards, clutching at her side, blood dripping from either side of her waist, four long red marks down both sides. "Rngh.. I'll make you pay for doing that to my body.." She growls, and tries to reach down for Mai Lee's top, and tried to pull it off her. Just flat out rip it off.

OMEGA VAN: "Guh!" Mai Lee let out as she rolled a few times before stopping on her back, winching at the pain in her face and ass. It was soon her turn to be stripped as her top half of her outfit ripped off and revealed her set to Tasha.

psychopatrick88: Tasha smirks as Mai Lee lays on her back. The woman had an equally nice body, but, that meant nothing when your attitude was ugly as hell. She planted a boot on her belly. "I think it's high time you had an attitude adjustment." She growls before bringing back her crop whip, and started to strike it across her breasts again and again!

OMEGA VAN: "F-f-fu-Ahhh!" Mai Lee tried to curse but was cut off when the whip slashed across her breasts multiple times as cuts were forming in her perfect tits. She couldn't escape when Tasha boot was on her stomach as she grabbed the foot and tries to throw a kick up to hit Tasha in her clawed side.

psychopatrick88: Tasha struck her again and again, showing no mercy towards her, when her foot was caught. "Gyahhh!!" She howled as she's kicked right in her waist, and stumbles to the side, stepping off of Mai Lee's body, and leaning up against the lockers, clutching where she was kicked, and glared maliciously down at her opponent.

OMEGA VAN: When she was freed Mai Lee clutched her breasts in pain as the numerous cuts were very painful. Getting to a knee, she would try to get back to her feet as she wanted to return the favor greatly.

psychopatrick88: Tasha glared quietly at the topless Mai Lee, still clutching at her waist as she rose to her feet. "Nrgh.. you should've just quit.." She growls, clutching her crop whip tightly in her hand.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee would glare back at Tasha as she would get to her feet. "To an cheating hag like you? Never!" She shouted as she would prepare herself as she moved in quickly to try and surprise Tasha with a cunt punt.

psychopatrick88: Tasha clenched her teeth, trying to strike her across the cheek again as she came in close. She wouldn't be able to move out of the way in time, however, and would get nailed in the crotch. "Gah-hah!!" Tasha howls, clutching at her sex as she's leaned up against the locker, her face twisted in pain.

OMEGA VAN: Now tha Tasha was stunned, Mai Lee would reach for the whip in Tasa's hand as she tried to wrestle the weapon away. If she was successful, she would try to whip it across Tasha's face in revenge for earlier, hoping to make an equal size cut if not bigger.

psychopatrick88: Tasha tried to hold onto her crop whip, but it was wrestled away from her. Before she could do anything, she was struck right across the cheek. "Gahh!!" Tasha howled as she's struck across her cheek, a red mark left across her cheek where the crop whip struck. "Ghn... I will break you in half, Mai Lee..." She snarls, but it still hurt too much to move, leaving herself an open target.

OMEGA VAN: "Not if I break you first!" Mai Lee snarled back as she would reach for Tasha's breast with her free hand and claw away at it as she would use the whip to attack the other.

psychopatrick88: Tasha clenched her teeth as Mai Lee reached out for her breast. She tried to reach up and grab for her wrist as it reached for her breasts, and tried to pull her in to knee her hard in the crotch. "Not happening!" She snaps.

OMEGA VAN: "Ahhhhh!!" Mai Lee screamed once more as she was forced to lean into Tasha for support as her sex burned with pain. As she gasped for air, Mai Lee would throw the whip across the room in an attempt to prevent Tasha from regaining the whip.

psychopatrick88: Tasha grunts as mai lee falls against her body. As much as she wanted to attack, her body didn't have much fight left to her. "Hah...hah..." She pants past her ear, their breasts pressed up against each other, and felt mai lee panting into her ear. She had nothing to say for a moment, then.. "You're... As every bit tenacious as you made yourself out to be." She comments.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee panted against Tasha as she heard the woman do the same as her breasts were still in pain from teh cuts. "You're not....bad yourself...hag..."Mai Lee let out, however it wouldn't before long as she would grit her teeth and with her free hand she would make a fist and try to slug Tasha in the crotch, offering no rest for her.

psychopatrick88: Tasha clenched her teeth as the woman insulted her still, then gasped breathlessly as she's punched in the crotch again, her body screaming in pain. She grit her teeth, trying to hold her close, and would try to throw a knee back up into her crotch. "Whelp!"

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee grunted as she was still hugged tightly, putting more pressure on her tits before letting out another scream when the knee came up. Lerching forward again as she held on tighter as well, Mai Lee would grit her teeth as she would then grab the back of Tasha's bottom and yank skywards with it, "Old slut!"

psychopatrick88: "Aghnn!!" Tasha yelps as her thong is yanked up from the front, and tries to reach around for her thong, and yank up fiercely in response. "Ignorant cunt!!" She would snap right back.

OMEGA VAN: "Yaaaaah!" Mai Lee let out when her thong dug up as both girls were matching each other blow for blow and neither one was backing down from the other. "FUCKING BITCH!!!" Mai Lee would roar as she would pull her head back and tried to headbutt Tasha.

psychopatrick88: "Agghnh!!" Tasha howls as she's nailed with the headbutt, and rests the back of her head against the lockers, her head heavy, almost falling unconscious from that. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. She couldn't believe she was losing to this woman. Was her age taking more of a toll on her than she thought?

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee didn't come out of that headbutt unhurt either as her head was very foggy after the hit. But she felt that Tasha was worse off as she felt heavy after it. Smiling Mai Lee would try to spin around and throw Tasha to the floor, however in teh process of doing this her feet would suddenly feel like jelly and stumbled as she did this, falling herself.

psychopatrick88: Tasha clenched her teeth as mai lee smiled at her, and let out a grunt as she was thrown to the floor, panting heavily. Her body was in so much pain, she could barely move. "Nngh.. D..damn it.." She hissed through clenched teeth.

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee fell with Tasha as she landed next to her, panting heavily herself. The fight had taken a lot more out of her than she would've hoped from fighting with an old hag. "Ha...ha....ha..." she let out as she rolled over, she may have been in pain and tired, but as long as Tasha didn't admit that Mai Lee was better she was going to continue as she grabbed Tasha's bottom as she weakly pulled on it, trying to strip her fully.

psychopatrick88: Tasha laid face down, clenching her teeth as she tried to will her body to move. There was no way she was going to let this cocky woman best her. She felt mai lee tugging on her thong, and growled, trying to roll over to her back to kick at her. "Nrr.. You just.. Don't know when to quit!!"

OMEGA VAN: Mai Lee grunted as Tasha put up a fight as she sat up to try and get a better position in trying to strip the older woman. However Tasha would score a kick that would force Mai Lee to fall on her back as she grunted, "Uh....just..let me...strip you whore!" she would shout as she tried to push herself back up.

psychopatrick88: Tasha grit her teeth after nailing the kick on her, and started to slowly climb up to her feet. "Nggh.. Not.. A chance.. " She hissed as she slowly tried to stand up, her legs shaking as she stood.

OMEGA VAN: Getting back up weakly, Mai Lee looked at Tasha and figured if she wasn't going to slip off the thong, she was going to rip it off! Lunging her full body weight at Tasha, Mai Lee would try to grab teh thong with both hands and tear at it viciously, hoping it would tear off of Tasha's body.

psychopatrick88: Tasha stood up, only to have mai lee slam into her, and knock her off her feet. "Guhh!!" She groans, and feels her panties getting torn off. She hisses a little. "Bad move..." She says, and tries to lock her in a headlock bodyscissors combo, squeezing tightly on both holds.

OMEGA VAN: "Ahhh!" Mai Lee let out as Tasha begun to squeeze the life out of her as she tried to pry her head free from the headlock, but to no avail. Struggling, Mai Lee was caught in Tasha's clutches as she tried to then sneak a hand down to Tasha now bare pussy.

Tasha tried to squeeze her with everything she had left. "you.. Should know better,, than to fight the submission queen on the ground. Unnh!" She gasps as she feels mai lee cupping her sex, which causes her to try an elbow her in the back of the head for a knock out blow. "You do NOT have permission to touch me like that!"

OMEGA VAN: "Fu...fuck off!" Mai Lee responded to Tasha's taunt of being the submission queen. However her world was thrown for a loop with a powerful elbow that knocked Mai Lee silly as her body became like jelly. "Ahhhh...." Mai Lee moaned and groaned as her world was starting to go black, yet her hand remained at Tasha's pussy as she would weakly grab Tasha's pubic hairs.

Tasha couldn't believe Mai Lee was still conscious after that blow. She grits her teeth, still holding on tight, then gasped as she feels her pubic hairs being tugged on. "Yaaahhhh!!! Why you!" She snaps, and tries for another elbow in the back of the head. "Fall!" She snapped angrily.

Mai Lee pulled the hairs as much as she could, hoping that it would free her. However she was rewarded with another elbow as Mai Lee blacked out.

psychopatrick88: "Agghhhh fuuck!!" Tasha howled out, cursing herself uncontrollably as she felt blinding pain between her legs as the hairs on her sex was pulled, but then finally they were released as Mai Lee blacked out. She flopped to the ground afterwards, panting heavily. "God.... damn..." She wheezes, then tries to push Mai Lee off her body.

Fortunately, Alexia happened to wander into the lockers, planning on showering off after a bit of cardio. She walked into the aisleway that her mistress was in, then stopped when she saw her mistress nude, and trying to push another woman off her. "Mistress!" Alexia gasped, and darted towards her, helping Tasha pull her off. Alexia blushed a little bit, seeing her mistress nude. She had seen her bare body plenty of times before, but, Alexia could never get enough of it.

"Ngh.. I'm fine.." Tasha groans. Alexia looks at her body, seeing her sides are bleeding. "Mistress... you're bleeding.. please let me help you..." Alexia insisted. Tasha looked up at her pet. She really looked worried about her. She was quiet for a moment, then sighs a little. "All right." She said. Alexia then quickly reached for her, and helped her up to her feet. "Who was that anyway, nya?" Alexia asked. Tasha sighs as she walks with her to get her wounds treated. "A very stubborn... hard-headed woman that I needed to teach a lesson.." Tasha stated, and the two of them walk out of the lockers to treat Tasha's wounds, and get her rest.


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