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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

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Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

Post by Oathkeeper on Fri May 18, 2012 6:31 am

Standard Match: Victory via Pin, submission or Knockout


Stepping toward the ring exist, Seira's music began playing as she came strutting out of the stadium with a microphone singing her cover of a popular pop song. ("Call Me Maybe"- Carly Rae Jepsen) After Seira's little number, she gave a wink to the fans before throwing her leg over the middle rope and entering it doing a little posing for the crowd as they flashe pictures of her. She "bashfully" scratched her head and went to her turnbuckle anxiously waiting Haruko Hitamura's entrance. Seira knew her foe quite well, she was even what would call a moderate fan. She loved watching her matches and supporting her but, she wasn't exactly a die hard fan. All the same, however, Haruko always put on a great show for someone so soft looking, she proved to posses quite the fighting spirit. Seira wondered who would come out on top, for someone so confident in her skills, she knows it would be a mistake to underestimate "The Resilient Catgirl".

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Re: Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Fri May 18, 2012 12:28 pm

Haruko exhaled slowly as she waited backstage. She could hardly believe she was back here again. The last time she was, she was inexperienced, super-shy, and did not have many wins under her belt. This caused her to leave for a while, and instead pick up her skills at a more casual setting; another league called the FWA. She had made plenty of friends there, but, she had also missed the friends she had made here. So now here she was, in her first scheduled match in a long while, and it was against a new girl.

A girl, who Haruko thought, just had a name similar to an Idol girl that she had grown to appreciate a bit, with how she could sing, and how well she made her outfits work for her.

Suddenly, Rise Against's 'Give it all' began to play, and Haruko knew that was her cue. As soon as the vocalist began to sing, Haruko burst out from behind the curtains, dressed in a white sports bra, white bike shorts, and matching boots. She thought she was prepared, but when she stepped out onto the stage, she had just about forgotten how surreal it was to have this many people cheering her on. It brought a joyful expression to her face, but she snapped out of it quickly, and rose a fist up into the air before running down the ramp, and slid into ring, rolling to her back and kipping up once she was inside, raising both arms up into the air.

Once her music began to die down, she turned around to notice... Seira Mizuki. The actual Idol girl. Haruko couldn't believe her eyes. "Oh woow... it really IS you." She said, and chuckles a little. "I thought it was just some poor girl with a similar name." She comments, walking to her corner and turned around. "What are you doing in a wrestling league, of all places?" She asked curiously.


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Re: Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

Post by Oathkeeper on Fri May 18, 2012 3:27 pm

Seira smiled as she watched Haruko make her entrance in the circle, tilting her head as she seemed to know who she was which was unintended compliment to her which she took all too kindly. In resposne to Haruko's question, she just shrugged and offered a vague explanation. "Well, there are many reasons but, to be honest the gig was just too awesome to pass up. I mean come on! Wrestling at AFW? Plus, it gives me a chance to fight and meet interesting people... like you! Haruko! I've seen almost all of your matches and I've even seen you live once" She said with a cheerful smile.

She couldn't believe she had the chance to go toe to toe with thee Haruko! Unable to hold her excitement, she cringed with a mixture of utter excitement and delight.

Seira pointed her finger at Haruko as she her other hand was on her hip, "However, I hope you're ready... Haruko Hitamura, the resilient cat girl! If you think me being an idol makes me any less of a wrestler be prepared to be unpleasantly surprised."

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Re: Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Sun May 20, 2012 7:43 am

Haruko was surprised when seira admitted that she was a fan of hers. She honestly never thought she'd get a fan as famous as her. The feeling was surreal. "Wow, I... I don't know what to say to that." She admitted, but then her smile grew competitive, until she used a title that she had completely forgotten about. "The resilient-? Oh, that, heh, I had completely forgotten about that title. Honestly, I think it needs some work." She said before settling into her grappling stance. "Just give me your best, seira, and I'll give you mine."

"Alright! May the better woman win!" Seira nodded as she lowered her stance as she was in slightly different stance, her arms dropped low as she leaned in on her knee looking at Haruko from the other side of the ring. Hearing the bell ring, she took off as it was the starting gun in a race. Wasting no time to try and get the jump on Haruko, being fierce and fearless right from the get go she would try and drop kick Haruko in the chest. "Hyah!"

Haruko notices seira doing something of a running start, like a track runner almost. She was going for running move off the bat? She braced herself, and as soon as the bell rang, she would try and step off to the side out of her corner as seiya tried for the dropkick!

Seira let out a "tsk" as she saw Haruko had managed to avoid the kick, Seira kicked the turnbuckle instead as she pushed off of it and landed on her back using the moemntum of the kick, she rolled back onto one knee it was better than being caught on her back at the start of the match. Her eyes would try and locate Haruko as fast as they could try and defend herself if she choose to take advantage of her current position.

Haruko tried to move around behind her as the idol picked herself up, and tried to move in and slide her arms underneath hers so she could lock in a full nelson.

Seira looked around while slowly getting to her feet when she realized Haruko wasn't in front, or to the left or right of her, she cursed under her breath, "crap!" The idol tried to move forward out of the way as the catgirl mangaed to lock in a full nelson submission on her. The idol immediately struggled to try and break free of the hold as she felt her shoulder blades pressing against each other, "Guh..."

Haruko smiles as she gets the hold right off the bat. She then tries to turn with her so haruko's back is facing the center of the ring. "Take this!" She shouts and tries to suplex her from the full nelson submission!

Seira gasps as she's suddenly lifted off of the ground as she realized what Haruko was up to! Being so close to the ropes, she used her legs to run off them swinging her lower body over behind Haruko before she slammed her thus making both of them fall over with Seira on top of Haruko lying on her back. "Oof!" The idol gasped as her back hit the mat as if it were a vertical suplex but, Haruko would be able to feel some of the sting to after all, she did land on top of her. Seira would roll of Haruko and slowly get back to her feet before making any attacks planning to gather herself before planning her next attack.

Haruko could only be impressed with Seira's quick thinking as she runs up the ropes and tucks herself in as Haruko was already leaning back. "Wahh!!" Haruko cried out as Seira forced her to lose her balance, and she fell to her back, with Seira's weight slamming into her ribs. "Guhh!" She wheezed, releasing the full nelson afterwards, the wind knocked out of her from the slam.

"My turn..." Seira sat up quickly as she forced herself up, she grabbed Haruko's ankle and would drag her to the center of the ring before trying to turn Haruko onto her stomach before straddling her hips before grabbing Haruko's chin forcing her into a camel clutch!

Haruko groans as her leg is grabbed, and she's dragged towards the center of the ring. She's not out of it for long, however, and tries to throw her other boot up to slam it into Seira's stomach before she could roll her over. "You're.. not gonna get me yet. Not this early.." She would say.

"Ugh..." Seira gasps as she was kicked in the stomach by the catgirl. Dropping the girl's ankle, the idol would counter by slamming her foot into Haruko's stomach as well not willing to take a hit without Haruko paying for it! If Haruko would let her she would step back before Haruko would be able to catch her in any nasty submissions.

Haruko tries to sit up, but Seira is quicker to the attack. "Whugh!!" She wheezes, and curls up from the blow, and tries to roll away from Seira, trying to roll back to her feet, even with her stomach burning in pain. "You're pretty rough..."

"What?" Seira said leaning in with a small smile on her face, "Did you expect me to be delicate and simply let you kick me without kicking you back?" The idol tended to her stomach with her hand softly before moving her hands back up into a grappling stance. Her stomach churned with pain but, she put on a brave poker face, as an idol, she wasn't as durable as many of the other fighters when it came to taking hits. Her light nimble body came at a price. Seira would wait for her opponent to get back up, she would bounce off the ropes and swing the fences with a clothesline but, it was a feint. The Idol would instead avoid Haruko and side step her to aim for the ropes behind her and bounce off those too try and pick more speed as she would throw a drop kick to Haruko's back.

Haruko smirks as Seira tries to explain herself. "I said you were rough. I never said it was a bad thing." She chuckles as she stands up. She watches her bounce off the ropes and charge towards her, She'll try to block her way if she can, trying to stand right in front of her, and instead try to use Seira's momentum against her by catching her around the waist, lifting her up, and twisting her body around so she'll slam her back hard against the mat!

Seira grins as she darts forward seeing Haruko trying to block her way as she was about to side step her. Suddenly, the idol gritted her teeth as Haruko moved in her way and it was too late to stop, Seira felt a queasiness in her stomach as she was lifted off the ground by the catgirl as she was twisted through the air and slammed to the mat harshly as she felt a numbness overcome her. Afterwards, her body was rattled by the vibrations of the attack, as the shock of the slam pulsed through her body. Groaning, the girl lay distraught unable to comprehend anything in her state. "Ohh..... my back..." Seira wheezed.

Haruko smiles a little at her, laying on top of her, and tries to grab a leg to cover her for a pin, her tail flicking around as she hears the ref starting the count.

"One!" The ref called out as Haruko pinned the idol as she lay like a lifeless pretty doll as her head was swimming with confusion. "uhh...." Seira groaned, rolling her head to one side back and fourth on the mat, her eyes opened slightly to see blurriness as it slowly focused in as she looked up at Haruko.... smiling down at her? Seira's eyes widened as a blush came across her face, being beaten so soon? No! No way! Not like this! Not while Haruko had that smile on her face. Gritting her teeth, she began to struggle desperately and tried to kick out of it as the idol mustered all of her strength and a tiny roar as she tried to break free, "Rahhh!"

Haruko kept that small smile on her face, even as Seira kicked out of the pin. It wasn't meant to be taunting. To the contrary, it was meant to be a friendly smile. She was enjoying the fight against her. She was a quick thinker, and she wasn't afraid to get a little rough, but not to the point where she was bending the rules. At least, she hoped not. As Seira kicked out, she sat up on her knees before standing back up, shifting to a grappling stance.

Seira was relieved, she managed to kick out of the pin but, she took her time getting back up as she kept eyes on Haruko the entire time. As she got to her feet, she took a step to the side as she lost her balnce for a second and nearly fell over before catching herself again. She shook her head, shaking off her wooziness before resuming her stance as she circled Haruko but, stepping cautiously forrward before she would kick the outside of Haruko's thigh with a low kick.

Haruko was still smiling, letting Seira get up to her feet, and watched her stumbling around a bit. "Come on, Seira.. toughen up." She encouraged, then braced herself as she moved in. She tried to reach out for her foot, but she missed, and ended up getting a kick to her thigh. "Gh!" She hisses, then tries to move in and lock arms in a shoulder collar tie up with her.

Seira smiled back at the encouragement as she managed to score a hit off of Haruko. However, as Haruko moved into lock up with her Seira would avoid Haruko's arms by ducking down low as she would spring back up driving her fist into Haruko's stomach. with her upper body pivoted to the left of Haruko's upright body.

Haruko blinks when Seira flat out avoids her grapple, and before she's able to turn, she gets Seira's fist buried in her stomach. "Guhh!!" She falls to one knee from the blow, clutching at her belly.

"Come on Haruko...toughen up..." She would whisper back into Haruko's ear as she slumped down to one knee. Seira would then step back landing on her left foot before propeling herself forward as she would ram her right knee cap into Haruko's chin!

Haruko couldn't help but chuckle a little at that one, but her laughter was cut short as she was nailed right in the chin with her knee. "Gyahh!!" She yelps, and falls flat to her back, spread-eagled and her rocks rattled, groaning softly.

Seira pressed her foot onto Haruko's chest as he bent her knee putting more force onto Haruko's chest as she rested her elbow on her knee looking down at Haruko with a patient smile but, with fierce eyes as she smiled, "I'm winning Haruko-chan" She teased widening her smile as she egged Haruko on, "Come on, kitty.... I dare you to try and get up" She would say with a low and haughty tone, as she heard the ref begin to count.

"Ghh..." She groans as Seira plants her boot between her breasts, and leans down on her foot. She frowns a little, not exactly appreciating the taunting. "Grh... so that's how it is, hm?" She says, hearing the ref counting to two before she tries to throw her shoulder off the mat. "Not done yet, Seira..."

Of course you're not done... I'd be heart broken to beat you-" Seira said as she would find Haruko having broken her pin before slamming her bottom onto Haruko's stomach as she straddled her sides. "-so easily!" The brunette grabbed Haruko's hands intertwining her fingers with her own as she pinned her down once more. Abruptly, Seira would attempt a second pin attempt by pressing her lips forcefully against Haruko's kissing her rather roughly as the ref's count started again!

Haruko tries to get up, but again, Seira's one step ahead as she drops her butt down into her belly. "Kuh-huhhh!" She groans, her body lurching up from the ground, until her hands were pinned back down. Then Seira had a surprise for her. "Mm!!" Haruko gasps as her lips meet hers. Her cheeks turn pink at the sudden display of affection, barely noticing the ref starting the count again at first.

"One!" The ref declared as Seira locked lips with the catgirl's parting her lips, she forced Haruko to open her mouth as she slid her tongue in by tilting her head. Feeling, the warmth in Haruko's mouth Seira hungrily kissed her as she closed her eyes. The idol held nothin back as she felt raw passion and desire take over her.

Haruko blinked as she heard the count, snapping her back into reality. She growls a bit competitively as she feels Seira's tongue sliding into her mouth, and starts to rock her hips left and right. This girl was something else. A bit dirty, but, nothing she couldn't deal with now. Had Seira met Haruko when she first fought here, she might've started panicking. Now, she felt the urge to gain control of the kiss instead, and continued to rock left and right before trying to gain enough momentum to roll the two over, wrestling tongues with her all the while.


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Re: Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki (Finished)

Post by Oathkeeper on Mon May 21, 2012 5:20 am

Seira felt Haruko trying rock her over and as the count hit two, the catgirl rolled herself ontop. The idol's tongue tangled and wrestled against Haruko's. The idol drew back her tongue luring Haruko's tongue into her mouth as her lips clasped Haruko's tongue as she sucked on it. The idol was far more concerned with the battle of tongues than fighting for positions.

Haruko managed to roll them over to the side so they would both be able to avoid the danger of being pinned down. If Haruko could get an arm free, she'd try to get a bit cheeky herself, and reach around to give Seira's butt a slap as she follows after Seira's tongue, only to get it caught in her mouth. "Mmn..." She moans a little, trying to pull her tongue back in her mouth, but Seira had it effectively trapped.

"Mhf!" Seira gasped as she was slapped on the bottom. She returned the favour by grasping her opponent's left cheek and not the one on her face. Her other arm snuck around Haruko's head to serve as a pillow as she slowly closed her eyes as the same arm reached around as it clutched the back of Haruko's head. Seira began sucking Haruko's tongue rocking her head back and fourth. "Mhhhmm..."

"Mnn!" Haruko groans into Seira's mouth as her butt is grabbed in returned. She then felt Seira pulling her head in closer, her cheeks pink as Seira continues to hold the kiss, and hold her tongue captive. Haruko had to admit, she was enjoying this, even though she was losing out in the kiss, but even so, they were still in a match, and hentai was not a way to win. Haruko tried to reach her hands up for hers, and pry her arms off around her head so she could break from the kiss.

Seira was forced to release her hold on Haruko's head and soon the kiss as she would try and roll Haruko over by using her legs to wrap around Haruko's sides. If she managed to get ontop, she would casually lay ontop of her as one of her legs lay between Haruko's as she had her hands planted on either side of the cat girl's head as their noses touched. She could feel Haruko's sweet breath tickling her nose as she smiled. "Heh... Looks like I'm the better kisser...." Seira said as she teasing licked her lips then Haruko's.

Haruko almost pried her hands off her head, until she felt the Idol wrapping her legs around her. She lets out a small grunt in frustration before she's rolled over to her back. She looks up at Seira as she lays on top of her, their noses almost touching. Haruko was also panting softly from how long their kiss lasted. Haruko smirks at the comment. "Maybe so... but this isn't hentai." She replies, and tries to reach up for her head and pull her down into a headlock, and squeeze her head tight. She felt a little bad trying to pull them back into the match, but, while the kiss felt nice, she didn't really feel that much from it.

"Ugh..." Seira was caught in the other girl's head lock, she gritted her teeth she was hoping to weaken Haruko's resolve but, sadly it hadn't worked. The idol tried to pry Haruko's arm to release her before the catgirl choked her into a submission.

Haruko tries to keep the hold locked onto her, and feels her trying to pull away. She tries to wait until Seira is really trying hard to pull away, then will suddenly release her, hoping she'll end up with all that extra momentum and fall off the catgirl mostly by herself.

Seira let out a groan of effort as she let out a yelp as she was sent flying off of Haruko landing on her bottom. Slowly, she recollected herself getting back to her feet. "So, I guess those moves don't work on you anymore..." Seira said with a smile.

Haruko smiles a little, wiping off her lips, and starts to get up. "I can push past a simple kiss. Although you are really a good kisser." She admits, standing to her feet. "Please don't go any farther than that publicly though. It wouldn't make me think highly of you at all." She requested, and started to circle the idol girl.

Seira shrugged, "theres no point if you were able to shrug that off... But, thanks for the compliment." The idol circled Haruko as well, smiling at Haruko. The idol wasn't too sure how to proceed from here. Haruko proved to be immune to her sensual attacks which she was banking on. Seira was worried about getting caught by the other girl in one of her submissions that she couldn't reverse or escape. Seira would have to focus on striking from a distance as she would kick the inside thigh of the leg she kicked earlier.

Haruko smiles right back at her, her arms out in a grappling stance as she circles with Seira. She sees her coming at her with a kick, and tries to reach out to catch her leg. She misses again, however, and gets a kick on the inside of her thigh this time. "Gah!" She yelps, frowning a little as she was having difficulty catching the idol's strikes. "You're quick, I'll give you that. Any slower and I'dve had you tapping out in a submission by now.." She said, continuing to circle her. "How long can you keep up that speed though?" She said, trying to intimidate her a bit.

Seira answered with a daring smile, "Long enough..." Seira would attempt another leg kick but, it was a feint pulling back her leg as she lept in the air performing a short distance drop kick to Haruko's stomach. "Huh!" She said as she kicked out!

Haruko grins as Seira's resolve was not shaken by her words. She watched her carefully, and tried to reach out for her leg again, this time, however, it was a feint, and it left her open to another blow to the stomach. "Guhh!" She gagged, and stumbled back, her belly really burning from the constant hits to it. "Kh.. you just pick a body part and focus on it, don't you?"

"Now you're catching on..." Seira said as she stepped in after Haruko trying grab a handful of the girl's hair and instead of pullin back, she would try and pull her head down and grabbing her arm she would shove her towards the ropes trying to place her between the top and middle rope setting Haruko up for a finisher.

Haruko hisses as her long blond locks are grabbed, and tries to reach out for something of hers to grab, most likely grabbing some part of her clothing while her other arm is grabbed, and she's shoved towards the ropes, ending up with her belly hanging over the middle rope, and stumbling to her knees. "Nrrgh..."

"Its over!" Seira dashes forward wasting no time in using her finisher, she ran towards the ropes and grabbed onto the top and middle ropes as she swung her legs over effectively kicking her brutally in the face with her infamous tiger feint kick or the 619.

Haruko shook her head, starting to pick herself up from the ropes, and yelps as she gets a double kick to the face, and flops to her back, groaning softly.

Seira lands softly on one knee after completing her attack. Smiling as her finisher managed to have sealed the deal with her opponent, walking forwards she would look down at her pitiful opponent before lying ontop of her in a classic pin as she lay along her as she pinned down her shoulders. As the ref began the count, "One!"

Haruko groans as seira lays on top of her, and she feels her leg getting lifted up. She sees seira's smiling face, but does not move.

"Kukuku.... Looks like I win... Haruko-chan" Seira said teasingly as the idol was fairly confident the match was over and in her favour. The ref called out a second time, "Twwwoooo!"

Haruko heard her taunt, and grit her teeth. She didn't want to give up yet. Thinking fast, she'll reach up for her head, and roll over, grabbing for her legs as she rolls, and tries to fold her up in a surprise small package pin!!

Seira wasn't quite sure what had happened one momment she was a second away from victory next she found herself on bottom and her legs pointing skyward ws her entire body was folded in half. Blinking, she heard the re count, "One!"

Haruko kept her legs hooked tight, keeping her body weight on her shoulders, trying to keep her held down. .oO(come onnnn....)

Seira was still unsure of what exactly was happening to her, her legs were spread and hooked and her body was folded in half... She thought to herself. Her eyes widened as she heard the ref's count once more, "Two!" Seira finally caught on and understood her situation perfectly, she was in a small package pin. "No!" The idol cried as she suddenly fought back trying to roll off of it, or kick out! Anything! Seira was caught off guard by Haruko, if she had fought back right before the count she might have definetly able to escape but, with one second to go would she able too?

"Three!" The ref counted just before Seira could kick out. Haruko released her legs afterwards, and flops to her back, panting softly and slowly. "Whew..."

"Oh no..." The idol said as she pressed her hands into her face as she sighed into her hands as she was beaten, defeated and right after she thought she had it too. It was dissapointing and disheartening to say the least as she slowly sat up with a small frown on her face.

Haruko turned her head to seira, and smiles softly. "That... Was a great welcoming back match, seira. "You're a really talented fighter."

Seira inflated her cheeks as she pouted at Haruko, "hmpf..." The idol muttered something under her breath before she got back onto her feet and with one hand scratching the back of her head as she offered her hand to Haruko with red cheeks as she averted her eyes.

"Hey come on, don't be that way." She said as seira pouted and got up. She was about to stand up herself, until seira reaches a hand out. She smiles at the offer up, and gladly takes her hand."

Seira blushes as she lifts her up, "Mhff... I'm sorry but, I was so close... To beating you of all people. But, I know when I've been bested and you beat me. To be honest, I'm sadder because the match ended rather than the fact I lost." The idol gave a small sigh as she shook Haruko's hand, "I really enjoyed our match you really got me good..."

Haruko listens to seira, and smiles a bit wider as she explained herself. "Yeah, it was a good match." She agreed, and shook her hand. "Hey, whenever you want a rematch, gimme a buzz, and I'll be more than happy to kick your butt again." She teases.

Seira grinned at the invitation, as she stepped in close pressing their foreheads against each other. "Oh... Please next time... I'll be stronger, faster, more expierenced and an even better kisser... You really think you can kick my ass then? Please.... I'll spank you..." The idol glared into Haruko's eyes as she maintained a mischevious smile.

Haruko grins right back as seira presses her forehead against her, and let her say her piece before answering back with a simple smooch to her lips, and started to walk away from her without a word.

Seira was taken off guard by the kiss, it was the idol's turn to get flustered and to blush as Haruko walked away from her. Seira looked at the ground and smiled as she watched Haruko exit the ring. "Cheeky little..." Seira said under her breath as she smiled ear to ear. There were certainly a lot of interesting people here at afw. She pondered this as she watched Haruko leave leaning against the ropes.

Winner via 3 count pin Haruko Hitamura

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Re: Haruko Hitamura vs Seira Mizuki

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