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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

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Re: Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:55 pm

Nadya chuckles softly, taking the threat as a 'God yes, please continue, Nadya!' essentially. She would happily oblige, gently unwrapping her legs from her waist, and laid her body down against her, and began to slowly slide down her body, her eyes locked with Victoria's as she moved down to her hips.

"I hope not, sweetie.. the fun's only beginning. I'd be disappointed if you only decided to pay me back for little teasings." She chuckles. With that, she slowly hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her pink cotton panties, and began to slowly slide them down her legs. "Just relax..." She encouraged. "I just want to make you feel really... really good.." She cooed.


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Re: Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

Post by TiefBlau on Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:05 pm

Victoria would let out a little sighing breath as Nadya would unwrap her legs before she would begin sliding down her body. Victoria would stare down at her, blinking a few times as she wondered what the girl was doing before she would hear her words.

"'ll...get one..does this to..a Baynes.." Victoria would let out before the girl would hook her thumbs underneath the waistband of her panties, causing her eyes to widen. "W-wait! D-d-don't do that!" Victoria would let out, her legs writhing around as her face turned a deeper red than ever, trying to weakly prevent Nadya from pulling down her panties.

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Re: Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:10 pm

"Shhhhh..." Nadya whispered, sliding her panties down to her ankles. "Don't worry.. I'll be getting nude too.." She said, moving back up her body until she was straddling Victoria's waist on her knees, and stayed true to her word, sliding off her slingshot outfit, and leaning to the side so she can fully pull it off her, exposing her nude body to her. "See? Now the crowd sees us both. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Let me ask you something. You seem like the kind of girl who likes to be on top. Am I wrong? You more like to be the one delivering the humiliation rather than receiving it, right? Just nod if I'm right." She questioned.


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Re: Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:33 pm

mkscorpion05: "Guuuuh.." Victoria would let out as Nadya just continued to slide her panties down to her ankles. It was as if she could barely do anything to fight against the girl's advances before she would watch Nadya slide off her slingshot outfit. "That does not help matters one bit!" She would reply, seeing the nude girl sitting on top of her as she was. Hearing Nadya's question, Victoria would scoff a little, glaring up at Nadya a bit. "I...Not once am I the one to be humiliated, I AM a Baynes as I have said!" Victoria would respond, quite the lie as her last match ended up with her losing in quite the humiliating way, but she wouldn't say that aloud to the girl now.

3:39:31 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya nods a little. She didn't need to know all the details, just that she liked to be the one dominating. "I'll give you a little treat then." She said, and rolled off her, and laid on her back. "Come straddle my face, I'll treat my princess really nice." She smiled. "And you can rub in how much stronger you are than me."

mkscorpion05: "..What??" Victoria would say in confusion as Nadya got off her, getting onto her back. She would hear her words, causing her to sit up, still a bit confused and cautious as she would watch her. "...Why should I do as you ask? I..I don't have to play along with your t-try to seduce me into your disgusting ways I..I won't have it. I am to win this match!" Victoria would let out, though she couldn't deny Nadya's request was enticing, but she was trying her best not to give into it.

psychopatrick88: Nadya merely smiles, laying prone as she refuses her. "Are you so sure? Your servant is quite skilled with her tongue." She said, slowly sliding her tongue along her lips. "There's nothing wrong with a princess treating herself every now and then, is there?"

3:51:38 PM
mkscorpion05: "Egh..h-hmph.." Victoria would let out as she would go to stand. "D-don't play me l-like a fool. I know the r-rules of this match! What am I to do as you pleasure me? Once I release you win!" Victoria would say, crossing her arms under her breasts, Nadya's tongue and words enticing her further as she kept having a hard time averting her eyes.

3:55:05 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya shrugs a little. "So? Everyone will see you're the real winner. You just let me have the match win." She encouraged.

3:57:11 PM
mkscorpion05: "'re one to make quite the bargain.." Victoria would say in response, clicking her tongue a bit as Nadya continued to try to convince her to go her way. "And...what if I refuse? What if I decide to beat you down instead and make you cum at my hands??"

3:59:59 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya pouts a little at that last part. "You wouldn't cause harm to your servant's body, would you?" She asked. "I just want to show you a good time. I could care less about what the results of the match are."

mkscorpion05: "I..I will do whatever I like!" Victoria would let out at Nadya's words. "Maybe you do not care of the match, but I do!" Clenching her fists, trying to suppress her feelings of wanting to do what the girl was asking of her, Victoria would attempt to step up to the girl and drop her body down, trying to hit her with an elbow drop. She wanted to get the girl weak enough to just do whatever she wanted and get the match over with.

psychopatrick88: Nadya knew she was close... so close, but Victoria pulled out of her clutches at the last moment. "Well.. you have a little more resistance than I thought.." She said, and tried to roll away from Victoria, hoping to avoid the elbow, and roll away from her.

10:41:04 PM
mkscorpion05: As Victoria came down with the elbow, She would end up hitting nothing but the canvas as Nadya would be able to roll out of the way. She would let out a little groan, slamming her fists onto the mat as she would go to pick herself up. "Gh...I WILL win this! A-and I'll make sure you regret trying to seduce me!"

psychopatrick88: Nadya tried to get back to her feet, frowning a little. "Now now, that's no way for a princess to behave." She said, smiling a little afterwards as she starts to circle her, wary of Victoria's moves

11:40:36 AM
mkscorpion05: "ooh..I'll..I'll show you exactly how one should behave!" Victoria would say, trying her best to shake the redness from her face as she got to her feet. She was getting fed up with Nadya's words and wanted to show her not to mess with her. She would simply charge at the girl, trying to tackle her down again to the mat.

11:42:00 AM
psychopatrick88: Nadya blinks when Victoria charges towards her, and braces herself. "Need me that badly?" She asked before she's knocked off her feet, and grunts as she lands on her back. She would try to react first though, and pull her into another kiss on the lips. "Mmnn...."

11:44:31 AM
mkscorpion05: "Gh No!" Victoria would let out as she tackled the girl down. The fact that she was able to turn everything to her will just by her words was driving Victoria crazy. As she tackled her down though, she would be taken off guard again as Nadya would pull her in for another kiss. Victoria's eyes would widen and her face would redden up a bit,getting the feeling that she had before before she would try to snap out of it, pushing at the mats to try to roll off the girl. "S-stop that!"

11:48:51 AM
psychopatrick88: Nadya giggles softly as Victoria played right back into her hands, and rolled to her side to watch her rolling away. "Why? Your lips really feel nice. And this is a hentai match after all.." She retorts, resting a hand on her hips. "Although, you've lost your chance to be serviced like I was going to do before. One time offer, hun. Now, I'm just gonna go for what I want." She said, shifting to her hands and knees, and starts to crawl slowly towards her, moving her body in a sultry way as she drew close. "Come here princeeess..."

11:52:47 AM
mkscorpion05: "W-well...still!" Victoria would let out, not really being able to come up with a retort for Nadya's words. She was quite right, it WAS a hentai match, and those sorts of things were required, but Victoria was doing all she could to prevent getting those sorts of moves from the girl. She would hear her words, causing her to blink a couple times before Nadya began crawling to her. Victoria's face was completely red as she started crawling backwards, trying to get away. "N-no! Wait! Stay there! Ooh...I'm supposed to be getting you back!" Victoria would say in frustration and panic, keeping her retreat up.

11:54:31 AM
psychopatrick88: Nadya chuckles at Victoria's panicked reaction, and continues to crawl towards her, watching as she crawled back towards the ropes. She licks her lips slowly. "I'm going to have you experience such pleasures, princess. Maybe afterwards your attitude will improve some." She grins, then tries to pounce on top of her!

IM Jun 7, 2012 12:24:30 PM

11:57:55 AM
mkscorpion05: "But..Kh y-you better not! I did not come here to be your plaything! I-I..I'm the greatest submission wrestler in AFW I-Wah!?" Victoria would let out before she would be cut off by Nadya pouncing on top of her. Now lying flat on her back with Nadya on top, Victoria would frantically struggle underneath the girl. "G-get off me now!"

12:00:48 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya smiles down at her. "You don't want me to be your servant, so now I will be your opponent." She replies, and leans down to force her lips down on her once more, and presses her breasts down against hers, and at the same time she slides her warm thigh up between Victoria's legs and presses against her gently.

12:03:04 PM
mkscorpion05: "I...well that's--Mmmn!!" Victoria would begin to say, cut off by Nadya's lips yet again pressing against her own. She would feel the girl's breasts press against her's, both quite large in size, and her thigh between her legs, against her sex. It was quite the sudden assault of pleasure that came over Victoria's body, and it would halt her struggles a bit from the sensation.

12:04:25 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya moans softly into her mouth, and slides her tongue into her mouth, wrestling tongues with her. She looks into her eyes as she wrestles tongues with her, and reaches her hands down to push Victoria's breasts up against her own, and grind hard into them, all the while she continues to grind her thigh against her sex.

12:12:17 PM
mkscorpion05: "Mmmnn..." Victoria would reflexively match Nadya's moans as her tongue invaded her mouth. She would squint her eyes as she felt the pleasure running through her body as Nadya began to use her hands in assisting grinding her breasts against her own, grinding against her sex with her thigh at the same time. Victoria felt completely helpless underneath Nadya from the intense pleasure shooting through her as she would weakly raise her hands up to Nadya's shoulders, the pleasure causing her pushing to seem like she was just resting her hands there

12:14:54 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya chuckles softly to herself. This girl had almost zero resistance once she really started to pour in the effort. She would break the kiss after a moment, a trail of saliva remaining on her tongue, connecting to her lips as she looked down into her eyes again, then moved down to her neck, and starts to lick and nibble gently. Meanwhile her hands slide from Victoria's breasts, and down to her butt, groping her tightly, meanwhile she shifts her thigh out from between her legs, and instead rests her sex on Victoria's, grinding against her slowly.

12:18:31 PM
mkscorpion05: As Nadya broke the kiss, Victoria would let out a couple deep breaths, looking up at her with her squinted eyes. "Y-you.." Victoria would let out, unable to say much more as Nadya began licking and nibbling at her neck. Victoria's body would arch up a bit as Nadya groped her butt, causing her to let out a long moan, doubled when she began to feel Nadya's sex start to rub against her own. Her breathing would pick up gradually as her heart was racing from the feeling, clenching her fists tightly as her body writhed around a bit underneath her.

12:20:30 PM
psychopatrick88: "Mmmnn.." She moans softly as she starts to grind sexes against her, nibbling a little harder on her neck, and rolls her hips in a fluid motion. "You should really work on your attitude a bit. Just because you were brought up in a nicer environment does not make you a better person deep down." She advised, gently swatting one butt cheek.

12:24:30 PM
mkscorpion05: "I-I-Haah!" Victoria would go to let out before she would be cut off, letting out a gasp as she felt Nadya's swat at her butt cheek. The girl's quite expert grinding of her sex was getting to her instantly. Her body was having quite the hard time holding itself back from bursting right there as her sex was already quite wet. She would shake her head, looking up at Nadya again as she did. "Mn..haah.." She was trying to come up with the words to say back to her, but all that would come out was moans of pleasure as the girl worked on her.

IM Jun 7, 2012 12:51:08 PM

12:26:58 PM
psychopatrick88: "Oh my... you're already wet.." She comments as Victoria continued to moan wordlessly up at her, and chuckles. "Can't even come up with a coherent thought. Honey, I've barely even started." She said, and slowly sits up so she's straddling her hips. "Lets see how long you can last when I do THIS." She said, and starts to roll her hips fluidly and rapidly against her sex, her arms raised up, running through her own hair, her eyes closed, and moaning a bit louder to stimulate Victoria auditorily.

12:30:21 PM
mkscorpion05: "Wh..what?" Victoria would let out at Nadya's words, quite stunned to hear that she's apparently barely even started. Victoriawould just start up at her as she straddled her hips. Suddenly though, she would feel Nadya begin rapidly rolling her hips against her sex, sending Victoria's body on quite the ride of pleasure. Nadya's loud moans were causing Victoria to answer back with loud moaning of her own. Her hands would scratch against the canvas a bit as the intense pleasure ran through her body. She was doing the best that she could to hold back an orgasm, but it felt like it was only seconds away with Nadya's treatment.

12:32:57 PM
psychopatrick88: "Oohhh... Victoria.. Princess Victoria!!" She moans out. She was happy to say whatever what was needed to get her opponent in the right mindset. She slowly runs her tongue along her lips, keeping up her rapid and fluid pace. She was starting to get a bit wet herself, but she was not in danger of an orgasm yet. Not nearly as much as Victoria seemed to be anyways.

12:35:12 PM
mkscorpion05: Hearing Nadya screaming out her name, the pleasure Victoria was feeling seemed to ramp up quite a bit, her body feeling extremely hot. She couldn't hold back much more, and Nadya was bringing her to her very edge. "N...N...Nadya!" Victoria would let out, the pleasure taking over as she yelled out the girl's name, bursting almost immediately after, reaching her climax as her juices poured out.

12:37:36 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya smiles confidently as Victoria moans at her name before she feels Victoria spurting beneath her. She starts to slow down her pace, but would still grind wet sexes against her as she was coming down from her orgasm. She heard the bell ring as Victoria cried out, and smiled down at her. "Mmm.. you were good practice, honey. I'll keep an eye out for you if I still need to work out some ring rust." She cooed.

12:41:43 PM
mkscorpion05: Victoria would breathe in and out heavily underneath Nadya, hearing the bell ringing to cement what had just happened. She would hear the girl's words, causing her to grit her teeth a bit as she looked up at her. "Pr..practice?....ridiculous.."

12:43:19 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya smiles down at her. "Don't feel bad honey. The only way to get better at these kind of matches is through experience. There's no substitute. Your body has to get used to feeling pleasure, that's the only way to build up endurance against it." She said, and leans down to kiss her cheek, standing up afterwards. "But you were really a lot of fun to play with though."

12:49:15 PM
mkscorpion05: "Egh..." Victoria would let out, just staring up at Nadya as she heard her words before the girl would kiss her on her cheek, standing up after she did. "I've..never been so dominated." Victoria would let out, looking down at her sex, covered with her juices. "I was not even able to return the favor for this." She would add, tapping her finger on the canvas a bit as she mulled over her loss.

12:51:08 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya smiles a little. "There will always be someone that can do something better than you. That's not cockiness. That's a fact of life. I'm no different. There's probably a woman out there who can make me look like a hentai rookie." She chuckles.

IM Jun 7, 2012 1:14:10 PM

12:56:38 PM
mkscorpion05: "..." Victoria would simply stare up at Nadya as she said the words she did. Victoria knew how inexperienced she was in hentai matches, and she wanted to become better in them, wanting to have another medium where she could show her superiority, at least as she thought. mulling over it a bit, she would think of an idea. "'re worked up correct? A-at least a little? If..I was to let you use your pleasure...would you assist me...egh...train your ways? I..I can....give you the treatment you offered me before..." Victoria would let out, staring up at Nadya with as serious a face as she could manage with the embarrassing thing she was saying.

12:59:32 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya looked down at Victoria, surprised. She wasn't quite expecting words like that to come out of her mouth. "Well.. now you're getting a bit interesting." She says with a smile. "Hmm... okay, sure." She nods. "It could be fun." She chuckles.

1:04:33 PM
mkscorpion05: Hearing Nadya's first response to her words, Victoria would stare at her, anticipatingly before she would nod and agree, causing Victoria to let out a sigh of relief, almost expecting the girl to laugh at her. "Haah..g...good, thank you..this helps tremendously then." She would let out, lying back as she let her body relax, glad to know that she now has quite the trainer it seemed.

1:07:01 PM
psychopatrick88: "Well!" She said, amusingly. "The princess DOES know how to be polite." She said as Victoria thanked her, and stepped towards her, straddling her face. "All right.. lets see how good you can work that tongue.."

1:10:16 PM
mkscorpion05: "Well...of course I-Mn??" Victoria would let out, almost forgetting her half of the deal as Nadya straddled her face, her face would blare up red as the girl did, but at her words, Victoria would nod, as much as she could, sticking her tongue out. She wasn't quite used to doing such things, but for this, she was going to try her best as she would start lapping at Nadya's sex, shortly after plunging her tongue inside and licking around the girl's inner walls.

psychopatrick88: Nadya licks her lips slowly, arching her hips out towards her, and reaches down to part aside her own lips with two fingers. She would tilt her head up as victoria began licking at her sex. "Mmn.. Not bad hun, but I need- Ooh! Th-that's better." She moaned as victoria slid her tongue in, and started to rock her hips against her face.

1:29:18 PM
mkscorpion05: Victoria didn't think of how humiliating the position might seem to her as she was underneath the girl's bare sex, her pussy lips spread to engulf her mouth even more as she was pleasing the girl. Victoria would just shut her eyes tight as Nadya began rocking her hips against her face. Victoria would try sticking her tongue out as far as she could, sloppily licking around the girl's insides, still trying to do the best she could to please the girl as she twirled her tongue around inside her.

1:33:56 PM
psychopatrick88: "Ooohm... Yees.. " She moans, reaching up to grope her own left breast, closing her eyes as she continues to grind against her. "Uhh.. You.. You work your tongue almost like a natural." She moaned.

1:40:11 PM
mkscorpion05: As Nadya continued to rub herself against her, Victoria would let out a little muffled groan as she felt herself getting slightly leadheaded. However, she was doing her best to completely ignore that as she kept her treatment on the girl. Hearing her words, she couldn't help but blush further, just thinking of that being the truth. Though it was working quite in her favor as she would continue to lick around the inside of Nadya's sex, trying to hit that sensitive spot to really get her going.

IM Jun 7, 2012 2:16:05 PM

1:50:34 PM
psychopatrick88: "Oohhh... Auuhhh.." She moans out, running her hand through her hair before groping her own breast again. She reaches down for her head, and pulls her up closer to help her out. "Mmn... you like how it tastes?"

1:58:56 PM
mkscorpion05: "Mmnn!" Victoria would let out as Nadya pulled her head in closer to her sex, pressing her mouth further into it. She would hear her words, causing her to open her eyes slightly, reluctantly nodding her head a bit as she lapped at the inside of her sex constantly, beginning to pump her tongue a bit inside Nadya.

2:10:54 PM
psychopatrick88: "Ohhn...sss... Getting close... Keep it up." She mopaned, rocking harder against her face, and began to squeeze her breast even tighter. "Ohhn... Almost... Almost... Give me everything you got!"

2:16:05 PM
mkscorpion05: Hearing Nadya's words, claiming that she was getting close, Victoria began putting her all into it. She was feeling herself on the verge of passing out as she was pressed tightly into the girl's sex, with her rocking hard on top of her face, but if she was close then she figured she could make her cum before that happened. Moving her tongue faster, Victoria would pump it in and out, circling around each time she stuck her tongue in. She was licking up every area of the girl's inner sex that she could get to before teasing and sucking at the girl's clit with her tongue, wanting badly to get the girl to release as soon as she could.

IM Jun 7, 2012 3:25:53 PM

3:04:44 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya mooans, continuing to grind hard. "Uuhnh! Ohh, ohhh! J-just ah-ah little! Further! Ohhhhhhnnyeesss!!" She moans out as victoria gives her her best, and she feels her body spasming as she reaches her peak, and presses her face tightly against hers, riding through her orgasm.

3:09:04 PM
mkscorpion05: "H....MMMNNNNN!!" Victoria would let out as Nadya pressed her fight even tighter against her sex. As her juices flowed out, into her mouth and all over her face, Victoria's eyes began to flutter, her consciousness wavering as she frantically tried to free her head to catch a breath, her mouth filled with Nadya's juices and her airways blocked by her sex.

3:16:29 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya heard her crying out like that, and looked down at her, then gasps, and let's go, seeing she was about to pass out. "Oh! I'm sorry!!"

3:19:45 PM
mkscorpion05: As Nadya let go, Victoria would cough and spurt out the girls cum, gasping for air as she looked up at Nadya. " it's fine." Victoria would say, about to get angry, but she held herself back as she looked up at her, her face completely red. " that good?"

3:25:53 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya nods slowly. "Mmm-hmm.." She moans, then slowly starts to curl up beside her, cuddling close. "That was great, sweetie."

IM Jun 7, 2012 3:57:32 PM

3:40:15 PM
mkscorpion05: "Haah..what.." Victoria would let out as Nadya went and started to curl up beside her, cuddling up close to her as she did. At first, Victoria was a bit uncomfortable with the girl doing so, but shortly after she would let out a sigh, just relaxing herself. "C-certainly it was. It was delivered by a Baynes after all." Victoria would say as she turned her head to Nadya a bit. " will train me now?"

3:51:03 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya chuckles as victoria tried to keep some of her pride with that statement. She looks up at her upon her question, and nods. "We'll begin very soon." She declard.

3:57:32 PM
mkscorpion05: "G-good.." Victoria would continue as Nadya said they would begin soon. She would nod her head in satisfaction before letting out a long sigh. She couldn't believe she was asking this of the girl, but she was keeping the results in mind, keeping it in her head that she'll be even better afterwards. " better prove to train me well. You..should feel honored to t-train someone such as me."

IM Jun 7, 2012 6:00:12 PM

6:00:12 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya grunts a little, and gently swats one of victoria's breasts. "Confidence is a nice thing to have, but the first course of action will be to lose that attitude."

mkscorpion05: Victoria would let out a little gasp at Nadya's gentle swat at her words, causing her to pout a little and shut her eyes, crossing her arms as she lie there. "F-fine...I'll try...a little."

11:10:54 PM
psychopatrick88: Nadya nods a little. "I want you to work at it because while you may have a beautiful body, your attitude makes you repulsive. You need to make yourself appealing to the eye, AND appealing to the mind, if you want wins in hentai matches."

11:12:24 PM
mkscorpion05: "Ah...w..well is that not a bit much? I-I mean.." Victoria would start saying before she would stop, letting out a sigh. She asked for Nadya's training, and her advice was part of it. "...ok ok if you absolutely insist"

11:14:22 PM
psychopatrick88: "I'm not asking you to change who you are, only to adjust your attitude a little bit." She said, sitting up. "I'll explain later, I'm going to shower off for now. Meet me in the gym tomorrow." She said, heading for the backstage.

11:16:06 PM
mkscorpion05: "..Well I suppose I will have to work on that then." Victoria would say in response before Nadya would sit up, causing her to sit up immediately after. "A..Alright. I will be there then." Victoria would say before she would watch Nadya walk out. She would let out a deep breath before she would pick herself up, making her way backstage as well.


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Re: Nadya Vintila vs Victoria Baynes

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