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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Nero - The Annihilator

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Nero - The Annihilator

Post by Cirno on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:45 pm

[align=center:1edwhcw5] " Ready. "[/align:1edwhcw5]

[size=160:1edwhcw5]Personal Details


Full Name: Nero Kashnakov
Alias: The Annihilator
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23rd April 1988
Color of Eyes: Brown
Color of Hair: Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 156 lbs
Origin: Russian
Alignment: Neutral
Entrance Music: [url=]Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get[/url:1edwhcw5]


[size=160:1edwhcw5]Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Calm, usually makes sound decisions right off the bat
Offensive Strategy: Take them to the ground and use restraining holds
Fighting Style: Wrestling/Brawling
Attribute Type: Speed
Usual Attacks: Spear, Side headlock, Crippler crossface, Camel clutch, Abdomnal stretch
Usual Matches: Any

Combat - ★★★★★

Endurance: ★★★★
Strength: ★★★★★
Speed: ★★★★★
Defense: ★★
Technique: ★★★★

Wrestling - ★★★★★

Strikes: ★★★★
Submissions: ★★★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★★
Aerial: ★★
Counters: ★★★

Hentai - ★★★★

Endurance: ★★★
Defense: ★
Arousement: ★★★★
Technique: ★★★★★
Pacing: ★

Difficulty: ★★★★★

[size=120:1edwhcw5]Offense Types:

Wrestling: He's the type of guy that only uses restraining holds on his opponents, not really looking to hurt them but rather wanting them to give up trying, He can outlast his opponent if he has total control over the submission hold he has placed on them, and often puts more pressure on it if it feels like his opponent is about to get away from him.

Brawling: Though he refrains from using it against female opponents, he has no problem using it if his opponent is made out of very strong stuff or is the one starting a brawling fight. He will still use restraints against them but once he's actually starting to using his fists and knees, there will be hell to pay.


[size=160:1edwhcw5]Attack information


[size=120:1edwhcw5]Favorite Attacks:

Side headlock - Wraps his arm around his opponent's head and pulls them down and close against his side, making sure they can't get free too quickly.

Reverse bearhug - Using his speed, he will go past and behind his opponent, wrapping his arms around his opponent's waist and lifting them up high to keep

Camel Clutch - After his opponent has fallen onto their stomach, he will take a seat on the opponent's lower back, pull their arms over his thigh and then pull back in on their chin.

[size=120:1edwhcw5]Signature Finishers:

Frozen Solid - Forcing his opponent to sit up, he will take a hold of his opponent's wrists and pull back on them to tense and stretch their arms, he then puts his boot against their upper back and began to apply alot of pressure, making sure they can't move without feeling the pain.

Point Blank - Grabs both of his opponent's wrists, pushing one arm up and the other arm down, exposing his oppponent's chest, he only needs one more seconds to release both of his opponent's wrists and push in with speed and power, slamming his shoulder hard against his opponent's chest.




"Want to fight me? Amusing."

" What are you waiting for, an open invitation?"

" ..! Ah! I was just checking my e-mail!"

" Guess I'll wait.."

" Just let me rest, okay?"

" Come on. Entertain me.."

" Let's see you try that again.."

" Sorry, this place is off limits."

" Let's see what this night offers me.."

" Random data image, I suppose.."


Always calm and and staying to himself. He isn't much of a talker and only speaks when he needs to. He does give an intimidating vibe that others feel uncomfortable with, which accompanied with his silent personality make me people avoid him. He is very kind of heart though, he just doesn't want to show it to people he doesn't know or not even taking the time and effort to figure him out.

He is a special place in his heart for lolis/kawaiis, treating them with alot of care and love even though they are not related to him or even complete strangers, he has a habbit of helping children out in need.


Unlike his sisters, he was taught the bad kind of arts. Although fortune telling was something he was good at thanks to his grandmother, other family relatives saw him as someone who could be the heir of their family, a true blood, someone who was alive just to rule. He had potential, the fire in his eyes were never extinguished through the hardships he had to go through. Even back then, he lied to his sisters, saying he was alright and always playing with them. Unlike him, they were sure pure in mind and body. Sure they trained in martial arts to defend themselves but they weren't at a age of understanding what he had to do. Not only that, they weren't going to picked because Nero begged them not to, that he would work extra hard to develop his skills, his destiny they laid out for him.

It had taken quite some years out of him, but he was managing to fulfill his duty, not only that though, he became skilled with his mind, following the many strategies and quotes from famous strategist and even planning out what needs to be done. One of his major strategies was getting his sisters out of there while he took care of business. It was then that he came across a pure, young girl with bright silver hair, gentle orange eyes and a rather cute martial outfit. He talked with her, telling her that he was a fortune teller and she asking for his advice. Nero was wise for his age and gave her honest advice. It was all too perfect though, this girl had sought out to help others, so he had to put his faith in her to see to his sisters safety. He made a deal with her, he would give her all of his money he earned from fortune telling, which was more then enough to help three girls find a place to stay and rest. In exchange, she will help his sisters escape and live a life of their own. Sure this girl was very young at age but he could see in her eyes that she was responsible and would hold her end of the deal.

That night, he made one last conversation with the girl, giving her everything she needed and then woke his sisters up, telling them that she needed to go with this girl. They took some time to wonder what was going on untill the three agreed, they packed their things quietly and left with the girl, waving their brother off. After that, he took care of his family, he woke them up and stood infront of them, dressed in his fortune telling cloak but with small green lights entangled around, lighting his face up only slightly. Everything else around them was pitch black. His tone of voice was dark, serious, all that he had learned was going to be displayed.

" Our fates have been altered. I will now take control of the Kashnakov family.. You will do everything I say. "

What happened, no one knows but the next morning they all listened to Nero, who explained what they were going to do. His sisters would return in a few days and they will be greeted with open arms, they will not be treated with the same things they forced upon him and they will not be troubled with anything else other then living their lives. They all agreed to it, not one of them questioning him because in their eyes, he was their prodigy, the oracle. What he predicted, always came true. He was someone who was now the king in his own family, he will rule them and set the differences.

After the return of his sisters, many years have passed. All of them were good off course, he went on with his teachings and plans he wanted to make ahead of time. When the twin sisters turned fourteen though, he dissapeared. No one knew where he went and many proclaimed that he simply left them there to rot without a proper heir to the family. Women were not allowed to ascend. Still being fearfull of Nero's unseen presence, they took good care of Cerbera, Zera and Ort before Cerbera was the first to leave, setting her sights on japan and since she was eighteen, she was legal to go alone. Zera soon left afterwards and left little Ort by herself. Though relieved that soon Ort left them aswell, they were still partly insane by Nero's dissapearance, a few of them wondering if he would return while most of them feared that he was near them but waiting for them to falter.

What happened to Nero was unknown to them, but he had taken up a job as bodyguard to a important girl and had learned alot, moreso he became lost from his original intentions and eventually gave up on fortune telling, hiding all that from the person he vowed to protect. He wasn't really that happy with his past because this girl, managed to take out the purity of his soul and let it shine. He was actually happy with his life, all he had to do was to protect this girl, whom he was growing feelings to he was still oblivious to. It was during a sudden ambush that led to another bodyguard being injured, that Nero had to decide. He took a stand to allow the person he protected to escape with the injuring bodyguard and another that was protecting her, taking the ambush that was originally planned for the girl, in full form and fought his way to repelling it. He was left badly injured though, lucky that help came to bring him to the hospital. It was there that he met the girl again and for unknown reason, he claimed his love to her.

It was all so sudden but it still felt good, he rested within the hospital, taking the daily visits of the girl who he loved but at the same time, burdened with sadness that he couldn't protect her. In his mind he had felt that he failed and now she was the one taking care of him. Off course he hid it away, straight up lieing to the girl and saying that he was okay. He began to think back upon the old time where he had succesfully helped his sisters through the way he had now hid away. Sure it made him seem merciless, a monster that brought fear and misery to others but it still got the job done... Was he going to make the choice to once again choose that path and neglect his own feelings just to make sure he would never fail again..?

Even with all the history that he had going with this family and everything that had been done to him, even manipulation that had been used to tell him he was better off not trusting anyone, it was all gone when he had met Yatori, who stuck by him even when he was wounded. He was still her friend, her bodyguard, her lover.. That was something he had hoped, he had never gotten the chance to ask Yatori what had happened after he said that since he had lost consciousness and now he had his eyes set on reunited with her and returning to the AFW to see what his sisters were up to, and off course to see if there were any new challenges for him.


[size=160:1edwhcw5]Additional information:

[size=120:1edwhcw5]Facts of Nero:

- He lives in a large house that he is able to keep with the money of his family and his job, owning a large garden with many, many rare plants.
- Though he is showing nothing but ambition and cruely towards people, he will never lay a hand on the innocent.
- His soft spot for children started with his sisters, who had such big shiny eyes he could never say no to, and off course the innocent, cute expressions they all shared.
- When he has nothing to do, he spends his day layin in his garden underneath a tree that has grwn on it's own, just relaxing under it's shade and falling asleep.
- Doesn't use his sword in AFW for obvious reasons.


- Children
- Protecting the ones he love
- Nature itsself
- Exotic plants
- All seasons except Fall.
- His pet wolf, which is still a puppy
- His collections of swords


- The time he could not protect the one he loved.
- Movies
- People who want to destroy nature
- The beach, it forces him to not wear his usual coat and off course his weapon
- Spiders

[size=120:1edwhcw5]Most Used Quotes:

" You're not worthy to be my opponent. "
" We'll see what you can do against me. "

[size=120:1edwhcw5]Record information:

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0

[size=120:1edwhcw5]General Status:


Cerbera - Young twin sister, values her just as high as the others and wants to see her happy.
Zera - Young twin sister, values her just as high as the others and wants to see her happy.
Ort - Young sister, he wishes to speak with her and spend time with her because he feels that she was not given the same love and affection her sisters had.






Yatori - The first person he actually taken a liking too, starting as her bodyguard, he began to enjoy her company the more time he spend protecting her.


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Re: Nero - The Annihilator

Post by Cirno on Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:36 pm

Fully updated with new bio lay out.


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