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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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3 Falls Submission- Aoi vs Rowan (Completed)

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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3 Falls Submission- Aoi vs Rowan (Completed)

Post by KillerV on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:32 am

Splendid: Rowan was okay with a lot of things, but he'd really rather that people didn't think he was a coward on live television. Soe when Aoi had come into the locker room with a camera and a challenge he hadn't had much choice but to answer yes - and those were the events leading up to the current time. He was standing in his corner of the ring, his eyes slightly blinked against the bright pink lights ~
Splendid: as his repeat opponent's intro pyrotechnics started going off, taking a deep breath as he limbered up.

KillerV: Aoi leaves her locker and heading out to the ring, her intro playing with bright pink flashes for her entrance, wearing the
similar outfit like before when she faced Rowan before, pink revealing blouse, revealing sarong showing off her long sexy legs,
climbing in the ring and moving to her corner, opposite from Rowan as she stares at him with a light smile. "Great to see you again,
you will.....

KillerV: lose to me again for sure" stretching out a bit and she's ready to face him in a Triple Fall Submission match. yt

Splendid: He grunted slightly at her tease; her superior little smile more aggravating than endearing. He took another long breath,
trying his best to keep his eyes away from her distracting body, "Yeah... well....," he began, then simply shook his head with
irritation. He listened to the referee stating the basic rules of competition, then he sank into a wrestling stance, lowering his center
of gravity.

KillerV: Aoi smile and ready to take on Rowan, she steps out and walking out toward him, with her hands up, ready to take him on,
she moves in closer and close enough so she can try to suddenly rushes at him, shoulder down to aim at his stomach to spear
him down to the mat. "Hmph!" yt

Splendid: He thought she was going to go for the lockup, and when she suddenly pressed her feet against the mat and rushed in
for the spear he was caught a little off his guard. Rowan planted his feet wide, and as her shoulder slammed into his stomach he
was half prepared for it, catching her body and holding on. He threw his legs out behind him, sprawling, trying to push her down
onto her front.

KillerV: Aoi rushes at him and went for a spear, indeed connects but didnt take him down so easily. "Oh shoot!" Shes in front of
him with her arms around his waist, continues to push foward and placing her feet down to help her push more if she can, but her
body slowly lowering down thanks to his push yt

Splendid: It took a few more moments before he managed to push her down, completing his sprawl as he ended up atop her, his
arms around her torso in a classic wrestling position. He was classically trained but had always been better at the high-flying
moves. For that reason he sprang back onto his feet, taking a few sharp steps backwards, leaning into the ropes and rushing back
towards her, hoping to catch~
Splendid: her with a clothesline while she was getting p.
Splendid: *up

KillerV: Aoi was held on with him and seem like one of those classic wrestling lock up position, she bite down her teeth as she tries to push him back but she didnt know that he jumped back as she loses her balance and drops down on her knee. "AH! what was that......?! UGH!" She knows now.... Rowan hopped back and jumped off the ropes and coming right at her with the clothesline
as she gets up to see.....
KillerV: how she fell forward. Aoi took the clothesline and knocked her backward and down to the mat, laying there as she reaching
up to her chest to rub it a bit, trying to get up before he tries to do anything to her. "D-darn it!" yt

Splendid: He felt the clothesline connect square with her chest, and gaining a boost of confidence he sprang over her prone form
once, gaining momentum once again by catapulting himself off of the ropes. He picked up speed, putting another boost into his
pace as he threw himself forward, completing a three-quarters forward flip and trying to land on her with his back across her

KillerV: She lay there from his flying clothesline, was pretty surprise that he got the upperhand this time, she tried not to let him
continue on and keeping up onto her but now, she looks up and sees the shadow of his body coming down and crashes right on
top of her stomach with his back. "OUFFF!" Aoi body folded over from his landing and she turned over to the side, clutching to her
KillerV: catching her breath as she can, she needs to turn this around and somehow get him into her submission hold and make
him tap out three times. "u-ughhh...." yt

Splendid: He rolled up from the swanton bomb, kneeling on the ground beside her. He wasn't the best ground wrestler, but as the
gorgeous female beside him curled up in pain and breathlessness he took the chance. Grabbing her shoulders, he pushed her up
into a sitting position, trying to find her arms to push them back behind her back and plant his knee against the backs of her
shoulders and pull back hard~
Splendid: in a kneeling surfboard.

KillerV: Aoi was in pain, more like daze and stun from this quick wrestler, a lot more tougher than before, she was pushed up to a
sitting position, she can feel her back was rest against something hard, not too sure until her arms pulled back and began to scream. "AHHHH!" Now her shoulders getting stretched out, shaking her head and moaning from the pain, not too sure how to get
out of this other than...
KillerV: tapping her feet to the mat and wiggling around weakling, she try to talk. "Y-you wont make me submit from this!
Owwwww!" yt

Splendid: He was feeling a good deal more confident than last time they'd fought; or maybe it was just bravado from getting such a good start. "Just submit!" he said impatiently, wanting to get an early point on the board against this woman. He knew all too well
how quickly things could starts spiralling down the drain if she managed to get a hold of him. He leaned back, putting himself a
little off ~
Splendid: balance but putting more pressure on her shoulders.

KillerV: Aoi eyes closing shut tight from the pain Rowan pulling onto her arms, stretching it out as well her shoulders, shaking her
head refusing to give up. "N-no! I wont give up to the likes of you! Owwww!" Resisting the painful hold but she still wont give up so
easily, being an expert submission type, clearly he'll have to do something else by soften her up, weaken her before she could tap
out. yt

Splendid: He grunted with impatience as she refused to give in, and after another few long moments of holding her in the surfboard
he suddenly released it. This time he tried to reach forward to drape his arm around her head, trying to apply a reverse headlock to
get her into a dragon sleeper from this kneeling position.

KillerV: Aoi feels relief when Rowan release the hold, easing her shoulders but it didnt stop there, he pulls her head to tucked under his arm, trapping her in a tight Dragon Sleeper! "GRRR! NO!!!" Her back slightly bends over his knee while her head pullled, arch backward into his hold, her busty breasts moving up as it jiggles a little, she reaches up with her hands, trying to pry his arms. yt

Splendid: Rowan did his best to maintain his hold, gripping tight onto her. As she reached up to try to pry his arms away he
managed to catch one of her wrists, tucking the arm away under his other one, controlling her except for her far arm. He leaned his
head away, trying to keep away from any stray punches or eye pokes whilst he held onto the tight dragon sleeper, pulling back a
little in the hold.

KillerV: Aoi refuse to give up, but she's in trouble when her head tucked under his arm and jerking it back into a Dragon Sleeper, to
make things worst, her arm also got caught in the hold which leaves her free hand barely able to do anything to grabbing, feeling
his arm.... "guhhh... n-nooooo..." slowly she began to lose her energy, slowly her resistance dying down while stuck under his
hold. yt

Splendid: He held onto her, his breath calming a little as she began to quiet down in his grip. The hand he'd managed to tuck away
under his own seemed to struggle less, and he slowly pulled her in closer, securing his grip on the gorgeous woman to make sure
he could keep her tucked into his dragon sleeper until she was unconscious for the first point. "Just... take a nap..."

KillerV: "D-damn......" she could no longer fight back, stay under his hold while her head pulled back and over his knee, her free
arm goes limp along with her whole sexy body, she tilt to the side a little which cause her fine beautiful breasts to tilt as well, she'd
KO from his hold, now Rowan got 1 point for now. yt

Splendid: Finally he released her, taking another long breath as the woman went limp in his arm. The referee had counted her out,
and he nodded slowly in satisfaction. "Alright," he said to himself, nodding again before making his way back to his corner. He just
needed to keep surprising her. Keep her from getting a hold of him. He leaned back against the turnbuckle, waiting for her to come to.

KillerV: After a long moment before she began to wake up, light headed from the Dragon Sleeper submission hold, the ref tells her
that Rowan got the first point for beating her, she close her eyes and feels really upset but mad as well, she want her revenge on
him, but she needs to recover some more, Aoi is ready even she just woke up, slowly, shaking pushes herself up to stand, trying
to turn to see.....
KillerV: where her opponent is so she can stare at him with anger. "I'll.... huff... I'll get you... huff" yt

Splendid: He was about to offer some kind of smart reply before he reminded himself to focus, and he took another long breath
before once again dipping down into a wrestling stance, starting to approach her. He'd moved up onto the balls of his feet, trying to use his agility to stay out of her clutches.

KillerV: Aoi barely standing but she's a strong beautiful woman, doesnt care if shes weaken but her will is strong enough that she
must continue, she raise her hands up and keep her eyes onto him but barely able to since shes too weak and tired, his speed
was too fast to lock on, eventually she getting confuse of where he is. "D-dang it, not good... huff" yt

Splendid: He was about to rush in but then came up short, his caution getting the better of him as he gave up the opportunity to
attack in favor of being careful around grappling with her. He didn't know she was in as bad a shape as she was, and that he was
giving her time to recover hadn't occurred to him. Rowan was not terribly accustomed to the attrition of submission matches.

KillerV: Rowan seem to hesitate from coming towards her to closely, which gives her a bit of time to recover at the very least, she
turns around and sees him, taking a breath as she tries to rushes at him out of the blue, trying to get him into her arms and pushes
him back into the corner as hard as she could. "Come on! MMMM!" yt

Splendid: Once again her sudden rush caught him a little by surprise, and this time he wasn't as quick to sprawl out of her charge.
He was pushed back up against the turnbuckle, and though there wasn't much of a slamming impact the contact drove a half-
breath from his lips, weakening him for a moment, enough for him to lose his reaction speed.

KillerV: Aoi manage to charge and slam him into the turnbuckle, her shoulder press up against his stomach and now she got plans
for him. "Time... for pay back!.... GRR!" Furious Aoi is, she kept her arms around Rowan waist and using her shoulder to ram up
into his stomach with her feet planting down to the mat, ramming her hard over and over into the turnbuckle, soften him up and take
his breath away. yt

Splendid: Rowan was about to push away when her shoulder came slamming back into his abdomen, blasting the air from his lips.
And then again, and again, the air being systematically driven out of him by the angry, gorgeous brunette. "Gnnnhhhh!" he groaned,
his spine hurting slightly from the repeated impacts against the stiff turnbuckle.

KillerV: Taking a bit of breather after slamming her shoulder into his stomach, slowly pulling out and stand straight and pround, but
very angry. Grabbing his head and take a good look at his face. "HMPH!" She then moves behind him while Rowan facing out from
the corner, she tries to climb up the turnbuckle to sits on top, trying to pull his head back so she can get her legs around his
KillerV: wrapping it around tightly before she grabs the top ropes from each side so she doesnt fall or pull off from the corner, using
this move as her finisher called, Tree Python. Tho she's pretty sure its a DQ if she staying like this for too long, so she tries to
make him tap out quickly or she'll be force to let go. yt

Splendid: Rowan slumped a little bit after the repeated shoulder slams against his abdomen, and as he did his gorgeous opponent had climbed up behind him. He straightened up, and just as he did her pair of long, slender but strong legs wrapped tight around his
neck. "Mmnnngghhh!" he groaned, his words choked away by the squeeze of her thighs around his neck. He staggered back,
dragged back into her, his ~
Splendid: hands shooting up to try to grab and pull her legs away but with little success.

KillerV: 'Tree Python!' Aoi scream out her finisher name as she locks in her sexy long legs around his neck, balancing on the top
turnbuckle with her hands grabbing the top ropes, the ref came up to her and telling that she needs to break up the hold and began
to count, counting 1.....2..... getting closer and closer and she keeps tighting the hold. yt

Splendid: The extra leverage from sitting above and behind him was really working in Aoi's favor, and Rowan's struggles weakened
slightly as her legs kept choking the air out of him, his lips working mutely as he tried to find something to breathe. He tried pulling forward, but Aoi's grip on the turnbuckle ropes was tight, and it got him nothing. Only in another long moment did the referee shout for the~
Splendid: hold to be broken up, and when it was Rowan stumbled forward, gasping for breath as he fell onto his stomach in the middle of the ring.

KillerV: Aoi was force to let go of him after the three count, she see him dropping down to the mat face first, laying there, she smile
that she got him good but need to make him tapout or ko into submissio. She hop off the turnbuckle and slowly walking over to him
and says. "Time to... make you submit!'.....
KillerV: She lay down beside him and try to slide her legs so his body get between her sexy long legs, once she able to, she
began to squeeze his body with the body scissor, knowing his stomach was soften up, probably this will make him suffer alot
quickly. yt

Splendid: He was beginning to gather himself when suddenly he saw Aoi slowly moving down next to him, and whilst he was still disoriented he could feel her sliding those long, gorgeous legs of hers around his body. In panic he pushed a hand down, managing
to get his palm inbetween his waist and her thigh, but it did very little to protect him against the vice-like squeeze of her sexy legs.
"Annngghh!" he ~
Splendid: cried out in pain, practically feeling her starting to lock him in tighter with every second. There was a difference between
their levels of skill at submission.

KillerV: Aoi stares at him, struggling in her hold and says "Are you gonna tapout or shall I knock you out like you did to me?!" Her angry raises as she tighten her legs even hard, more vicious than before, wanted him to struggling some more and see him in pain, glaring at him as she continues to torture his body in a scissor hold. yt

Splendid: He slowly managed to get himself into a sitting position, but all it led to was him leaning back against her; her long legs still wrapped tight around his waist. On a reflex he reached up with both arms to try to push her away, and when her legs squeezed down tighter he finally couldn't take it; tapping his surrender against her arm. "I.. I give!"

KillerV: "HMPH!" finally get him to give up easily, a lot quicker than her but then she didnt even try and ends up knocked out from
his submission... she release the hold and slowly crawling backward before standing up to give us some space, now shes 1-1 with
him, both of us need two more to win a match... she takes her time to recover while waiting for him to began the match. yt

Splendid: He remained on the canvas for a moment before finally pushing himself to his knees and then to his feet. His waist and
spine still ached from the squeeze of her gorgeous legs around his body, but when he saw the almost arrogant way she was
waiting for him he signalled for the referee to start the round. He charged at her, trying the tactic she had used herself, but at the
last moment a sudden~
Splendid: echo of pain from his body sent him stumbling, almost lurching into her.

KillerV: Aoi was ready to face him as Rowan slowly getting up, thought he was a bit too weak to try anything but... she was so wrong, he forces himself to launch himself into her and caught her off guard. "UGH!" She double over from his suprise yet sloppy move, she double over from the tackle like move as she cover her stomach, biting down in pain. yt

Splendid: He seemed to have found success, and given how his move had went no one was more surprised than Rowan himself.
He was certainly less precise now, the soreness in his limbs from her submission holds making him sloppy and impatient. He lined
up an elbow, and as she lay on the ground in front of him he simply tried to drow down, elbow first.

KillerV: She was double over from his sloppy yet success move, her legs eventually gave up on her and fell down to her knees and down on all fours, breathing heavily that this guy somehow got her down once again, then suddenly a shape pain coming down to her back. "Yahhhhh!" She arched back from the elbow drop but for a strong willed woman, she tries to pushes herself up, trying to get up from ......
KillerV: the ground to all fours and then up to her feet if she can. yt

Splendid: He felt the elbow connect satisfyingly, her sound of pain confirming the hit. He rolled away as he'd hit, pushing himself up
to his knees. He was still slow, and despite the time passed he still felt out of breath after being squeezed into a tapout by the
brunette. Despite breathing hard he found it difficult to gather his energies, and he was slow in getting up from the canvas.

KillerV: Her back is in pain, hopefully he doesnt have plan or get the idea that her back was hurting, sudden elbow just stings her
back, slowly pushing herself up on her feet, breathing heavily as the sweats appearing all over her sexy body, even her outfit
absorbing it as well, she looks over to him in anger. "You bastard!".....
KillerV: She tries to walk up to him while she's getting up, try to give him and hard slap with her right hand across his face,
hopefully he doesnt block it or counter it. yt

Splendid: If there was ever a way of catching someone off their guard in a wrestling ring it'd be a good old-fashioned angry woman slap. As she approached him Rowan's arms went up to try to ward off any wrestling moves, but when her arm came swinging around and brought her hand right across his cheek he staggered back in sheer surprise. That had never happened to him in any of his matches before - but then~
Splendid: this was only his second one against a woman.

KillerV: Aoi manage to slap hard across Rowan's face which causes him to staggered back, she stares on in anger and says.
KillerV: "You wont beat me in this match.... ugh...." her back starting to show some pain as she reaches behind with her left hand to ease it, she quickly try to get close to him again, using her free hand and going for another hard slap across his face. "HMPH!" yt

Splendid: Once again he found himself slapped hard across the face, staggering back once again as she managed to catch him by surprise. Both of his cheeks were somewhat red from the impact, and just like her he was starting to feel the effects of the battle, stumbling somewhat as he was straightening for a comeback.

KillerV: Aoi sees Rowan stagger back again from the second slap across the face, she was so mad and didnt think twice as she rushes at him with all her might, she tried to pull out her right arm and going for a clothesline acorss his throat to bring him down.
"Take this!" yt

Splendid: He staggered back from the second slap, and when he looked back up he saw the brunette coming for him with a
clothesline. Rowan half managed to duck it, catching it across the forehead instead and losing his balance, falling down hard onto
the canvas with a grunt, looking up at her. It wasn't an unpleasant view, mind you.

KillerV: She manage but barely hit him with the clothesline, she looks down to make eye contact with him as she sees him looking up, she blushed a little and shouted. "Trying to look under my skirt you perv!" She then tried to get down to her knees and try to pull his head between her legs with his face away from her.... if she manage to lock in, she began to squeeze his head once again. yt

Splendid: He felt her legs starting to squeeze down around his head, and this time he managed to get an arm up, rolling over onto his front to keep her from tightening down the hold too much. It left him in a somewhat awkward position, reaching forward with one hand, running it up the side of her leg as he tried to shove her off of him, the hold half-completed.

KillerV: She almost got her legs around Rowan's head but only halfway when he get his arms up to block it, using it to pushes her
leg off of him. "Darn it!" she rolled to the side from his escape, she tried to get up before he does----- if Aoi manage to, she use her
right foot to kick up against his stomach. "HMPH!" yt

Splendid: It took a few moments for Rowan to disentangle himself from those long legs of hers, and he rolled up to move away from
her. When he'd pushed himself up onto his knees he suddenly got a foot right in his stomach; a full extension of one of those legs
of hers, sending him flying back and over, ending up on his back in front of the gorgeous woman.

KillerV: She was very happy that she manage to kick him in the stomach and ends up with his back facing her. "Now I got you!"
She then gets down on her knees and once again, trying to get her legs around his waist from behind to lock in and squeezing his
body, but additionally, she reaching for his arm and leg to pull back behind him to stretch his back out and squeezing his body.......
KillerV: that only if she manage to apply all those holds in time or else she'll miss her chance. "Hmph!" yt

Splendid: This time he wasn't quite fast enough. He cried out as her long, gorgeous legs squeezed down around his waist for the
third time, and he lurched forward as she mercilessly began to work over the same location once again. The pain was enough to
distract him from the way she reached for his limbs, and only when it was too late did he realise what was going on, the expert submission artist already ~
Splendid: tightening her hold on him. "GNNHH!"

KillerV: "Give up now!" With her sexy long legs wrapping around her opponent waist to squeeze him tightly while pulling on his arm
and leg to archi his back to weaken it even more. Double submission hold with a body scissor and somewhat of a backbreaker,
tighten the hold and yanking on his limbs to try making him tap out. yt

Splendid: Rowan tried to force himself back into it, pushing forward as much as he could, but his balance in this position was awkward and all that happened was he fell onto his side; the woman's legs still around his waist, his leverage even worse to try to do something about it. "Let....go!" he cried, his tone more one of desperation than anger.

KillerV: "I'll let go if you give up jerk!" She keeps on squeezing his body with her strong yet sexy legs, jerking on his limbs to keeping his back arching backward so Rowan suffer alot more than ever." Come on give!" yt

Splendid: Finally he gave in again, reaching back with his free arm to tap against her hands, crying out in pain as his submission went through, groaning slowly as her legs continued to grind and pulse around his waist.

KillerV: Aoi smile that he lost twice against her, she's now 2-1, just one more to beat him in this tough match, she release the hold and slowly standing up and backing off away from him, taking a breather and let him recover for awhile and says. "Just one more, and you'll lose" yt

Splendid: He rolled onto his front, groaning as he reached to hold one of his arms close to his body, grunting whilst he pushed himself up and onto his feet. His arm and leg hurt from where she'd stretched them back, and as he took a step back he felt his leg giving a little, trying to hide the stumble from her though he wasn't sure he could conceal something like that from a submission artist like her.

KillerV: Both of us up on our feet, can see he's really sore and worn out from the pain I put him in, just waiting a bit longer for us to recover some more just so it can be a little fair. "This round, going for a win!" She bring her hands up and slowly moving towards to Rowan, closing in to see what she could do as soon as she gets close enough. yt

Splendid: She'd stretched out his leg pretty good in that last round, and as she began to walk towards him he favored his left one, moving around her, and when she got close he threw out a side kick; trying to hit her across the bared expanse of her sexy, flat abdomen. Rowan was trying to keep her at distance.

KillerV: As Aoi moving closing in to see if she'll be able to grapple him in any ways, but when she moves in, she got caught by surprise by his kick to her sexy flat stomach. "Ouf!" She'd double over from the kick and barely backing up with her arms covering her stomach, still standing, she's vulnerable for anything if he doesnt react. "Damn you ughhh.... " yt

Splendid: He was surprised the kick got through her defenses so easily, and as she stumbled back he went on the offensive as best he could; stepping in and putting his leg behind one of hers, a simple leg hook as he grabbed her by the shoulders and attempted to bodily throw her back. Not the most elegant move, but he didn't want to try anything fancy if his leg wasn't working well.

KillerV: Aoi stomach hurts from his kick, she wanted to recover a bit more but he was pretty quick to get beside her and locking his leg with her sexy onese, is arm around her shoulders and fall back, slamming her back and the head to the mat. "AHHH! Ughhh!... owwww " She lay after the fall, she reaching up for her head as it banged on the mat. yt

Splendid: She was down, and he took several steps back, gathering room for himself before springing off of the ropes, taking several running paces back towards her before once again his leg failed him. It buckled as he attempted to push off into a jump, and instead he stumbled forward, managing to turn it into a roll as he missed the prone woman.

KillerV: She lay there as her head and back hurting her a bit. She looks up and seeing that Rowan misses his target which shes glad it happen, she gets up on all fours and crawling towards him in a sexy way funny enough, hopefully he's still down so she could try apply some submission hold on him. yt

Splendid: The panic roll left him a little disoriented, and when he looked up he saw the dark-haired beauty slowly moving towards him like a great hunting cat stalking its prey. She was already close by the time he looked up, and as he saw her hovering above him he simply tried to pull his legs away to keep the weakened limbs out of her expert hands.

KillerV: "Come here you!" When she got close enough to him, she tried to get behind him and using her legs to wrap around his waist to lock in tightly, while getting her arms around his neck into a sleeperhold, hopefully it'll stay lock in if she can. yt

Splendid: He'd learned at this point that her favored tactic was to try to crush the will out of him inbetween her legs, and when she went for the body scissors his arms were there already, shoving her away as he managed to roll sideways, ending up face down on the canvas but temporarily out of her submission attempt. If the body scissor was all she had, perhaps he could still win this!

KillerV: Aoi tries to get her legs around this waist but his arms was used to block her legs from the body scissor, he rolled away and she rolled to the side a bit far from him. "Darn it!" She slowly getting up to her feet and walking over towards him, trying to reach for his hair to pull up facing her. "Not done with you yet!" yt

Splendid: He'd managed to get away from her for a moment by blocking her attempt at a bodyscissor, but as he was moving away again he found his hair being yanked at, and he was almost forced to follow her up onto his feet, ending up standing before the gorgeous woman, slightly bent forward; his eyes on level with her big, firm breasts.

KillerV: "Maybe I should lay you out to stun you." When she pulls him up and have his head, his face nearly up close to her fine busty breasts, but she then pushes his head down between her legs, tighten the hold as she prepares to lay him out unless he tries to do something about this. "hmph!" yt

Splendid: Suddenly he was pushed forward, and her strong legs clamped down around his head, making him groan slightly. He was in a highly precarious position, and as she stood above him he tried to lift her up, but as his legs did not seem to want to work to his benefit he ended up simply struggling uselessly. "Annhhh...," he groaned, trying to keep his head out of her legs.

KillerV: "I guess its time to lay you out!" With his head tucked between her sexy long legs, he tried to lift her but it seems he couldnt thanks to his sore leg, she leans over to wrap her arms around his waist, her soft breasts pressed against his back, she tried to lift him upside down and drop to her soft butt to piledriven his head to the mat. yt

Splendid: His head hit the mat with a thud, and he managed a sound of pain before he almost bounced up and off of it, ending up with his hands holding his aching head and his legs curling up against his waist. He wasn't out of it, but he felt dizzy, and his world spun disorientingly even as he tried his best to roll away from the gorgeous brunette - although he had no idea of where she was.

KillerV: Aoi manage to piledriven him , really weaken him badly as she sees him that tried to roll away, Aoi reaching out to grab onto his wrists, trying to get her sexy legs to wrap around his head once again, trying to apply her finisher, Submit to Beauty. "Come on!" yt

Splendid: There really was very little he could do as those long, gorgeous legs wrapped tightly around his neck, and he only just managed to tuck in his chin to keep it from being completely tightened, his hands pulled up by hers, his body still weakened from the impact of her piledriver. "Please don't... lock it in..," he finally managed, his dizziness making him think asking might work.

KillerV: She continue to get her legs around his neck and lock it in tightly, began to squeeze his neck in her finisher. "Too late, now give up!" Squeezing his neck tightly and trying to make him tap out or knockout into submission. yt

Splendid: That was that. His body stiffened as she wrapped her legs around his neck again, and though he tried to get out of the hold it didn't do much to dissuade the gorgeous brunette, the unrelenting squeeze making his neck ache and his eyes water from the lack of air. "Gnnhhhhh...," he groaned, gasping for air in her perfectly executed finisher.

KillerV: Aoi keeps on squeezing his neck into her finisher, Rowan didnt submit to her finisher so she didnt stop and keep locking in the hold, only thing she can hear from him is gagging for air. "I guess I'll just knock you out for the win!" yt

Splendid: Finally he couldn't take it anymore, and he used his hand as much as he could move it to tap out against her wrist; finally unable to do anything but admit his defeat at the hands of the gorgeous, heaven-legged brunette Aoi.

KillerV: She can feel on her wrist that Rowan tapped slightly weak on it, signalling giving up, she smile that she got 3-1 in this tough long match, she release the hold of her opponent, slowly getting up and stand over him, getting the victory. yt

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