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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Submission match (Aoi Hime vs Rowan)(Completed)

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Submission match (Aoi Hime vs Rowan)(Completed)

Post by KillerV on Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:22 pm

Submission Match
Aoi Hime vs Rowan

Splendid: Rowan walked into the ring with a smile on his face,
coming down the ramp and hearing the sound of the crowd around him. This was where
he was at now; not wrestling for props and peanuts in some backalley league back in
Britain. AFW. Not where he'd expected, but it was a name for himself and it was decent
money. He hopped over the ropes, the spring in his step one of both enthusiasm and
good ~

Splendid: physical fitness. Once inside he leaned back against a
turnbuckle, looking around for his opponent.

tokage1983: Aoi theme played, glittery and bring pink-ish shine all around, out from the
curtains out comes Aoi Hime, very tall beautful super model like wrestler, wearing her
revealing red blouse and loose red sarong that exposed her long legs, very beautiful
indeed as she very slowly walking down the ramp with tons of camera flashes and
whistles, cheering for her beauty, removing her red heels and goes.....

tokage1983: barefoot, walking up the steel steps and sliding between the top and middle
ropes to enter the ring, standing in her corner and see her first opponent in AFW, she
gently smile at him and waves "Why hello there, my name is Aoi Hime, lets have a
great match!" Slowly walking up towards him, stopping at the center of the ring, her right
hand out wanting to shake

Splendid: Well, she was... certainly something special to look at.
Rowan's eyes were fixed on her like everyone else's, and it took him several moments to
realise he was staring at which point she'd already stepped into the ring. Stepping away
from the turnbuckle, he glanced around for the referee. A lot of feds had weird little rules
rituals to go through. Seemed like this one might be more relaxed. "I'm~

Splendid: Rowan," he said, offering her a small smile and taking her
hand, giving it a brief shake. "Yeah, um... good luck to you too." He took a few steps
back afterwards, doing his best to keep his eyes on her face as he crouched down

slightly, lowering his center of gravity.

tokage1983: she gently shakes his hand in an honorable wrestling match, which its
gonna be a submission match, unknown to her of what kind of style he is, assuming
he's submission wrestler, she backs away and says "Thanks! But, I wont go easy on
you, I cant do that in my matches" Both of us moved to our corner and waiting for the
bell to ring, as soon as it does, she moves out, hands up and closing in towards

tokage1983: him, hopefully she gets close enough and use her right leg to kick out far,
sexy long legs of her as she tried to kick him in the stomach "Hmmm!" yt

Splendid: He almost took a very toned, elegant and gorgeous leg
right to the sternum. At the last moment Rowan managed to get his head in the game
enough to move to the side, moving up onto the balls of his feet, his breathng quickening
slightly. Well, this was going to be a fight. It was his first wrestling match with a woman.
That'd be something new. As her leg was still extended he tried to spin around,~

Splendid: ducking down even further and letting his leg drag out
behind him in a circular motion ,trying to sweep her leg out from under her.

tokage1983: Aoi was hoping to strike him in the stomach with her long sexy leg but to
her surprise that he manage to dodge out of the way, her eyes wide open and her eyes
open wider as she was sweep off her feet and comes crashing down to the mat to her
butt "Ahhhh! Ouch!" She tries to get up to her feet before he tries to do anything to her

Splendid: His sweep being successful, Rowan pushed off on his
heel, using his limber physique to dart across the ring, leaving his feet at the last
moment and leaping onto the second rope. The tough cable gave way to his weight
before coming snapping back, and Rowan flattened his body to turn into a long
moonsault; attempting to land atop the woman in a press.

tokage1983: After she was swept off her feet thanks to his well timed sweep. Aoi was
about to get up until she sees him in mid-air and about to drop down on top of her
"Hmmmm!" she rolls on her back so she can use her legs to kick straight up, using it
as a shield and hope to kick him at his chest away from her yt

Splendid: This time he took the full extension of her long, beautiful
legs right in his midsection, and his hands came up to hold onto his bruised stomach.
He almost bounced away, landing on his back on the canvas next to her. His breath had
been momentarily taken away from him, and he was still trying to suck in air by the time
he hit the ring floor.

tokage1983: "oh whew thank goodness, sorry about that!" She really means it knowing
that this guy probably pretty nice but also that he seem pretty agile but it was
unfortunately he landed on her feet, bounces off and landed down beside him, she rolls
to the side towards him as she tries to pushes him on his back to sit on him, pulling his
arms over her sexy smooth thighs and pulling his head back, if she can

tokage1983: yt

Splendid: Slowly his breath began to return to him, but when Rowan
was about to sit up from his prone position he found himself being pushed over onto his
stomach only moments before a toned, sexy rear was pressed down against the small
of his back. Her sudden weight on him drew a little grunt of surprise from his lips, but
nothing so pronounced as when his arms were tucked back and her hands wrapped ~

Splendid: around his chin in a neat camel clutch. "Nnngghhh!" he
managed, a sharp pain shooting through his back and neck.

tokage1983: "Mmmm unable to escape this?" Gently teasing him as she managed to
get him in the Camel Clutch, pulling on his chin to pull back while his arms over her
smooth thighs, she continues to pull back enough so her long soft thigh closing in to
squeeze his cheeks almost like scissor hold, maybe trying to make him submit early so
she doesnt have to hurt him too much "give up Rowan?" yt

Splendid: Almost any man in the room would have killed to be
inbetween the dark-haired wrestler's legs, and yet Rowan found himself none too happy
to be right there. As the brunette gleefully winched down on her newfound hold he tried
to buck back; attempting to use what leverage he had to buck her off of his back like a
mounted horse.

tokage1983: "mmm!" continue to hold onto him in the Camel Clutch, but she didnt held
on for long thanks to him moving around like a wild horse, her eyes widen as she slips
the hold and fall backward, rolling to face down to the mat "Ahhhh!" shaking her head
from unable to hold him, she tried to get back into focus and slowly pushing herself on
all fours yt

Splendid: His neck and back were still sore from being bent
backwards by the brunette, and he pushed himself up onto his knees, grunting again as
he looked over at the brunette. "You're... pretty good," he said, his voice a little short of
breath and holding a more respectful tone now. He had to wear her down somehow. He
couldn't get caught in another one of those.

tokage1983: She looks up at him, hearing his words which she smiles, slowly pushing
herself up and face to face with him "Why thank you, dont go easy on me just because
of my beauty" glaze into his eyes and wishes that he would promise her not to go easy,
backing off a bit with her hands up, ready to continue the match yt

Splendid: He swallowed slightly, chuckling under his breath at her
almost happy reply. "Yeah, I'll.. I'll keep doing my best," he said, pushing himself to his
feet. As she readied up he looked at her cautiously, his eyes for one moment dipping
down towards her deep cleavage before he cleared his throat again. Thus distracted, he
didn't even think about it as he took her hands, moving into a lockup.

tokage1983: "Good" Both of us finally on our feet, can see him looking at her beauty,
surely he likes it which she giggles from his cuteness, she sees him moving in for a
lockup, she smiles and going for a lock up too, if she manage to, she tried to wrap her
right arm around his neck into a tight side headlock, pressing his cheek against her
clevage, which she didnt seem to mind, using it to tease him a bit

tokage1983: yt

Splendid: He took her lockup, only realising afterwards that it was
probably a bad idea. With a swift movement she'd turned the grapple into a side
headlock, and in what was once again a possibly enviable position his face was pressed
against her gorgeous breasts through the fabric of her outfit. In as simple a move as he
could think of he lifted her up, using his arms around her waist to stabilize ~

Splendid: himself. He was about to complete a german suplex when
his balance gave way, awkwardly bent as he was, and he ended up falling backwards
with the woman almost on top of him; his back against his face, drawing a grunt from
his lips.

Splendid: (( *her back against his face ))

tokage1983: She got Rowan in a tight side headlock, crushing his cute face against her
breast, she didnt mind much but can feel her body getting light, to her surpise that he's
lifting him up and about to slam her down to the mat but instead, she can feel his hold
shaking her body and fall backward "AHH!" She ends up landing her back right on top of
him, she was daze just a little and blinking her eyes....
tokage1983: of whats going on "wow... what was.. that ouch" but luckily her back
landed right on top of him, soften the landing yt

Splendid: He didn't have any such luck. The woman had landed flat
on top of him, and as dazed as she was he felt a little dizzy from the movement. He
moved around slowly under her, and only after another few moments did he managed to
gather the wherewirthal to move wholly; turning over onto his stomach to crawl away, not
realising he'd put himself in almost exactly the same position as when she'd locked~

Splendid: him into her camel clutch earlier.

tokage1983: She shakes her head and felt something moving underneath her, Rowan
sliding out underneath her and eventually she sitting on the mat, turning her head and
sees him crawling away "I think Im gonna use my move on you...." Aoi turned around
and reaching out for Rowan head, trying to pull back towards him and getting his head
between her long, smooth, soft sexy thighs, locking it in tight.....

tokage1983: once it happen, she reaches for his wrists to pull over his head as she
leans back, tighten her thighs and stretching his arms as she uses her finisher, Submit
to Beauty. yt

Splendid: He grunted as he felt her legs reached down around his
head, and in a flash of panic he reached up with one arm, trying to shove her legs off of
him and loosen her tentative hold. All it really accomplished was leaving him with one
arm stuck inbetween her legs along with his neck, and though it brought him some
breathing room it also left him in a very awkward position, his remaining arm flailing~

Splendid: for a moment before settling on her calf, trying to push her
leg away. "L-let go...!"

tokage1983: Her legs were strong, even long that would be very troublesome for him, Aoi
only manage to get only one of his arm pull back which its fine by her, still her finisher
at the least, locking his one arm and tighten her soft yet strong thighs around his neck
and arm, trying to make him tap out or even knock out which she doesnt want that to
happen "Give up Rown, I dont want you to passout now" ....

tokage1983: she can feel her smooth legs getting pushed by his free hand but its tough
to do while shes in control, continues to squeezing him until he says the magic word
"Please give up!" yt

Splendid: Before the match he'd been too busy to research what this
woman's wrestling style was, but she'd proven here once and for all that she was a
submission artist of some ability. As her long legs continued to squeezed the life out of
him he continued to try to do something about it; attempting to roll over onto his front so
he could simply push her off. He was rolling from side to side, trying to ~

Splendid: get some kind of leverage.

tokage1983: Aoi continues to squeeze him to life but he didnt responds when she asked
him to give up, but he was pretty presistance, she can feel him moving side by side, she
bites down that he's moving around until he rolls to the side and loses her grips on him
"Oh no!" she'd lets go of him and trying to get on all fours before he could yt

tokage1983: Aoi continues to squeeze him to life but he didnt responds when she asked
him to give up, but he was pretty presistance, she can feel him moving side by side, she

bites down that he's moving around until he rolls to the side and loses her grips on him
"Oh no!" she'd lets go of him and trying to get on all fours before he could yt

Splendid: He gasped for air the second her legs unwound from
around his neck, and like before he found himself kneeling on the canvas, hands on the
mat and trying to gather his breath. He looked around, and he saw the gorgeous woman
slowly pushing herself up onto all fours; starting to move towards her.

tokage1983: She's still on all fours, slowly pushing up and trying to get on her feet, still
a bit winded but she'll recover from it, standing up and brushing off some dusts from her
beautiful outfits, she slowly turn around to see what he's up to "Nice move Rowan" yt

Splendid: "Thanks," he said, managing another little smile of good
cheer as he forced himself up onto his feet. He looked over at her, a little demoralized
as aside from a light sheen of sweat and a slight shortness of breath she looked like
she'd done little more than take a short walk. He still had some spring in his legs, and
he decided to go all in as he suddenly threw himself into the ropes behind~

Splendid: his back, springing back with renewed speed and trying to
launch himself into a cross body takedown.

tokage1983: Aoi turned around after he successfully escape her finisher, Submit to
Beauty, just as she turned around to see him, he speed up and jumped, launching
himself to crash right into her with a cross body takedown "AHHH!" she dropping down
to her back with him on top of her, laying there as he finally did some offensive yt

Splendid: He was back on his feet in a moment, not wanting to stay
on the mat with the submission wrestler for any longer than he had to. His speed was
only slightly diminished by his weariness, and his legs were still all there. He leapt onto
the turnbuckle, and in a quick move he launched himself off of it, turning in mid-air to try to land atop the gorgeous brunette with his back across her abdomen.

tokage1983: She didnt expected him to go on the offensive, she lay down on the mat
from his heavy cross body takedown, she lay there from his move and rubbing her body
a bit, looking up where he is and her eyes widen as he jumps off from the turnbuckle
and dropping down front a front flip and dropping back first right onto her stomach
"AUGH!" her body folded up from his landing.....

tokage1983: she turned to the side and facing down, covering her stomach from his hard
landing, tapping her bare feet to the mat as it hurts her quite a bit yt

Splendid: It was an all or nothing maneuver, and even as he
slammed down into the woman he found himself spasming backwards slightly as his
back burned with the strain; only amplified by her earlier squeezing and stretching in the
camel clutch. They were both on the canvas now, his eyes closed as he laid next to
her, slowly trying to gather both his balance and his composure.

tokage1983: Her body was starting to get sore from body of his cross body and his top
rope landing on her body, pretty much hitting it twice in a row "Now... ugh... Im not
gonna be playful from here on Rowan" Slowly pushing herself up and now she's gonna
be a bit more offensive, still hurting her but shes tough at least, sees him was laying
down beside her as she reaching for his head to pull up facing.......

tokage1983: away from her, if she can, trying to wrap her arms around his neck and
tighten up the hold, leaning back where his back press against her fine breasts, trying to
weaken him as much as possible and trying to finish him "mmmmm!" yt

Splendid: Suddenly he found her long, beautiful legs in danger of
wrapping around his waist, and his arm shot up on instinct, once again managing to
stick it up inbetween himself and her choking. "Nnngghhh!" he grunted, his face turning
slightly red as he started to kick away; using the strength of his legs to try to push
himself up and out of her hold. His lower body was still strong.

tokage1983: Her legs wrapping around his neck would be a lot easier than her arms
around it, tighten the hold as she can trying to weaken as much but he manage to push
himself up "Whoa!" Can feel her body getting lifted up but still keeping her legs around
his neck, shes hanging upside down behind him with her arms around his waist, trying
to keep her sexy long legs choking him "MMMM!" yt

Splendid: Her almost gleeful cooing only made him shudder, and the
way her gorgeous body pressed into his back sent another little tingle down his spine.
He half ran, half stumbled over towards the turnbuckle as she clung to him like a snake.
He'd try to slam her into the turnbuckle between himself and the post, and if he
succeeded to get her off of him he'd stumble forward himself, falling down onto his ~

Splendid: back.

tokage1983: She clings on him in quite a sexy ways, a lot men would love to be in his
place, tons of cameras flashes to get that great view of her upside down like that, her
sarong skirt like drops down that almost showing her red-pinkish panties... but not sure
where she is cause being upside down kind of confusing her until she knows where she
is as her back slams right into the turnbuckle...........

tokage1983: "AHHH!" she lets go of him and somehow her legs got caught over the top
ropes from the corner, hanging in the Tree of Woe.... her eyes widen open as shes
stuck in the corner, hanging in trouble yt

Splendid: It took Rowan a few more moments to get himself back up
onto his feet, and his steps still felt a little unsteady though he was gaining some
strength. He saw her hanging upside down, and a slight smile reached him as he
walked up to her, watching the absolutely stunning female. Slowly his hand ran down
her abdomen - or up, as it would normally have been - and though it was by accident
that his ~

Splendid: hand stroked across a full breast it stayed there.

tokage1983: Can see Rowan coming at her while shes stucked upside down in a Tree of
Woe, trying to get up but its alot harder than she thought, Aoi sees him taking the
advantage from moving her hand down, well more up, from her smooth flat stomach to
her breasts "H-hey! I thought you were a gentlemen!".........

tokage1983: she blushes when his hand placed between her breasts, wiggling around a
lot more,flustering that she tried to get out of this troubling corner. yt

Splendid: Her squirming only made her look rather attractive, and
despite himself Rowan stroked his hand across her other breast, giving it a small
squeeze before he realised what he was doing. He stumbled back, clearing his throat
slightly as he looked at her, and in an attempt to cover his fumbling groping up he
charged forward; hastily trying for a poorly aimed and conceived spear.

tokage1983: "How dare you?!" Shes furious that Rowan would do something to her, can
feel her breasts getting a small squeeze, no man ever get a chance to touch her that
way, well trying to not remember any from the past which surely happened to her few
times.... can see him backing off and feelin, glaring at him and now shes so pissed off
that she would punish him for his dirty hands touching her.....

tokage1983: When Rowan comes charging at her, she moves her hands down to push
against it so she could push her body up and get her legs out of the corner while Rowan
comes running at her--- if she timed it right, she uses her long sexy legs to bring it down
right on top of his head, kicking it down hard..... if she failed, her body would crashed
right into the corner. yt

Splendid: She hit him square on top of the head; one of those long,
luscious legs striking him right at the crest of his brow as he charged in. He staggered
forward, his stride completely broken by her kick, and he was shoved down on his front
on the mat, lying prone in front of her, his face down into the canvas as he tried to keep
his head from spinning. "Nnh...."

tokage1983: Like in slow motion, she escape from the Tree of Woe and counter his
upcoming charging tackle and kicking him down right on top of his head, bringing him
down to the mat. She landed down on her feet like a ballet and glaring down angerliy at
him "How could you do that? I thought you were a gentlemen! You shall pay!" Reaching
down for his ankles to pull him away from the ropes, getting ready......

tokage1983: to end him, once we're in the middle, Aoi sits on his lower back, her long
legs stretching out over his head, grabbing his arms to pull back behind him while she
moves her smooth long legs around his neck, wrapping around it like a python, once all
locked in, she leans back to pull a modifited version of Camel Clutch but with her legs
"GIVE UP!!!!!" yt

Splendid: He was still dizzy as she began to pull him around the
canvas; a bruise already forming under his hair where her foot had slammed down into
his scalp. He was only barely aware of being moved and shoved into the middle of the
ring; so far away from any of the ropes. Suddenly her long, gorgeous legs reached
forward and wrapped around his neck, and with a choked cry of pain he was bent
backwards ~

Splendid: by the weight and torque of her body. "Gnnnhaahh!" he
cried out in pain, the voice slightly choked by her legs around his neck, his body under
pressure from her expert submission.

tokage1983: "If you dont give up, I'll knock you out instead!" Very determine to beat him,
punishing him for ever touching her body, she continues to lean back to strain on his
neck and body. Her sexy long legs tighten the hold around his neck to keep on choking
him until she taps out or ends up knocking out "MMMM!" yt

Splendid: He tried to crawl away, but he couldn't get much of
anywhere with the woman on his back stretching him into a painful semicircle. After a
few efforts at fleeing he finally reached up to her upper arm with his own, his eyes
squeezing shut before opening, his breathing a sharp series of gasps. The last of his
resistance went out of him in another groan of pain, and he tapped against her arm. "I ~

Splendid: g-give...!"

tokage1983: Aoi feelin pretty happy that he give up to her, but still not one hundred
happy enough, wanted him to knock out this time, releasing his arms and focusing on
tighten her smooth soft legs around his neck, suffocating him. "Good! But Im done with
you yet, gonna punish you for touching me!" Keep on tighten the hold, not letting him go
until she goes limp in her sexy head scissor hold yt

Splendid: The release of his arms lessened some of the pressure on
his back and neck, but her legs kept squeezing down to shut off his air, leading him
panic instintctively and thrash around in her choking. He began to drag himself towards
the edge, using his legs to do it. Only after a moment of realising how futile that was did
he turn around and try to kick at her, trying to hit anything, too desperate ~

Splendid: to realise he left his legs open to being twisted into whatever evil configuration she had in mind.

tokage1983: Continues to choke him for touching her beautiful body, he kickes out at which she easily can grab it from behind and pulling his ankles under arms to secured the hold while keep squeezing his neck in a sexy scissor hold "just go to sleep... jerk! MMMM! " yt

Splendid: Finally his struggles weakened, and after a long moment of looking out across the crowd he finally weakened even more, slumping down onto the canvas floor of the mat in unconsciousness.

tokage1983: Rowan finally lose consciousness from her submission hold, which finishes him twice but techically count a win instead of two. Releasing the hold and slowly getting up to her feet, wiping the sweats from her forehead and body, placing her soft foot on his back, posing over him in a very sexy ways as the crowd flashes blindingly at her beautiful figure yt

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