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Avalanche plans?

Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:28 am by HighFly

Hey hey, I was thinking of making Avalanche plans for Alaina and was wondering if anyone wanted to set something in the worms to really build up to a PPV match at Avalanche?

If interested shoot me a PM! Very Happy

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Back from the hospital

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:55 am by Harrier

Hi folks,

sorry for my sudden absence, but I was rushed to the hospital at the start of the week. I am still a little weak at the knees so to say, but it will probably heal all up given some time.

So please have a little patience with me.^^

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Seeking new matches

Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:14 am by GrandAkumaShogun

I've been absent from here for a good while so I want to get back into the swing of things. If you have any interest in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai get in touch.

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Karina ' Fenrir ' Rine

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Karina ' Fenrir ' Rine

Post by Cirno on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:26 pm

╔═════════════════════════════════════ ══════════════════════════════════════════╗
Can Anybody Provide Me With a Decent Challenge?!
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Physical Characteristics

Full Name: Karina Rine
Titles | Alias: Fenrir
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black with Cyan highlights
Height: 6'0
Eye Color: Yellow
Birth Place: Japan
Occupation: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Heel
Battle Theme: Mick Gordon (feat. Omega Sparx) - I'm Back (to Rise)
Personality:While she is a rather normal, outgoing person in the open, she has a more sadistic side once she gets herself in a fight. For Karina, she simply does not care for just victory, she strives to show complete dominance over her opponent in every way imaginable, and she will not rest until that is achieved. Many call her Fenrir because of her thirst for battle, usually aiming to get both satisfied at the same time! If one should fight her, expect more than just a fight.


Mental Characteristics

Languages: English|  Japanese
Virtues: Bravery  |  Assertiveness |  Strength |  Focus
Vices: Lust | Hatred | Merciless | Wrath
Desires: Strength | Someone who can rival her | Recognition of being the absolute best
Likes:Wrestling | Smothering | Being lazy from time to time |  Dinosaurs  |  Energy Drinks  |  Noodles
Dislikes:] Those who can only bark, not bite | Hard candy Days that are too hot Strict, uptight opponents
Quirks:Licking her lips | Fanged grin when she is in the mood to fight
Perception: Aggressive



██████████ ᔕTᖇᕮᑎGTᕼ
████░░░░░░ ᗪᕮᖴᕮᑎᔕᕮ
██████░░░░ TᕮᑕᕼᑎIᑫᑌᕮ
████████░░ ᕮᑎᗪᑌᖇᗩᑎᑕᕮ
█████░░░░░ ᔕᑭᕮᕮᗪ

Superior strength: Training and fighting daily only gave her the battle hardened body she has today. till, she refuses to take a break, even if she has been injured in a fight before. She finds herself always wanted to pass her own limits, and turn pain into power.
Close Combat: Karina's a major sucker for brawling and wrestling, always looking to show that she is the dominant fighter in battle, whether she uses weaponry or her bare hands! She knows plenty of wrestling moves to bend or even break a person!


Fenrir's Reign When her opponent is winded, she'll bring her opponent's arms behind their own back before looping her arms around their body to keep those arms trapped. She'll then crouch herself a bit low before she hoists her opponent off their feet and in a tight bearhug. She'll bring her face between her opponent's breasts to make sure they can't headbutt her in retaliation, squeezing the life out of them. If her opponent's cleavage is bare, she'll also bite down and suckle, just to mark them.

BelphegorWith her opponent on their stomach, Karina will step on the back of their knees, locking their legs together before grasping their hands to capture those as well. She'll then forcefully roll herself back so she can hoist her opponent up in a devastating ceiling hold. She will hold that position for only half a minute before she lowers her opponent's upper body enough so that she can release their arms and instead fit them in a quick yet tight full nelson hold, restraining them while her legs will keep punishing her opponent's pair, trying to spread them as well to humiliate her opponent.

Succubus Bow First she'll remove her opponent's clothing, ripping whatever thin fabric is removable to make sure her opponent is completely naked. Karina then hoists her opponent almost effortlessly up and across her shoulders for a torture rack. She'll use one hand to cover her opponent's mouth, only allowing them to breathe through their nose while her own hand would slide two digits into her opponent's sex, thrusting and wiggling them inside to bring her opponent to a climax! If her opponent is a rival or someone she dislikes, she'll drop down onto her butt the moment her opponent climaxes, to also bend their back even further!

Fenrir's Dominance While the same as her Fenrir's Reign finisher, she'll make sure her opponent is completely naked and Karina herself wearing a strap on vibrator. She'll lift her opponent up and forcefully impales them onto the strap on. She doesn't thrust though. Instead she lets the vibrating length remain deep inside of them while she leans in to caress and bite down on her opponent's chest to give it several marks until her opponent climaxes from both the fiercely vibrating strap on and the tit biting!












Coming from a semi abusive family, Karina had never really found herself a social person during her childhood. In fact, she got into a lot of fights in school because she had no idea how else to deal with her emotions that were brought up from her abusive father. She got kicked out of three different schools until she was given an option. Go to a child councilor with her family and work out the problems or spend her young years getting home schooled. Her mother opted for the councilor, hoping that it would solve the difference she had with Karina's drunk father. Ultimately, it didn't go well at all. Her father stopped showing up after the third appointment and raided the house, leaving them with basic equipment and virtually no money to live on. It became her mother and Karina's goal to provide for the family with her mother tending bars while Karina tried selling lemonade and her old toys to try and gain some money but it was far from enough. When she tried selling the guitar her father left, there wasn't much eye to it. Out of boredom she began to play with the strings, which amused Karina. She hadn't really done much in terms of music, she really didn't know much of it other than hearing some artists play on the street but it never really caught her eye. Her father had a more heavy sounding guitar that one would hear as background music in metal bands. She decided to try and become an artist instead, using the little money she had to get some quick, basic lessons before she would think about performing.

At first, that did not go well at all since she did not have the patience to learn too long but fortunately for her, a fellow trainee helped her get through it with some techniques. Once she was set she took her father's guitar and played at the local mall for money. It seemed that this had better results than selling her stuff and to her teenage years she spent her days after school to play her guitar. She had almost completely forgotten her violent instincts due to focusing solely on the guitar. It was then when her father showed up all drunk and yelled at her, telling her to give back his guitar or he will call the police. She off course told him off and saying that this was hers now. When he punched her though, that violent instinct came back within an instant. All the pent up rage she had from her early years came back to life and before the people could stop the her father from any further actions, she jumped right at him and swung the guitar right to the side of his head, knocking him right out from the first blow and even creating a wound there. It was now Karina that was stopped from ramming her father again, needing five people to hold her back while the others called the police. They arrived at the scene to find Karina being comforted by the people and her father being treated reluctantly so after talking to some civilians and Karina, they found the truth behind it and arrested their father.

Several days later her family was given quite a sum of money after her father's trial, who was convicted of several charges. It was a new future for the Rine family as they could now take it a bit easier and start buying better equipment for their home. Still, that violence that had been buried within Karina all these years was now roaming in her brain, urging her to fight again. Karina sneaked out at night to do just that, deciding to make more money fighting on the street or even underground tournaments. Karina had a body that was flourishing into a fine yet very strong young woman and she was not oblivious to the stares and the target she became for sexual assault yet that only helped her relinquish the violence that kept building within her. She knew that she could not keep this up forever and decided to find facilities to get rid of her aggressive behavior. She had learned of an all girl fighting federation where she could subscribe in and gain money from fighting others, it was like a dream come true!



Cecilia Northman:When Karina had gotten quite bored, she started taking less serious wrestling matches. She couldn't find a wrestler that greatly excited her in terms of strength and skill, which made Karina feel a lot less interested in wrestling matches. It was during a schoolgirl match that she faced Cecilia, a friend of Heather whom she had not met before. What was a rather light hearted yet hot match, was still a test of pure strength between the two! Karina had won the match, but later that night when Karina and Cecilia had another tussle, it was the Hardcore Queen that came out on top. From there on, things she did with Cecilia usually was a heated competition between the two and Karina loved it!

She became closer with Cecilia when they started to get together outside the federation. It started with a few more matches which were.. Meant for their eyes only and it ended to actually dating the woman! Karina retained a rather stubborn nature, and will never admit to Cecilia how much she loved her unless she has been beaten in a match or snuggled into submission.

Heather Sunderland:Their first match was a standard one, but it had great hints of domination between the two when smothers were involved. Things got even more erotic when their second match was a bikini fight on the beach! While Heather had won that one, Karina made it look like she herself did, up until she went with Heather to her apartment where things become very heated. The two always engage in verbal fights, then turn their fights into trying to smother each other out to become the dominant of the two. Karina is greatly impressed with Heather's hard work to become a force to be reckoned with and Karina began to see a different side of Heather, a very taste side that she can't wait to sink her teeth in. She considers Heather a great rival, and an even greater friend.

Odessa Brock:It started with a match that quickly became Karina's most favored one. A private room with a sauna built in, where two fighters fight until one is out cold and the other is satisfied with their victory! She had heard from Odessa through Cecilia, and had seen a fight between the two to make Karina rather interested in facing her. While Karina was not that into erotic fights, Odessa certainly deserved one and up to this day Karina considers it the hottest, most erotic match she had ever been in! It was truly a fight that made her pretty familiar with Odessa's body, and Karina considers Odessa to be someone who can rival her in both strength and wildness, not to mention having that refined side of her that made Karina feel a lot more comfortable in erotic matches with her. She definitely places Odessa in the top three of best rivals to date.

Akashi Tanikaze:Karina considers Akashi to be one of the first friends she had ever gained in AFW and also one of her crushes! Back when Karina had joined the AFW, she was a violent brawler with a guitar as weapon to ready hurt people. When she was about to smack someone with it, Akashi stepped in to stop her and prevented Karina from avenging her little sister. She found Akashi in the shower stalls later, and things changed from a plan to beat Akashi bloody, to a orgasm battle in the shower stall! While it was a highly sexual encounter, it did soften Karina up a little, though only with Akashi. The sumo fighter proved to not only be a competitive erotic fighter, but also a very dear friend, turning Karina's violence around to only enjoy the competitive wrestling matches she does today. She has a long history with Akashi, and considers the woman family. She will unleash hell on whoever dares to hurt Akashi outside of matches.

Amy Evans:The match with Amy was the first time she found an opponent who enjoyed punishing Karina's abs more than any other part of her body, and after a long match it was Amy who came out on top. That was not the only thing that happened though. During their verbal taunts in the match, Karina was taken to Amy's apartment and was hung against the punching bag, to be a punching bag! It was a long night of both punishment and sexual dominance, and while she should be very angry at Amy for that night, she was a very interesting and powerful opponent. While Karina hardly respected people, Amy is definitely one of the few she would consider a threat to her. Still, there is some casual affection every now and then with the woman, making it seem like Karina can get along quite well with her.

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