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Avalanche plans?

Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:28 am by HighFly

Hey hey, I was thinking of making Avalanche plans for Alaina and was wondering if anyone wanted to set something in the worms to really build up to a PPV match at Avalanche?

If interested shoot me a PM! Very Happy

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Back from the hospital

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:55 am by Harrier

Hi folks,

sorry for my sudden absence, but I was rushed to the hospital at the start of the week. I am still a little weak at the knees so to say, but it will probably heal all up given some time.

So please have a little patience with me.^^

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Seeking new matches

Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:14 am by GrandAkumaShogun

I've been absent from here for a good while so I want to get back into the swing of things. If you have any interest in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai get in touch.

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A blast from the past: Tsumi meets Anja

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Re: A blast from the past: Tsumi meets Anja

Post by Harrier on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:01 pm

As Tsumi put her hands on her tights, it was kind of hard for Anja to stay the calm dominatrix. She liked it if things got rough, but emitting dominance without behaving like an idiot was harder than earning the spoils of a hard won battle for her.
"I'm sure you won't disappoint me. And yes, it was hot. Hot like a fireman's chilly."
It was kind of strange but very appealing that Tsumi thought of her as Sempai. Maybe she had a little chance to make something right this time. Although she wasn't sure what she could probably teach the Japanese in the ring, she probably had other battlefields in mind anyway.

She took her time, crossed the wrists of Tsumi over her stomach and tied them together with her panty, showing a kind of routine with the best way to do that. She had come to love the irony of such a move, the last protection was used as a way to hinder movement now.
"I already love it. Gonna take some time with you, you must be exhausted after your brash assault."
She purred while she put the hands of Tsumi over her head, in a slow but steady motion until they touched the floor.

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Re: A blast from the past: Tsumi meets Anja

Post by Kite2014 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:13 pm

Tsumi smiled as she looked at Anja, the blonde German girl was so beautiful and that wasn’️t without a doubt. She seemed to really like being called sempai and Tsumi would keep calling her Anja-sempai…Until Anja is the one with her floor to the mat. Tsumi soon gasped as her wrists were tied together with her own panties. Tsumi was a bit worried now it showed in her face a little bit, but she trusted Anja, she knew Anja would not do something terrible to Tsumi. But she couldn’️t stop herself from saying, “Anja-sempai, wha-what are you about to-“ Soon once again she was staring right into Anja’️s eyes which were like an endless oasis and Tsumi’️s innocent eyes couldn’️t feel anything but bliss looking into Anja’️s eyes. She then blushes as she says, “Anja-sempai, can we meet lips once again…Please?”

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Re: A blast from the past: Tsumi meets Anja

Post by Harrier on Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:54 am

Anja smiled seductively while one of her fingers streaked down to the top of Tsumi, sliding one of her hands under the top and bra to slowly remove the bra while shoving the top above the breasts. The other hand would continue to press the hands of her sexy prisoner down.
"Patience, Tsumi-chan. Patience."
Anticipation was a big part of domination, at least that was her opinion. She wasn't out for grief and tears, the sub did just have to want it, want it bad. So if she couldn't fire up her *victim*, it was all in vain and she was just a bully that had tied a poor girl with her own underwear.

Her bottom moved down until she was sitting on the lap of Tsumi, slowly raising one of her legs to rest between the legs of the Japanese while her torso went down and slid over the belly and breasts of Tsumi until she had reached her lips again with her face. She would tease a kiss but remove her head in the last moment, then lean back in again a little so that Tsumi had to raise her head and work for it if she wanted to maintain kissing her.

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Re: A blast from the past: Tsumi meets Anja

Post by Sponsored content

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