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Match For Max.

Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:52 pm by Scarf

Just wondering if I could get something going for my newest Friction wrestler.
If anybody finds themselves interested or has any possible ideas for the future don't hesitate to hit me up, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

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Looking for Friction matches!

Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:07 am by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

[ Full reading ]

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2012, The Year of the Demon [28th Januari event!]

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2012, The Year of the Demon [28th Januari event!]

Post by Cirno on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:51 pm

Another heated match came to an end where two respective members of the AFW did battle for the roused up crowd. Certainly it was going to be a terrific night! Now that the Era of Hell, The Horus Heresy and the White Gale had vanished in thin air, peace had flourished throughout the federation. Sure there remained the hardcore heels that loved violence but they were not organized for massive damage, thus giving face wrestlers who wanted the punish them, time to group and take them down. The major threats were out of the picture and it seemed that most of the heels that were with the factions had dissapeared along with them. Some said good riddance, others were more missed then hated but in the end, they were no longer around to participate in matches.

The crowd waited faithfully for the next match, still excited from the previous match that they barely could wait to see who was going to step into the ring next! It was then when the lights died down, the big screen inside the arena turned into pure static but emitted no sound. Perhaps it was a malfunction? Confusement took place within the crowd, who patiently waited the fix. to resume the schedule for tonight. A faint voice came from the speakers, which increased in volume in a slow rate but the words were clear:

" One day
I know we'll meet again

It repeated over and over, a total of five times before the voice got distorted like the static, while the voice started to sound much darker and demonic, the screen was trying to shape something untill finally, the static went completely gone and showed what seemed to be a christmas girl, carry a weapon across her shoulders, a smile on her face that looked more cynical then happy.

" Hello everyone! I'd like to thank you all for joining me in this wonderful evening! We all know that Christmas is over and that we're nearing the end of the year! And--- Oh! How rude of me! I haven't even introduced myself! I am Mrs Claws! Well, not from the holy Santa! See after the Holy Night, all the goody goody times fade and move on untill New Years Eve! Mister Claws and I had our own little plan though! See, next year is a special year for us! It's the year of the Demon! " She started to laugh maniacally, holding the axe against the back of her neck before she readjusted herself. " That means the eternal night for the AFW! You see, we have been collecting some of your heels and decided to make a little army of our own but instead of just invading the AFW, we will plant them here one by one to prove themselves worthy to be a part of the Demon Clan! To do this, we decided to play a little game with them and you guys! And thus we have made something called the Deadman Roulette! "

She stepped to the side and revealed a selection screen where all the pictures are complete static.

" Now then, we ourselves will randomly pick a heel from the arsenal we have collected! Once we have decided, we will show this roulette again and add the picture of the heel into it. Now I know what you're all thinking! What happens if that heel is a monster, bla bla bla! Nope, we do not use violent heels, those are just time wasting to control! Instead, we have decided to throw in heels that are passive aggressive but maintain the ability to be precise, deadly and most of all, unpredictable! We do not want to hurt anyone for no reason~! " She would try to act cute but it only showed how crazy she might be.

" Now then, AFW! Stay tuned for the start of the Deadman Roulette, it will start the 1st Januari of 2012! Which marks the beginning of the Demons! Stay stuned and goodbye! " She was about to leave when she was informed by something else, turning back to the crowd and grinned. " I almost forget! You can see that the center block is highlighted while the others aren't! Well, when all heels have proven themselves worthy, our own demon queen will come out to play with the AFW wrestlers! But don't you worry wrestlers, she is very kind and loving and adorable an-- Aah! I'm saying too much! Noowwwww~ Celebrate your last days! Teehee! "

She waved and dissapeared, the screen going static for a few seconds before turning off, the lights going back on and everything seemed like nothing happened but that message was left into the minds of the crowd and wrestlers alike.

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Re: 2012, The Year of the Demon

Post by Cirno on Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:27 pm

Just a few days ago came the announce about this mysterious event called: The Deadman Roulette. It was said that it would show the heels that were going to arrive. Supposingly the first would arrive after the mark of the new year, which is said to be the Year of the Demon. But..

" Good afternoon everyone! " Said a familiar voice and soon enough it showed the image of the same girl that had appeared with the announcement a few days ago, it seemed she was still dressed in her usual outfit but some people couldn't complain.. She was pretty sexy if it weren't for her dark intentions.

" I've come early because we have a special announcement to make! Instead of one heel tomorrow, you will be given two heels today! That's right! Two for the price of one and early delivery to! Now let's see who they are! " She then pulled on the big handle besides her and the same selection screen of before came onto the screen but now the images were rolling much like a slot machine but it went so fast that nothing could be recognized in time. " Spinning around and around! Now let's see who we first get! " Then she pulled into the lever again and it suddenly came to a stop on a image.. And it was..


" Why if it isn't our Alpha Demon! Lucy Stone! Oh if Leviathan had a daughter it would most likely be her! Such a strong and dangerous kawaii to be unleashed on the AFW, aren't you guys just thrilled with the action she will bring!? I know I am! " And thus Lucy was added into the selection as first, while the other was still spinning, as if there was nothing that would stop it. That was untill the the woman pulled the lever again and the spinning stopped, a new face appeared on the 2nd slot, someone who has not been seen for months..


" Oh! And the Little Blue Hell! The Daughter of Cerberus! My My what a duo! The best thing is that those two know and work well together. Well now, I think you guys got quite a duo! " She clapped with her hands, truly it was going to be fun to watch these two do whatever they pleased, it seemed that the outcome was pleasing for the demons and the crowd were partially accepting it, they have seen the dup fight before, against and with eachother and they wondered what was going to happen next, only time will tell. " These two know how to deal damage and I can't wait to see what they will do to your fighters! Hihihi! But off course, they're free to do whatever they want and we like watching them play! Bye now! Stay tuned cause next week we will return! "

She dissapeared with a wave, showing the selection screen that now had the two on it.


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Re: 2012, The Year of the Demon [Second Spin Done!]

Post by Cirno on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:56 pm

Not a week ago did two demon kawaii's enter the AFW for intentions still unknown, all the crowd knew was about that Deadman Roulette and that there things going on that were might not turn out well for anyone within this federation. Just when the next match was about to start, did the screen sudden go into complete static and that familiar voice once again was heard but probably not in the way as intended.

" But I'm Mrs Claws! I get to do thissss~! "

" Christmas is over idiot, it's my turn now! "

" But but bu-- "

" Scram! "

The screen went silent for a while before a new image appeared, one that seemed more startling then the girl that announced those last two events, this girl was also dressed in santa clothing though.

" Yo. No more Christmas. Let's do this shit. "

A Simple, short sentence as the wheel spun again. what fated character will be brought into the AFW this time? The crowd was watching in silence as the only sound that emitted from the stage was the contineous spinning off the wheel and soon enough it came to a dead stop on another person who had left the AFW.. It was..


" Karina RIne. Shit just got real. I'm sure the beast can do her thing and fuck you people up good. Now who's the next one. "

She stomped down on the lever to make the roulette go berserk, even making the girl do a step back. She crossed her arms as she waited for the next stop and soon enough it did, on another person that was least expected to show up.


" Eladra Stone.The Omega Dragon herself. Shit, you people really are screwed. Were you expecting two more little devils? Tough shit, you're getting two predators on the hunt. "

She would smirk, watching the two pictures on the screen before the selection screen started to appear, only the last words of the mysterious girl lingered on as the screen showed the two new additions.

" Good luck, bitches. "


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Embrace darkness, Sindel

Post by Cirno on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:33 pm

The roulette hasn't been active for over a week now and the anticipation was still high with the crowd, though that was not where the story of today went. Instead, it was at the local shrine outside the city, where a certain ex kawaii was still meditating and training. She was trying to regain her senses from being betrayed again and despite being reunited with her old sworn sister Seraphim, her mind was still chaos. She was altering between being a faithful friend to the ones she loved, and the fact that she was hiding something within her, something dark and fit to be a demon of battle. She was taken under her wing by her mother, who made sure she was left undisturbed, guiding the friends of the silver haired girl away with only little regret. She knew that aslong Sindel was free from distraction, that she could purify her mind and once again become the prodigy of the Alaira clan. However..

[url=]The Unrest starts Tonight[/url:1us3fo2m]

Nariya Alaira - Mother of Sindel

" Why have you come here? "

The woman, dressed in her usual miko outfit, stood infront of a woman in a similiar but much darker outfit, one might say she looked like a dark miko but this girl, despite her looks and attitude, was far more dangerous. Nariya could feel that only trouble embraced this woman, but she said nothing about it. She knew that this was not one of Sindel's friends, she was pretty sure she had met them all, all of them had a gentle kind of spirit around them, one that only made Nariya feel safe of her daughter's well being with them, however this woman showed no signs of positive energy and therefor Kariya questioned her greatly, but she could not expose this woman yet..

Nonoko - Demon Messenger

" I bring word from our beloved Demon Queen. She wishes Sindel's presence. We need her to help execute the traitors. "

The facial expression of Nonoko was unsettling, like she didn't like being in a place like this, looking at the small bamboo trees and shrine drawings, this was certainly a area she didn't even want to be found dead. Her gaze shifted back at Nariya when the woman moved, and to great displeasure, was given words that did not help.

" I will not put my daughter in the hands of the shadows. Leave this place. "

" I'm afraid you are not one to decide such a matter. "

Nariya feared that something like this was bound to happen, ever since that dreadful day where she found out how a woman name Akuma used Sindel to succumb to the darkness and using her like a puppet to attack all of her friends, to make Sindel despair and act only upon hatred. She was still relieved to hear that someone who became Sindel's sworn sister, helped her through the ordeal and now got Sindel to rest and meditate for her own good however it seemed that they still found out Sindel's location.. Was her daugher going to be in trouble?

" I will not allow you to speak with my daughter about this. "

This became a bothersome problem for Nonoko, who was only hear to send a message to Sindel and not someone else, however, should someone get in the way, she would be allowed to use force to break through. She lifted her hands out of her long sleeves and showed the tao signs on the back of her fingerless gloves, it seemed that she had to fight this woman just to get through Sindel, which didn't matter to her.

" Then I'm afraid that I will have to dispose of you to get what I want. "

Upon hearing that, Naniya quickly asserted herself into her battle stance, similiar to Sindel but looked alot more refined, dangerous.. It was true that their entire family had a style that could basically rip someone to shreds or even knocked them flat out with the simplest of techniques, but that she would be using it now to protect her daughter, was of little matter to her. She didn't want to see Sindel in tears and in despair again, so this was bound to happen...

" Stop. "

Sindel Alaira

" Sindel, please return to meditating, I'll handle this. "

Her mother tried her best to hide Sindel away from this misfortune, this should not be happening again but she could tell from Sindel's eyes that her daughter would not do that, what was driving her to confront the messenger like this? She didn't need Sindel's words and with great, great reluctance, did she step to the side and allow the messenger to pass to walk up to Sindel, which made Nonoko smile and hide her hands back into her sleeves.

" Ah, Sindel Alaira.. Finally we meet. "

" Are you a follower of Akuma? "

Sindel's words were quick and her tone was sharp, it was like she was trying to startle this messenger and make her open up right at the first confrontation but Nonoko was returning it, there was not a single doubt or second wasted for that question, the answer was crystal clear.

" I do not serve traitors. "

" I see, then I will let you talk with me if you can answer me this.. What exactly do you want from me? "

" The Demon Queen wishes for you to recognize yourself and help her with her conquest. We have already recruited many people but she is interested in meeting you, and to help you. "

Sindel narrowed her eyes, either this messenger was good at lieing, or she was telling the truth.. Either way she had no choice but to accept. There was something she needed to know and perhaps only this Demon Queen could help her with that, it was odd that she already found out where she was, but the fact that she did not send people out to attack her was making Sindel wonder.. She opened the sliding door next to her and invited Nonoko inside, who bowed and entered, but before Sindel could enter, she was stopped by her mother.

" Sindel please.. Think of what you're doing... Please do not make the same mistake! "

Sindel turned her head to give her mother a faint smile, tapping against the edge of the sliding door and shook her head.

" I won't make the same mistake... But I have to take care of my friends. If that means letting go of them to work in the shadows again.. So be it. "

With that she stepped into the room and close the door behind her, leaving her frowning mother outside, who looked down and whispered something to herself..

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Conquerors of the East united.

Post by Cirno on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:47 am


" Run! They're destroying us! "

One girl screamed loudly as she ran out of the abandoned warehouse, covered with wounds and her clothes slightly torn. Afterwards a few more girls ran out, wounded aswell. They scattered about like cockroaches on full alert, one more girl practically thrown out from the front door, taking some time to get on her feet before she runs off screaming. " Monsters! " Tears welling up in her eyes while they all ran away as hard as they could, leaving all but one mysterious girl, who hid behind a container, to watch all of them retreat as if the reaper itsself was following them.

Still, she was not here to fight, she was here to recruit. The Demon Queen had her eyes sets on a certain group that went rogue after the fall of the Era of Hell. Each had shown their brute strength in battle and she had her eyes set on them. All that was needed to be done was to recruit them.. But that was easier said then done. Still, The Demon Queen knew their hunger for battle, they hid in such a obvious spot because they were hunted by another group but they stood no chance against their combined power.. She wasn't sure how she would protect herself would it turn into a battle, so she put her faith in the Demon Queen's words and hoped they would comply.

She carefully stepped inside the shadowy warehouse, even though the light was shining through the ceiling windows, there were no trace of the people she was supposed to find here, only a bunch of unconsious girls. She knew that they were around here somewhere, they weren't the type to just escape after such a battle. She heard something coming from above her, quickly jumping back and blinked when a large metal pipe fell right infront of her, causing her to look up quickly.

" Ooh..? "

[url=]Femme Fatales[/url:1xcuqalq]


" This one actually dodged something. "

The purple haired beauty grinned darkly down at the messenger, resting her back against the steel pillar behind her. Truly this might turn out to be entertaining for her, something that hasn't happened in quite a while. All these girls that invaded this place, NONE of them seemed to have any skill at all other then thinking that a full frontal attack would've worked against them, tilting her head to the side so she could grin directly down at the messenger, seeing her as another target that was going to be disposed off.

" So.. Who's gonna beat this one down? "

Suddenly, an unconsious girl was thrown from the shadowy area of the warehouse and soon enough, another girl stepped out, one that had long silver hair and ribbons all over, the messenger instantly recognized her as Raiye, someone who had dominated in pure strength and will to use it. Truly someone she would have to be careful about, specially since a body was almost thrown at her.


" Hmm.. For now, I'm stuffed. Beaten quite alot already today. " She did a casual stretch upwards with both arms, releasing a loud, audable yawn as if this was nothing for her at all but the messenger figured that it wasn't just for show or bragging, this was Raiye's true power and the Demon Queen had warned her about them, she had to play this game very carefully if she were to come out of this without a wound.

Raiye brought her hands back into her pockets, stepping over the few unconsious bodies infront of her to make way towards this messenger. Even though she wasn't going to attack her, she was testing this girl's stability, her composure, if she would crack just from Raiye stepping closer to her or not.

The messenger tried to keep herself from retreat as Raiye stepped closer and closer untill she came to a halt, just a few feet away from her, just looking at Raiye's face made the messenger want to divert her eyes from her but she had to prove she was worthy, so she kept looking at her.. That was before she felt another presence near her. She looked to the side when another girl approached her, noticing the pigtails before the girl's face was recognized..

Hong Jun

" Regardless of her dodge, I see no power in her eyes. " Jun spoke with a calm yet serious voice. She was like a passive predator, one who waited for it's prey to make a move before it would swipe it's claws about and tear it's prey asunder. Jun was no one to be messed with, the fact that she was here and like the others, not even hurt, only made the messenger wary about not only her surroundings, the territory she was in right now but also her own condition. It was true that the tension Jun created was almost unbearable, the messenger couldn't tell whether she was going to attack by any of them or if she had the time to say what she wanted, though with all three of them just standing there, as if waiting for a confirmation towards an attack, the messenger spoke quickly to see if she could decrease the hostility.

" E-Excuse me.. I'm not here to fight.. I'm here because the Demon Queen wishes to recruit you into her army. " She bowed quickly towards Raiye, who was directly infront of her, leaving the girl to watch her carefully before looking up at Saten, who gave a simple shrug before looking at Jun, who simply stayed put and kept herself silent. So it was up to her to decide? Huh.. Well since they named her the leader of this little group, she guessed it was more appropiate..

" What's in it for us? We'd hate to be little pawns in someones crazy mind game again. " She spoke towards the messenger, who looked back up at Raiye and shook her head quickly, it interested Raiye only a little because joining a faction meant opposing the others, but that answer was answered before more thoughts about it came to her mind.

" You will be put into the front lines.. You can fight to your hearts content aslong as you do not harm the weak. " Once again the messenger bow, making Raiye remove one hand from her pocket to rub the back of her head. This did sound interesting enough, and she noticed both Jun and Saten nod at her, Saten looking as eager as ever, just the sound of being able to attack who she wanted or get attacked without knowing the enemy, only made her happier while Jun was always in for a good fight, aslong as she didn't have to be bored. Raiye then shrugged, bringing her hand back into her pocket and smirked darkly at the messenger.

" Aslong as we get to fight as much as possible, we'll join. It beats waiting for people to come here after all. Tell your leader we'll return to the AFW, awaiting her orders. " With that the messenger quickly nodded at all three of them before turning to run off. Leaving the three to alone with the unconsious bodies once again. Saten hopped down carefully and joined Raiye while Jun stood at the other side already. " This'll be fun.. " Raiye spoke before they headed out of the warehouse to once again set their sights to the AFW...

[align=center:1xcuqalq]Saten, Jun and Raiye have joined the Demon Army![/align:1xcuqalq]

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Prepare For War!

Post by Cirno on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:07 pm

It had been week since the last roulette, people say it was just a promo to attract the crowd towards certain heels that were on display but none were actually in matches. So eventually that promo was forgotten as new one were presetented to them. It seemed that tonight was just your avarage night with matches and while they waited for the next match to start, all the lights suddenly turned off and the screen lit up to show a rather murderous face upon it.


[size=150:3q8e4teq][align=center:3q8e4teq] BEGIN ANNIHILATION! [/align:3q8e4teq]

[align=center:3q8e4teq][url=]The Demon Carnival![/url:3q8e4teq][/align:3q8e4teq]

She backed away and smacked her fist against the roulette machine behind her, making it go tilt and emit a horrible high pitched sound. It didn't even start up, it instead showed numerous, dangerous faces upon the screen. This was not a random pick, this was selective, they chose the next people that were going to join them, each face now appearing on the screen.


[align=center:3q8e4teq]We are done fooling you people! We have used this lame roulette to recruit more heels under our Demon Queen's rule! We just used the people who were in this faction from the beginning and delayed this ' roulette ' untill we were finished! Now that we have enough heels, I guess it's time to let you vermin take a look at how our beloved mistress looks like! [/align:3q8e4teq]

[align=center:3q8e4teq]She then turned to kick the slotmachines one more time untill they all just showed one more face, the face that started and was now represented this faction.[/align:3q8e4teq]


[align=center:3q8e4teq]Ain't she pretty? Now then! SHOW THE DAMN SELECTION SCREEN![/align:3q8e4teq]


Now that the selection screen was complete, there was nothing that stopped them from pushing forward from this promo. The names and characters were presented, the stage was set for them to invade. However, the screen changed, the creepy person that first started was gone and instead someone else came in the picture..


[align=center:3q8e4teq]" Greetings, fighters of the AFW. I am here to announce that my Demon Army will soon attack the federation. However ,we are not aiming at the weak, they will attack the ones they want to attack. To that extend I will say this. If you do not become stronger to stop us, we WILL take over. Keep us amused and we will keep everything at a minimum. I advice all other heels interested to join, to speak to the members on the selection screen. For now, I will give you untill saturday to get ready. That day, we will strike in a fiery blitz. Be prepared. "[/align:3q8e4teq]

[align=center:3q8e4teq]The screen went pitch black and the lights turned back on, leaving the crowd in shock at the date the Demon Army had set to invade.[/align:3q8e4teq]

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Re: 2012, The Year of the Demon [28th Januari event!]

Post by Sponsored content Today at 8:26 am

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